words can not describe how important you are to me

Lip Biting

Pairing: Y/N/Luke

Rating: NC-17

Request: No

Words: 2.000+

Summary: Luke loves biting his lip out of habit and that is, according to some, the biggest turn on to date. 


“What?” He innocently questioned and looked up at you with his oceanic eyes that showed nothing else but what his tone was hinting at.

Of course he knew what he was doing.  

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Netflix: Petition for Netflix to pick up Sweet/Vicious
MTV just announced that they won't renew Sweet/Vicious for a second season. This show deals with a heavy topic that is not spoken enough: rape. Many women have been victims of abuse and a lot don't even go to the police because they're ashamed, or don't feel like they will be taken seriously or other...

Sweet/Vicious is one of the best shows I have ever seen! Jules and Ophelia are the strong, independent, intelligent, capable, badass, feminist female characters that I’m constantly looking for on television shows and movies.

I am in love with the way the show addressed sexual assault and its ramifications; I’m inspired by Jules’s and all the other victims’ courage; I am exhilarated to see two young women kicking ass and taking no bullshit - something that I long for in today’s entertainment; I’m blown away by the manner in which the show incorporated racial injustice, slut-shaming and the importance of female friendships, all in 10 episodes as well as kept it light-hearted, hilarious and most of all, real. I feel empowered, aware and courageous. That’s what watching this show did - it made me ( a 16 year old girl ) feel like I can conquer anything - and that’s what makes it so important to the world right now!

Every single person who has and will watch this will fall in love. It portrays sexual assault in a way that the world has never seen before and the world needs to see this amazing work of educating art!

Honestly, I don’t know how to describe what I feel for this show - words fail me. But if there’s one thing I know for sure, it’s that the world NEEDS more Sweet/Vicious!!

If you haven’t watched Sweet/Vicious, I am urging you, begging you to please please go watch it ASAP! Like right now! It is mind-blowing! And please sign this petition because this show has to go on!

Sweet/Vicious creator Jennifer Kaytin Robinson said that if the show is renewed, she would love to address more stories - “We think male survivors are important. We think race issues are important. We want to talk about bullying.“

How can we let such a fantastic, awe-inspiring show die?! How?!

Tater finding Jack mid panic attack - cw mental illness, panic attacks, self harm (scratching), accidental outing! 

A reporter asks Jack a tough question after their game. Tater doesn’t know what he was asked, but he sees the way his body stiffens from across the room. Sees how Snowy, standing next to Jack, makes quick work of shutting down the interview. 

Jack beelines out of the locker room, and even though he’s dressed, he doesn’t look like he’s nearly ready to go home. And even if he were trying to go home, he’s in no state to drive. Tater rushes through changing, grabs his and Jack’s bags from their cubbies, and goes to look for him. After all, Jack is his rookie.

Tater hears Jack before he sees him. He’s breathing so loudly and quickly. Something’s wrong. He rounds the corner to find Jack crouched under a shelf, his head hung between his knees. Jack’s in shorts, and Tater can see red marks on his legs, his fingernails dragging along and making more. 

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underrated book rec list; the lynburn legacy

“I don’t think you’re weak,“ Jared said. "I want to guard you because you are important to me. Because you are - God, this is going to sound so stupid, I can never think of a way to say it - you are precious. I can never think of how to describe the value you have to me, because all the words for value suggest that you belong to me, and you don’t.” 

