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Actually reading the book right now (muttering “No, Kevin” on every other page). He keeps haunting me aah
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Thought I’d make a quick iwaoi fic rec again bc I’ve been writing down some fics I’ve really enjoyed for the past weeks or so. So yeah, these are more a list of my recent favourites in no particular order.

several truths by sheelia

(one-shot / G)

Oikawa is very precious! Honestly the whole fic is, though.

Lip Gloss by bishounen_curious

(one-shot / G)

Genderfluid Oikawa! Testing out some nice new lip gloss with Iwa-chan :^)

Oikawa’s Seat by heartinatrophy

(one-shot / T)

This one was so funny though. Different first meeting fic! Poor Iwa-chan I guess? But it is really cute and fluffy. 

la lune by saintjoy

(one-shot / M)

I actually found this very sweet… Morning after and some nsfw talk. Iwa-chan fail at being heterosexual.

taxis by trashcannot

(one-shot / T)

Iwa-chan is a taxi driver and Oikawa is drunk. Cute and funny but some surprise sadness?? Very little tho bc Iwa-chan is there! 

if you wanna be by sungjoon

(one-shot / T)

For some reason I am super weak against College/University aus. Oikawa is a matchmaker and Iwa-chan needs some help. Also more Seijou members appears! And some Matsuhana :^)

Like Perennials by tothemoon

(one-shot / T)

This is the one I cried to..! ;-; It’s a time traveller au! With lots of pining! I’m not going to spoil anything but yeah. I cried like a baby at the ending hehe. If you’re looking for a long read I recommend this. It’s 35k words! 

The PDA jar by Poteto

(one-shot / T)

Still love fics like this so much(!). You can pretty much guess what it’s about from the title! Very fluffy and very funny!!! Also the rest of the Seijou team. Kindaichi is a pure innocent child ;u;

no room for pretend by sungjoon

(one-shot / T)

This isn’t one I have read recently, it’s a bit older! But I have been looking for this fic for so long ;-; Bless this writer tbh…! Iwa-chan has to pretend to be Oikawa’s boyfriend. Very very sweet and fluffy! And funny!

It’s 3am; I Must Be Lonely by vagrancing

(multi chapter / complete (but it’s the first part of an ongoing series I think?) / Not Rated (but definitely nsfw))

Iwa-chan is a tattoo artist and Oikawa, Kuroo and Bokuto stumbles in to his tattoo parlour. It is really funny, but super sweet and fluffy! It has what is probably the fluffiest sex scene I’ve ever read (and super sweet post-coital cuddling!)

Thank you to all the authors who share their wonderful work!!  And as always. I know there are much more fics out there that are super amazing too! This is just like my personal “recent iwaoi fanfics I really enjoyed” list.

Now with IPA pronunciation! (Please notify me of any errors)

Abjure (v.) - æbˈdʒʊr (US); əbˈʤʊə (UK)  - to reject (something) formally

Churlish (adj.) - ˈʧɜrlɪʃ (US); ˈʧɜːlɪʃ (UK) - not polite

Facetious  (adj.) - fəˈsiʃəs - used to describe speech that is meant to be funny but that is usually regarded as annoying, silly, or not proper*

Jejune (adj.) - ʤɪˈʤuːn - not interesting; too simple

Orthography (n.) - ɔrˈθɑgrəfi (US); ɔːˈθɒgrəfi (UK) - the way in which the words of a language are spelled

Supercilious  (adj.) - ˌsupərˈsɪliəs (US);ˌsjuːpəˈsɪlɪəs (UK) - having or showing the proud and unpleasant attitude of people who think that they are better or more important than other people

Foible  (n.) - ˈfoibəl (US); ˈfɔɪbəl (UK) -a minor fault in someone’s character or behavior

Truculent  (adj.) - ˈtrʌkjələnt (US); ˈtrʌkjʊl(ə)nt (UK) - easily annoyed or angered and likely to argue

Brazen  (adj.) - ˈbreɪzən - acting or done in a very open and shocking way without shame or embarrassment

Fraught  (adj.) - frɔt - full of or accompanied by something specified —used with with;  causing or characterized by emotional distress or tension

Opulent  (adj.) - ˈɑpjələnt (US); ˈɒpjʊlənt (UK) - very comfortable and expensive; very wealthy

Spurious  (adj.) - ˈspjʊriəs (US); ˈspjʊərɪəs (UK) - not genuine, sincere, or authentic; based on false ideas or bad reasoning

*This is how it’s used rather than what it means.

