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CD16, Retrieval day

Thank you all for your kind words and support yesterday!   Last night as you can imagine I was a bit of a mess.  I was not feeling well due to the bloating and enlarged ovaries plus the anxiety as to whether our chances of a successful retrieval were ruined.  

Fortunately, our retrieval wasn’t as awful like I feared!  We were able to retrieve 15 eggs, which is such a relief.  I also feel a lot less bloated and crampy, although a little woozy from the sedatives.  The Dude is awesome and made dinner so I could finally eat when we got home. 

We were able to arrange cab rides in advance to travel on Shabbat, and I was not able to get to shul this morning.  We got home a short time before havdalah.  It was unsettling to have to get in a car on Shabbat, as well as sign the consent forms, but we did what we had to.  We were reviewing Shemirat Shabbat last night and the different ways one can do certain actions without actually violating Torah prohibitions.  For example, when signing the consents the Dude used his left hand, and I wrote and signed my name upside-down. 

Tomorrow they’ll tell us how many matured and got fertilized, and in a week they’ll tell us how many survived freezing.  I’m so relieved that I didn’t mess this up completely.  


NCT as always, being amazing ♡

Just like video games have adjustable gameplay difficulty settings, they should also have adjuatable foul language settings. All the violence stays the same, but when the bad guys get shot they just go “OH JEEPERS” or “MY GOOD SIR”

I think “I cried at the (reprise)” is the perfect summary of my life.

It all started with a girl searching for a mysterious magical balls that grants any wish and her encounter with a kid with tail.

Thank you for everything Tsuru Hiromi-san, we’ll miss you! Thank you for sharing your talent with us and for all those fun years we had enjoying your roles. You mean a lot to me and I hope Enma-sama wasn’t that hard with you in the other world. 

May she rest in peace and we will never forget you, thanks.