words cannot express how much i love you and admire you


Today is the birthday of a young man so amazing, so fantastic, the world stops when his name is mentioned (or at least my world)

Today is the birthday of the one and only Min Yoongi also known as Suga or Agust D.

The first time I discovered Suga was a year and a half ago. Indeed, I had just signed up to kpop amino and someone added me to a ‘Suga appreciation chat’. And since i then wanted to fit in I was like ‘yea of course i know him’ while quickly searching for him. And before i Knew it I was trapped. 

Min Yoongi is passionate

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So…. dangerous

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He is so talented. He can rap, dance, compose and write lyrics… and I’m sure there’s so much more that he can do that we don’t know about

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(Even though he does like to just lie down sometimes… and by sometimes i mean always)

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This Young man is someone who has 3 different personalities.

1. Suga- The idol

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The one slaving away with the constant rapping and dance, the one who is on stage slaying every time, making you forget your own name. 

2. Agust D

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That is the badboy that wants to say all the raw emotions and feelings that he cannot say, that he must not say if he wants to have his career as it is. That is the one who does not filter himself, who will tell stories that are seen as taboo in the society he lives.

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3. Min Yoongi

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Now that…. that is the soul behind the body… That is the boy who sold his everything for music… his mind, his body by working countless of hours and so much more. that is the boy tormaned deep inside. Agust D told the stories of a boy with social anxiety, depression, possible suicidal thoughts, but that is the story behind Min Yoongi. A boy who’s passions have not always been accepted. A boy who just wanted to create music and just have people listen to him.  

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This boy always tried to stay as Suga, only to break when receiving the Artist of the Year award

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And honestly I love all the personas. After all, it shows that Yoongi is not someone who will shy away from what he has to say. He will not keep quiete just because something is labeled as taboo.

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And he is not someone who will just give up. he always fights and in this sense he tells us to fight. He shows us how to strive forward, to overcome our demons. 

Despite all his issues he remains so kind

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So loving

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 I mean, just look at him with the other members

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And of course, how can I not make a small Yoongi’s smile spam… after all it is so beautiful, so pure my heart breaks and heals at the same time.

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I genuinely hope that that smile never fades.

After all, Yoongi is such a beautiful human being, both inside and out. 

He is so hardworking, so loyal, so sweet, so….. Yoongi. He really is one of a kind. It always feels like an honour to see him on my screen, it seems like a privilege to see him genuinely smile. He does not deserve hate. He does not deserve misery. he does not deserve to feel lonely or hopeless or useless.

He is an inspiration, a reason to learn to move forward, to fight, to create, to try and of course to risk. 

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I hope he has inner peace and is healthy both physically and mentally. I hope his mental state no longer becomes ‘polluted’, hope his body will stay healthy.

If I am to be honest, no words can really describe how much I love this human being. He makes my heart flutter, my day brighten up. Its ridiculous really. After all, how could I have possible got so attached? But then again, perhaps that doesn’t matter. All I know is that the feeling is extremely positive, euphoric even and I truly, truly , truly hope that something or someone makes him as happy as he makes me, as he makes us- ARMYs. 

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Most of us, can’t give him much. In fact we can’t give him anything at all…. well, material wise at least. 

However, what we can give him, should give him, must give him is all of our support, love. It breaks my heart that, unfortunately, Yoongi will always get hate. After all, there will always be toxic people, jealous of some boy from Daegu actually making it, all while staying humble and true to himself. And of course, so funny.

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But what we should do is not attack, but simply to spread our love for this amazing young man. Be positive, write positive messages and so on. Flood him with our love.

After all, he deserves nothing less.

Min Yoongi is a  precious young man. He is beautiful in all aspects of live. he is hardworking, sexy, handsome, loyal, loving, caring, funny and so much more.

He pours his heart and soul into what he writes, what he creates in order to be able to connect to us, to reach out to us as well as to express himself.

Words cannot describe Min Yoongi. Trust me, its impossible.

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So happy birthday to the one and only Min Yoongi! We ARMYs have such an immense for you, you cannot even imagine… I have such an immense love and admiration for you!

Once again happy birthday! We are here for you.

Thank you for reading!

 Let’s spread the love for Min Yoongi!

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PS. I really want to appreciate this gif at it is a masterpiece

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And also…

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anonymous asked:

Request: Smutty smut smut In which harry and Y/N have a bet to see who can get the other off faster with oral and whomever looses has to wear that persons favorite team colors for the game that's night. (Packers vs Seahawks or Jets)

I had so much fun writing this! 

Thank you for the request, lovely! Hope you like this one!

#16: You bet**

Y/N sits in her study room, legs propped up on the table, figure slumped on the leather chair, and her laptop resting on her lap as she went through her mails. The idea of work from home worked just apt for her; apart from the comfort and relaxation to her, it also brought Harry a consolation of always having her with him, wherever he goes, whichever part of the world he rests in. Anyhow, it was no casual work; Y/N put her heart and soul into the works assigned to her, and as a result her pay was always on the line of increase and promotions always seeked her way. In all, she was on the line of great prosperity, along with her love life hand in hand.

“Y/N!” She hears him a moment before he barges into the room, panting. “Y/N!”

“Yeah?” She looks up from her laptop, giving a bored look.

“Y/N.” He says again, stepping inside the room, and walking round to her side. “Are you through with your work?”

“Yeah, just one mo-“

“Okay, good.” He shuts the laptop with a thud, Y/N eyes widening as she gives him a look, and she barely has time to protest, when suddenly, he’s picked her off of the chair, tucking his arm under knee and other under her back, lifting her in the air.

“Harry, what the-“ Her arms wrap tightly around his neck, as he walks out of the room, walking in the direction of their bedroom. “Harry, stop! What’re you doing?”

“You’ll see.” He tells her, monotone in his voice, as he stands before their bedroom door. He opens the door in haste, almost tripping on his feet, and somehow, stumbles towards the bed, throwing her on top of the mattress.

“Harry!” Y/N scolds, rubbing her behind in agony, as she gives him a look.

Harry looks down at her, staring intensely to make her knees feel weak and her anger rush out of her mind.

“Okay, let’s do it.” He takes off his shirt in one quick motion; Y/N barely has time to admire his sexy tattoos and the little tummy he’s acquired, before he’s lied on top of her, pressing down on her body with his, lips curling in a kiss on her jaw.

She smiles as he leans up to kiss her lips. His hands wander down her body, pulling her tunic up her till he has his hands touching her stomach.

“Ah.” Y/N moans into his mouth; he breaks away, kissing down her jaw. “Someone’s in quite a mood today.” She chuckles.

“Hmm.” Harry hums against her chest, opening his mouth against her covered breasts, and she is arching her back to get closer to him. “I’m in mood.” He continues his trail, kissing over her stomach; sitting up to pull her tunic over her head. Their lips press again, and he says in her mouth. “Mood for some football without any disruption.”

Y/N eyes shoot upon, she absorbs his words. “What?” She lifts her head off the mattress to look at him.

Harry looks up from kissing her valley between her breasts. “Yeah, the football match between the mighty Packers and the Seahawks.” He says to her, grinning.

Y/N sits up, pushing him to do along. “So, why aren’t you going and watchin’ it?”

“Because the match’s in the evening, and I need no, NO, distractions or disturbance while I’m watching; so you have me right now – finish off with your fetishes and kinky fuckeries now, so that I’m relieved for the evening.”

Y/N’s eyes narrow. “Why are you like this?”

“The match is bloody important, Y/N! I cannot-CANNOT miss any second of it!” He says, eyes widening dramatically.

Y/N looks away from him, not impressed. Harry sighs, tugging her shoulders so she lies back down. “C’mon, let’s get over with it, it’s not like you take too much time to get off anyway..”

“Excuse me?!”  She booms at him, mouth agape, eyes widened, utterly offended. Harry snickers at her expression.

“What?” He smiles. “I’m just stating facts.”

“Well, Mister Harry Fucking Styles.” Y/N stands on her knees, getting taller than his sitting figure, as she leans towards him with a finger poking his chest. “You should pretty much write this down, but I have the most holding back power, okay?!”

“You’re telling me?” Harry counters, musing at her childlike demeanor. “I, who has discovered your body like you yourself haven’t, and know you like the back of my hand – you dare to challenge my intellect?” He gets up on his knees, towering her.

“But it’s my damn body! I know it better than anyone else does!” She states, tightening her arms at her sides, and she puffs her chest, acting intimidating.

Harry laughs out loud, throwing his head back, and Y/N’s looking at him, absolutely anguished. She crosses her arm over her chest, looking away, pouting. A thought strikes her, and she looks back, smirking to him.

“If we are really doing this, then let’s just talk about how easily you wet yourself even when I dry hump you!”

Harry’s laugh ceases; he looks down at her, eyebrows crooked up. “That’s because I let myself do so!”

“Oh, shud up!” Y/N drawls, tittering.

Harry shakes his head, leaning in closer to her. “I am a control freak, I can control myself real bad.” He states it to her.

“Oh, but, baby.” Y/N hold his chest muscles in her hands, looking him in the eyes. “I know your body like the back of my hand, and you ain’t got no control over your horny self!” She mocks him.

Harry fumes; clutching her wrists, he pins her down on the bed; Y/N wrestling from underneath him, stopping him from nearing close.

“Do you intend to challenge me, Miss Y/N Y/L/N?” He rasps out.

Y/N chuckles, intertwining their fingers to get a better grip at the wrestle. “Oh, I don’t fight losers!”

“Loser you!” He ducks down quick, overpowering her; his lips meet at her neck, and Y/N gasps, pushing him with all her might, and succeeding in bringing him underneath  her.

“We’ll see about that, Styles!” She says, pinning his hands down on his sides, panting from the exertion. Harry leans forward from the mattress, to her, chattering his teeth as in to bite her, and she flinches, squealing, away from him.

“Let’s do it, then.” Harry pants. “Let me give you a good taste of defeat, aye?”

“Alright, you’re done, baby.” Y/N gets off of him, standing off the bed, hands on her hips. “The one who loses wears the opposite teams color for the whole match.”

Harry sits up, surprised. “So, you don’t support the Packers?!” He panics.

“You’re on their side so I have to oppose you.” Y/N shrugs.

“Oh, dear.” Harry gasps, rubbing his hands over the length of his face. “Y/N, I have to say this, but I think we’ll have to reconsider our relationship-“

“Harry, it’s just for the bet!” Y/N gives him an ambushed look. “C’mon, now, get ready. I’m getting the stopwatch - I am counting on every second!”

“Oh, you’re on, baby!”


So, it begins.

The room is eerily quiet; Y/N lies on the bed, naked, her phone in her hand as she scrolls through her feed, waiting for Harry to show up from the bathroom.

A moment later, the bathroom lock clicks, Harry walks out, dressed in just his boxers, hair damp with water dripping on his shoulders. Y/N puts her phone away on the side table, folding her legs close to her chest as she watches him come close to her.

A hot, bothering gasp leaves her lips as she eyes him, walking up to her in an absolute seductive, dominant manner, and she’s squeezing her legs, feeling her strength falter.

“No talking.” She tells him, as he sits down before him, on the bed. She points out her weakness; it completely has her pooling if he starts to urge her, talk to her while getting down. His silky voice, wrapped with raspy touch he adds, makes it absolutely inevitable to not lose control.

“My turn, my rules.” He says, smirking at her. He sits in a crawling position, eyeing her bent knees, and then meets her eyes. Slowly, with his hands, he holds her knees, parting them, till he has enough space to fit in between.

Y/N’s breathing shakes, she covers her mouth with her hand to hide the fact.

Harry bites his lip. “Seems you’d be falling apart even before I touch you.”  

Y/N’s eyes narrow, and she keeps quiet.

Harry leans forward, till his stomach is pressed against her crotch, and his face digs into her breast. “C’mon, talk to me, kitten. You know I love it when you do.” He muses, dipping his head over her left breast, brushing his lips over the supple nipple; Y/N feeling the reeling effect down to her core.

“Kitten?” She tries to distract her mind by talking. “That’s out of syllabus, Harry.”

Harry looks up, smiling wickedly. “Surprise, surprise.”

Y/N groans, throwing her head back. Her body leans onto the headboard, as Harry goes down on her, kissing the way down to her thighs.

“It’s a torture.” He begins, kissing her stomach. “Going this slow on you, I know how much you like it when I’m..rough.” He blows over the skin of her torso, dipping low to kiss her navel  with a loud smacking sound.

Y/N whimpers loud, her hands tightening around the sheets under her, her eyes falling shut.

