words can not explain how happy I am


Henry Lau: Idol Life


Words can’t explain how happy I am right now

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So saturday night was so special and amazing! During Chasing Ghosts I crowd surfed and was yelling the lyrics at the top of my lungs and joel was pointing to me so when i got down, he bent off the stage and gave me a high five and handed me the mic. I sang a line for the chorus and started to hand it back but he just smiled, nodded, and let me keep it, so we sang the rest of the chorus together. I am so happy that @xpeesx (on twitter/instagram) captured this. Words can’t explain how much love I have for this band!


happy birthday to the cutest, sweetest, most handsome and adorably stupid leader in this world, shin soohyun!

you’ve worked extra hard this past year, haven’t you? had to deal with member changes (again), got your abs back, survived 30+ japanese concerts in just over a month, became an uncle, met kissmes all over the world and still found the time to improve your singing (something i didn’t even think was possible, i mean, aren’t you the best already?)

oh, and, yeah, there was this tiny little trophy your group won for the first time since debut.

words cannot explain how proud i am of you and everything you’ve accomplished. not a day goes by without a wave of happiness and gratitude washing over me; i’m honoured to call you my ultimate bias and i can only hope i’m doing enough as a kissme to keep that beautiful smile i adore so much alive on your lips every single day. that’s truly my one and only wish: to see you enjoying yourself like you always do.

you always give it your all and you’re finally being recognized for your efforts. i hope you get to spend this most special day relaxing for a bit and taking in what a great year you’ve had, either holding your baby nephew or partying it up with the members. you’re my most precious sunshine and i’m glad to think of myself as the nightsky that supports you so you can shine bright like the star you are!

once again, happy birthday, leadernim! ♥

i had a lot of fun with this drawing (even tho im not so happy about the result but, there you go!) 

And here’s a little message for you Mark, if you can read this!

Today I had a really bad day, I haven’t been feeling good for weeks either and im not good with words, at all. But I wanted to say in this little description how grateful am I.

 Mark, thank you. Thank you so much. Maybe this is too boring for you or maybe you’re too busy to read this but, I still wanted to thank you. 

I don’t even know where to start to explain on how HAPPY and how much you make me laugh on your videos, or vlogs or whatever. You spread happiness everywhere and when you post a video, even if it’s horror or a rage game or anything else, I get so SO happy.

You make me smile when i’m feeling really bad. You make me smile on my dark days. You help me to get better when i don’t see any more hope. It would be awesome to meet you on ComicCon next year and thank you personally, but im from another country and it’s completely impossible for me.

I don’t want to make this any longer, i’d explain much more on how much happiness you bring to me, but im trying to keep this short.

Mark, thank you so much for everything you do. I’m just a fan that loves your videos, that loves drawing fanart for you and above all, that loves seeing how much how you care for everyone.

Thank you again for everything, Mark! Enjoy everyday and please keep spreading happiness around yourself because that’s what makes you unique and amazing.

 I’ll keep on enjoying your videos and drawing you fanart, as much as I can!

Lots of love, Laura. (Monodes)


Arrow + Olicity + song lyrics  
Ellie Goulding - Love Me Like You Do (Val’s choice of song) listen to the song [ here ]
especially made for my beautiful sugar princess: olicityalways

For all of the Olicity shippers out there, you can find the first gifset I made [ here ]

Before my followers end up having a heart attack and thinking I’ve swapped ships that’s not the case here - I would quickly just like to point out to all of my lovely followers and everybody who’s part of the Arrow fandom that I am 100% a diehard Lauriver shipper, always and forever.

Although, a sweet friend of mine, olicityalways who I’ve been following for a while now has been going through a really difficult time and words can’t explain how truly upset I am for her. I can’t offer much since it’s a really painful experience, but what I wanted to do was at least give Val some sort of happiness in her life. Val is honestly such a heart of gold along with many of my other lovely ladies I know here.

Oliver and Felicity make Val happier than ever, and because I already knew this I sent her a quick little message telling her that I’d make her an Olicity gifset with a theme of her choice. Val came up with two ideas, one: A Fifty Shades Of Grey AU that’s based strictly on Olicity, secondly: A gifset that includes lyrics from the song “Ellie Goulding - Love Me Like You Do” Since I have enough time on my hands I decided to make both gifsets for Val.

This is not something I would normally do, but as a giffer I tend to stay neutral with what I gif in general. I can pretty much gif any character/pairing/setting if I put my mind to it. I know all of my amazing followers are so wonderful, and I’m not pointing fingers out to anybody here, but to the entire Arrow fandom I’d really REALLY appreciate it if you don’t cause shipping wars on a gifset that I made for a dear friend who’s going through a hard time. Please don’t lower yourself to the hate and be kind to Val because she’s honestly as sweet as sugar.

