words cant express my love for her

Guys guys guys guys
You need to read Radio Silence by Alice Oseman
It’s too good
My brain is all melty
Main character is bisexual woc (!!!)
Lots of diversity
Awesome chapter names
Frances’ mum is my favourite person
Like “Mums notes from her meeting, which consisted of the words ‘blah blah blah’, a smiley face and a small drawing of a dinosaur”
I love all the characters
Apart from that one psychopath. We don’t need to talk about her
I cried
Read it

Nicole Beharie by me.

I love this woman with my entire heart.. she’s one of my biggest inspirations.I love her with my whole heart not only for her beauty but she has the biggest heart, shes so kind, wise, and ugh words cant do her justice but i try..she has the best energy, she is light, she is love. she’s so silly lol i heart her, her facial expressions are my whole entire life! If it were up to me she’d be in every movie, every show.. i get chills and super emotional everytime this woman is on my tv. I cant wait to meet her. Did ya’ll know she can sing her throat off too? i’m just waiting on her to drop an album and change the game (wait for it). i love the way she thinks. She has the bestest butt butt ever ever! the sweetest smile, her laugh is my fav. She’s woke bruh! i could go on and on but im not…i just hope she’s happy and knows how important she is.

 -Kelly MOON. | (twitter @_swotu)

I’m so happy for Taylor she is such a ray of sunshine she is the brightest light in my life I love her so so so much and I am so so so proud of her and everything she has done. I’m sad she’s taking a break (even tho we’ve known for months… I’ve been in denial) but she deserves it and I JUST LOVE TAYLOR SO MUCH LIKE I CANT EVEN EXPRESS IT IN WORDS THERE ARENT WORDS TO EXPRESS HOW MUCH I ADORE THIS WOMAN I JUST WANT TO HUG HER AND SQUEEZE HER AND TELL HER I LOVE HER AND THAT I’M PROUD OF HER AND THAT I’M SO HAPPY THAT SHE’S HAPPY.