Harry sits up, rubbing circles on her knees to only slide his hands down, cupping her thighs in them.

He kisses her inner thighs, his breath brushing past her clit now and then, giving her shudders through her body.

“Soft, so soft.” Harry coos, sucking on her skin.

“Harry.” Y/N grunts.

“Mhm?” Harry looks up. “Coming already, are you?”

“No.” Y/N snorts. “The stopwatch, I didn’t start it.”

Harry gives her an accusing look, before leaning forward to get the stopwatch in his hands, setting it down after doing the necessary.

“Good that I got you aroused before.” He says, as he fits himself back in between her legs.

“Not really.” She teases, shrugging her shoulder casually.

This has Harry bubbling with rage, and he lifts her side, slapping down on her behind. She groans, chuckling at his behavior.

“You bad girl, bad, bad, girl.” He shakes his head, slapping hard again. “How does that feel? Does it tickle your core, kitten? Does it give you an electric buzz? Hm?”

Y/N tightens her lips, reluctant to spill out the moan captivated in her mouth.

Harry’s grip around her thighs tighten, and bringing them close, he suddenly spreads them apart with a jerk, having her gasp loud at the suddenness occur at the stretch. He starts to kiss her from the chest again, playing around with her nipple before tugging them with his teeth, causing her to whimper.

Trailing down, he’s right below her stomach, his lips hovering for too long, before he duck down to suck at the skin. Y/N’s hands clutch at the sheets tighter, his scruff above his lips tickling her skin uneven, and she’s having a bad urge to touch herself down there.

His breath then feels over her core, warm and contrasting to the chill caused to it from being exposed.

He bops his nose over her entrance, leaving a few pecks right on spot but going no deeper, and he pulls away.

An unintentional grunt escapes her, she opens her eyes to look at him eyeing her down. The desperation builds in the pits of her gut, and she’s forced to open her mouth.

“Harry, you’re running out of time.”

His eyes twinkle hearing her say so. “Ah, so Kitten’s giving in, is she now?” He muses.” It doesn’t seem so hard anymore.”

He leans back down between her, gliding his lips teasingly over her thighs. “Tell me, kitten, d’ya want me now? Here, right here?” His fingers touch her entrance, brushing past the skin, making her arch her back, and bite down on her lip in suppression.

“Mhm.” She hums.

Harry ducks low, finally attaching his mouth onto her entrance the way she likes, and a moan escapes her lips in approval.

“Let me see you come, kitten. Give it to me, baby, give me your taste..” Harry moans into her, slipping his tongue past her walls, and furiously flicking it against her core.

“Ah, Harry.” The pain builds in her gut; her hands sliding into his hair, clutching hard to ease her tension. She can’t be coming now; it’s way too early.

Her breathing accelerates, she is pulling herself from the feeling; tensed and sweaty, her groans seem to not cease anymore.

“Come for me, baby, come for me.” Harry urges, his hot breath fanning deep into her, and accentuating the already build up feeling her.

Harry takes her skin in his mouth, sucking down. This makes her thrust herself down onto his mouth, wanting his lips just everywhere on her. Harry’s hands wrap around her thighs, digging his fingernails into her supple skin, as he leaves open mouthed kisses on her, separating her walls with his tongue then and now to lick her off within.

“Baby, I need you.” He begs, looking up at her. She has tears at the corner of her eyes, her mouth is open. Her face pumps Harry; she can’t do it anymore – he assures himself. “Kitten, come for me, I need you, I wanna-“ He kisses her again down, breathing hard against her core. “I wanna taste you, you sweet, sweet, baby. Give it to me, gimme yourself. C’mon, kitten.”

A shudder goes down her body; and she’s had it. Tears don’t stop anymore, her hands tighten at his roots as his mouth attaches back on her, and his tongue doesn’t care for being gentle.

She reaches her climax, screaming his name, as the feeling of holding back now feels fatal. Her hands leave his hair; they come up, covering her eyes, as she realizes her defeat. Harry chuckles, as he wipes her clean, flicking his tongue on everywhere to have her sweet flavor reside in his tongue.

He sits up, reaching for the stopwatch, and he points it to her, laughing. “Two minutes fifty eight seconds, babe.”

Y/N groans against her hands. Harry leans forward to her, trying to pull her hands away, but she, like a grumpy child, keeps them intact.

“Look at you.” He laughs, hands wrapped around her wrists. “Acting like a little kid. It’s not about winning or losing, Y/N, but I have a strong feeling that I’ll win.” Her hands flies, slapping his shoulder. He ducks, pulling away her hands with force, to find her face red in anger.

His laugh has no control. “Sweetheart.” He muses, reaching forward to kiss her, but she pulls away, pouting her lips.

This has him laughing even more. “C’mon, you.”

“It’s all the fault of you calling me kitten!” She finally speaks, but all angry.

Harry coos. “It’s such a sweet name, who knew it would get you all weak.” He chuckles.

Y/N eyes narrow. “Oh, I still have my turn left. It’s not game over, yet!”

“First, gimme a kiss, please.” She leans up from the mattress, puckering her lips to give a quick peck, but realizing his mouth taste so good, she goes for another kiss, and ends up letting him take control.


She sits up on his hips, fingers brushing against the hemline of his boxer briefs.

“I could totally get you off by just dry humping.” She challenges, biting her lip.

Harry sets the stop watch, musing.” We haven’t got much time, honey.”

Y/N rolls her eyes, chuckling sarcastically. “Ah-ha, baby. You’d be coming with just a flick of my ass over your pants.”

Harry gives her an amused smirk. “Ready, set, go!”

Y/N’s lips duck to his neck, pressing her lips against his sweet spot, kissing on while her hands palm him through his briefs. Her lips trail down, kissing his nipples, then the smaller ones, having him leave a throaty chuckle.

She kisses down his stomach, on his moth tattoo, giving a delicious moan as her lips press down. Harry’s figure shudders – her guess totally correct at his weakness: her making sounds.

Trailing down, she kisses him over his navel, giving a smacking sound, that has his breathing deepening in anticipation. Her come over the bulge in between his legs, kissing down while she looks up at him through her eyelashes. Their eyes meet, and Harry’s quick to look away, biting his lip.

Smirking, she reaches for the hemline of his boxers, dragging them down his legs. His member comes springing out into her hand, and she clutches it tight, looking up at him as she rises in a sitting position.

“Mine.” She says, moving towards him; their lips meet in a quick kiss. “Only mine.” She kisses him again, getting their chest to touch; her nipples against his warm skin, and she leaves a throaty moan into his mouth, his groan following simultaneously.

His face turns somber, tension etched clearly in the clouds before his eyes – all signs of amusement vanished in just a few moments. Y/N’s hands pumps him, slowly and achingly, giving him a hard time breathing.

“Baby, don’t stop.” Harry says in a fragile tone, his eyes falling close.

“I won’t.” Y/N moans, kissing his mouth softly. She sits on his one thigh, rubbing herself against his hairy skin.

She looks down at her hand, pumping his hard, swollen self, and an inevitable moan escapes her lips, body rocking faster against his thigh.

She bends down slowly, bumping her nose against his tip, and he gasps, searching down in anticipation. She brushes her lips, sliding her body down to rest in between his legs. Harry can’t keep his eyes off of her, as he waits to let her take him in his mouth.

“Turn over.” She looks up at him.


“Turn. Over” She says again, eyes boring into his.

“You mean, you’re gonna-“

“Mm-hmm.” She nods innocently, Harry’s eyes’s widening.

He does as she says, lying flat on his stomach. Her lips come over his back, kissing along the length of his spin, stopping just above his spine. A moan leaves his lip, fidgeting slightly as he waits for her.

Her hands clutch his bare behind, kneading in her petite hands. Harry feels a shudder, his breath accelerating.

“Such a pretty ass.” She muses, leaning down to kiss over each cheek.

“You’ve never done this.” Harry stutters.

“Surprise, surprise.”

Urging his hips to buck up, she gets him to kneel with his behind to her. Harry’s body seems shivering, completely losing senses, as Y/N’s hand spread his cheeks apart, running a slick finger against the line.

Harry’s hips buck, his teeth chattering in longing. Y/N’s lips replace her finger, leaving a small peck, and that has Harry groaning like a wild animal. He is breathing through his mouth, as her lips press onto his more, kissing him repeatedly, before her tongue gives a poke.

Harry jumps in his place, Y/N’s tongue doing a flick on him, and he is crying out, reaching his hands behind to clutch her head. Y/N lets out a moan as his hand reach her hair, the moan vibrating in through his body, sending a line of cusses and moans leave his mouth.

Pulling away, Y/N turns him back over to her. Harry sits up, his face red, sweat and breathing absolutely out of control.

She takes no time, bending down to reach his hard erection, and takes him in her mouth, moaning when he fills her to her throat. She pumps the rest of him, fondling his balls in her hand, as she bobs her head against him. The intensity of all of the activities has Harry’s mind driving out of control, he clutches her hair in his hand, and throws his head back, living in the moment.

He feels the pressure intensify within him, but he remembers to pull back, albeit the torture he feels in doing so.

Y/N’s cheeks hollow around him, her moans loud and shaking, leaving him with redness spreading all over his stomach and chest from the exertion of holding back. She bobs faster, pulling him completely out of her mouth, kissing and petting his tip, before taking him in again, leaving him absolutely pleasured with the contrasting change of temperature.

His toes curl as her warm mouth covers him, and it’s before he can comprehend that he twitches and come into her mouth, groaning.

She pulls away, reaching him. His fingers cup her chin, wiping off the dripping juice over it. They look into one another’s eyes, and suddenly, they are kissing each other, escalating the process as Harry has her pinned against the mattress, his member in his hand, resting right at her entrance.

He thrusts into her, not pulling away from the kiss, as his hips buck and thrust into her hips. They are moving together, in sync; Harry gets control, pulling away from the kiss to love her neck. Their arms wrap around each other, pressing one another’s body close till there wasn’t even air to pass through, as he rocks above her, thrusting in hard and fast.

Their groans sound deep, husky and loud; they’re in absolute lack of control, and for the second time, Y/N finds herself falling apart in his arms, lips together, feeling him deeply around her clenching walls.

They pause, breathing hard against each other, taking time to get over the euphoria of all of the moments. It is while later that Y/N remembers something.

“Harry!” She calls, him, shaking his slumped body over her. “The stopwatch, it’s still running!”

Harry gets up slowly, limbs aching, back aching, as he reaches over to the stopwatch, smiling in victory.

“Ha-ha. Four minutes fifty five seconds.” He shows it to her.

Y/N sits up, annoyed. “But, we need the time after you came, not after everything!”

“Whatever!” Harry does his victory dance. “I know I won.”

“No, we don’t have the clear results!” Y/N protests.

“Oh, shud up!” He drawls. “Every loser says that.”

“No!” She whines. “It’s a tie!”

Harry only laughs, teasing her.

“Wait!” Realization comes over her. “If I subtract the time it took me to get off to the total time of what we did, it comes out to be….two minutes seven seconds!” Her eyes widen, she’s genuinely delighted.

“What?” Harry looks at her, confused.

“It’s Maths, Styles! And I won!” Y/N does her happy dance.

“Oh, no, no, no.” Harry counters, shaking his head. “Let’s just make it a tie.”


“Yes! Because you of course came early this time. We can’t consider the previous time.” He explains.

Y/N’s eyes roll up in thought. She sighs, groaning. Harry laughs at her. “So, it’s a tie!” He says. “C’mon, now, let’s get dressed.”

“But, you’re cheating, Harry. I clearly won!”

“Shut your mouth or I’d be making you come the third time.”


Harry slumps, looking down at the Seahawks color shirt he’s wearing. His arms cross over his chest, the television ahead of him turned on, waiting for the match to begin. He makes a face, staring at the screen with a frown.

The door to the room then opens, his friends coming inside together, all hooting and shouting his name.

Harry’s eyes widen, as he turns to his mates.

“Harry..?” They all say together, giving confused looks. “Man, have you lost your mind? You’re abandoning the Packers?”

“No, no-“

“Hi, boys.” Y/N walks in, beer cans and snacks in a cart ahead of her. All the boys look t her with smiles.

They turn to Harry. “Y/N’s got so better taste than you, Styles.”

“No!” Harry covers up. “She’s the one supporting the Seahawks!”

“Oh, shut up, Harry.” Y/N pops in. “Why would you support anyone else when there’s the mighty Packers.”

All the gents chuckle with her, giving her high-five, and eyeing Harry rudely, they settle on the couch before the television.

