words for yesterdays

@usps where the FUCK is my package

jungkook is now in a frigging group chat with his new 97 liner idol friends do you know how much of a big jump that is like yesterday he was shy as fuck and couldn’t say a single word, it felt like yesterday we all cherished his one and only idol friendship with yugyeom the same exact guy who went bowling with him when they had free time out of their idol lives but look at him now not even a single effort and he has a handful of friends watch them all go bowling together i’m getting emotional

I think “I cried at the (reprise)” is the perfect summary of my life.

Saw this on facebook, thought it might be useful for some


A facebook status by the Faculty of Law I Faculte de droit - McGill. The page’s title is in blue, and to the left of it is a small blue and grey icon. Underneath it in light grey writing is the words “Yesterday at 8:28 am”. Their status is in black font and states the following:

“If you are a graduate student at a US Law School who has been affected by the USA’s Muslim Ban and are interested in studying law at McGill University, email gradadmissions.law@mcgill.ca.

We are welcoming late applications from international law students rethinking plans to do graduate studies in the US.” ]

Yesterday, my friend knew I was upset, so he travelled half way across London by train and left a bunch of sunflowers and a card by my front door, knocked the door and ran off to catch his train back before it left. I felt so humbled to have a friend like him.

perhaps that’s what scares me the most: the knowledge that all that i have ever written will one day turn into dust, and that children will draw pictures out of the ashes of my torn-out heart. how fitting. how morbid.

and i said to him, “please. please.” neither of us knew what i was begging for, what i hoped to accomplish with my knees pressed into the harsh carpeting and my lungs choking on the apologies lodged in my throat. absolution? i was never a believer in God; merely a girl trying to play him.

sunburnt shoulders and crooked smiles pressed into aching flesh; this is what i remember and this is what will destroy me.

—  the hourglass is half-empty & i’m still here // (h.q.)

Yesterday was a rainy day.
Like all yesterdays,
You were on my mind.
But rainy days and yesterdays
is a deadly combination,
because I remember you
a little more.

Like how I hugged you
a little tighter, on rainy days.
Like how you blushed a little
redder when we kissed.
Like how your hand was a little
warmer when I held it.

Like how you loved the
grey skies and rolling clouds.
Like how you traced
raindrops on the window.
Like how the coffee tasted
when we shared a cup.

I wish I could bury all these
memories that crowd
my brain a lot more on
yesterdays that are rainy days.
But these are all I have,
since I am here and you are not.

As I lay here curled into myself,
writing you letters
that you can never read,
I wish I could have held you longer
on that last rainy day we had.
But all I can do is wish and wish and wish.
And remember you a little more
on rainy days and yesterdays.

—  /reg// rainy days and yesterdays