I will tag Olicity as part of this post, and #olicityedit because at the end of the day these are two brand new gifs that each and every one of you will probably love, so please don’t feel I’m just claiming your tag with these two gifsets. That’s never my intention, I’m just staying friendly, supporing a friend and posting a gifset in the tags appropriate.

If you delete my captions to this post, I can’t stop you, that’s out my control - but fair warning that this is the only time I’m putting this message out on the post. I won’t be repeating myself on why I made these two gifsets.

I really hope you like these two gifsets Val! They’re especially for you. I wish only good things in your life and I truly hope everything you’re dealing with heals in time. You’re such a beautiful soul with a kind heart. Never change babe! <3333


I agree with you people that are wishing for more physical contact and more cute scenes between these two, because we’ve waited really long for this. Trust me, I want these scenes as much as you do.

But, to be honest, i’m really really happy with what we’re getting.

Teresa never looked at Pike the way she looks at Patrick. Actually, she never looked at anyone the way she looks at him. Watch the gifs and you’ll know what i’m talking about.

I can’t even put in words how happy i am that this is finally happening and how beautiful it is the fact that you can tell how much they love each other based on the way they look at each other.

That melts my heart in a way that i can’t even explain. Just needed to say that.


taylorswift thank you so much for this, you don’t realize what this means to me. i have been dying to get your follow. i can’t even explain how happy you make me in general and how happy i felt tonight because of this thank you so so so much i will never be able to find the words to describe how i am feeling. thank you for being so incredibly kind and sweet, i love you beyond words. thank you again. 

T H A N K Y O U ! 

Not long ago I reached another milestone or “goal” i don’t know what to call it, but it made me extremely happy!! to the point that I’ve been working on this edit waay before it happened. I am glad to say that I’ve met beautiful people on this site and to be honest I haven’t been using this blog for that long( maybe 2-3 months) and it is growing at an incredible speed that I was not expecting. I am Ⓗⓐⓟⓟⓨヾ that I can bring a little bit of happiness and entertainment to those who follow me! Really there are no words to explain how grateful I am of each one of you!! even if we don’t talk everyday, I have you in my heart. I dont want to annoy you with words lol, so ill proceed to tag the people that make my dash brighter everyday.   ( ノ^ω^)ノ゚ 

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Garnet’s transformation - Happy Birthday Garnet/Dagger

OutofMelodies —-; This quote is one I hold close to my heart. Which is why it’s in the description of Garnet on this rp blog. It defines her as it defines me. Happy Belated Birthday to one of the most influential, beautiful, strong and amazing characters I will ever come across – Garnet til Alexandros aka Dagger from Final Fantasy IX. Words can never explain how much she means to me. She is my solace, my reflection and my pillar of strength.

She is me and I am her. No other character could ever replace the closeness I feel toward her and have always felt since I was young. She saved me and continues to do so when everything around me crumbles and I want to bow down/give up. Garnet endured through so many heartbreaks and devastation but pulls through as a stronger person. That is why this quote literally screams her. Despite all of the pain she went through, she became a better and stronger person - one with a golden heart that continues to love, care and be selfless even when the world continues to knock her down and hurt her. I do not care what anyone says, she is the strongest FF female.

For rising above everything she had to go through and coming out with the ability to love and forgive is not something everyone can do. I am still learning from her. But, I am just grateful she was created for all the times I needed a source of strength to carry on.

Thank you square soft and most of all, thank you Garnet/Dagger/FFIX for being my greatest teacher and inspiration.


and it’s moments like these that i love being in a relationship with another black person. i could not imagine feeling how i feel and turning to confide in a person who does not understand what we as a community are going through. i couldn’t imagine how much explaining would have to be done, and the arguments that would be had. i am happy that we can just be together, even in silence, just holding each other with not a word said and communicate exactly how we feel.

i am feeling everything all at once and honestly i think my brain is trying to block a lot of it out because it is just too much to han dle troye i love you endlessly forever & always i can’t even explain how much this emans to me i can’t put my thoughts into words wjhtat am i saying hell mate this is amazing amazing amazing i am speechless for the first time in my life

honestly I’m so happy I love Taylor so damn much and I can’t even possibly put it into words how much she means to me and not even a million ‘thank you’’s would be able to explain how great full I am of her. happy birthday shake it off, and happy birthday the 1989 era!