Harry glares at her, gritting his teeth.

“Have fun, boys!” She says, blowing an annoying kiss at Harry, before walking out of the room, laughing.


Would You Rather...

“Thank you so much for doing this for me, Y/N! Rather have some company on my way to work than drive alone.”

She’s settling herself into the passenger’s seat when James beams at her, his expression excited as he helps her with the seatbelt.

“Seatbelt’s a bit tricky here ehh! But anytime, anytime.”

She’s watched tons of these carpool karaoke skits, each with an inspiring artist sitting on the spot she’s so lucky to be in now. She’s been excited about this ever since she got the call, the fact that James had moved his show out to LA making it easier for her to confirm. The both of them went over where the cameras were located before filming started, and when she asked what tracks they’d be karaok-ing to or what questions he’ll be asking, he just would not spill. So that makes her just a tad nervous if she’s being honest.

But she knows, or at least hopes, that any real bad uh-oh’s will be edited out for her sake.

So no, it’s not unexpected at all when the first track that pops up is her latest single, and right off the bat they’re belting out the lyrics and having a grand time.

With breaks for questions between songs, James is sure to ask about the new unreleased album, commenting and complementing her on the sound.

When they come to a red light at the corner of the street and they’re spotted by fans who begin to ask for pictures and autographs, Y/N has to look apologetically at James, giving him a desperate look before softly saying she’ll be quick.

She takes a bit of time to hug and sign whatever items are being shoved at her, taking an occasional picture before she waves James over to join her. And he can’t quiet say no. A lot of celebrities don’t normally do this, they’d rather keep their head low and pace fast, but seeing Y/N’s interactions with her fans has him putting the car in park and joining her for group photos.

Eventually they make their way back into the vehicle and on the road again.

She apologies endlessly about having him stop, but he assures her it’s okay, that they should probably continue with what they were doing since she’s on a tight schedule.

“I think you’re gonna like this next one. Little bird told me you’re a big fan.”

And Y/N’s sure her eyes light up instantly the second Harry’s verse comes up, but she doesn’t care, she’s singing and smiling and James is doing it, too. When the song comes to an end she can’t wipe the smile off her face, and James sure does take a notice to that.

“Great song that was wasn’t it?”

Y/N can only nod in agreement.

“They’re great guys, too. Really are.”

“I bet they are lovely people.”

“You’ve never met them?”

“Oh I wish, but no unfortunately I haven’t.”

“Oh you lot would get on well. You sort of remind me of Harry in how you are with your fans.”

“Really now? I can only hope I’m half as generous. I admire him for that.”

A smirk plays on his lips now, eyes on the road but still taking notice to your words.

“Okay so I heard you absolutely hate answering these.” And James cannot hide the devious smile that’s made its way into his face.

“Oh no! I should have really asked for the itinerary on this interview.”

James can’t help but laugh.

“Okay so would you rather-”

Just by the sound of those words, Y/N knows she gonna wanna fling herself out of the car. And she’s not subtle about the fact that she detests the scenarios the questions bring by the way she bring her hand to her forehead and grunts.

“-would you rather open for Madonna, or run into Harry Styles and make a fool of yourself?”

“I hope Madonna doesn’t hold this against me, and I hope Harry Styles won’t laugh when I fall face first in front of him. I’d rather run into Harry and make a fool of myself.”

“Well that didn’t take long! Why on earth would you pick making a fool of yourself over opening for Madonna??” But James isn’t really surprised much.

“I did answer that too quickly didn’t I? And I dunno, there’s just something about Harry that I think it’d be nice to have a conversation with him, after I apologise for falling down.”

“Wait, you’re the one on the floor and YOU’LL be apologising to HIM??”

“I don’t know!! It’s the polite think to do.”

“You really are something else. But I guess it makes sense you pick Harry. He’s a great guy. Good heart, great looking too don’t you think?”

“He’s handsome, yes!” Y/N starts to gush.

And the way she begins to describe him is like she’s talking about him to her friends. She goes on and on about how nice he must be and how she’s heard nothing but good things. She tells James how she’s looked up to him as a human being since before she got big in the music industry.

“I think he’s just great all around!”

“But you haven’t even met him.” James is sure to dig at this topic, eager to hear what more she has to say about the heartthrob.

“Well I’ve heard loads of stories about how down to earth he is. And I know this sounds crazy, and you probably won’t believe me, but for some reason it’s like I do know him. Or at least like I’ve met him in another life.”

James can’t ignore the glint in her eye as she talked about him, a tone in her voice so sincere he can believe her when she says she feels like she’s met him before. And the way James is looking at her, not in any type of way like he thinks she’s completely bonkers, makes her blush.

“Oh god. James tell me you’ll edit all that out! I will kill you if that airs!”

“Oí, now my life is at stake if I don’t!”


When Y/N wakes up to the abnormal ringing from her phone, she doesn’t think much of it. She reaches a hand out and silences the device, not bothering to even glance at the screen. But then the buzzing begins, and she wouldn’t have been bothered if not for the fact that it won’t settle down.

All she really wants to do is sleep. She’s been doing promo non stop for the new album that she’s been looking forward to this day, her schedule clear, the only thing to do for the day is sleep. But seeing as it doesn’t look like she’s gonna get much rest with her phone buzzing like crazy,(and she would turn it off if she hadn’t put an alarm to catch the episode of Carpool Karaoke that she starred in), she reaches over for her phone, the notifications being replaced by the second with new ones.

Her eyes skim her mentions on Twitter, and oh god why!! She just wants to bury herself underneath the blankets and stay there forever. It was one thing to admire Harry Styles, but for the world to know…for Harry to know. She’s never even had a conversation with the guy and now he’s probably gonna think she’s a crazed fan.

She should really call James up and give him an ear full, but it’s out there and no amount of words she yells his way are going to change that. So she turns off her phone instead, now more than ever she needs to take the time to relax and think of how she’s going to avoid ever meeting Harry Styles.


Y/N doesn’t much get the chance to go out by herself, whether it be out for a jog or out for a bite, she usually has someone tag along with her. But she’s been feeling the need to have lunch by herself, and enjoy her own company. So when she arrives at the restaurant and sees a swarm of paparazzi across the street, she takes note to maintain her head low and make her way inside as quick as possible, but not once does it cross her mind as to why the irregular amount of photographers. That is until her shoulder clashes with a body too strong to ignore with out looking up to apologise to.

And she opens her mouth, but the words “sorry” don’t seem to come out, they get caught in her throat instead.

“Sorry, M'sorry ‘bout tha’, love.” And he reaches out to touch her shoulder, his hand warm on her skin. But she stays quiet still, a smile on her face.

She offer a smile to say it’s okay, she’s fine, and she’s ready to walk away before Harry calls after her, making her turn around to look at him.

And wow he’s tall. And she’s pictured meeting him a dozen times, but in her mind the situation’s always been hectic, never this casual.

“'Ello.” He gives a small wave, and takes the few steps forward to meet her. He stands hunched in front of her, his arms open at the last few strides, and with out a second thought, he’s engulfing her into a hug, his arms around her waist and his chin set on her shoulder. She can’t do much other than wrap her arms around his neck to welcome his hug. His body is warm on hers, a hug so tight she can’t remember the last time she shared a hug this amazing with anyone.

And Harry knows he’s testing his limits. It’s their first encounter and he’s hugging her like they’ve known each other for ages, but like it might be the only time he ever gets to have his arms around her. So he lingers a bit, smiling into her hair, and he’s glad to feel her relax into him, feel the air leaving her lips on his collarbone as she buries her face into his neck.

Y/N is screaming at herself inside her head. Why is she still not saying anything. She really hopes she doesn’t think she’s being rude, it’s just that she’s completely star struck. But he doesn’t seem bothered or phased by it. Instead he takes it upon himself to make conversation as he smiles down at her.

“Watched ye’ with James the other day.”

And she still doesn’t know what to say, only this time the embarrassment escalates with the addition of her cheeks burning, and she can only imagine how flushed she must look.

Harry only smiles at her reaction, proud at himself for that, but he won’t admit to it. The only reason why James had even brought him up during their ride was because Harry had mentioned Y/N once…maybe twice..or more. And yeah he’d never had a proper conversation with her, but that didn’t mean he didn’t want to meet her. He’d heard amazing things about her, and he’d be lying if he said he didn’t watch her in interviews often. So yeah, Harry feels accomplished at the fact that he can make her blush.

“M'honoured tha’ ye’ look up t'me. And that you picked me over Madonna.” He chuckles, giving her a half smirk. Is he trying to make her uncomfortable? She smiles anyway, nodding in shame and averting her eyes to the ground.

“I’d probably be too nervous to open for her anyway.”

“Woah, she talks.” This time a laugh.

And if he felt accomplished before, hearing her laugh makes it even better.

“Was g'na have some lunch on my own. Would rather ye’ join me. Up fo’ it?”

“Would love that, yes.”

So he leads her to a table, his palm on her lower back. And like the gentleman he is, he pulls out her chair for her and then sits directly in front of her.

“For what it’s worth, I’d asked James to cut out the bit where I went on about you.”

“Wha’? Oh tha’ hurts.”

“Oh no no, I just didn’t want that to be a thing.”

“S'okay m'just messin’ with ye’.”

“Oh ha-ha make fun of me. But at least give me credit for not falling face first!”

And Harry laughs at that.

And through out lunch he laughs at all her jokes, and she laughs at his. And he realises he quite enjoys her laugh, and her company. It feels so genuine. And he must admit it’s quite hard to make friends now a days, he usually only frequently hangs out with people he already knows. But he finds himself wanting to go out with Y/N more.

So when lunch is over and they’re getting ready to split ways, he offers her his number and promises to pick up whenever she calls.

161206 Melon Radio SVT - Dorm Stories

(The members will tell a story about a member’s behaviour that is weird or out of place in the dorm aka complaining about your members)

SK : The8′s expression really shows that he really want to talk about something is really outstanding. Yes, The8.

The8 : I really have something to say.

SK : Who? Who? Who? To who?

The8 : To Vernon

SK : Ah~ Vernon

The8 : I usually like the dorm to be in clean and neat state. Our Vernon-ie really didn’t clean up his clothes. 

MG : That’s true.

The8 : From Aju Nice era till now, I think he didn’t clean up his clothes.

SK : Wait a minute. If you said Aju Nice, it was from July. Even after 5 month, you still didn’t clean up the mess. Is there any witness for this incident?

MG : I have an additional statement to give.

SK : Additional statement, please go ahead.

MG : Do you remember the day we moved into the new dorm? Do you know the green box that we brought together on that day?

SK : Ah, the moving goods?

MG : We still have that box.

DN : That was enough

MG : It’s not like we still have the box, but the box is still there in it’s original state and on top of it, there are clothes pilling up and the green box is starting to get buried. I think he’s always ready to move out.

SK : Wait a minute. I think we cannot just let it pass without hearing to Vernon’s story.

VN : I don’t think you need to listen to it. Actually I don’t have anything to say about this.

JH : Vernon, is that green box your treasure?

VN : No, it’s just that without I realizing it, pilling up clothes on the green box was comfortable for me.

SK : Vernon, because we talked about this while laughing, you might think that we are just joking, really, please clean up soon! We already moved to the new dorm for 10 month, what were you doing until now still didn’t clean up? That’s what we want to say to him.

VN : Actually I was just staying still waiting for when will this story will be brought up. So it came out here. Sorry.

JH : So you were watching and waiting (our reactions)

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All Too Well | Pt. 3

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9

Summary: You and Yoongi shared a loving relationship with one another until you both agreed to end things and pursue your separate careers. But two years later, Yoongi is a member of the ever growing Bangtan Boys, and you are a new makeup artist for their upcoming tour.
Pairing: Yoongi | Reader
Genre: Fluff/Angst/Smut; Idol & Makeup Artist AU
Word Count: 6,437


How can this be happening?

Your mind almost draws a point blank at the sight of Min Yoongi standing in the doorframe, just as rooted to his spot as you are with yours, unable to believe that he could be right here after so long, as if it’s always supposed to be that simple. After all this time, after all this space you’ve attempted to carve out between the two of you, the fact that he could be standing here almost boggles your mind. You’ve always known that fate and destiny always worked in very mysterious ways, and you’ve always believed that everything happens for a reason, but why, why, why is Min Yoongi here just when you thought that maybe you truly did not need him in your life anymore?

“Do you two know each other?” Hoseok inquires suddenly, breaking the tension as you force yourself to tear away from Yoongi’s intense stare upon you.

