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I’ll Never Let You Go (Kylo Ren X Reader)

Darkness surrounds you, but all you can see is his face. You remember his short wavy black hair, and chocolate brown eyes. You remember every mole on his face like a connect-a-dot puzzle. You used to trace them together with your fingers.

It’s cold, and wet, and dirty, but all you remember is being warm next to him back then.

Back when you both trained to be Jedi under Luke Skywalker. Those years seem like a lifetime ago.

Back when he betrayed everyone, including you.

All you can see is his face as he stood over you with a lightsaber, and started to bring it down–but he hesitated. He didn’t say a word as he disappeared.

You and Luke were the only survivors.

You should hate him, but you can’t help it that you still love him. You still love Ben Solo. Because the boy he was that day was not Ben Solo, no, that day he killed Ben Solo.

You hear footsteps and then see a stormtrooper in front of your cell. You were kidnapped by Kylo Ren and held captive. You didn’t know what you were about to face. You were after all, part of the resistance, and they knew it.

The stormtrooper opens up the cell and places handcuffs on you. “Follow me,” he says.

He takes you to a room with a chair with several straps on it, and throws you into the chair. You try to escape, but his grasp is too strong. You’re locked into the chair.

The stormtrooper leaves you alone in darkness.

It isn’t long before the door slides open and a robed and hooded figure steps into the room. He is wearing a black helmet that conceals his face. It is no other than Kylo Ren. You’re filled with fear. He turns on a switch that fills the room with red light.

He stops suddenly in front of you.

“You’re the girl?” He asks. His voice is full of surprise.

“Not what you expected?”

“Not exactly, Y/N.” He says.

“How do you know my name?” You demand.

To answer he removes his helmet revealing a familiar face. It’s the face you see in your dreams, in your daydreams, in your nightmares. It’s Ben Solo.

“No, it can’t be,” you say and shake your head.

“It’s me, Y/N,” he says. “And we’re together again.”

“No, no we’re not,” you say. “You killed anything we had long ago along with the others.”

“We’ll see about that,” he says and leans forward. He’s so close that you can feel his breath on your lips. He holds his hand up.

You know exactly what he’s doing and your thoughts betray you. You remember your first kiss, your first time sleeping together. You remember cold nights snuggling together. You remember everything that is Ben Solo.

“My name is Kylo Ren now,” he says. “But it’s still me, Y/N. We can still be together. That’s why you’re here afterall.”

“What do you mean?”

“I’ve been searching for you ever since I lost you. You left the island and so I sent stormtroopers out throughout the galaxy. And I finally found you. It was all for you.”

“If your idea of all for me is throwing me in a cell, I don’t want to be a part of this. Ben Solo died that day.”

“But I’m better now, stronger now. I can protect you now.”

“You couldn’t even protect me from yourself,” you say. Maybe he didn’t leave external scars, but the internal scars run deep.

“I will keep you here until you see, until you see that we are meant to be,” he says and leaves the room.

He never lets you go.


so if keith were to hypothetically wear lance’s jacket that might be,, yknow,,, cool

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Genre: angst

Word Count: 900 words (drabble)

Warnings: character disappearance, excessive use of the word fuck, terrible temperature metaphors

It was too warm. Too warm for the cold to still linger, but it was there nonetheless. And Keith worried he’d never truly feel warm again.

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Tears fill my eyes as I read the words on my screen. The world seems to stop spinning for the slightest second as I re-read the anonymous message over and over again, gripping on to the hope that the words will magically disappear. But they didn’t. Anon had done it; they’d figured out that the only way to make me take off my hijab was to call my hair ugly. My one weakness.

A tear streams down my left cheek.

Eight years of academy hijab training…wasted. I had to prove this extremely relevant and good-looking anonymous person wrong, I cared too much about what they thought. How could I live my life knowing that there is one person out there who thinks probably my hair is ugly maybe? How could I look myself in the mirror? How could I face my family? My shoulders shook as I cried silently, and my chair squeaked ever so slightly at the vibrations; as if it, too, was crying in sorrow.

It wasn’t until that moment that the second part of the message dawned on me… how would I prove them wrong without breaking the rules? Was it really against the rules? I reach into my hijab and pull out a scroll. At the very top, in cursive jet-black inked letters, the word ‘Rules’ stares back at me. My heart is racing as my eyes frantically read the scroll.

‘Rule #1: no killing people,’ it reads. I let out a whimper. There go my evening plans. 

Suddenly, my eye catches the next words. The scroll is rustling in my trembling hands as I turn my face away, tears spraying out of my eyes like the spit of a white person as they try to justify racism. The cursive words felt more like a curse of words, vivid and refusing to disappear as if I were still staring at them even through my closed eyes.