Oh God how many times I’ve tried to write books about the love we have, the moments we’ve shared, the sparks that flew and the patients of the distance, but it’s so hard, because my mood changes with what I write, with how you make me feel and what happens to our hearts, yet and none of it will ever make sense, none of it follows a story line because that’s just not what our love is, and I think that’s so beautiful, because let me tell you, we have such an exceptional kind of love, such a special bond, such a unique way of doing things. It’s so remarkable that words, in any type of shape, order or form could never define what we truly have. Now I’m not kidding when I say that I have notebooks full of our story’s, full of the ways you made me feel, full of dreams and plans for the future, full of how much I love you, and I can’t ever seem to put it together because I don’t think it belongs in a certain order, it all should be clumped up together because none of those things I have written down are more important than another, not the good things not the bad things. They all define what we have, and what he have is a one-of-a-kind, insanely spontaneous, endearing, remarkable way of loving that even those words can’t quiet describe. With every word I’ve ever studied, with every word I’ve tried to untangle and pull deffiniton from, none can capture the perfect example of “us”. With all those pages and notebooks scattered around my room, documents in my laptop with emotional, deep writings and random thoughts and memories, I can’t ever choose which is my favorite, because they are all writings about you, and you are simply my most favorite thing to write about. And as much as I would love trying to define our relationship and our love and try to find the most perfect words to fit into place to describe how crazy we actually are, I dont know if i will ever be able to define our love, but that doesnt matter. The most important thing to me, the biggest priority in loving you, is making sure that you are constantly, truly happy. The only thing in this world that I truly care about is your happiness. You can hurt my heart in every way that is possibly known to man, and I know that’s dangerous for me, and it scares me sometimes, but I would always make sure that your happiness comes before mine. That your heart is fixed before mine, that you are comfortable and secure before I even have the chance to notice if I’m broken. I love you that much. But I couldn’t care less about my self, because when you are happy that’s when I am happy. Your problems have always been and always will be my problems. Your trails are my trails, your conflict is my conflict. Nothing hurts me more than seeing you hurt, feeling you hurt. Making you happy, feeling your happiness, seeing your happiness, is truly my favorite part of being alive. And I won’t stop trying, you could never stop me from trying, nothing anyone could ever do, will stop me from at least trying to make you happy. Nobody could ever stop me from loving you, not even myself. I know how delicate your heart is, I know how easily broken it can be, I know what it feels like to be left broken with no hope in the future, I know how much it can scar your way of thinking and that’s why I try so god damn hard to make sure that that’s the last thing youll ever have to feel. It absulotely kills me when I can’t do anything about it because of the situations we are in. But promising you that I will take care of your heart and protect it with my life was the easiest promise I have ever made. My love for you is so strong, that it even shocks me, sometimes scares me for what I would do for you. But no matter what happens, your happiness comes first, you come first. No matter the distance, no matter the trails, no matter that euphoric simplicity of loving you, no matter what we go through, no matter that moodiness and the tempers, no matter the special dorky quirks, no matter what crazy journies this life takes us on …
You are so fucking worth it.
—  She really loves you, ya know?
  • Sapphire: Ruby, why did we just unfuse?
  • Ruby: Sapphire! I have a very important confession to make!
  • Sapphire: You like to steal my dresses and wear them while nobody is looking. You do not have to tell me, I already know.
  • Ruby: What? N-no! That's not it!
  • Sapphire: Then what could it be?
  • Ruby: Sapphire, you see, there are no proper words in the dictionary that can describe how much I love you, so I took the matter of finding a song that could help me find the words.
  • Sapphire: Oh, I believe I know where this is going...
  • (Ruby presses play button on boombox and holds it up in the air)
  • Sapphire: Oh my goodness. Never change, Ruby.

There are things in this world that I love and sometimes I get really emotional about and then I have to write them down because I want to share. Do you love these too?

  1. I love laughter. There’s nothing in this world that I actually love MORE than seeing someone laughing. That moment where a person just breaks into laughing is the sight I could die to and be at total peace. It’s a sight that fills me with such satisfaction. Even if I wasn’t responsible for the laughter, seeing someone laugh fills me with this happiness and joy so strong it’s hard to explain. That moment; that fraction of a second when you try so hard not to laugh and then the floodgates burst and you can’t contain it; I love that more than anything. 
  2. I love that sudden realization that the person you’re talking to has thoughts they will never share with anyone. I love that everyone is ALIVE. They have their own thoughts, their own problems, they have their own things that make them happy or sad. I love that I can be looking at a person and the thought will just hit me and be like what fun it must be to be you. You have things that you love, you have things that you hate; you have favourite foods and favourite colours… certain smells will remind you of things, certain sounds will take you back to your childhood. What fun it must be to be you…. gods you must be so amazing, so alive, so unique! You have so much going on up in your head that I’ll never know about and I LOVE that! 
  3. I love when people are passionate and excited about something they love. That look of excited eagerness to share the thing you;re passionate about? Even if I don’t like the thing, I like your enthusiasm and that it makes you happy and that it makes you smile. I like that you could talk about this subject for hours because you’re so passionate about it! It doesn’t matter what you’re saying, I love that you love it so much! 
  4. I love when people realize something deep about themselves that they find important and I love when they try and explain it even though most of the time it’s hard. Sometimes it;s bottled with catharsis- you’ve known about it but you didn’t know how to put it into words and now you can finally describe it with a kind of amazed relief? It’s so wonderful to see! You’ve had some kind of self-recognition that helps solidify how you see yourself as a person? PLEASE tell me about it. I love it! I love that you’ve reflected and come to this conclusion, I love that this excites you and makes you want to tell everyone that you finally understand a piece of yourself that you didn’t understand before! 
  5. I love the inability to express just how much you love something. I love when a person is so strongly attached to something or head over heels in excitement and they can’t form words, they can only babble in a string of nonsensical excitement or they try to make sense of what they;re feeling and it’s just so hard to explain so they look at you and say things like “you know what I mean?!” because I might not know what you mean but I love that you’re feeling it!
  6. I love that all kids like dinosaurs. I love that no matter who they are they are fascinated with them. I love how excited they are, and how fantastical dinosaurs seem to them. I love that dinosaurs were real so you can tell a kid who loves them that yes unlike dragons or unicorns they existed and we have PROOF. They get so excited!!! 
  7. I love when music gives you shivers. I love how music can evoke emotions so strongly in a person that they feel shivers and they just stop whatever they were doing, whatever they were thinking and just feel what the music makes them feel. It can be different for each person but the fact that a piece of music can evoke such an intense response is something I adore.
B.A.P wrecked me so bad!