“Y-Yeah,” Yoongi replies, almost breathlessly as if the sight of you stirs up the same sensation as running up a flight of stairs, an urgency that tugs at your heartstrings. “We use to date.”

“2 years ago,” You whisper, although you don’t know why you feel the need to interject how long it had been since the pair of you dated. It’s not like technicalities would be enough to drive away the fact that you and Min Yoongi have a lot of history together—and it already creates a link between you and this group, for better or for worse.

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Thorin x Reader: Evermore Pt. 1

Originally posted by tallian

(Author’s note:  Oh my gosh, you guys, this turned out to be longer than expected.  It’s just too interesting of an idea to sum up in an imagine, so I’m making it into two parts.  Hope you enjoy it!

Warning:  Thorin is kind of a jerk in this, but only because of the dragon sickness.  He’s not really dangerous or anything.  

I ALSO feel the need to tell you ladies that if any man yells at you or makes you feel afraid or unsafe in real life, then kick his sorry rear to the curb and get help!  Don’t put up with anyone’s crap, okay?  You’re better than that!  Love you all!) Oh yeah, all you Richard Armitage fangirls might recognize one of the lines from one of his other roles!  (Gif, song lyrics are not mine!  Credit to original owners!)

    “_________!”  Thorin bellowed.

    You winced at how his deep voice echoed throughout Erebor.  He definitely did not sound too happy.  As usual.  The anxiety was quickly replaced with anger as you closed the book in your hand and slammed it down on the table, causing Bilbo, Ori, and Balin to look at you in surprise.  

    Ever since the Company reclaimed Erebor and the gold fell into Thorin’s possession, he had not been himself.  All he ever did was mull about the halls and throne room, not speaking to anyone unless he wanted to give an order regarding the search and recovery of the Arkenstone.   He had been obsessed with finding it. Not to mention he would take time out of his day to just stare at the heaps of gold that Smaug had previously guarded.  It was as if the treasure had some sort of hold on him.

    To be fair, you had been overwhelmed the first few days by the glittering wealth. However, it started to get old the moment Thorin commanded the Company to search each and every pile of gold to find that Arkenstone.  Now you just wished for it all to disappear.

    “If he is calling me in to make me search that treasure room one more time…” you muttered bitterly, standing to your feet.

    “I know you’re frustrated, child.  You have every right to be,” Balin told you gently.  “But I would advise you not to say anything of it.”

    “We don’t want to set him off,” Bilbo agreed.

    “I know,” you replied with a sigh.  

    Balin looked at you worriedly with a frown.  He began to get up from his chair.  “Maybe it’s best if I go with you.”

    “No, it’s fine.”  You didn’t want to stress out the elderly dwarf any more than he already was.  “This is Thorin we’re talking about, after all.”

    “He is very…unstable at this time.  If you were to provoke him…”

    “I’ll try not to.”

    “_________!”  The angry voice called once more, making you jump. Bilbo shot you a look of concern as you left, and you could’ve sworn there was a twinge of guilt in his expression. He had been asking a lot of questions about the Arkenstone lately.  Perhaps he found it after all…?  It didn’t matter either way.  The longer it was kept from Thorin, the better.

    You tried to maintain your composure as neared the throne room.  If Thorin kept being a jerk, it was going to be a lot harder to refrain from losing it.  Upon entering the room, you were faced with a scene that you saw every day now, but still broke your heart every time.

    Thorin paced back and forth across the room, his royal robes trailing messily behind him.  His hair was greasy and unkempt, a result of his carelessness towards anything that didn’t have to do with the treasure.  His skin had become pale from not eating, and there were dark circles under his eyes from lack of sleep.  You and the others tried your best to make sure he took care of himself, but it was no use.  To think you had once admired him.  Loved him, even.  You still cared for him, but he was not half the leader he once was.  No longer deserving of anyone’s admiration now that he had broken a promise to the people of Lake-town.

    “Can I help you?” you asked, keeping you tone calm and even.  

    “Why are you not searching?”

    “What?”  You were taken by surprise by how utterly cross he looked that the question barely registered.

    “Why are you not searching?” he repeated the question with greater emphasis, taking a step closer.  “The whole lot of you insists on wasting time while my Arkenstone remains lost!”

    You held back an exasperated sigh.  “We’ve been searching most of the day, every day, for nearly a week.  It’s time that we rest, or else we risk losing our energy and getting ill.”

    “Nonsense,” he growled. Then, his expression took on a cold look.  For some reason, it was more unsettling than his previously angry state.  “I suppose I cannot expect you to understand the importance of finding the Arkenstone.  Since you are not a dwarf of Erebor.”

    You stared at him for a moment as the words sunk in.  That was it.  You had put up with his bossiness and mood swings this entire time, searching desperately for his precious Arkenstone while trying to find time to take care of yourself and the others…And now he had the nerve to imply that you simply didn’t care as much as he did? Because you weren’t a dwarf of Erebor? You were normally a very easy-going person, but that sent you over the edge.

    “How dare you tell me that I don’t understand the importance of the situation!” you snapped, unable to hold back any longer.  

    “How dare I?” He looked appalled.  “How dare you speak to me in this manner!”

    “I have travelled alongside you as a member of the Company from the start!  I’ve fought and risked my life several times for this cause. For your people.  For you.” You let out a frustrated sigh, avoiding his burning gaze.  There was no way he was going to just let this go.  You feared what he would say next.  So, rather than stick around to find out, you turned to stalk out of the throne room.

    “Where are you going?”

    “Away.  Anywhere to get away from you.”

    “You cannot leave.”

    “Oh yes I can.  And I will.  I think I will go pay Thranduil and Bard a visit.  I hear they’re treating their subjects a lot better,” you retorted angrily, not even sparing a glance at Thorin over your shoulder.  Footsteps pounded on the stone floor as he raced to catch up with you.  A warm, calloused hand found its way to your wrist.  It was a firm grasp, but not menacing or painful.

    “I command you to stay,” he said, although the anger in his voice faltered.  It sounded more like a plea than an order.

    You turned around to see him standing right there, blue eyes focused on you intently as he waited for your response.  It was hard to miss the fact that they looked much clearer now, as if the dragon sickness had less of a hold on him in this moment.  As if this was the real Thorin talking now.  It filled you with enough hope to almost make you reconsider the decision to leave.  However, if you gave in, there was a good chance he’d fall right back into the sickness again and things would go back to normal…with you searching the seemingly endless pile of treasure for that stupid Arkenstone while he lounged around in the throne room all day.  You couldn’t go back to that.  You just couldn’t.

    “I don’t have to follow your orders, king under the mountain,” you replied curtly.  “You said it yourself; I’m not a dwarf of Erebor.”

    With that, you pulled your wrist from his grip and left the room.  Your feet carried you swiftly down the halls back to the library where all your things were kept.  Balin, Bilbo, and Ori glanced up when you entered, looking worried.

    “What happened, child?” Balin asked, his eyebrows furrowing with concern.  

A roar echoing from the throne room seemed to answer his question.  He looked at the doorway solemnly.

    “Are you alright?” Bilbo asked, noticing the tears trickling down your face as you gathered things for the short journey.

     “I have to leave,” you told him.  “Right now. I’m so sorry.  I thought that once we reclaimed Erebor, this would become a home of sorts for me.  I wanted so badly to stay here with you and the others, but I just don’t belong here. I’m sorry!”

    Balin breathed a small sigh, his eyes glistening with tears that threatened to fall, as he patted your shoulder gently.  “It is alright, dear.  I understand. None of us blame you.”

    You pulled him into a hug, then Bilbo and Ori.  “Thank you for everything.  I hope this whole thing ends soon so we can all be together again.”

    “Me too,” Ori agreed sadly.

     “Safe travels,” Bilbo added.


    As soon as you had left, Thorin stood there by the open door for a minute, as if waiting for you to come walking back in and saying it was all a big mistake.  That you’d stay.  When you didn’t return, he paced away from the door angrily.

I was the one who had it all
I was the master of my fate
I never needed anybody in my life
I learned the truth too late

    How ungrateful, he thought to himself, that you should leave so suddenly!  He had offered you a home, a place among his people.  And here you were running off!  He let out a desperate roar, hearing it reverberate through the room.

    The door creaked, signaling someone’s arrival.  Oh, here you were.  Crawling back to him to beg for his forgiveness.  Thorin halted in the middle of the throne room, fists clenched, lips pulled back in a sneer as he whipped his head around to glare at the door. But it wasn’t you.  It was Dwalin.

    The usually rough and tough warrior stood before him, crestfallen.  “She’s gone,” he said simply, and those two words made Thorin feel strangely empty.  It sparked a moment of clarity in the ever-present cloud of sickness.

    How could he have let this happen?  How could drive you away like that?  He cared for you deeply, though he had never brought himself to tell you.  Perhaps he should have.   Maybe you wouldn’t be running away now if he had told you his feelings.

    “That’s that, then,” Dwalin sighed.  “It’s about time.  With the way you treated her, she was bound to leave eventually.”

    Thorin shot his friend a glare, but inside he was in agreement with the warrior.  You had put up with so much the past few days. Searching and searching for that Arkenstone.  At the thought of the jewel, the dragon sickness took hold of him again, and he felt justified in his actions.  This was the Arkenstone, after all.  No effort should be spared in trying to find it.

    Dwalin lingered in the room for a moment longer before deciding it was no use.  Thorin would not be snapping out of it anytime soon.

    After he had left, Thorin whirled around and stomped his way towards the treasury.  Looking at the gold always made him feel better.  It drowned out the battle taking place in his mind.  He no longer heard the voice of the real Thorin trying to make him see reason. All his senses were instead filled with the glittering mess that spread out before him.    

 I’ll never shake away the pain
I close my eyes but she’s still there
I let her steal into my melancholy heart
It’s more than I can bear

    Thorin paused when he heard footsteps stepping gingerly across the treasure, scattering coins and creating miniature jewel avalanches.  The sound was accompanied by sniffling and muffled sobs.  It was you.  Thorin jumped behind a column to hide his form from your view, only tipping his head slightly to watch as you picked up a handful of coins.

    The sickness raged inside of him.  Did you dare to take his treasure?  To steal from the king under the mountain?  He was about to leap from his hiding spot and confront you, when he saw you narrow your eyes at the coins in hand.

    “I hate you,” you muttered as if the coins could hear you.  “I hate you so much.  You’ve destroyed the lives of so many.”  Then, you cast the handful of coins aside bitterly as you continued on your way.

    Guilt and shame gripped Thorin as he watched you leave, empty-handed.  This was you, after all.  He always knew that you were much too honorable to take those coins without permission.  Deep down, a part of him knew that even if you had taken the coins, you had every right. You did have rights to one-fifteenth of the treasure.  The dragon sickness pushed the thought out of his mind.

    Mine.  It’s all mine.

     Thorin followed, staying in the shadows, as you headed for the front gate.  It was no matter that they had recently built the wall up with debris and broken boulders from when Smaug broke through.  You simply lowered a rope and began a careful descent until you reached the ground below.  

Now I know she’ll never leave me
Even as she runs away
She will still torment me, calm me, hurt me
Move me, come what may

Wasting in my lonely tower
Waiting by an open door
I’ll fool myself she’ll walk right in
And be with me for evermore

    Your boots touched the grass below, and you took off running for where Thranduil’s army had set up camp. Thorin stood on the balcony in silence, watching as you ran without stopping.

    “Look back.  Look back at me.”

I rage against the trials of love
I curse the fading of the light
Though she’s already flown so far beyond my reach
She’s never out of sight

    He watched as your form grew smaller and smaller in the distance, realizing that this was really it.  You had gone.

Now I know she’ll never leave me
Even as she fades from view
She will still inspire me, be a part of
Everything I do

Wasting in my lonely tower
Waiting by an open door
I’ll fool myself she’ll walk right in
And as the long, long nights begin
I’ll think of all that might have been
Waiting here for evermore!

    But even as you ran away, he couldn’t shake the feeling that this wasn’t the end.    


possessive pharaoh  : ahkmenrah x reader

It was a chill night at the museum and everyone was doing there own thing. A soccer match was taking place, Larry and Nick were playing fetch with Rexy and you decided to show Jed and Octavius the ins and outs of facebook with your profile as an example.

“So if you click here on photos you can ‘creep’ through pictures people have taken over the years.”

“this term creep, does not signify that I myself am a creep does it?” Octavius asked whole heartily.

You couldn’t help but giggle with how concerned he was. “No oct, doesn’t mean you are an actual creep.”

You decided to show them some pictures of your profile since they asked. A picture of you in a bikini popped up.

