words can not express how much i love this movie

I'm actually glad the movies failed now.

I was one of the few who actually liked the movie, but I do think it could have been HEAPS better than it was.

I’m a Kevin Zegers fan, and I thought he did a good job as Alec, but yeah, he was/is too old to play him. I was blinded before by my love for KZ. xD

Godfrey (movie!Magnus) looks like a GOD and he had the visual part of Magnus down for me, but would he have made a good Magnus in all the other areas? I don’t know, and I guess I never will, because we never got to see too much of that.

Harry hooks me from the word “GO!” How he moves, how he speaks, his facial expressions - there is NO OTHER that can play Magnus. Harry IS Magnus Bane. No one can tell me otherwise. This man is BRILLIANT as the character, and if the movies had been more successful, I would have never come to know that and that would be a tragedy.

Same with Matt as Alec. He looks so tortured, serious and yes, indeed, “grumpy” a lot of the time, and just how I pictured him in the books (though of course, my visual had blue eyes, and as much as I am a sucker for blue eyes, that no longer matters to me. Matt’s eyes could be fuchsia and I wouldn’t care because everything else about him and his portrayal of the character is FLAWLESS!!) 

Oh, and don’t even get me started on Malec as a couple. The chemistry those two have is beautiful, and it makes me sooo happy seeing this now because —as a book reader— I know what is yet to come and if they are this amazing to watch now…. oh gawd, someone save me. (I’m sooo looking forward to them falling in love on screen before my very eyes.)

Another reason I’m happy the movies fell through, is that we get soooo much more of the Shadowhunter world because of it. The movie was like 2 hours, but with the show we have 1-hour-episodes (more like 45 minutes because of commercials, but still), so about 9+ hours of footage in one season - and with 20 episodes for Season 2, we have like 15+ hours more of our wonderful characters still to experience.

I remember being super upset when I heard of the fate of the movies. I was happy to hear we would get another shot with a TV show instead, but the idea of all new people playing my favourite characters was still upsetting. But I couldn’t be happier to see now that I had nothing to worry about because this new cast is great!

So excited for Season 2!!

Romance and Rey (love is not weakness)

“Rey shouldn’t fall in love with anyone in the new Star Wars.” 

I can respect this opinion. It is a valid direction and if that is how they would like to see the movie play out, I get it (a bit boring, but I get it). 
I just don’t want this to be because of a “weak disney princess” mentality. In other words: if there’s no romance for Rey, I don’t want the reason for this to be that romance would make her a weak female character.

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A few arguments I’ve read have expressed this. Much like the Disney princess shaming faze, their opinion is that Rey falling in love with Finn, Kylo, Chewbacca or whoever in the movie would somehow make her a cookie-cut woman and that it would be sexist to tie her to a romance or resort the character to a baby-maker…

I disagree.

-First of all, Leia was a mother and in love. She was not weak.

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But for real though
If a movie seems sexist it is because the written character is weak. The romance added to the character’s story was not what had made this character weak. Rey is already a strong person and a well-written character. Romance will not change that. A character falling in love can further a story and create more drama. Romance should not be shunned or brushed off. Sexual attraction is natural, male or female. Most of us can relate to feeling sexually attracted to someone, right? Even when there is no romance in the movie between two characters we still imagine them together (Nick and Judy?) I feel like romance in most movies is usually inescapable because it is a natural progression when two people share a strong connection

In conclusion:

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It’s too late

Hiya, thank you so much, it means a lot! I’ll try my best.

Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Angst

Word Count: 1.2K

You felt your heart sink to your stomach as you stood outside the door of Jungkook’s apartment. Even though you came here often, this time was different, today was different. Today was going to be the day you told him how you really felt about him, how you have been in love with him for as long as you can remember. All his actions lead you to think he felt the same way as you, the way he would cuddle up on the couch or in bed with you, pulling you close by your waist, placing kisses on your forehead, your cheek, your hands, and every so often a small peck on your neck when he cuddled you. He made you feel special, he had never treated anyone else he same way he treated you. 

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Girl Stuff

A/N - Hey, remember my 1.5k drabs? …I do., believe it or not. Anyway, this is the first time I’ve ever written Nat or fem character x fem reader so I played it a little safe.

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Being curled into the fetal position on the verge of tears wasn’t your favorite way to spend a Saturday. Your body, however, decided that it was the best idea. Letting your pain out through a loud groan, you lazily rolled over in your bed as a series of soft knocks landed on your door.

“Y/N?” Natasha’s voice was gentle and low as she pushed into your room, “how’re you feelin’, babe?”

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INFJ Confession #2270

i love physical contact. it’s the easiest way for me to express myself / how much i care, especially if i’m struggling with my words, + it helps when i’m upset, but no one that i’m close with is comfortable w it, so a lot of times i just feel really lonely, even if it’s just because i haven’t hugged anyone or anything. i get distracted watching movies if i’m not holding hands / sitting close to someone, and part of me wants a romantic relationship so i can be physically intimate w someone

I just realised how amazing the Batman v Superman soundtrack is. And how much it fits the whole movie. Imagine taking the soundtrack and putting it in a different movie. Even different superhero movies and it won’t work. The music is just as over the top as the movie. It is as awesome (in the literal sense of the word) as the movie. It is as comic book-y as the movie. And it still gives you goosebumps when you listen to it because you can clearly imagine the scene playing in your head without actually seeing it. I just realised how much I love the soundtrack.