words cannot describe how much i adore this book

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let me love you || accepting

@queenedbee !! my queen !! my inspiration !! i simply adore bee so freaking much. her writing, her graphics….everything she does is beautiful. her chloé is canon in my books and i will follow her to the end of the earth and back.

@absoluteneed !! literally hawk moth. haley is a giant inspiration and someone i admire very much. words cannot describe how wonderful she is. like seriously. go follow her right now.

@siitamet !! my lady !! i freaking adore her. she is one of the greatest ladybug’s ever and a real blessing to all her blogs. her writing is stunning. and not to mention she’s such a nice person ?? i love her. if you aren’t following her you are missing out.

Look what arrived at 7 AM on my doorstep today! (I swear I never jumped out of my bed faster, even though I barely slept for 2 hours since I was too excited to fall asleep xD)

I couldn’t even get half of the things I wanted, I am especially sad that I didn’t get the Collector’s Edition of Key Art 3, the Imaishi doujin, and Sushio’s “Talking about Composition 3″, but I at least got Art of KlK 3 and LOVE LOVE KLKL and I COULDN’T BE HAPPIER BECAUSE BOTH BOOKS ARE ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS AND FANTASTIC AND AJSHLAKJKAJSK AND MAKO’S STORY IS SO HEARTWARMING WITH AN ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL ENDING AND I JUST AGHSKJLAHJLGHHK AHHHHHHHHHHHH YOU NEED TO SEE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Words cannot describe how awesome the two books are, SUSHIO IS A GIFT FROM GOD AND I LOVE TRIGGER SO MUCH FOR KILL LA KILL!!!


Sadly only one page, but still!! And young Ragyo/Isshin designs:


also can we please talk about this adorable Satsuki sneezing face???!!


JFC THIS BOOK DESTROYED ME!!! Especially Mako’s story, damn!

This book is scannable despite its thickness so expect Mako’s whole 44-paged story in the next hour or so! 

There will be lots of updates from LOVE LOVE KLKL and Art of KlK 3 today, I can’t answer any of your asks or anon messages tonight because I am completely and utterly overwhelmed with KlK feels, and am unable to form any clear thoughts any time soon… 

Prepare for a KlK picture spam! And please block the tag “Kill la Kill” if you mainly follow me for One Piece!

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hey samantha, i've spent the last week scrolling through your tumblr (i currently am on page 111) and i just want to say, you have officially gecome my most favoritest author 👌🏻🤧 words cannot describe how much i respect you and ADORE your work!! Paiden is constantly killing me and at the same time, each tiny interaction they have keeps me alive! thankyou so much for becoming an author and for writing these books, can't imagine my life without them! you deserve to hear that x1000 times more! ❤

Thank you so much. It’s lovely to know that people enjoy the Tumblr, as I spend so much time on here …

When I started to read Cinder in beginning of this month I didn’t expect much. I have heard a lot of good things about these book, but still thought I wouldn’t  enjoy them as much as everyone else seems to do. 

But ooh how wrong was I?! I ended up loving this series. The characters is just out of this world and I adore every single one of them. I gave all the books 5/5 stars, and I cannot wait for Winter to come out. Is it weird I want November to be here now?