Ok so here we are…. where do I start I guess from back home it would be nice so people understand a but more.

I live in italy to be precise on Sicily which is pretty far from Frankfurt, but I really wanted to see b.a.p and with the help of 2 of my best friends I managed to do so @sparklechanup and @holyjongbutt. My plane was leaving at 2 pm for Palermo but I had just 1 way to go there so I ended being at the airport at 7 am. I was so nervous and scared becaue it was my first time in Germany and my first concert also first time to see B.A.P. I had to change planes in Rome and I almost missed it but once I was boarding for it almost felt so unreal that it was actually happening… once in Germany I waited for my 2 friends to come and pick me up and we went home, it was really late like 2 am or something like that and since we decided to go early in the morning and wait in line we ended not sleeping. So here we are at 4 am with no sleep going to wait in the cold…. such a smart idea!😂😂😂😂

The actual day of the concert was us waiting most of the time and not doing much unfortunately we did not bring food so we also managed to not eat not only not sleep and we had little water. I was so tierd soooooo tierd that I felt like no emotion at all until we actualy entered the venue and was running for my life. Thanks to us beeing there since early morning we ended up being in the ¾ row which was superrrrr close . Once there I really started to feel all my emotional break down come to me at once from my sleep lack and hunger also anxiety and fear. But who cares all was out of the windows wen the Dj started!!!! PUT YOUR HANDS UP!

I sayed this before the concert talking with a friend “I will never yell, I’m not the type” God dammit if I was wrong 1 sec in the concert and I was yelling so hard jumping and dancing.I think the moment that hit me the most was when they actually entered I think my brain was like *omg they are actually there look you can see all omggg* HAHAHAHAHAHA I WAS SO GONNEE.
I just have to say one thing to all babys, if you can go plss go see them it’s impossible to describe how it feels THEY ARE AMAZING idk they where born for this and they have so much energy on stage and hype you so much and they are so cute and pretty and the most important part you can’t compare hearing them sing live to anything just hearing the voices …. I have no words really.
So once the concert started first thing I notice was ofc Daehyun (omg Jesus help me cuz I was so lost!!! My baby boy my cyte bean he killed me) he is amazing so cute and soft for us fans !!!!

I honestly think they enjoyed Frankfurt, we where really loud, I mean I for one yelled until I could not talk anymore and sang all the songs and yelled again until my voice was gone and I had pain into my throat. I had 2 cute interaction with them one was witch Jongup, during the second time they did bang x2 I was so hyped and jumping so high during the bang bang part and at a point I was just looking at the stage that was really close to me so they really could see me and I noticed Jongup looking in my direction! So even if it was not the bang part I started jumping like a little hyped kid ahahahahhaa while looking at him….. omg that boy is such an angel!!! He was looking at me and when I started jumping out of the blue he was laughing so much!! He was so precious and cute and omg PROTECT THAT BOY PLS!

The second interaction was with Himchan, he was such a cutie interacting with fans all the concert shooting water at us…. speaking about water, when they where at the end he started shooting water again and he was on my side of he stage. He was having so much fun, so I started sending him hearts hoping he will see it! And yes he did see it and shot me stright in my face AHAHAHHAHAHA I was so shocked for a second the come Youngjae from the other side and throws a WHOLE bottle of water in my direction … I WAS SO WET !!! all my hair was sticking onto my face my make up was so long gone but it was so worth it😂 anyway all the concert was fantastic and I was so happy and emotional and idk I have no words for this honestly because you can’t describe b.a.p with just words!!!! THE KINGS ARE BACK! AND THEY ARE KINGS!