“woah woah woah, that’s you!” Jed said surprised.

You blushed a little nodding.

“wooo wee Ahky, you’ve got yourself one mighty fine babe!” Jed called as you noticed Ahkmenrah walking towards you three to stand behind the computer.

“tell me something I don’t know.” He smirked coming up behind you to plant a kiss on your cheek. You giggled turning away from him but immediately turned back to look into his soft eyes.

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Date Night

Summary: The date Ian and Mickey were supposed to go on at the end of 5x10.

Word Count: 1320

Notes: I accidentally deleted this request from my inbox like right when I was about to respond to it, but luckily I saw it on time. Here it is!

“You got trashed off of one fucking beer, bitch!” Mickey shouted at his boyfriend with a big smile plastered across his face.

Ian giggled. “Yeah, I know. Finally something good about this fucking disease!” It was the first time anything good came from his bipolar disorder. He started to walk towards Mickey. “Holy shit, I just realized something.”

“What’s up?” Mickey still had a smile across his face.

Ian’s eyes widen. “We’ve never actually been on a real date.”

“Bullshit,” Mickey says in disbelief.

“No, I’m serious. Like, like a date where you sit down, and you go to a nice restaurant, and you put on a nice shirt and you– like– eat with utensils.”

Mickey raises his eyebrows. He can’t really imagine going on an actual date. “You want to do that?”

“Yeah,” Ian shrugs. “Why not?”

“Like at Sizzler’s?”

Ian raises his arms triumphantly. “Sure!”

“You mean now?” Mickey laughs.

“Now,” Ian insists. “Before I sober up and get all fucking weird again.” He goes to put his arm around his boyfriend. “C’mon.”

Mickey shakes his head with a grin. “Alright. Can I borrow a fucking shirt then please?” He looks down and sees his bloody clothes. He’d look fine if he and Ian hadn’t gotten in a fight earlier, but now he needs to change.

“Yes, you can borrow a shirt,” Ian laughs and leads his boyfriend into the house.

They each have an arm wrapped around the other’s back as the continue singing, “cause love is a battlefield!” As they change the song continues, and Mickey cannot help but giggle at his boyfriend because this is the first time he’s seen him happy since his diagnosis.

As soon as Ian is finished changing and cleaning off he wounds, he turns and cockily presents himself to Mickey. “How do I look?”

Mickey eyes him from head to toe. “Like you’re goin’ on a date,” he said. When Ian gave him a look that told him he wanted more, he caved. “You look fuckin’ good.”

Ian winks at his boyfriend as he takes his messy shirt off so he can put another on. When he was changed Ian opened his eyes like he was starstruck. “Jesus fuck, you are so fucking hot when you’re dressed up.”

Mickey bashfully chuckles. Ian has always been over complementary when he’s drunk, so he should be used to it by now, but he’s not. After all these years Ian still makes Mickey feel so special.

“Like so fucking hot,” Ian said seductively and approach his shorter boyfriend. When he got close enough, he start placing lustful kisses on Mickey’s jawbone.

Mickey forced himself not to fall into it. “Hey, hey,” Mickey grabbed his face. “You can fuck me after, but right now I’m taking you on a date.”

Ian nods and straightens himself up. “Right. Let’s go,” he smiles and head out of the room.

As they walk down the stairs they put their arm around each other and begin singing once again. To their surprise the whole Gallagher family is sitting in the living room looking at them with wide and confused eyes. Mickey figured they looked shocked because this was the first time in weeks that Ian was laughing rather than moping. “What are you guys doing?” Fiona asked.

“We’re going on a date!” Ian said before dragging his boyfriend to the door. They completely ignored whatever the rest of the family had to say and made their way out of the house.

The couple made their way to Sizzler’s laughing and talking. Mickey was just a little buzzed, so he was still able to fully marvel at the sight and laughter of his boyfriend without the strong desire of sex to distract him. For the first time in a long time, he had the chance to admire Ian’s face and smile without any embarrassment. No matter what, Mickey loved Ian to no end.

“Whatcha lookin’ at?” Ian asked as they made their way into the restaurant.

“Nothing,” Mickey tried to shrug it off, but Ian looked unconvinced. “I’m looking at a tall ass redheaded asshole,” Mickey patted Ian’s cheek. Ian smirked proudly at the dark haired boy’s words.

The boys took their seats and started looking through their menus as the waitress poured them a glass of complimentary wine. Mickey had a plan to get a steak so rare that they’d hear it mooing as he ate it. Ian laughed at his boyfriend choice, but decided he wanted the same thing. Once they ordered their food, they were left looking at each other.

Before saying anything, Ian looked around. He saw couples eating and enjoying their time, which was something he had always wanted to experience, and now he it’s happening for him. “I’ve always wanted to go on a date,” Ian admits.

“Should’ve told me before, I would’ve taken you,” Mickey said before taking a sip of his wine.

Ian snorted. “Bullshit. You would’ve called me gay!”

“You are gay, and this is fucking gay,” Mickey jabbed at Ian with a smirk. “I don’t mind though. Must be getting used to it or some shit,” he shrugged his shoulders.

Ian was hit with a sudden realization that caused him to beam with joy. “Y’know.. you do a lot of gay shit for me. I made you, Mickey Milkovich, a softy,” he spoke victoriously.

Mickey scoffed, but there was no rudeness in the tone. “Fuck off, Gallagher. I am not soft,” he protested.

“So soft,” Ian joked.

“I’ll only ever do that shit for you. You mean more to me than the other assholes do,” he admitted. For some reason this conversation made him think of when Ian took Yevgeny away and Mickey called him to declare his love and tell him how he needs him to come home– suddenly he froze and stared Ian in the eyes.

Mickey never knew if Ian ever heard that voicemail, but after seeing Ian match his expression, he knew he most definitely had listened to it. It was crazy how the two of them didn’t need much words to communicate– they just always understood what the other was feeling and thinking with a quick glance.

Ian reached out and put his hand on Mickey’s, and in all honesty, he expected Mickey to pull away, but he didn’t. “I never got to tell you this, but,” he paused as a smile creeped on his face. “I really love you, Mick. I know I haven’t been able to show it too well these last couple weeks but you gotta know that I do.”

It looked like a flood of relief washed over the Milkovich boy’s body. “Fuck, I’ve been dying to hear that,” he said breathlessly. “I fucking love you too.” He tried to hold back a smile, but it was pointless because Ian could see right through him.

“Thanks for everything you do for me,” Ian added graciously as his lips began to curve upward.

Mickey nods. “I’ll always be here,” he assured him.

Cutting them off from their moment, the waitress came to their table with two big steak platters. Ian laughed at the uncommon sight of perfectly cooked meal. Each boy grabbed their utensils and dug in.

Throughout the rest of the date the boys laughed and made jokes about the steak mooing as they ate. Mickey even paid for Ian’s dinner because if he was going to be on a date, he might as well do it the correct way and act like a gentleman.

Ian felt like a teenage girl who was swooning over a big crush, and Mickey felt the same– even if he’d never admit it. It was nice to have an enjoyable and problemless night. Once their date was finished, they agreed that this perfect night was one for the books. They never wanted forget being this happy, and they truthfully felt like it’d never go away.

Joffrey x Sister Reader

♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

Imagine Joffrey falling in love with your beauty and soul despite the fact you are his sister.

♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

\ Request from anonymous /

Hello there, may I request a Joffrey Baratheon x Sister! Reader one? Where he’s fallen for her despite the fact they were siblings. Just fluff between the two.


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Have some Cherik Emma AU, in which Charles has invested a great deal of time in (successfully) getting Raven excited for the attentions of the respectable Mr. Azazel, a much better match for her than bumpkin country doctor Henry McCoy, only to find that he might have miscalculated somewhat.

A lightly alpha/omega universe, mostly because much of Regency culture stops making sense without strict gender divides of some sort.


Charles wasn’t sure how he’d ended up alone in a carriage with Mr. Azazel; it was quite improper for him to ride unsupervised in the company of an unattached alpha. He could only blame the chaotic shuffling about as they all hurried to leave the party before the snow trapped them there. Charles longed for solitude, but that being impossible, he would have chosen to ride in a more crowded carriage rather than find himself here. He could not be entirely comfortable in Mr. Azazel’s company after the man’s bizarre and uncharacteristic behavior tonight. How could the man be so uncaring toward the welfare of one whom he was courting? Not that he had done anything to harm Raven, of course—Raven was not here to be harmed—but that was the very problem. Raven was sick at home, and Mr. Azazel had not appeared to care at all.

“What a lovely party,” Charles said, and, making one last effort to let Mr. Azazel return to normal, added, “It is such a shame Miss Darkholme could not attend.”

“I would have been sorry if she had,” Mr. Azazel said. “Doubtless she would have ridden next to you, Mr. Xavier, and then we could not have had this time alone.

Charles stared in utter horror at this singular pronouncement. Mr. Azazel, perhaps mistaking his silence for some more pleasant form of surprise, took the liberty—Charles could not believe he took the liberty—of leaving his seat to settle himself next to Charles on the other side of the carriage.

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mizjoely  asked:

Sherlolly prompt: Undercover sherlolly (or just sherlock) as an appliance repairman (bonus points for Molly admiring his plumber's crack if that's not too risque!)

I DIED when I got this ask! I have a husband in the construction field (yes I swoon over a tool belt just as much as a well tailored suit hehe) and he often works around the house so…yeah it’s not an unfamiliar concept lol. Had fun coming up with this CRACK fic muahaha…enjoy! ;D

Molly nearly jumped three feet in the air as she let herself and her date into her flat…and saw a man standing in her kitchen. And especially because it wasn’t just any man.

“My God, what are you doing here, Sh-”

“’At’s right, Miss,” he said, gesturing to his name tag. “Name’s Shawn. Ope you don’t mind your landlord let me in to work on that pesky dishwasher at’s been givin you troubles.”

Molly sighed heavily and glanced at her poor confused date standing next to her. “Um, sorry about this, Brent.”

“Not a problem,” he said with a smile. 

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All Caryl interactions in Season 7 (indirect or direct) and what it means:

Season 7 Episode 1: The Day Will Come When You Won’t Be:
Daryl, injured and hopeless, kneeling, facing potential death, thinks of mostly Carol in his potentially last moments. He could be about to die any second here and he thinks of her, mostly. He remembers the Terminus hug (5x01) and he remembers when he gave her a shoulder massage (3x01). 

Now, let’s think: Why would he remember those specific moments out of any other? Terminus reunion was probably because that was the happiest he’s been. He lost Carol out of his own control (like he has with his mom and Merle), he, perhaps, even though she was dead. He thought he would never see her again. He missed her so much. 
But then, he sees her. She FOUND him. She SAVED them. There she was, in all her precious flesh, apprehensive, wondering how they would all react. The woman he loves is alive and she found them, in a hopeless world. She found them. Happiness can exist even in that world. As hopeless as it seems, in the misery of it all, they reunited. 
And he runs to her. He hugs her so tight, lifts her off the ground. Teary eyed. So happy. Nuzzles her. Just can’t get enough of her. 
‘’ You’re here. You found me. You’re here again. I’m never going to let you out of my sight, I love you. ‘’ (he didn’t say those words specifically, but with his actions, his facial expressions, says it all.)

Why did he remember Terminus? Because of everything I stated above.

Why did he remember giving her a shoulder massage? He was bringing her comfort. He was going out of his way to do something for somebody he loves (something he’s never done for anyone else, I may add). She looks at him with a huge smile and he stops. ‘’ We should get back… ‘’ he says.
‘’ Pretty romantic. Wanna screw around? ‘’ she asks. 
He scoffs. He looks back at her almost like ‘’ wait… is she serious? ‘’ and instead, they both laugh. 

Slow burn, people. Slow burn. 
Why did he remember the shoulder massage? Because it was physical affection. It was him bringing her comfort. His memories with Carol, his happiest one’s, are ones that include physical touch. He could have remembered literally anything else. But he didn’t. He remembered memories that include him initiating, all on his own, physical touch and affection. THOSE are Daryl’s happiest moments. 

Moving on. That was Caryl interaction in Season 7 Episode 1. It was indirect, but it was there. In his last thoughts (for all he knew), he thought of Carol.

