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I learned like a year ago that fluffernutters are supposedly just a new england thing and that’s been hecking with me ever since then so pls reblog with where ur from and if u know what a fluffernutter is this is for science

I commissioned a modern Tarzan and Jane from the incredibly talented @punziella and here’s the final result!! I couldn’t be happier with it, it’s absolutely perfect and I just love it so so much I can’t stop staring at it, thank you so much Pauline!!

I know This is kind of late but I wanted to still do this, so um. 


I hope you had a great birthday. You’re an absolutely amazing artist and person in general I’m sorry I was late in this but just want to say luv yah and keep doing your best! 


So I just got a message from someone on FF.net that would like to translate my 46,000 word KakaIru fic in to Spanish to share with their community. 

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I’m so honored I might start crying? I don’t know what to do with all these feels? I absolutely said yes. I’ll be honest, even if they don’t credit me and my fic ends up getting stolen I’m still gonna fly high knowing someone loved my fic so much that they felt it needed to be translated in to a whole other language just so more people could enjoy it. 

And they were super nice and polite about it???

And hot fuck do you know how long it’s gonna take them to translate that much writing? Probably a really long time! That is a lot of effort to go through.

I have to go squeal and fangirl now. Author goals. Super author goals. 

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Love your monster and human ocs! Little question, what are their name? From the tags I think Dia and Corrin maybe? Which is who? (???) Also, what inspared you to create them? I'm getting some Mahou Tsukai no Yome but I think that's mainly for the mask xD


The Shadow Man’s name is Nocteliore (affectionately shortened to Lio) and the human’s name is Corrin. Dia is the name of the little horned cat on Corrin’s head who he named himself. u w u

Honestly I just kinda?? Had a dream about a man with jet black skin and wearing a mask? And it wasn’t a nightmare honestly. He was very polite and gentlemanly and it was heartwarming to wake up remembering, so I decided to draw him.

Also!! I’ve actually never read that manga before but I’ve seen it around a while back! Maybe I thought about it when I dreamed??? I dunno tbh but I’ll probably look into it now with this in mind lol