Soon after the concert was over we where told what to do and where to go to get hi touch, honestly I tought we would go in another room but nope not even 10 min later b.a.p was there at a table and I didn’t even notice it 😂😂😂 I was getting a bit scared becaue I had a letter with me that I wanted to give to Daehyun and that was my only opportunity. The security was saying to us to not take pic and just hi fine not do anything else. So I was wearing a shirt that day and I had to hide my letter (it was pretty big and noticeable) so once we where really near I took it out surprising manager Kang 😂😂😂 it was so priceless his face when I pulled the letter from under my skirt.

The order was Jongup Daehyun Bang Jae Zelo and last Himchan. They where all leaning toward the front with a hand behind the back and one in front for us… so I panicked cuz HOW DO I DO I DONT WANT TO NOT TOUCH DAE AND GIVE THE LETTER!!! When I was there I hi five Jongup so lost in my tought, poor boy then there was Dae! I hi fived him (and omg he is so cute and handsome and he is well build, I’m 180cm tall almost am really big for a woman and I was afraid of being taller but he was taller and bigger that me which shocked me a lot!!!) so back to us I touched his hand and there was this moment he looked at me and I was like *omg Hana do it now!* and out of nowhere I “smashed” my letter on the table in front of him 😂😂 he was so startled for a second because probably he did not understand what I did because he saw my hand going to him like low and then the “thump” on the table cuz I am such a delicate flower. So he was looking at me then he looked at the letter then back at me all this while we stoped all from moving ahahahaha I should have sayed something but no we just stared awkwardly at eachoeder one second and I got shy and run… I’m not even joking I really did run away from him😂😂😂😂😂 Bang was after him so I was so sjfmfgjhdidj omg omg omg *runs* then *awkwardly hi five bang* the cutest thing was that leader Bang was watching me and Dae and was laughing so hard at me clumsily running away from Dae for my life! and it was so cutee in that moment I just lost it ahahahah next was Jae but I don’t rember anything (feels bad man) after was Zelo! THAT BOI IS SO BIG MAN and I looked at his hand and I was like omg so hugeee and wanna know what I did? I run and hit it! Like idk how to explain but I smashed his hand so hard 😎 idk why but I did it and made him laugh cuz crazy girl runs away frim Daehyun and smashes his hand randomly and very violently yey then the last one was channie which was so cute and soft and OMG I regret not looking in their faces properly. That’s my only regret that night I got so scared an shy and emotional and just lost such a good opportunity I will never forgive my chicken ass form running from my boi Dae and not telling him or the rest of them at last thank you😢😢😢😢 honestly I have no idea how to word this properly but it was amazing I’m so happy this was my first concert and that it was witch b.a.p I will never forget it …. I will never stop loving and admiring them. The reason I made my letter was to say to Daehyun how much he changed me and how much he inspires me to do more and be better do better. It was not a letter where I told him I loved him or anything like that. I told him he is a great man that works hard and I learned a lot from him that I will alwsye suport him as I will do with b.a.p in general because they deserve it. I hope he reads it i hope he will smile maybe at the silly things I sayed and I hope one day I will be there again and see them and maybe be able to talk with him .

Until then as I sayed to him in my letter I will work hard for me and for him becaue I want to fulfil my dreams ….. this is getting me so emotional…. I really love Jung Daehyun and all B.A.P and I’m so lucky to have them and babyz!!!! Omgggg *cries in a corner* I LOVE HIM SO MUCHHH IM SO UGHHH WHY MUST YOU TAKE MY HEART LIKE THIS….