Season 7 Episode 9: Rock In The Road:

Rick: Did you find Carol?
Morgan: I did, yeah.
Daryl: Where is she? Is she okay?
Morgan looking at Daryl: Well, she was here and then she left. 
*If you notice, Daryl stops in his tracks. No movement. None. You cannot even tell he’s breathing. 
Morgan: You know, she wasn’t too happy with me following her. She wanted to get away from us. From everyone.
*Daryl starts pacing side by side*
Morgan: But when I found her, she was shot.
*Daryl stops moving again*
Morgan: Just a graze, I got her back here, they got doctors. They good. 
Daryl: *angry, grunt voice, almost snarling* Was it them? 
Morgan: It was. 
Morgan: She had crossed with some of them and one of them followed her and tried to kill her.
*Shot of Daryl’s face, who swallows as he’s told someone tried to kill Carol. He looks very angry and upset.*
Morgan, who by the way is looking straight at Daryl, almost with an apologetic look, continues on saying:
I killed him. I had to. Carol was here. She got help. *looks at Daryl*
Morgan: Now she’s gone. 
Daryl: Looks sad and destroyed, confused. 
*Shot of Rick also looking at Daryl.

Now… this scene wasn’t for nothing. This was to show how close Daryl and Carol are and how others around them, even others who don’t know them that well (Morgan) know how close they are and how important Carol is to Daryl. This scene had Daryl pacing, frozen, swallowing, angry, concerned and sad. This? It wasn’t for nothing. This was yet another indirect Caryl scene that didn’t necessarily need to be there and wouldn’t have been there had they planned on erasing Caryl.

Moving on to one of our favorite episodes (yes?)

Season 7 Episode 10: New Best Friends: 

Scene 1: Daryl brings up Carol out of nowhere. (Necessary? No.)
It starts off with…
Daryl: Hey. Where’d you go in them trucks?
*Morgan walks over*
Daryl: You went to see them, right? 
Morgan: Yeah. 
Daryl: Part of your deal?
*Morgan looks away*
Daryl: What the hell is wrong with you?
Daryl: You’re bleeding. They did that to you. You know what they are.
Morgan: I do. 
Daryl: You know…if Carol were here, she saw all that, if she knew Abraham… and Glenn… she’d be leading us right to them, ready to kill them all.
*evaluate Daryl’s voice… his voice is low. Almost angry. Snarling. Almost mocking Morgan.
*Morgan is quite obviously a bit offended*
Morgan: She would. And that’s why she left, man.
*Daryl, looking at him with anger and walks away*

This scene, was it necessary? No. What did it show? That Daryl is thinking of Carol. He knows her. He knows how badass she is and how she takes no shit. He admires her. He’s PROUD of her. He knows this woman is fierce and he has no problems randomly letting Morgan know. Out of nowhere. Because he is thinking of her.

Scene 2: Richard set up a plan to get Carol killed in the hopes to push Ezekiel to want to fight. Let’s skip that dialogue and get to what matters.

Richard: It’s just some loner he met 
Richard: Sometimes he brings food their way.
Daryl: Why don’t they live in The Kingdom?
Richard: I don’t know. She lives out there, she’ll die out there.
Daryl: … it’s a woman?
Richard: Does that matter? She’s got more balls then you and me. She’s gonna die either way.
*Notice the sounds, the music* 
Richard: When the saviors come and find their buddies dead, if they know their elbow from their asshole, they can follow an obvious spore. They are going to go to the weapons cash and into the cabin. They are going to attack this woman. 
Daryl: What’s her name?
Richard: Maybe they kill her, maybe they don’t. But it’s going to show Ezekiel what he needs to do. 
Daryl: Her name. What is it?
Richard: She’s tough. Maybe she’ll live.
Daryl: *raises his voice* Say her damn name!
Richard: … Carol. I hoped you didn’t know her. But I didn’t think you’d care. Cause you know what needs to happen.
Daryl: No.
Richard: Maybe she’ll live. Look this is how this can happen. This is how we can get rid of the saviors. This is how we all can have a future (A future for Daryl without Carol? NO. That’s what the show is saying).
Richard: She’s living out there alone just waiting to die.
Daryl: *raises voice again, walking away* NO.
Richard: If we don’t do anything, a hell of a lot more people are going to die, people who want to live.
Daryl: *immediately turns around and gets right up to Richard’s voice* 
You stay the hell away from Carol, you hear me? 

Saviors driving up, Richard still wants to go with his plan and Daryl, realizing that he’s going to do it, throws Richard to the ground, beating him up. 

After, Richard talks some more nonsense, prompting Daryl to say:
‘’ She gets hurt, she dies, she catches a fever… she gets taken out by a walker… she gets hit by lightening. Anything. Anything happens to her, I’ll kill you. ‘’

Was this scene necessary? No. This scene just showed us how much Daryl loves Carol and how she is the most important thing in the world to Daryl. That’s not for no reason. Nothing is wasted screen time. This is to remind us, after all this time, Daryl still loves Carol and will protect her by any means necessary, even if it means beating or killing someone. 

Scene 3: The Grand Reunion:

*We see Carol opening her door and is just looking annoyed. Ezekiel and his people are there. Carol says she only opened the door because they tripped her wire. Jerry gives her cobbler, she takes it and tells them to go.*

*She’s seen sitting down, picking up a romance novel called Denim Dreams, when she hears a knock on her door*

*She opens the door, ready to rip Zekeyboy a new asshole, when she loses her breath, realizing it’s Daryl* 
Who, by the way, is wearing denim and so is Carol.

Daryl is looking apprehensive. Sad. Carol is beginning to cry. She walks forward in his arms and he hugs her back with one arm (because crossbow on his arm), he sniffles and moves her arm gently to look at her. Because he needs to know. He needs to know why she left. 

Daryl: Jesus took us to The Kingdom. Morgan said you just left… I was out here. I saw you.
Daryl: *voice breaks* Why’d you go?
Carol: I had to.

This scene shows us how upset and devastated Daryl was finding out she left. 
This scene highlights to us, again, how important she is to him. How much she matters and how much he loves her. How much he doesn’t feel okay when she’s gone away.

Scene 4: 

Carol: I couldn’t lose any of them. I couldn’t lose you. 
* Daryl raises his head to look right at her*
Carol: I couldn’t kill them. I could. I would, if they hurt any of our people, anymore of them… that’s what I would do. And there wouldn’t be anything left of me after that.
Carol: The Saviors. Did they come?
Daryl: …. Yeah.
Carol: *crying* Did anyone get hurt? Is everybody okay? Did the saviors… is everybody back HOME okay?
Daryl: *hesitating* 
Carol: Daryl.
Daryl: They came. We got em all. Made a deal with the rest of them like Ezekiel. Everyone’s alright. *Carol here is starting to breathe more easy… and Daryl reassures her again… ‘’ Everyone’s alright ‘’ in such a comforting voice. 
Carol: *crying out of happiness with a huge smile*
Daryl: We gonna eat or, or I got to be a king or somethin’ to get food around here?
Carol: *laughs* softly responds ‘’ shut up ‘’.
She brings the food over and pours some in Daryl’s bowl. Looking at him. Smiling.
Daryl: Ezekiel. Is he okay?
Carol: Yeah, I think he is.
*Daryl starts eating, has wonderful table manners around Carol by the way and meanwhile, she’s smiling at him, barely taking her eyes off of him

This scene. All of this here, is important. This is Daryl lying to Carol because he loves her. Sounds weird, right? Hear me out.
This is Daryl, who just finished hearing that the woman he loves couldn’t kill anymore because she was afraid there would be nothing left of her after that. 
Daryl lies because he wants to keep her safe. Protected. Away from this war. He lies because he loves her, and like Norman said ‘’ He doesn’t want her to get hurt and fuck her up basically. ‘’. 
This is a selfless act. This was for her. Him and Team Family could benefit from having Carol fight alongside them. Hell, Daryl even brought up Carol’s badassery to Morgan. He knows she could help them win. He knows she’d be a huge benefit and asset. But he doesn’t care. 
Not at her expense. He needs her. He needs her alive and healthy. If this means potentially sacrificing everyone else’s life, so be it. They can find another way. They can find another way that doesn’t involve the woman he loves. For her.

Scene 5: 

Daryl is walking out of the house when he suddenly turns around and looks at Carol for a second. She looks awkward, putting her hands in a pocket. Daryl doesn’t want to leave. But he knows he has to. So, he walks to her and gives her a hug. She grabs his hair and he puts his face down in her shoulder. We see Carol, her face, clearly shows she doesn’t want Daryl to leave. 
She nuzzles his shoulder and breathes him in. You can hear her. This is incredibly intimate. Neither of them want to let go, but Daryl knows he has to. Every moment that he lingers is tempting him to stay more and more. He knows he has to go. So he raises his hand up her back and moves away, looking right in her eyes… ‘’ Watch out for yourself, alright? ‘’ he says, in a very quiet voice. 
He walks away, without turning around. Because he knows he can’t stay. Not yet. 
Carol, however, is about to go back inside before she turns around. She’s struggling. She wants to go after him. She wants him to stay. (Melissa McBride confirmed that Carol was obviously struggling with Daryl leaving) 
But she goes inside anyway. 
(May I add that the music, to me, was pretty romantic? I loved the sounds. So calm, gentle and loving.)

Scene 6:

Morgan confirms that Daryl is holding onto Carol. Daryl is holding onto Carol because he loves her. 

Moving along to…

Season 7 Episode 12: Say Yes: 
(This is more a parallel)
Rick says to Michonne: ‘’ I can’t lose you. We say that to the one’s we love. ‘’
Carol just got done telling Daryl that she couldn’t lose him in Episode 10. 
Because she loves Daryl. Daryl’s actions prove that he can’t lose Carol. Because he loves her.

Season 7 Episode 13: Bury Me Here:

Carol knows something wasn’t right. Why did Jesus bring the group to The Kingdom… what happened? She can’t sleep. She goes to find Morgan.

Carol: Why did Jesus bring Daryl and everyone else at The Kingdom? 
Morgan: They, um… They wanted to see if we could all start working together on things. 
*Carol getting teary eyed* The saviors are still here. They are not fighting with The Kingdom. Daryl said they beat em back at Alexandria… Is that true? That they made a deal with em? Is everyone okay? Just tell me if it’s true.
Morgan: You need to talk to Daryl about that… You wanted me to keep the whole story about you from everybody. Told me not to say where you were and I did what you asked. Daryl didn’t find you because of me. And what was said between you and him was said between you and him. I will go with you to Alexandria if you want to make the trip. If you want to talk to them. 
You shouldn’t go alone. 
You found what you wanted, right? You got away from everyone. Is it what you wanted? Or was it just too late to get away?
*Carol is crying at this point*

This scene is also important because it shows that no, Carol didn’t really want to be away from everyone. Especially not Daryl. This conversation was mostly about Daryl here and Morgan understands what’s going on. She already loved Daryl. She already loves him. It was confirmed Carol was running away from love. Carol was running away from Daryl. That’s what was happening in Season 6. 

It was also confirmed by Melissa McBride, that when Morgan does tell Carol what happened at the end of the episode, Carol was thinking of Daryl and how she’s sorry that he felt he couldn’t tell her.

And now… here we are, rolling into Episode 16 and her running away? It’s done. The ‘’ One Way ‘’ sign was pointing backwards, away from The Kingdom. She calls Alexandria her ‘’ home ‘’… but there’s someone there specifically. Daryl. 

The best is coming. Her and Morgan’s arc is officially closing. Carol is fighting alongside them. She will reunite with Team Family in Season 8. She will reunite with Daryl in Season 8. It’s been set up for us to see them have a conversation about this. Season 8 is a NEW chapter. Caryl is coming, slowly. But it’s coming. 
Also, we have a great reputation with season premieres for Caryl. ;) 

Stay strong, guys. Season 7 DID show us that Daryl loves Carol and Carol loves Daryl. 

god that’s a lot of you!

   this blog has been years in the making; it’s incredible how many of you guys who I’ve known since the very beginning have followed me all the way over here, with all of my ocs & all of my canons. I cannot begin to thank you enough for following me, through thick & thin, my ups and downs , & my multiple blog making phase. There are OVER 500 of you guys, and I have no words to express really how GRATEFUL i am to all of you, and how much I love you!! 

I love all of you, mutuals & non-mutuals alike, and here’s to lots more interactions in the future!! (i’m definitely going to forget people, so I’m v. sorry about that! )

                                                               #SQUAD GOALS

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Robb x Female Reader

♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

Imagine falling in love with Robb after healing him and having his baby.

♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

\ Request for anonymous /

Hey could you do a Robb stark one shot where your a healer and when you help him recover from a wound, you fall in love have sex and you end up being pregnant?

♡ ♡ ♡ Warning: LIGHT SMUT ♡ ♡ ♡

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How to Deal with Park Chanyeol

Summary: In which Kyungsoo makes a list of all the different methods he tries to deal with Park Chanyeol.

