words can not explain how happy I am

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Hi! I just recently got into the AHS fandom and I didn't even know there were imagine blogs for this kind of stuff I am amazed honestly and you're work is so good! I was wondering if I could get headcanons on how Kyle would react to having a trans male significant other if that's okay??

Welcome to the fandom, love! And thank you very much, we’re happy to write for all of you! Yeah, I can sure do that, no problem :)

  • He would always ask you if something is up when you’re looking a little upset
  • You have his full attention whenever you want/need to explain words or terms to him
  • You stealing his clothes every now and then
  • “Y/N? Have you seen my- Oh never mind, you’re wearing it!”
  • Him being super excited to introduce you to the witches as his boyfriend
  • He can’t stop looking at you when you are doing something like reading a book or your homework or whatever
  • Nose kisses!!
  • And lost of hugs
  • Because he’s really happy with you
  • And he needs you to know that

Henry Lau: Idol Life

Post medal ceremony interview with Sanne

Sanne Wevers, fantastic, Olympic champion, I have no words but how amazing is this for you?

This is just… I have no words. That this is happening is just amazing, at this moment, just… I almost can’t explain how happy I am.

Try to find words… the moment that you saw you won the gold medal, it’s definitive, an intense moment with your dad, you hug each other, what kind of emotions or thoughts pop up?

The really long way here, we have had to get over so many mountains and the fact the result is now a gold, Olympic, medal, it’s bizarre.

How did you manage to do this?

My process towards this competition was really good, after Worlds I reflected and was thinking about how to beat Simone you know. Of course today she makes a mistake but you just never know what can happen, everyone goes for their best routine… she was just before me –

Did you see it happen?

Yeah I saw her score and I thought ok, my strategy is changing a little bit. I wasn’t going to go all out, but I was going to focus on execution, a little bit safe, so that my E score could be as high as possible, and then it will be ok. It’s amazing when it actually works out.

You were going for all or nothing, but it could be a little bit of a risk to think ok, I’m going to adapt my routine a little. It is still really nerve-racking, right?

Absolutely, but on beam it’s about taking risks anyway. There is so much tension, you can’t make a single mistake, mentally, in your head, it’s really hard to finish a movement and concentrate on the next every time. You can’t get ahead of yourself. It’s amazing when it works out.

Then more nerve-racking moments, you had to wait a long time for your score, there’s inquiries, so much time… How do you get through that?

Well I knew 15.4 was a hard score to beat, the other American girl would have been able to pass that but her difficulty wasn’t as high and I knew that’s where I made the difference. It’s amazing when it’s really difficult AND really well executed and apparently that’s how you win gold!

And the relief! Take us back to the moment when you heard the anthem.

Bizarre. Actually, this morning I watched the video of medal ceremony at the Test Event. Fantastic, that it actually happens.

There was a small intimate moment behind the scenes here just now with the royal family, they saw it happen too, that must be great, and special.

Yeah, very special, amazing that they were present. I am really proud that I could show them how beautiful gymnastics is, and that everything worked out.

So the realization is there, but you said, I have no words, but this is also very special for the entire Wevers family, right?

We have been through a lot. This morning I told the entire team, I’m not doing this alone you know, I told them, I hope that today I can finish our competition well. Because the entire team did an amazing job. I don’t think I could have finished it any better.


Amazing. Thank you.


 Really wow 2000 people are following this blog and it’s so crazy how a tiny blog that started out with only like 10 followers can reach 2k!!!!! AHHSDGSHHDHSJ IM SO HAPPY AJDHSJS I REALLY DONT DESERVE THIS MUCH LOVE (I do though! - pocket kookie) 

Okay so to my new followers that I haven’t greeted yet. HI!! WELCOME! *big hugs* from me and pocket-sized Jungkook.
Thank you guys so much really I can’t even explain how thankful I am LOVE YOU GUYS LOTS ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ 

Now pocket Jungkook’s turn
THANK YOU FOR LOVING ME SO MUCH AND GIVING ME SO MUCH FOOD, CANDY, HUGS AND MUCH MORE THINGS THAT ADMINNIE NEVER LETS ME EAT hehe You all deserve cookies made by the one and only Golden Maknae~ I’ll get started on them and give one to EVERYONE! So make sure you wait for them! I LOVE YOU ALL ❤
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I’m the Jungkook blog!
Again, thank you so so so so SOOOOO much for 2k I wish I could hug you all but I guess I’ll just have to do it virtually *hug* me and pocket kookie will work even harder to make sure you all enjoy this blog ❤

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Happy birthday to my other half @jayyvonhatesit words can’t even explain how awesome it is to share a life and a stage with you. You are the most magnificent individual I have ever met in my entire life. I am so proud of what you have achieved and how far you’ve come as an artist/best friend. Here’s to you! Long may you reign. Forever on your side. To Jayy! Like scissors! We are deadly when together. #jayyvonmonroe #jayyvon #botdf #bloodonthedancefloor

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8 million!!!!

MY BABY HIT EIGHT MILLION!?!?!? Oh my gosh I feel like she just hit 6 million like yesterday and now she’s 2 million away from TEN MILLION!! And I know that seems like a long way to go but for this little ball of sunshine it will be easy😊😂😊the first time I had ever really seen sabby was on June 27th 2014 when gmw first aired and I never would’ve thought I would love a celebrity or a show so much. if I could make a gif set or some kind of edit for her I would but i am VERY untalented so this single gif will have to do🙃 but words can’t explain how happy I am for her and I’ll be just as happy when she hits 10 mill. But yea I’m gonna wrap it up for now but trust me, I could go on and on about my smol bean!!!😊😊😊

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I saw that you feel like your comics are unappreciated but we, the active followers, do appreciate them! Because they are really amazing and so is your art! I know it's really hard when you don't get much feedback, it always happens to me too;-; I for example get barely any comments on my drawings when I upload them but if I do I'm really happy to see that some ppl actually enjoy my work and that keeps me going! So yeah I just wanted to let you know that some of us really appreciate them :3

Aww thank you ♥♥♥ This really made me feel better!

I would lie if I say it didn’t get notes, but at the time I responded to that anon it was a different situation.
Nor I can say my other comics don’t get enough attention!!  Over 1000 notes… my godness, it’s so much… there are no words that would help me explain how happy I am about that (though my usual drawings are a whole diffrent story haha). I’m such a attention whore…

Yeah you guys are the reason why I didn’t quit drawing. Your feedback makes it worth all the effort I put in my art… and trust me when I say I put A LOT of effort in my drawings. Thank you for everything, really ♥♥♥


I’m so happy you came at the most unexpected time of my life
I love you more than you know it
I love you more than the distance that we’re separated apart
I love you and thank you for making me feel that I am loved also
I love you no words can explain how happy I am right now


I can’t put together the words to fully explain just how I happy I am that I got to see Deftones.

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