I dont really know where to start cause words can not express how much last nights episode meant to me omg. So let’s start with the whole Alison is pregnant with Emily’s baby thing. When they actually made this canon in the previous episode I was feeling alot of emotions at once. I was happy because that would mean they would become mommies together, but the Paily kiss completely ruined it for me and made it seem like they were trying to force Emison back together. This episode however they perfectly portrayed what we had all been hoping for Emison when we were theorising about Em’s eggs being fertilised and used to impregnate Ali. We saw both of them really trying to listen to each other, understand eachother and basically acting like a maried couple. The love and the caring for one another couldn’t have been more obvious: The way that Emily kept feeling like she was not aloud to have a say in it because she didn’t want to put that kind of pressure on Ali, and the way that Ali eventually decided to keep the baby because Emily really wanted her to. Now I have to give the writers of this episode and especially Troian, for directing it, alot of credits for the way they portrayed Paige this episode. I hated Paige and have so since the beginning. I hated how she never showed any signs of big character development and idk I just couldn’t stand her. This episode however, she probably showed one of the biggest character development out of all the characters on Pretty Little Liars (apart from Alison but we’ll get to that later). She handled everything so very mature and respectfull towards both Emily and Alison. And when she sortof broke in to Alison’s house to show her remorse, I actually liked her. I also appreciate her asking whether Alison loves Emily (BECAUSE ALISON FINALLY ADMITTED IT BECAUSE OF THAT BUT ILL GET TO THAT LATER OMG) but because it shows that she just wants to check and make sure she leaves Emily in a safe environment. Now Alisons reaction to when Paige asked her whether she loves Emily is sO IMPORTANT OMG. At first you see how she immediatly shuts Paige out, and closes herself off. This just shows how afraid Alison is to let anyone come close and how little practice she has had with opening up. But after Paige stays kinda calm and touches the vulnurable spot in Alisons heart (the fact that Emily does love Alison and that might have made her so afraid and have her do such terrible things), she finally opens up fot the first time in 7 seasons. She was so increadibly vulnurable at that moment. And even though she did not say the words “yes, I love Emily”, she described exactly what it feels like to be in love. In her eyes and in her voice you can hear and see how afraid she is of these feelings, but you can also see a clear realisation: she now knows she does love Emily. And honestly Sasha did such a great fucking job in this scene omg. For me, Alison admitting her feelings for Emily is so important and I can not use enough words how much this scene meant to me. I cried like a baby the whole scene and mostly for the rest of the episode as well. When I first had the guts to admit to myself that I liked girls, Emily was the first and only representation of myself that I had yet seen or known. Emily and her whole coming out storyline plus the rest pf her storyline therefore hold a very special place in my heart. The fact that Emily found out she liked girls after realising she was in love with one of her best friends made me identify with her even more, since the exact same thing happened to me. This is also why Emison holds such a special place in my heart: wanted to see my story represented further and get a happy ending. Because I felt so represented by Emily, I also simoultaniously fell in love with Alison. And to be honest, Alison’s character development is by far the best one on this entire show, maybe even the best character development I have ever known. As Hanna Marin would say: “people change, they grow”. And boy did Alison grow into a better and more beautiful person! (And now we know she did it because sHE WANTED TO BE THE BETTER VERSION OF HERSELF THAT EMILY ALWAYS SEES IN HER SO SHOW IT OFF TO EMILY OMG) I also think it was very important for Alison to admit these feelings to Paige first. This was her first step to realising and admitting she is in love with Emily, and she knew Paige would not laugh at her or judge her because Paige feels the same way about Em (sometimes it was kinda hard to tell though but whtever). Everyone who is angry and sad that Ali should have admitted these feelings to Emily in person, Relax. She will, in time. A process like this, whether you wanna call it coming out or just admitting to yourself that you have been in love with someone for 10 years, takes time. Ali has never learned how to open op to somebody and to let someone truly get close, so she will do this step by step. I honestly hope that Emison gets a happy ending because both Emily and Alison deserve to finally be happy whilst loving eachother. And now Im gonna stop talking cause ive rambled alot and my fingers are hurting because im typing so agressively😂

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I write you this message with all my heart,
words can’t describe how important you are to me. You’re an example, someone I really admire. I would like to thank you for all the times that you made me feel so deeply, for all the times when I was so happy for your winnings, sometimes even crying…
Thank you for being who you are, so humble, precious and special… your courage and your strenght inspire me every day. I’ll never forget the huge amount of emotions that you made me feel, a part of my life would not exist without you and what you’ve done. You’re so close to me even if you’re so far. You taught me that you can win, even after falling a thousand times…
It hurts me that you’ll never read these words, but I still wanted to write them, and probably it’s not even so important, I just want you to be safe and happy, because you’re so amazing, because you deserve it…
Your smile really lights up my life, there should be more people like you in this world, you really are an angel…
You’re so precious to me even if you don’t know it…
Happy birthday , wszystkiego najlepszego♡♡


