words cannot express how much i love this movie

Ok a big, no, humongous thanks to
@starwarsnonsense @holocroning @ashesforfoxes @ohtze @bastila-bae
Whose various meta where some of the first I’ve read for reylo, which were an absolute pleasure to read.

The contribution set by them is simply unmeasurable, from helping further to read and research about reylo, making it accessible for those who are interested, getting others feel validated and not alone in their shared interpretations of the movie.

A huge thanks for their continuous contribution and tracking of star wars content of which they did not leave their theories to stagnate but also evolve and continue elaborate further on reylo.

And not just reylo because at the end, this is a huge thanks for dedicating so much time on star wars, something that I overly loved since a young age, and that I cannot ever express with words how much I truly appreciate it

Thank you so much u have no idea wowe i sound like a sap I’m sorry ill stop no w

“When I say love, the sound comes out of my mouth and it hits the other person’s ear, travels through this byzantine conduit in their brain through their memories of love or lack of love, and they register what I’m saying and they say yes, they understand. But how do I know they understand? Because words are inert. They’re just symbols. They’re dead, you know? And so much of our experience is intangible. So much of what we perceive cannot be expressed. It’s unspeakable. And yet you know, when we communicate with one another and we feel that we have connected and we think that we’re understood I think we have a feeling of almost spiritual communion. And that feeling might be transient, but I think it’s what we live for.”


No spoilers, but lemme just tell you.
Civil War was amazing times 9 billion and 32. Holy shit. Captain America was fantastic, Steve Rogers is precious, and unwavering, and loyal, and just so torn, and I love him more with every movie.
Tony Stark was Tony Stark; a constant contradiction, incredibly flawed, and somehow flawless at the same time, snarky and over the top, in the best of ways, and just wants everybody to be ok so that maybe he can be ok, and I just love him so damn much.
Spiderman was fucking perfect! Bless this child’s parents for creating him so that, one day, he should be the Peter Parker we deserve. Quirky, nerdy, awkward, and brilliant, and just so much of everything wonderful that Spiderman is supposed to be (suck it Toby Maguire).
Natasha Romanoff, you beautiful badass. Black Widow kicked so much ass in this movie, I feel like she could have just handled most of the shit on her own.
Falcon was so great, and so funny, and so loyal to Steve, and the FLYING! And him and bucky! Ooooh it was glorious.
Vision was adorable, and such a force to be reckoned with, and so was Wanda, and they were so perfect. And I have a lot of feelings on both of them and no time to fully delve in there at the moment.
PAUL RUDD IS A MOTHER FUCKING SUPERHERO. STILL! In a MUCH bigger way! I feel like thats all you need there, he’s, as always, hilarious, and relatable, and absolutely terrific.
Clint Barton is my spirit animal. He’s just so annoyed and crass and sarcastic and just seems so inconvenienced all the time. I love everything about him and he just makes everything so very much better. Black Panther was SUPERB! Oh, fuckin hell, he was just the best. His morals and motives and knowledge and skill, his precision, he was everything; the sheer presence of him, he was 100% T'Challa. I cannot WAIT for his standalone movie. I need at least 12 of them.
James Buchanan Barnes. I honestly don’t have the time or means, or accurate wording, to express how much I love Bucky Barnes. Steve did all of this for Bucky, and I totally get it. He’s so lost and afraid, and so pure hearted, and he just wants everything to be ok, and still so “fuck with me!” and just bless his little heart. The massive difference in him and the Winter Soldier, ugh, it was done so well. (Sebastian Stan needs all the awards, all of them.) And, he’s such a total hardass. Just nonstop doing the coolest shit ever, and still, somehow finding a way to be funny. Just everything is in his eyes, his sadness, an confusion, and guilt, and hope, and he’s so fucking pretty, and he just needs to be protected at all costs.
Literally every person in the movie was exactly what they needed to be. I could not be happier with it. The Russo brothers should have dibs indefinitely on anything Marvel that their little hearts desire. Just, ugh, I don’t have anymore words, and I’ve already written a book. It was phenomenal. Go see it. Just trust me.