The definitions were taken from Merriam-Webster; I chose those I felt most relevant. I decided it’s time for a second advanced English vocabulary list, so here it is. Enjoy! :)

Writing on your arms

Jefferson scribbles things such as stupid funny inside jokes

Alexander writes essays on his arms in class.

John doodles turtles on his arm

Herc draws patterns that match each other (Eg Swirls, A tree…)

Lafayette writes little compliments and words in english that he’d need to remember

Aaron just writes how salty his is and how much he loves his partner.

James often writes lists of things he needs to do that day down his arm, often stopping after the 1st or 2nd one

an taehyung apple a day keeps the doctors away ✨

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I don’t understand the word bivouac. I know it means temporary camp, but it doesn’t look or sound like it. Where did it come from??? Why is it like that??? It looks like some kind of medical equipment designed to create a biological vacuum, whatever that is. Just… what??? Bivouac. What the hell.

ive been thinking about making a Rick askblog but i …. i dont know lmao. It could be about tiny rick and other ricks and mortys from pocket mortys

i want to but ugGHHHH. IDK, ,, 

pxrd  asked:

can you tell me more about Wilde's influence on BBC Sherlock?

Omg CAN I. Like, sorry it took me actual eons to respond to this ask, and thank you for sending this ask. I’ve been avoiding answering it, in part, because I wanted to get all my ideas together. I don’t think I really succeeded, but here’s my attempt at an answer.


PART THE FIRST: Oscar Wilde & ACD Canon

Since Oscar Wilde influenced ACD when he was writing the Sherlock Holmes stories (they were living at the same time and had met, more on this in a second) anytime anyone adapts ACD Holmes they are inherently influenced, at least a tiny bit, by Oscar Wilde.

So how was ACD influenced by Wilde?

  1. Wilde and ACD met for the first time at a prearranged dinner and basically both left agreeing to write a new story. Inspired by that dinner, Wilde wrote The Picture of Dorian Grey. ACD wrote The Sign of Four. Here’s Sherlock Holmes fanboy and Oscar Wilde biopic star Stephen Fry telling you more about that, because why the hell not. 
  2. After Wilde was put on public trial for sodomy and his reputation was essentially destroyed, ACD distanced himself from knowing Wilde, even though he had spoken positively of him in the past. [As mentioned in this biography.]
  3. But ACD didn’t forget Wilde. Many people believe that ACD referenced Oscar Wilde’s trial in 1895 in “The Adventure of the Three Students,” an Sherlock Holmes story where Watson says they had to leave London because of “a combination of events, into which I need not enter.” Which is the way one might reference a super-scandalous and highly upsetting public scandal in a piece of popular literature set during one’s lifetime. Here’s more tumblr meta from johnnlocked about the dates of the trial.  


PART THE SECOND: Characters in 221B (or Oscar Wilde as a Persona)

Part of Oscar Wilde’s influence during his lifetime was the sheer amazingness of his public persona. He spent almost a year early on his career (in 1879) not writing but lecturing through the United States, London and Canada on ideas of the aesthetic, or this pretty radical concept of the value of beauty all on its own, rather than art that existed to share an obvious moral.

Which is to say, Wilde thought the outside mattered–and part of his super-strong personal brand were his funny quips, outlandish (for the time) outfits and overall larger-than-life personality. His ideas were so popular at the time that Gilbert and Sullivan wrote an entire operetta mocking the aesthetic movement.

