words first

A letter to Robert ..

From my loving soul, to his.

Dear Robert Plant..
I really don’t know where to start..
I am a traveler of both time and space” you said that, didn’t you?
I believed you. Perhaps much more than I should..
Not too long after I saw you for the first time in that video where you were performing “Stairway to heaven” with your buddies I was convinced that you were my favorite singer and of course- you are! but that’s not only it.That’s surely not only it. At first you were just the charming, cheeky and breathtakingly handsome singer with an amazing voice but slowly your presence started crawling into my heart. The real “you”, your feelings and your thoughts. I think the real “you” has reached the real “me” and I like to imagine that our two souls danced between the stars. You’ve taught me a lot about life, love and peacefulness. You became the feeling that I get when the sun warms my skin or when I look at some greenery. Your existence became a beauty in my life.
You were right when you said that music was originally created to make people happy, and your music has surely delivered that message of happiness.
I’ve met so many people in my life, and I’m sad to say that many of them don’t seem to try to understand what anything is about. I don’t think I fully understand too but I have a strong feeling that you know. You can’t know everything, that’s for sure, but you’re so wise and I respect that immensely. I love your way of understanding even though I don’t know much about it. I think this is a result of deep trust, I trust you Robert. I trust you a lot..
A wanderer, I find that word very fitting to who you are. You’re an explorer of all kinds of things- feelings, cultures, people, etc.I want to be like that. I want to carry your presence in my heart and wander across this life of ours.
I believe that you’re with me. I’m not imagining it. I can feel you around. I can close my eyes and feel you. I can listen to you and get your message as you deliver it to every single one of your admirers personally. Perhaps I’m childish and this isn’t real but I like to think that anyway.
Robert.. Perhaps in another time our souls would enjoy each other’s company.. Perhaps one day I can be with you to feel your heartbeat as you are the most alive person I know.

Robert, Happy Birthday..

May all your days be full of happiness and wisdom.

love should never hurt,
but here’s how it will hurt you:
when you give your first love your heart,
they’re going to take it in their hands
and drop it.
and you will be feeling the impact of the fall for months on end.
eventually, it will fade from a constant ache
to a pain that flares up like when someone who had broken a bone in the past feels pain when it storms.
and some days, it will feel like a the rain will never stop
but other days,
it won’t necessarily be sunny but overcast and, more importantly, dry.
—  today, it’s overcast.
(cc, 2017)
That was all it took;
A blink, a breath,
And the world collapsed,
Endless and lethal.
I had always known
That monsters
Walked among us.

I never thought
They’d look like him.
—  poeticallyordinary
givenchy & gold, part i (m.)

;pairing — jungkook/reader

;warnings — sex | implied exhibitionism | mild dom/sub tones | if u’ve got a praise kink then ur gonna love this | mentions of daddy kinks | instances of spanking 

;summary — you’re the supervisor of the clothing department with a lot of useless lingerie knowledge, jungkook is the jewelry department’s defiant hot boy who flirts in wristwatch brands. basically an upscale retail au, but with lots of implied under-the-counter sex. and when an opportunity presents itself to fuck each other in the boss’s office after hours, you’re both too hot for each other to say no.

;word count — 20k im so sorry

part i | part ii

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and a text from
you would fix
this all.
Even me.
—  M.C.E a simple text from you would stop this breaking. 
Soft Incantations ☄

A list of single-word incantations, spells that can be cast merely by saying/thinking them with intent, or over a white candle. 

☄ Cuisolas 
From irish, Cuisle and Solas, pulse and light
For a source of light give you strength

☄ Astripta 
From latin, Astra and Scripta, star-written
Written in the stars, to tie something to fate.

☄ Solicolmére 
From latin, salis, salt, and french, mer et colére, sea and anger
From salt to sea salt, anger disapates like sea foam

☄ Sucétoiles 
From french, Sucre et étoiles, sugar and stars
To enchant light with the power to soften  sweeten.

☄ Rosetaltion
From english, rose, nostalgia and elation, feelings for the past and happiness.
To give memories rose colored glasses.