Astoria Greengrass & Ron Weasley


All I can do now is thank you. Thank you for everything you have done for me. You’re the first person that has ever accepted me for me, and I know you understand how important that is. I’m not my sister, Ron. I never have been. Everyone always expects me to be. Funny, isn’t it? That we have both had to live up to our older siblings legacies. In my opinion, your siblings have nothing on you, Ronnie. You are extravagant in ways words cannot describe, and you have the most selfless heart. Thank you for keeping my secret, thank you for letting me confide in you that I should have been sorted into Ravenclaw. I shouldn’t have fought the hat’s true choice and let myself get sorted there. I was too worried about my family’s expectations. Where would I be right now if I had just listened to the hat? That question will always haunt me, but at least I can say this path has led me to you.

I love you,


anonymous asked:

For me as a girl who loves girls--This is why I just hate labels. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ If I love the person, I would love everything about that person & would be supportive for whatever they're comfortable with (their bodies).Since it's not just the physical appearance of the person that matters for it will grow old and die eventually but the soul, which made me fall in love to begin with. But each to their own. It's better if you both go separate ways for you should be both comfortable with your selves.

I think labels can be important. When you find a word that describes how you feel you finally know your feelings are real and that you’re not alone and it can be very helpful so I’m not against them. I don’t think that caring about labels means that you only love the physical appearance, it’s more like a way to understand someone better?

IMPORTANT (Fan project alert)

i don’t know about you guys but i miss the full frontal podcast so fucking much!

if you don’t know what full frontal is, it is an internet radio show that Alex and Jack stopped doing 6 months ago, they’d release a new episode every monday and they usually were one hour episodes. however, the show was one of the best podcast i’ve listen, it was funny, had nice music and it was a great motivation for monday’s. i don’t have enough words to describe how much i miss the show. 

and now i’m done!. 

i understand that they took a break on this show for a very very very important reason, but it’s been to long now. 

it’s time to motivate the guys to do a massive come back on this show! 

So since today, we’ll start a new hashtag (on twitter). 

all you have to do is tweet with the hashtag: 


and you gotta mention any of these accounts: @ FullFrontal 

@ AlexAllTimeLow @ JackAlltimelow 

also you can mention: @ thissweetdream @ FullFrontalFan 

Who’s with me ?!

Sometimes i forget that Annabeth was Percy’s first (human) friend


Fandom: The Librarians

Pairing: Ezekiel Jones x Reader

Warning: N/A

Writer: rightwhereiwantyou (AKA Me)

Requested By: myvogueblog

Request:  Please, a oneshot of Ezekiel Jones (The Librarians), the reader and Ezekiel were old partner of theft and they reunite years later on a mission of The librarians. thanks

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She gave me words, which I’d never had, as a gift. It was the first time I’d heard the word ‘transgender.’ I broke into tears. I had never realised before how much you can take from someone by not allowing them the words they need to describe themselves.
—  Lord of Shadows, @cassandraclare (pg. 566)
The Olicity Kisses: 2x23 vs 3x01... Let's Break It Down

Time to compare. Now before I say anything, comparing these scenes is like comparing a 5 carrot diamond ring and a 6 carrot diamond ring. Both are sparkly. Amazing to look at. And you are incredibly blessed to be choosing between the two. Also…they are both BIG fucking diamond rings. No room for complaint.

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hello! for your college prompts, what advice would you give the students who don't really have any outstanding achievements? the ones who didn't join any contests or have any notable experiences to write about :(

Hi, thanks for the question! 

Honestly, every experience can be written as notable. It really depends on how you word your answers. Personal stories, like caring for ill siblings can be described as inspiration for students going into the medical field or school art projects, like painting self-portraits can be described as an eye-opening experience in self-reflection for students planning to study arts. 

It’s really important to remember that even though high achievements and notable experiences contribute to an individual’s application, it does not necessarily make or break an individual’s profile. This might sound deceptive, but honestly play up your strengths. (You might not think you have any really good ones, but trust me they’re there!) I’d recommend doing a bit of research of your field of interest’s general responsibilities and focusing on any transferable skills that you currently possess that can be detailed in a college essay or application form. Many scholarship and college committees are looking for students willing to think outside the box, identify transferable experiences for field compatibility and show a clear interest in studying at the school of application. The experience is not the important thing, the reflection and lessons learned are what’s most important. If you show evidence of your ability to commit and work diligently, while showing clear signs of potential; schools will definitely be interested in taking you under their wing. 

