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Library Lovers.

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Pairing: Gaston x reader

Word Count: 890

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A/N: This was a request I received from a anon:  I am so in love with Gaston right now. Can’t ever get enough. But if you’re feeling up to it, how about a gaston fic where reader works at the library and gaston admires her so much, that he asks her if he could read with her, even though he hates reading but finds that he actually enjoys it, especially her voice when she reads to him?

A/N: Well of course I can! I really enjoyed writing this piece! Requests are still open to submit Gaston story fic ideas! 

Warnings: N/A 

Everyday now during Gaston’s gallivants through the village, he always seems to find himself at the library. A place he used to avoid at all costs. He didn’t enjoy reading, or barely had the time. But one day, to escape all of the people who crowded him. In order to find a place of sanctuary, more like a good place to hide in a hopes of them dispersing.

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God will teach you His word. Listen carefully to your inner voice inside. God can speak in your thoughts and ideas and prompt you to be at the right place and the right time. If you not sure what a certain verse means than ask God to open up your understanding and flood you with revelation of His word. The word will come alive off the pages in front of you. He can make the word speak to your heart like no one else can. Ask him to teach you His word. It’s He pleasure to… Don’t be put off by something in the bible your not sure of. pray about it. Listen and He will show you.
I’m completely willing to let language press meaning upon me. Watching the way in which words match up, keeping the balance in a sentence—these are sensuous pleasures. I might want very and only in the same sentence, spaced a particular way, exactly so far apart. I might want rapture matched with danger—I like to match word endings. I type rather than write longhand because I like the way the words and letters look when they come off the hammers onto the page—finished, printed, beautifully formed.
—  Don DeLillo, “The Art of Fiction No. 135," Paris Review.

Title: Cycle
Pairing: Akashi Seijuurou x Furihata Kouki
Word Count: 5,990
Notes: Happy AkaFuri Day everyone! I first came up with this idea a year ago, when I first read ensui-no’s To a Stranger, but only a few parts were concrete to me at the time. I wanted to get more works in for today, but this ended up longer than I thought it would be, so it took up most of my time. Anyway, I hope the characters aren’t too terrible. While writing this I listened to various versions of Interviewer on repeat, so I recommend the song as a suggestion. (As of today, it should be autoplay on my blog but you don’t have to listen if you don’t want to.) See more notes at the end of this piece.

Summary: He feels like they’ve met before. He just doesn’t realize how right he is.

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