Rule #2: don’t show ur hair girl it’s ugly lmaooooo

Dear Evan Hansen Soundtrack Summarized
  • Anybody Have A Map: Wait how do you parent
  • Waving Through A Window: Tears and loneliness
  • For Forever: If I had friends
  • Sincerely Me: We're not gay we swear
  • Requiem: You were a douche and I'm happy you're dead
  • If I Could Tell Her: I said it but he said it
  • Disappear: I'm lonely so I'm gonna make a foundation dedicated to some dead kid
  • You Will Be Found: If you weren't crying you are now
  • To Break In A Glove: I got a new dad with the power of shaving cream
  • Only Us: Quit focusing on my dead brother and kiss me
  • Good For You: Screw you for being happy
  • Words Fail: Well I done messed up
  • So Big/So Small: I wasn't there for you before but I'm here now so love me!!!
  • Finale: The room is flooded with tears and that's okay
Your disappearance was out of the blue;
It’s my favorite color,
Just not on you.
—  denmysterywoman // midnight thoughts // On Disappearing II
Today I feel like running away,
from everyone and everything.
But I know that, even if I succeed,
I don’t have the power
to stand on my own two feet.
So I will stay,
breathing through the day,
hoping that when the night falls,
so will my loneliness.
—  Run away by Iris

SJ Fans: Wow Aku was finally defeated! It’s nice to see Jack and Ashi finally get their happy ending!

Genndy Tartakovsky:


L-Corp stands tall and bright, not quite looming overhead, but there’s no mistaking it. Usually when Kara flies over at this time of night, only a few lights are left on, but now it’s a beacon against the stars.

There’s a faint heartbeat in her ears, steady and sure, and Kara follows it as she steps through the doors. The guards barely offer her a glance anymore, waving her through after she steps through the detector. 

Her back aches, and her shoulders protest as her arms hang by her sides. She needs to go home and curl up under the blankets, hide away from whatever is her fate at the hands of Snapper in the morning.

She wants to go see Lena. So she does.

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shadows pt. 1

pairing: reader x Hoseok, OT7

genre: vampire!au, angst, implied smut, mentions of violence

word count: 5,780

synopsis: you thought that the death of your maker would lead to freedom from chains, but little did you know that bonds are much harder to break after death.

A/N: I have to thank @2seoke for helping me brainstorm almost this entire series and @jeonjagiya for helping me with historical fact checking

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read the first installment of the Ashes Trilogy here

“I love you, Hoseok” you murmured, feeling a sense of content for the first time in months.

He smiled, “I love you too” He nodded towards the sunrise, “Take in your last few moments. We don’t have much time before the sunlight will reach us.”

You nodded, turning your attention back towards the painted sky. You wanted nothing more than to run out and feel the sun’s rays. To soak your skin in sunlight, but this was enough. It was more than enough.

 “I’m ready” you tell Hoseok, turning around and lacing his fingers with yours. “Where to now?”

 “We can go anywhere you want to go, just give me a name.” he smiled, leading you back into the darkness.

 The two of you walked in silence, enjoying the comfort of each other’s presence. You tried to think of where you wanted to go, but you didn’t care. As long as you were with Hoseok, nothing else mattered.

 But your partner froze next to you, staying still for a split second before he pinned your body against the damp tunnel wall. He covered your mouth with his hand before you had any chance to question his sudden behavior. There was a flash of panic in his eyes as he stared at you when a woman’s voice rang out through the darkness.

 “Jung Hoseok, I always told you to be careful of what’s hiding in the shadows”

 He stood between you and the woman, a deep growl emitting from his chest as the two of them stared at each other.

 "It’s nice to see you haven’t changed much,“ she smiled wickedly. She was almost beautiful, in a terrifying way. Her wild red hair framing a pale freckled face. Her black eyes laced with unspoken evil. There was something about her that made your cold blood freeze.

"What the hell are you doing here?” Hoseok hissed, pushing himself further against you like a shield.

The woman cocked her head to the side, “Don’t you miss me, Hoseokie? It’s been what, almost 700 years since the last time we’ve seen each other? I certainly wasn’t expected to be greeted with such hostility, especially since you seem to have company.”

“Go to hell!” Hoseok snapped, spit flying from his lips in between the syllables.

The vampire held up her hands, “I think you’re misunderstanding me Hoseok. I don’t want to hurt you. I was just trying to pay my old friend Kai a visit,” her eyes flickering onto yours as she spoke, “But it seems like he’s no longer at that address.”

You could feel Hoseok telling you to keep your mouth shut, to not antagonize the vampire in front of you. But he should know by now that you’re a terrible listener, “I can send you his ashes in a box, if you would like.” you quip, flashing the vampire a sarcastic smile.

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FP Jones/Andrews family/Riverdale imagines - Oh Dear Part 7

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AN: Well… I hope you like this chapter. 

(Part One)(Part Two)(Part Three)(Part Four)(Part Five)(Part Six)

Overall Summary: You’re Archie’s old sister and you have a thing for a certain serpent

Pairing: Reader x FP Jones, Sister!Reader x Archie Andrews, Daughter!Reader x Fred Andrews

Word count: 2,940

Warnings: Well, FP is clearly older than the reader in this fic, some strong language, none really

“Come on.” FP held onto your hand as he led you into the trailer. 

You laughed at yourself as your feet began to fail you. FP sighed at you but couldn’t help the smile that made it’s way onto his face in defeat when you fell against the wall for support. 

“Here.” FP gave you a cup of water and you made your way to his bedroom. You unzipped your dress, dropping it to the floor then helped yourself to one of FP’s flannels to change into. 

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