Hobbies can also play a key role in applications, even non-school or organization held ones. As long as you can show evidence of progress (i.e. photography, videos, maybe a participation certificate) for an activity, self-taught instruments or languages are very impressive. Other hobbies such as crafting, machinery or creative writing can also be assets! I suggest making a list of your daily activities and going from there. Sometimes activities that you may not have considered (i.e. cooking, baking, etc) can greatly contribute to an application. Here’s just a couple examples that could possibly be helpful in the formatting of this sort of writing:

  • Baking (Have you considered baking something for a charity event? Baking a cake or a tray of cookies can add to your application because you can include the title of charity event volunteer and contributor or that you’ve baked to support charity events.) 
  • Blogging (Even Tumblr blogging! As long as you can show evidence of original posts with a socially acceptable theme (I’d recommend “educational (meaning anything you can learn,)” current-event or literature-based content) you can say that you enjoy writing articles in your spare time and host a blog where you contribute original content.)    
  • Travel (Travel a lot with your family or friends? Spin this experience into a cultural exploration activity and focus heavily on personal reflections of your trip. By doing this, you can say that you have a strong interest in sociology, modern anthropology and ancient anthropology.)

It’s never too late to pick up new skills! Keep an eye out for new opportunities to expand your abilities and community involvement and who’s knows maybe you’ll even find an activity you become extremely passionate about! Here’s some other tips to show off your skills:

  1. Use a higher variety of language in writing: This means, use a thesaurus for application writing! A higher language variety shows that a student has a higher linguistic interest. In saying this however, do not change every word in sentences or an obvious pattern such as one-change-per-sentence! Contribute where you feel you can be fancy
  2. Name-drop: By that meaning, cleverly mention the names of organizations and companies you’ve been involved with. Involvement refers to any sort of assistance with physical evidence. (Remember that baking example I mentioned earlier? Say that the organization in question was Free the Children - you could add Free the Children charity event volunteer and contributor to your application.) Do not call out organizations randomly but strategically - if it just so happens that the charity in question was present and involved then it doesn’t hurt to add that to your application. This shows that a student is well-connected in their communities as well as being apt at networking.
  3. Strategic self-reflection: In detailing how you felt and what you learned, include references to any historical/current events, academic curriculum or personal interest educational content! For example: 

As I explore the streets of Greece, I cannot help but appreciate cultural identities that are in constant evolution. Greece, once a centerpiece of economic power now lies in a new era; one of economic uncertainty in the shadows of the growing strength of several new power players - the United States and China. 

This shows that a student has high intellectual ability, is good at problem solving and applying their knowledge where it can be used.

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Alright, to start off obviously I am a huge fan of Misha Collins. Spending two seconds on my blog will inform you of that. Secondly, as a general rule, I don’t get into the arguments within the fandom – whomever they may regard – simply because it takes a lot of energy and I know how emotionally invested I get in everything so for my own sanity I just blog what I love and ignore what I don’t. In spite of that, I actually do appreciate and even welcome respectful, reasoned debate about the things that I love. I’m not naïve enough to expect every person on the planet, or even on Tumblr, thinks the way that I do or loves the things that I do. So when this post was brought to my attention, I gave it a read. And I have some thoughts. Now I am going to endeavor to be as polite and respectful as possible. In some parts this will be very easy as I do actually agree with a couple of points; however, I wholly disagree with others and yet others I find to be unfounded or based on things that untrue.

“I feel like Misha doesn’t have a filter,”

You’re absolutely correct. He does not. While I can fully understand how this could rub people the wrong way (and even offend some), for many of us that love Misha, it’s one of the qualities that draw us to him. Part of the reasoning behind that could be that some of us wish we had the guts to just say whatever we think. Some of us may just find it hilarious, as our sense of humor aligns with his. Is it a bit unprofessional? Possibly. But we’re not talking about the CEO of a major corporation, or an attorney, or a doctor here. He’s an actor. On a show that appeals to a demographic that is not particularly known for its manners. His public persona is combination of his own personality and a reflection of the audience that he caters to.