Note: So, I love exosexo, right. (She’s my literal favorite, one of the reasons I plucked the courage to make this blog) and she uploaded a “How to Deal with Park Chanyeol Trailer” yesterday and I felt inspired to write something based of it. I hope you will all enjoy!

Credit:  exosexo
Video: How to Deal with Park Chanyeol Trailer

Disclaimer: I don’t own the gifs/images/videos used. 

Main Masterlist - EXO Masterlist

Originally posted by drugnamedexo

1. Ignore him

Kyungsoo closed his eyes tightly shut as his head rests in the crook of his own arm that lay against the table. With each call of his name, his teeth sunk deeper into his lower lip, he had to stop himself with the metallic taste of his own blood flooded into his tongue. It was days like this that he literally considered killing Park Chanyeol.

“I’m going to stop bugging until you respond to me~”

Kyungsoo could practically hear the smirk Chanyeol was wearing from the words he spoke. It was so unbelievable he could just punch him… though he promised Junmyeon he wouldn’t fight, and that’d he’d try with everything in him to just get along with-

“Kyungsoo- ah~”  

“What?” Kyungsoo jumped up, his voice uncontrollably snappy as his fist banged against the table in annoyance. His large, fiery eyes landed on Chanyeol’s smug face as he said, “Hi.”

Then, Chanyeol stood up and left, laughing as he went.

You cannot deal with Park Chanyeol by ignoring him

2. Kill him

If Kyungsoo wanted to murder Chanyeol, he could probably do it. An accidental slip of a knife to the heart while he’s cooking, or incidentally leaning on something that could fall and crush Chanyeol to pieces - no, actually that would never work, his ego was too big for anything to crush it.

Kyungsoo watched Chanyeol in the corner of his eye, observing the way Chanyeol was smirking to a reflection of himself in the mirror as he ran his long fingers through his freshly cut brown hair. In a certain light, he almost looked attractive, that was until Kyungsoo realised he was slowly starting to lose his mind. Chanyeol’s always talking about how handsome he is, maybe Kyungsoo has heard it so many times he’s starting to believe it.

The thought made him want to kill the idiot even more.

Though even though it was idealistic, it wasn’t practical - and spending God knows how many years in prison was not worth it for the sake of Chanyeol.

You cannot deal with Park Chanyeol by killing him.

3. Tell him to “fuck off”

A photo shoot should be easy. Compared to dance routines and performing live, it should maintain a low stress level for any normal idol group. But of course, EXO isn’t a normal idol group, especially when it includes Park Chanyeol.

Every time the idiot insists on opening his stupid mouth, the words that escape are either bigging up himself or stomping someone else down and Kyungsoo is sick of it.

He’d distanced himself from the others, seeking a moment of peace and quiet outside the studio to let himself take a second to breath, that was until Chanyeol’s voice tore his final nerve.

“What are you doing out here, it’s cold -”

“Chanyeol, fuck off!”

Kyungsoo looked back at the other male, who had a big, kicked- puppy expression on his face. The expression passed as soon as it appeared though, and his smirk was soon riding back on his lips.

“Fuck off? Right now? Are you sure, there’s a lot of people around, Soo, I wouldn’t want us to get caught. Nice to know you think of me like that though -  and that you’re into doing it in public, I’ll consider that in mind for future reference.”

Kyungsoo wished he’d have used his last option by killing him.

Because you cannot deal with Park Chanyeol by telling him to fuck off.

4. Kick him

The fourth attempt of dealing with Park Chanyeol is kicking him. Though even that was also proven completely ineffective.

“Didn’t the photo shoot pictures come out great? I knew I looked amazing, Kyungsoo- ah even said he wanted to fu-”

Kyungsoo struck his foot under the table and slammed his foot into Chanyeol’s leg.

“Ah~ you want to play a romantic game of footsie under the table now? You’re so cute~ See, I have an admirer everyone.”

As Kyungsoo seethed in anger, he realised that:

You cannot deal with Park Chanyeol by kicking him.

5. Ask Baekhyun for help

Kyungsoo thought it would be a good idea to take his frustrations to his trusted friend Baekhyun. The two sat in Baekhyun’s room, the two of them venting about how irrational and annoying their band mate was.

“He said, ‘be grateful I gave you the cup’” Baekhyun ended his story about the time Chanyeol had told him to get himself a nonexistent cup of tea.

“I will kill him for free!” Kyungsoo raged in response, throwing a pillow from the sofa beside him onto the floor, some sadistic thought in his mind imagining it was Chanyeol’s head.

“Worst comes to worse you could break his heart, since you’re apparently so infatuated with him. You know, he talks about you a lot these days.” Baekhyun mentioned, as if he was slowly trying to break something to Kyungsoo.

“Yah! Be thankful he’s not talking about himself for once.” Kyungsoo spat as Baekhyun smirked - somehow it was worse than Chanyeol’s, or maybe it was the words that went with it;

“Maybe he’s starting to like you as much as he likes himself, Soo.”

And that’s how Baekhyun became number 2 on Kyungsoo’s hit list.

You cannot deal with Park Chanyeol by asking Byun Baekhyun for help.

6. Never ask Baekhyun for help

Kyungsoo decided to repeat this fact twice on his list, because seeing the smirks Baekhyun now gives him from across the room painfully reminds him that he needs to get better friends.

You can DEFINATELY not deal with Park Chanyeol by asking Byun Baekhyun for help.

7. Stay with him

It wasn’t until this pivotal moment that Kyungsoo eradicated the idea of killing Chanyeol. It seemed that despite his self-loving exterior, there is a human and emotions in him somewhere, something Kyungsoo found out while it was just the two of them in the dorm when everyone else went out.

“Kyungsoo, I thought you and the others all went out.”

Chanyeol looked startled, like a deer in headlights, and it was the first time that Kyungsoo had seen him in such a tearful state. Kyungsoo never did find out what Chanyeol was upset about, but he did learn that to shit with Chanyeol’s head in the crook of his neck as he seeks support in someone with such a vulnerable state is more satisfying than it should be.

You can start to deal with Park Chanyeol by staying with him.

8. Talk to him

After that day Kyungsoo had found Chanyeol crying, it seemed as though Chanyeol was more of a person than Kyungsoo had ever imagined than a demon from hell who purely existed to torture him on a daily basis.

Even though the other members teased them, befriending Chanyeol seemed much easier than Kyungsoo had ever found it. By talking - even about the most insignificant things at 3am, you find that Chanyeol isn’t always cocky, it’s always obnoxious - in fact, he may even be a little insecure, under the thick layers of false senses of confidence.

“Do you want some help cooking Kyungsoo?” Chanyeol asked from the counter he just sat himself down on.

“No, stay out the way, you’re practically a walking hazard.” Kyungsoo reminded him as he moved the pan onto the hob.

“Alright, I’ll just admire you from afar, then.”

You can deal with Park Chanyeol slightly more by talking to him.

9. Understand him

Kyungsoo found himself lay on his back in Chanyeol’s bed beside him, both of them looking up at the ceiling at they talked. They’d been like this for hours, palm to palm and talking as if there was no limit on time. Talking to Chanyeol means you can understand him, and understanding him leads to so much more.

“Do you think I’m a pain in the ass too?” Chanyeol asked, smiling, as if he already knew the answer Kyungsoo would give him.

“Yes, more than anyone else I’ve ever met.”

“Oh Kyungsoo-ah, you won’t know pain in the ass until I give it to you.”

Kyungsoo turned his head to see Chanyeol grinning at the ceiling, his cheeks flushing red like a teenager confessing their crush. Chanyeol flicked his head to look at Kyungsoo too.

They stayed looking at each other for a long moment, and it wasn’t until Kyungsoo’s lips were sealed with Chanyeol’s that he realised;

You can deal with Park Chanyeol by understanding him.

10. Love him

Despite knowing smirks and teasing comments, it’s the perfect life dealing with Park Chanyeol. Kyungsoo is happier than ever before as he writes his final stage for dealing with Park Chanyeol, putting his list to a final close.

You can happily deal with Park Chanyeol by loving him.

sometimes i get really sad - and then i remember that these people exist, and i feel a little better. (a non-comprehensive list, or we’d be here all year.)

alphabetical, but… the first shout-out must go to @seahenge for being one of my very best friends for the past 3 years. love u elise.


@a-mi-zivi: sara!! you’re funny and i like you. if you ever catch me spelling your name wrong, please give me a good kick.

@angelxcakes: i kinda love you, meri. (i haven’t forgotten that i owe you a graphic!! im posting it on fuffy day.)

@anyasbunny​: is there a sweeter human being than giulia? how can so much talent and loveliness be packed into one person??

@bimarthajones​: lucia!! bc of you i will probably start lucifer. you already know this, but!! (i predict i will love maze the most. maybe? possibly??) anyway, i hope school is going ok <3

@buffyfaiths: chelsea, i don’t know if i’ve ever told you how much i love your gifs? no one else’s colouring compares, imo. we don’t talk, but i always admire how strong you are.

@buffylovesfaith: one day i want to go on a Great American Road trip to hug all of my friends in the usa. meet me there? i love you clementine xx

@buffysummere​: lucie, i adore you. what would my dash be without your gay posts about buffy summers?? a sad place, that’s what.

@burntlikethesun​ and @oodlyenough​: not to get all fangirly, but ben and kali are the only two bloggers i’ve been following since i first joined tumblr as nowrunalong in 2013. they’re both funny and clever and have great opinions about… well. pretty much everything. i’ll stick with you guys for as long as you’re on this hell site tbh!!

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anonymous asked:

hehe iggy is my #1 too. ^.^ may i request a young!iggy with a fem!s/o drabble where they sneak out with noct to check out a new trendy food place in the city and get caught by cor, but cor lets them off the hook? heehee. thanks!

I’VE WAITED SO LONG TO FILL THIS REQUEST DEAR ANON YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW MUCH I SQUEALED AND BRAINSTORMED FOR THIS LITTLE (ahem, read that as LONG xD) ONE-SHOT! :D :D :D *I am super excited, hope I didn’t scare anyone with my caps*. Okay, okay- let’s do this!

The boyfriend, the girlfriend and… the prince?

You tap your foot impatiently against the foot of Noctis’ chair, and the fifteen year old prince actually has the gall to scowl at you over his homework. You reach over and ruffle his hair, because you know that he dislikes people touching his hair immensely. Ignis throws you a look full of exasperation over Noctis’ head, and you smile sweetly in your boyfriend’s direction in return. Ignis can only shake his head and return back to preparing what you assume is Noctis’ dinner for that night and school lunch for the next day.

You sit quietly for a grand total of three minutes before huffing and snatching Noctis’ literature homework from him and jotting the answers to the questions down off by heart. The young prince smiles in relief while Ignis lets out a groan from his position in the kitchen.

“Y/n, how will he pass his exams if you keep doing his homework for him?” Ignis chides you. You pout at your stern boyfriend in turn and point dramatically at the analogue clock mounted on the wall.

“It’s almost seven-thirty! I’ve been starving since six! I swear, Noct’s been acting inept on purpose this whole time!” you cry out dramatically, draping yourself over Noctis’ homework. The young prince chuckles and pulls a strand of your hair in jest, earning a yelp from you. You glare up at the boy who is two years younger than you, and watch as he stands up from his place at the dining table and collects his books into a neat pile. He carries the pile towards his room, throwing Ignis a meaningful look as he passes his advisor.

Ignis can’t help but smile at the hopeful look in his young charge’s eyes, and he nods his silent assent. Noctis immediately breaks into a grin and, gods, you have never seen that boy move so fast in the year that you’ve known him. You turn your perplexed gaze towards Ignis and raise an eyebrow at him.

“He’s worked hard- I thought he could accompany us out for dinner tonight.” Ignis answers your silent question. Your jaw drops in disbelief as you stand immediately and gesture at the food Ignis was packing away on the counter.

“Um, excuse me? Then what is all of this?!” you point at the pair of colourful lunchboxes filled with rice, omelette and finely chopped and seasoned bell peppers. You reach forward, you mouth suddenly watering out of hunger, and try to steal a small cocktail sausage from underneath the omelette. Ignis immediately grabbed your hand and brought it to his lips, pressing a soft kiss onto your knuckles.

