words cannot describe what i'm feeling!!

Sentence Meme: Busted
  • "Ask your sister what you're missing!"
  • "Can't you just forget the things I said?"
  • "Can’t tell my friends cos they will laugh."
  • "Everything I say, she takes it the wrong way."
  • "How can you just walk out of my life without even giving a reason?"
  • "I ain't seen you naked yet."
  • "I can see those tell tale signs telling me that I was on your mind."
  • "I can't breathe without you."
  • "I can't wait for the day that you don't change your mind."
  • "I don't care who your boyfriend is."
  • "I hate the fact that you're not here."
  • "I hate to say goodbye - it gets harder everytime."
  • "I need you here with me."
  • "I need you to be strong."
  • "I never thought I'd leave this place."
  • "I only dream of you."
  • "I thought we'd always be together."
  • "I wish I could change your decision."
  • "I've had it up to here."
  • "Maybe you need somebody just like me."
  • "Things are getting out of hand."
  • "Totally naked!"
  • "What can I do to convince you we need more time?"
  • "Where did it all go wrong?"
  • "Words cannot describe the way I'm feeling."
  • "You don't care enough to try."
  • "You need to be more clear."
  • "You think you know it all."
  • "You're so fit and you know it."
  • "You're what I go to school for."
  • "Your face is everywhere I go."

I don’t care about what all the others say, well I guess there are somethings that will just never go away. I wish that I could say that there’s no better place than home. But my home’s a place that I have never known- That’s why we’re on the run…”

If this episode wasn’t the living embodiment of character development, then I don’t know what is.

The audience at the Grammy awards are literally going to experience what all of us Swifties experienced at the 1989 world tour. Taylor’s performances are more than just “performances”. They are an experience like no other. Words cannot describe what it feels like to see Taylor perform. You feel completely safe, you feel enchanted by the way she moves across the stage, you feel like the outside world stops for a moment and all you see is Taylor. You feel like no matter how many people try to knock you down, you can always get back up. The Grammys don’t know what’s coming. I have a feeling this performance is going to be magical.