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Yo, any ARG fans out there: Have you heard of Daisy Brown?

It’s this weird twitter account that popped up recently of a girl named Daisy Brown. She tweets weird things about having a monster named Alan in her house. Apparently she just found a laptop in her attic and has never heard of the internet before.

She tweets several times a day about weird random things that make it seem like she’s living a very strange life. 

She also talks about her Dad sometimes, I don’t know if her Dad is dead or missing or what, but he apparently “created” Alan.

I originally thought that this was a challenged person that people were messing with online. I even tweeted at her and she responded!

I had stopped paying attention to Daisy’s twitter for a while but when I looked back at it today I saw THIS.


Anyway I just wanted to spread the word because not many people know about this weird situation. I’m not sure exactly where it’s gonna go but I am definitely curious and excited.

ok !!!! heres my hot take as a certified gen z

Dont Criticize An Entire Generation Of People Below The Age Of 18, All Of Them, Because 5 Of Them Ate A Tide Pod, Whether Or Not That Is ‘Problematic’ I Don’t Know And It Is Not As Bad As Baby Boomers Criticizing Millennials Or Whater But It Is Annoying And Also Your Generation Had Those Really Ugly Early 2000s Pants

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Marcoace - Magical Tattoo AU where touching someone's tattoos leads to a reaction if the person is your soulmate (like line art turning into color, a dragon flying?)

“You know,” Law says tapping the thick black lines on Ace’s back where his tattoos started and where still unfinished. “You are going to have to let me finish those up at some point. It’s a shame to leave the flames half finished.”

Ace slaps his hand away, “I don’t know where your fingers have been recently and I don’t want them on me, first of all,” Law smirks. “And secondly, I don’t want it to be finished yet.”

“He’s waiting for his soulmate,” Sabo says yawning into his shot glass and frowning at it like he wanted to trade it for espresso. “After what happened with your tattoos, he’s been playing with the idea of seeing what would happen with them, you know.”

“Ah, I suppose that’s true. I mean even I didn’t know that this would happen when I met mine. The completion of my tattoos was certainly not what I expected.”

Sabo hums, “And Luffy’s got more elaborate too.”

“Did it? I didn’t know what it looked like before we had met.”

“Can we not,” Ace mutters frowning at them both. “I like to pretend that our sweet little brother will never be interested in anything like Law. No offense, Trafalgar.”

“But I’m a creepy asshole?”

“Basically,” Ace agrees smirking as he lifts his bottle to his mouth. “He’s an idiot, but Lu loves you for some reason and I can’t believe you would do something stupid to hurt him.”

Law stares at him for a long moment, “You are far too willing to let me be as long as I protect and care about your little brother.”

“He knows we can kill you if you don’t,” Sabo says brightly. “Do you think they have coffee here?”

“Coffee liquor,” Law offers his own drink for Sabo to try. “But I’m not sure how much coffee there might honestly be in it.”

Sabo makes a pleased face at the taste, “I want one, help me order one. I want one of these now please.” They both glance at Ace. “Do you mind holding the table?”

“I can. Go get your fake coffee,” Ace yawns leaning back in his seat and rolling his shoulders and relaxing into his chair. “I’ll be here.”

“If you’re sure?” Sabo asks slowly.

Ace rolls his eyes, “I’m not going to leave and I’m going to stay here, okay? Just go and get some coffee liquor.”

“Fine, we’re going,” Law promises dragging Sabo with him. “Come on, it’ll take ages to get the bartender’s attention to begin with.”

Ace rolls his eyes as they both vanish into the crowd, hurrying to get to the bar and talking as they went, friendly in a way that Ace knows he’ll never be with Law. He can be friendly but not friends and that’s something that he’s been sure of since Luffy came home talking about how he met his soulmate dragging Law along behind him. And he had liked Law before that.

“Fuck,” Ace jolts out of his seat barely moving before a number of drinks dump down into his seat. “I’m sorry, are you alright?”

“I’m fine,” Ace agrees already bending down to help the man pick up the numerous cups and fruit slices that took up the chair that he had been sitting in. “You don’t look like a waiter.”

“I’m not,” He sighs tiredly. “My siblings demanded that I grab the drinks. I don’t even know what I tripped over just now. I am so sorry for the mess.”

“Honestly, it’s fine. I’m not hurt and I’m not covered in booze, so there’s that too,” Ace says smiling. “Ace, I’m Ace.”