“It’s Noctis and Prompto’s lunch for tomorrow, love.” Ignis replies easily, letting go of your hand. You can’t believe it- Ignis packed a lunch for the prince and his blond chocobo friend…

“You never pack me lunch…” you frown and cross your arms against your chest, feeling hurt- and then feeling stupid for feeling hurt. Ignis catches the petulant expression on your face and chuckles with mirth at the obviously silly look on your face. Your boyfriend quickly replaces the packed lunchboxes into the refrigerator and shuts the door before making his way around the kitchen counter and towards you. You feel his arms snake around your waist and he pulls your back flush against his chest before nuzzling his nose into your fragrant hair with an amused, yet happy sigh.

“That is because you insist on purchasing that cheese bread from the Crownsguard Cafeteria every day, sweet pea,” you flush at the term of endearment and half-heartedly wrestle your way out of his grasp before turning around and sticking your tongue out at him. Ignis gazes upon your animated form with deep adoration- you are his exact opposite. Where he is stern and calm, you are exuberant and jittery. But you have a great mind on you and are very flexible in your problem-solving process. Ignis admires you greatly for your abstract thinking ability and your willingness to throw yourself into uncertainty for the greater good.

“Yeah, well that stuff’s delicious, Iggy. And gosh, I cannot believe you’re letting the bratty prince crash our date!”

“Hey!” Noct calls out from his room, “I heard that, you ingrate!”

You roll your eyes good naturedly before setting your wide, pleading eyes on Ignis. He bites his lip, averting your puppy dog eyes.

“Iggy?” you ask slowly, digging the tow of your light blue vans into Noctis’ wooden floor. Ignis immediately shakes his head.

“No, I promised Noct. He’s been having a hard time lately with his magic training and he deserves a treat. Besides, he likes your company-”

“I do not!” Noctis petulantly whines from his room, opening his bedroom door and finally emerging. He’s dressed in an old pair of jeans and a faded moogle mascot t-shirt. Wearing ratty old sneakers and a black baseball cap over his bangs, Noctis looks like a picture perfect high school kid. You cluck your tongue in your mouth at the sight while Ignis nods in approval.

“Your familiar behaviour around y/n suggests otherwise. Also, well done Noct- perfect disguise,” Ignis praises Noctis, though one confused look from Noctis has you bursting out into uncontrollable laughter. You wipe tears of mirth from your cheeks as Ignis fixes a bewildered stare on you. You gasp for breath before grinning up at him.

“I don’t think that’s a disguise, sweet cheeks, I think those are his actual casual clothes-” Noctis flushes at your words and begins to back track into his room.

“Um, I can wear something else…” you feel somewhat guilty about the way the young prince has reverted into his shy and awkward ways. You shook him an apologetic smile and shake your head quickly.

“Nonsense, you look great as always my little bean puff!” you coo, earning a grimace from Noctis. Ignis sighs and glances at his wrist watch as you and Noctis bicker.

“Enough, children. Let’s make for the car before any tears are spilled, hm?”

“Oh my freaking Six, Jen- isn’t that the fucking prince?!”

Ignis immediately frowns and grabs Noctis’ arm as soon as the three of you pass through the front threshold of the trendy down town restaurant Ignis let you to. You tut at Ignis’ behaviour and slap his possessive hand away from the prince.

“Iggy, chill out! You’re just going to draw attention to him if you go all ‘mother hen’ on him here,” you speak softly but firmly. Ignis withdraws his hand, and instead places his arm across your shoulders- a bit warily mind you. You snuggle into his side, liking the way you are tall enough just so you can perfectly lean your head against his shoulder when he holds you like this. You let Ignis lead you to a booth towards the back of the restaurant, and you can hear Noctis shuffle after the both of you.

You almost feel bad for the kid… being the third wheel and all. That is, until you realised Noctis was the one who invited himself to your date. You shake your head and press yourself closer to your boyfriend, earning a raised eyebrow from the young man you were pressing yourself against.

“Is something wrong?” Ignis asks. You shake your head, feigning innocence.

“Oh, no dear. This is super romantic!” you hear Noctis scoff softly behind you and you turn your face away from Ignis to hide your grin. You can feel Ignis heave an exasperated sigh before ushering you into the booth. He shuffles in after you and Noctis seats himself opposite the both of you.

You turn to face Ignis, only to catch him critically eyeing the patrons dining within his chosen establishment. He glares at a group of young women making googly eyes at the prince, and you smack him lightly on the chest with the back of your hand.

“Ignis! We’re on a date- focus!” you coach your boyfriend with a sharp tone of voice. Ignis lets out what you classify as a miserable sigh and slumps slightly in his seat.

“This was a terrible idea… the security risks are too great…” Ignis mumbles to himself. You shoot a glance at Noctis, who is too busy scouring over the menu with his midnight blue eyes wide open in wonder. You can’t help the slight warmth that spreads through your chest- the boy was seriously deprived. You were feeling slightly less salty about Noctis gate-crashing your date.

You flip your gaze back to Ignis and rub his arm up and down in what you hope are soothing motions. It seems to work minutely as his stiff shoulders relax the tiniest bit.

“Iggy, Noct is dressed like a hobo right now. We can just say he’s an enthusiastic Noctis cosplayer-”

“Darling… I have never seen any sane young man cosplay as the prince,” Ignis frowns down at you. You lean forward quickly and press a soft kiss to Ignis’ adorably pouting lips- he probably has no idea he’s pouting. Ignis retracts from your public display of affection and you swear to the Six you saw him flush at least seven different shades of red before clearing his throat and unbuttoning one of his shirt buttons out of embarrassment. You can’t help but smile fondly and bop Ignis on the nose.

If Noctis hadn’t been so enthralled by the diner’s menu selection, he’d have probably thrown both the salt and pepper shaker at your faces. Alas, the kid prince is currently marking all the junk he’s going to eat on the menu with little ripped pieces of napkin.

“Look at him- we can pass him off as our ‘odd’ friend or something,” you retract yourself from Ignis’ personal space as he stares at you with a deadpan expression, “oh, come on sweetie! Live a little- we’re not going to get caught for this! We’re not even in a dodgy area- he’s totally safe!” you argue your point, willing Ignis’ creased eyebrows to soften. Ignis is about to say something to retort to your statements when Noctis gasps and tries to slip down as far as he can in the booth.

“Aw crap, it’s Cor.”

As soon as those words leave Noctis’ mouth, you duck as well, pulling Ignis down alongside you. Ignis splutters a little, completely flustered and glasses askew. You shoot a panicked look at Noctis, who is doing his best to cover his face with the menu, the napkin scraps he’s placed there all slipping onto the table.

“Are you sure?!” you ask, your voice around three octaves higher than usual. Noctis grunts an affirmative and sinks impossibly lower in his seat.

“I should have just made him hamburgers at home. Why did I think this was a good idea? He didn’t even finish all of his homework…” Ignis laments quietly to himself. You can’t help but smirk at the regret lacing Ignis’ tone.

“This is what you get for letting the prince gate-crash our date.”

Ignis shoots an annoyed glare at you, to which you immediately answer with your own glare. The two of you don’t even notice that the marshal is now in earshot, his eyebrows furrowed in discontentment.

“He said he wanted to try this place, and I couldn’t let him go with Prompto!” Ignis begins to defend himself. You roll your eyes and cross your hands over your stomach.

“Why the hell not? They’re best friends! Noct should be allowed to hang out with his friends!”

“The boy doesn’t know how to defend himself, let alone others. Allowing Noctis out with a commoner with no self-defence training what-so-ever would be a dire compromise to Noctis’ security!” Ignis shoots back, rebuking your argument.

“Hey marshal, fancy seeing you here.” You suddenly hear Noctis’ miserable voice ring out, snapping you out of your couple’s spat with Ignis and back into reality. Noctis is now rearranging his boy so that he’s sitting up straight in the booth. Your eyes flitter over to Cor’s ever-tense form and you physically flinch at the disapproving look he’s throwing yours and Ignis’ way.

“Your father’s been calling your home phone for the past forty minutes. He’s worried.” Cor states simply. You can’t help but hurt for Noctis as his face falls out of guilt. The young prince pushes the menu away from himself and begins to move to shuffle out of the booth. However, Cor stops him by seating himself in Noctis’ way. You and Ignis quickly move so that you are both sitting ram-rod straight, both gazing down at Cor’s hands that were now rested on the red and white table.

“Sir Leonis-” you begin, adopting your ‘official business voice, only to be disrupted by a dismissive wave of Cor’s hand.

“Just Cor here, thanks.” You’re rendered speechless for a long moment, and Ignis decides to speak in your place.

“Cor, I must offer my sincerest apologies. I should have notified the Crownsguard of this little dining excursion, and I take full responsibility for what has happened tonight.” Ignis says, his voice quiet. Noctis shakes his head and has the gall to grasp roughly at Cor’s shoulder, gaining the older man’s attention at once.

“Cor, I was the one who convinced Iggy to bring me here. I just wanted to try the food… the guys at school keep talking about it and I just… kind of wanted to be able to join in,” Noctis explains, and you witness a feint blush form on the prince’s pale cheeks. At that very moment, you can’t help but feel terribly sorry for the prince. Every aspect of his life is planned and monitored with no room to deviate. People would probably think his life was sweet, but you realise at that moment that it’s anything but.

“This was irresponsible, of all of you.” Cor says, his tone even. Ignis’ gaze falls onto the table, and you immediately reach for one of his hands resting idly on his thigh. You discreetly give him a squeeze for support, and he squeezes your smaller hand back gratefully in return.

“Understood, sir- I mean, Cor… sir,” you fumble with your words. Cor’s lips twist into the tiniest smile at your nervousness, and you can’t help but offer a nervous grin in return. The marshal shakes in head, his expression filled with disbelief as he raised his battle calloused hand and pats Noctis stiffly on the back.

“Still, I agree that his highness deserves some down time. So, if you don’t mind the extra company, I can permit Prince Noctis to feast to his heart’s content,” your eyes trail over to Noctis’ face, and you find that your expression is mirrored on his face. Jaw slack and surprise unhidden. Cor pulls out a black and gold card… is that a Crownsguard credit card?!

“Impossible…” Ignis murmurs, his grip on your hand going slack. Cor smirks at the three of you and waves the card around for you all to see.

“When we traced Noctis’ GPS signal on his phone, I had a feeling you’d be having dinner. His majesty insisted upon leaving his personal credit card in my care so…” Cor trails off, pushing the card towards Noctis, whose eyes are comically wide. “I’m guessing dinner’s on the Crown?”

You lean forward, forgetting all about Crownsguard etiquette and grin at Cor Leonis.

“Everyone’s so wrong about you Cor- you freaking rule!”

Ignis, ever so put together Ignis, takes a page out of your book and leans forward with a huge grin on his face, reaching forward with his hands to grasp one of Cor’s in gratitude.

“I must agree with y/n. You truly are incredible, sir.”

“Cor.” Cor corrects Ignis. Ignis retracts his hands and you notice an embarrassed flush making its way across his cheeks. You smile and lean to your side, pressing a single lingering kiss on Ignis’ cheek before smirking at an amused Cor and an exasperated Noctis.

“Well Cor, hope you don’t mind being the fourth wheel on this date. Noctis already claimed title of third wheel himself when he invited himself.”

“Hey, Iggy said I could come!” Noctis retorts, crossing his arms in front of him.

“Well, actually Noct, you threatened to fire me…” Ignis jested light-heartedly. Noctis’ jaw drops in utter betrayal. While the three younger ones continue to bicker, Cor waves a waitress over to their table and smiles apologetically at the pretty young lady, making her swoon under the handsome marshal’s attention.

“The kids will have my usual. And make it fast- they get crabby when they’re hungry. Thanks.”

The waitress jots down the order, glances at the motley group and her eyes immediately widen at the sight of the crown prince. She nods hastily at Cor, recognising his familiar facial features from the news articles she read growing up, and bows once more as she makes off to fetch their order.

“Ah, of course! Right away!”

Chapter 56- Warner POV

so this is either gonna be really good or really bad to you, depending on a lot of factors. I’m personally a big believer of the “they don’t have sex in chapter 56″ argument, so this is where this fanfiction goes. Sorry to disappoint, if I already have. But this is, in general, a really hard fanfiction to write because there’s so many directions it could go. Obviously I followed the dialogue in the book for as long as I could, but after that, I went wild. I’m publishing this now, but I feel as if I could rewrite this fic 30 different ways and post them all. it’s why i haven’t written a chapter 55 fanfiction: i just can’t decide how exactly things would go down. the tone. the mood. the dialogue. 

i’ll stop talking and just let you read chapter 56, the bathtub scene, as told from the beloved perspective of aaron warner. enjoy! (or don’t. it’s whatever.)

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