So just on a basic level, let’s look at how the outside of some two of our most major BBC characters compare to Wilde:

  • Moriarty: Obsessed with his expensive clothes (Westwood!); always ready with a quip or snark; outwardly performs his sexual identity (both as “Jim the IT guy” flirting with Sherlock, but also once he’s revealed to be Moriarty); uses people as props/playthings (kind-of like Wilde manipulating actors by writing plays); Moriarty’s Irish background also reminds me of Wilde‘s own Irish background; Richard Brook’s CV includes a major role in The Importance of Being Earnest.
  • Sherlock: Many items in the above list apply to Sherlock, too. Again, a very smart dresser who clearly cares about his overall look; snarky around everyone (but especially people from Scotland Yard). Sherlock carefully cultivates a public persona (albeit not always a popular one) and I think Sherlock’s perpetual lack of faith in the government (as seen through his insolence with Scotland Yard and his frustration with Mycroft) can be perhaps be seen as the legacy of Oscar Wilde’s own troubles and frustration with the law. At the very least, Sherlock is a nonconformist, just like Wilde was. Finally, take a look at the thesis of one of Wilde’s essays, “The Soul of Man Under Socialism.” It’s basically “people who try to help out based on feelings just waste everyone’s time and everyone should focus instead on what they’re actually good at if they want to improve the world.” Does that sound like anyone we know? Like. Anyone at all.


PART THE THIRD: The Most Wilde-Esque Episodes

If the characterizations weren’t enough, let’s take a look at two episodes of BBC Sherlock that make direct (or indirect) allusions to Wilde:

  • The Reichenbach Fall: Sherlock’s defamation of character, wherein he falls from a celebrity to a man doubted by society on the run from the law, parallels with Wilde’s own fall from public approval, public trial and conviction after he was accused of committing sodomy (a crime in England during Wilde’s lifetime). couldntpossiblycomment points out that Moriarty’s trial was set in the same courthouse where Wilde’s trial actually took place. I think there are many more connections we could draw between these two incidents (for example, how the press discusses John and Sherlock’s relationship and sexualities throughout the episode), but I’ll leave that for another discussion/other people to unpack. I will only say that TRF ends in Sherlock’s separation from John and society for two years, much like Wilde’s trial ended in him going to prison for two years.
  • The Sign of Three:  John has green carnations in the floral arrangements at his wedding. Oscar Wilde and his followers wore green carnations, which came to be associated with homosexuality–so it’s no surprise that these flowers appear in an episode where Sherlock publicly expresses his love for John. It’s a little surprising the flowers show up blending into the background of the set of John’s heterosexual marriage.
  • The Christmas Special?: We already know the special is set in 1895, which, again, let’s just link that timeline meta once more to remember everything that would have gone down by Christmastime that year. Also, posters have been photographed from the set that may reference Wilde’s hugely popular play, The Ideal Husband (h/t heimishtheidealhusband).

Again, I’m sure these few comparisons are just the tip of the iceberg of Sherlock and Wilde connections. But they’re not a shabby start.



So, literally any version of Sherlock Holmes is going to be connected to Oscar Wilde in some way. The writers of BBC Sherlock have gone out of their way on more than one occasion to reference Wilde on their own–and that shows no sign of stopping, based on what we know about the special.

This is huge, in a way, for TJLC (<–that links to the infamous “Softly, Softly” meta from loudest-subtext-in-television​, because how could I not). I think it would be hard for me to understate the importance Wilde has for the queer community. He is a beloved author and artist, but also a key figure for his honesty and the trauma he endured.

His tomb in France is covered with lipstick kisses, and when authorities put glass in front of his tomb in 2011, people who visited started kissing the glass.

The Legacy Project in Chicago, celebrating major figures LGBT history, included Wilde in its first set of members. Wilde’s plaque includes this text describing his legacy: “The publicity surrounding Wilde’s trials…led to the development of a nascent gay and lesbian consciousness that became central to the success of the GLBT civil rights movement that was to follow.“

Tying BBC Sherlock to Oscar Wilde is no small act on the part of Moftiss. It’s tying their show to a deeply meaningful, landmark moment in British history and queer history.


Also: more ties to Oscar Wilde in BBC Sherlock, courtesy of heimishtheidealhusband.

haaaa all y’all thinking bitty could learn enough russian to get by (or become fluent, hah!) just by getting yelled at by his figure skating coach have definitely never actually tried to learn russian

Weird things I have said out loud

and was judged immensely by those around me

Outhaling instead of exhaling
Ex. A: Are you okay?
B: Yeah, I’m just having trouble outhaling.
Actual scenario: While writing fan fiction and then on a really hot day.

Oranged instead of arranged
Ex: Dammit. I oranged the wrong row!
Actual scenario: While at work in a grocery store

Leg Fabrics instead of pants
Actual scenario: While trying on jeans at Wal-Mart

More to come, please send help.