words cannot describe how much i love this guy

MEMES ASIDE, I am so thankful and so happy and so proud of Rhett and Link. Buddy System was a ride. Awesome songs, awesome music videos, awesome cast, a plot that never fails to surprise– it was a treat. The crew was amazing too, like the costumes and makeup were on point and the shots were heavenly. 

We can see how much work Rhett and Link put onto this series and words cannot describe the happiness I feel for them seeing them talk about it in the BTS and being so proud of it. 

Rhett and Link you guys are awesome. We, the Mythical Beasts, are very proud of you two. Keep up the excellent work 💖 we love you guys.


I just need to say more than just a “congratulations”, I’m more than proud of him. This man, that has been fighting for the past year, staying strong for all the hateful comments people have said about him, and winning the award. Like words cannot actually describe how strong this guy is! Wow. And did you see how shocked he was? He didn’t really think he had as much supporters as he used to, and there wouldn’t be much love, instead, he got more than just love, he had people screaming and cheering, “i love you!” and that beautiful smile afterwards. He loves us so much, it’s great we finally gave back to him. He deserved this award more than anyone, I’m so happy for him, and happy for myself, because I made Johnny Christopher Depp II, smile. I love you, Johnny. WE love you.

Hello! I reached 1.2K a few days ago and words cannot describe how happy and thankful I am for all of you ♡ Thank you for loving bangtan with me for this long and I hope that we get to love them together even longer! I made this blog about 5 months ago when I first started college and its honestly helped me relieve a whole lot of stress and its all thanks to you guys ♡ Thank you so so much *hugs* 

♡ = faves     

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Anon Hate

Hi everyone, so I’ve noticed that alloftheimaginesblog, imaginesofeveryfandom, averageordinaryfangirl and twwolfimagines including a few others have been on the receiving end of a lot of anon hate for the past few weeks.

It used to be things like ‘You’re ugly’ to which these brilliant girls would sassily respond to. But it has been increasing to more disgusting and vile messages such as 'I hope you kill yourself’ or 'Cut yourself’. This is disgusting behaviour but the fact that it has escalated to such bullshit is just vile. Words cannot describe how much this fucking pisses me off. These are all lovely girls who are using their blogs to spread messages of love and happiness.

So to my followers, I want you guys to please go and spread love to their blogs and anyone else who has been experiencing hate because no one deserves that.

To the anons who send hate, if you follow me, I want you to go on my blog, and click the unfollow button. Now shut down your laptop and think about what kind of a person you are.

To alloftheimaginesblog, imaginesofeveryfandom, averageordinaryfangirl and twwolfimagines, you are all brilliant and inspiring women and it is because of bloggers like you that I started my own blog. I love you all and I hope you all have amazing days and continue to stay hella fucking strong like the powerful women you are. X

P.S. If you anons who send hate come to my blog to hate on me, I invite you for a fucking fight because I will kick your ass and I will have fun doing it. That is all. Have a great day dickwad.