“Like when he encouraged those two complete strangers that were cosplaying Dean and Cas to kiss onstange,”

Ok, I’m going to have to stop you there. I’m not sure if you’re referencing this incident based on having viewed the footage (or having been in attendance) or by hearsay, but that is not how that went down. During a Castiel cosplay contest, the various Castiel’s were describing which Cas they were representing. When one claimed he was “Destiel Castiel,” Misha feigned ignorance regarding the term “Destiel” and asked what it meant. The cosplayer replied “Give me a Dean and I’ll show you.” At this point Misha called for a volunteer that was dressed as Dean. I’m gonna say that important word again – volunteer. The young lady dressed as Dean went up on stage of her own free will – one can make an educated assumption that she was familiar with the term Destiel – exchanged a few words with the “Cas” and then they kissed. Misha at no point “encouraged those two complete strangers … to kiss on stage.”

“He just never gets hate for things he says or does” “No one calls him out on it”

While I imagine this is not completely true (you’re calling him out on many things in this post) I do agree that as a fandom we may tend to gloss over many things when it comes to Misha. I don’t think it’s right, but I do see it happen. There have been times that I have not agreed with something Misha has said or found it to be inappropriate. Did I “call him out” on it? Can’t say that I did, but then again I also haven’t gone after Jared or Jensen publicly when I’ve disagreed with things that they’ve said. (See original statement about not really getting into the arguments.) I do think that we as fans should speak out when celebrities cross major lines and that we should not just blindly follow and accept everything they say and do. We should also recognize that these are human beings and will say things sometimes that maybe shouldn’t be said. We all do, most of us are just blessed to not have microphones attached to us when it happens.

I’m not really going to go into the whole Jared getting attacked way more than Misha point because it’s basically true. Even though I am by no means Jared’s biggest fan, I don’t understand the constant hate that gets thrown his way. People need to chill out and realize that he has a right to say whatever he wants and in turn they have a right to be offended by it and just go on about their lives. In another point of agreement, Jared did not say anything inherently wrong or offensive at the Nerd HQ panel on Sunday.

“Jensen basically saying Destiel will never happen (because it won’t and he was just being honest) …and him getting called homophobic.”

We agree yet again. I do have a couple of issues with how Jensen has handled some questions in the past. I’m sorry, barreling over the young lady at NJCon who was asking about the possible interpretation of Dean’s character as bi – because she herself was bi and could see similarities – was not cool in my book. He completely cut off her question, which was being asked in a respectful manner and didn’t even specifically have to with Destiel, and accused her of “ruining it for everyone.” I thought this was rude, disrespectful and uncalled for. However, this does NOT make him a homophobe. I don’t know why he responded like that on this particular occasion as he has handled other sensitive questions much more diplomatically. But the amount of chaos and vitriol and hate that Jensen receives for his opinion on Destiel is ridiculous.

“…it seems like Misha overshadows everyone else in the cast.”

Being a fan of Misha more so than I am of Jared or Jensen individually makes me want to disagree here. I feel that Jared and Jensen very much maintain the spotlight at events even when Misha is present. This could be bias from my side as I can never get too much Misha. But to speak to your point of view I must reference a great article that was published after SDCC as I can’t say it any better:

“It’s as simple as that: Misha Collins gets fandom. He is known by the Supernatural fans as a very humble down-to-Earth person who engages with his fans on a regular basis both online and in real life. Many people have been touched by his words, his crazy ways and his general attitude towards life. He invites people to join his lifestyle with great projects such as GISHWHES and Random Acts. But that’s not all, Misha is also very well educated on fandom and he knows how to treat fans on sensitive topics such as slash shipping.”

And that’s the gist of it. We respond to him so fervently because he gets us. Jared and Jensen are great. We love them. But they are much more…unattainable. They’re separate. I can’t really explain it without coming off like I’m accusing them of thinking they’re better than us, because I don’t think that at all.

“…the only reason Cas has stayed on the show as long as he has is because the fans like him.”

You got me there. I agree. It pains me to say it, because I’m one of the fans that loves him and wants him to continue to be a part of the show, but I see where they stretch to fit him in. I see where they twist him and frankly make horrible choices in regards to his character in order to keep him around. But this issue is more for the producers and the writers; it can’t really be put on Misha. He shows up and does his job. That the fans like him is due in large part to his public persona. But the fact that we have latched on to him and his character and in order to appease us the writers keep him on, often at cost to the character, is not lost on all of us.

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"Sans is always fine" that line hurt me more then I can describe! No, Sans. No you are not fine, you haven't been fine in a very long time and Paps just really needs to give you a hug because of how damaged you are. 😭

Tbh, it’s a line i usually use when i’m feeling down…. :”D

They are both freakin far from fine, and they both used that word to describe self waaay too often…