“Marco,” He says accepting the hand that Ace holds out and shaking it, blinking slowly. “Was- I-”

Ace glances down, following Marco’s gaze and blinking slowly at the bright colors filling in the bare portions of his tattoo, “Oh,” His hand grips Marco’s tighter. “It’s nice to meet you.”

“It’s nice to meet you too,” Marco says smiling in confusion. “I-Would you like to meet for breakfast? I, tonight’s too late and we need to have time, but would you like to? It would be good to know you.”

“You too. I want to get to know you too.”

Slut (Evan Hansen X Kleinman!Reader)

TW; Swearing, heavy bullying, a lot of crying, KIND OF FAT SHAMING I FEEL HORRIBLE, mentions suicide :<

AN; Slight Connor x Reader at end, dolls. This was really hard to write because it says some really mean things. I almost cried. aaaaand sorry this took so long, I’ve had a less than okay but not bad week. xoxo

WC; i dunno anymore lmao

You held Evan’s hand as you walked through the hallway, your small group of friends behind you guys. People didn’t dare mess with you when they were around. Everyone knew they would make a scene and probably start a fight. So people made fun of you when they weren’t around.

“Guys, do you have any plans this weekend?” Jared said, looking between you all.

“Not really,” Evan smiled, squeezing your hand.

“Nope.” Connor mumbled, his hands stuffed in his pockets.

“Well Zoe and I were going to have a sleepover and do our homework, but you guys can totally join if you’d like!” Alana cheered, Zoe nodding at her words.

“Sure, as long as it doesn’t turn into some weird orgy.” Connor added, pointing at you and Evan.

“Awe, c’mon Connor!” Jared yelled, “You’d tap this!” Jared hit his own ass and ran ahead a few steps. Connor shook his head with a chuckle.

“I-I’m up for it!” Evan added, smiling.

“Eww! Evan’s up for an orgy!” Zoe cried, laughing.

Everyone laughed except for Evan, who was embarrassed mess.

“We could have the sleepover at our house.” You said, glancing at Jared.

“Hell yeah!” Jared cried, already thinking of Just Dance and junk food.

“Hey pricks, this is where we all split up.” Connor added, waving goodbye.

“Love you, (Y/N).” Evan whispered when he kissed your cheek and turned into his classroom with Jared and Connor behind him.

“Bye tree lady!” Jared yelled with a laugh as he stepped into the class.

Alana and Zoe waved goodbye as they turned a corner, heading towards their class as well. Your attitude completely changed as soon as you were all alone. You wrung your hands and looked down, heading to your class on the other side of the building. People were whispering as you quietly shuffled down the hallway. You could tell they were talking about you because everyone craned their necks to watch you go by. Some people even pointed and laughed. Your chest felt heavy as you sped up and suddenly tripped in the middle of the hallway, landing in front of a group of bullies.

You stared at the ground with wide eyes, refusing to look up. You hair was shielding your face, but everyone could tell you were scared. You knew who was in front of you, and you didn’t want to deal with this on a Friday. This was the one girl who knew not only how to break you, but shatter you.

Your hair was pulled up aggressively, making you look up at the girl in front of you. Anxiety swelled in your chest, and it was hard to breathe suddenly.

“So, the little slut likes to sleep with my boyfriend?” The girl grinned like the Cheshire cat, leaning down slightly.

“N-No, I would never-” You stuttered, earning a tug on your hair. The girl pulled you by your hair, making you stand up to your feet slowly.

“Oh yeah? Then why does he know everything about your body and the way you moan?” The girl growled, getting really close to you. The girl let go of you, but the circle that had formed around you three blocked you from leaving. A boy stepped up next to her and took one menacing glance at you.

“This slut? Oh yeah!” The boy laughed, his eyes dark. “She had no dignity, and she practically rode me until I broke! She had stretch marks and fat rolls all over! She screamed for me, and she was so fucking loud!”

Tears had started to streamed down your face as you stared at this boy you had never even seen before. Why were people so cruel?

“That’s i-impossible, I was w-with my boyfriend l-last night.” You whispered, holding back a sob as people whispered, called you names, and even spat on you. You were with Evan last night, and all of your friends new that too.

“Boyfriend? We all know that your ‘boyfriend’ is only dating you because he would be forever alone otherwise. Don’t even get me started on your dumb fucking friends.” The girl spat, shoving you backwards. You landed at the feet of the girl’s best friend, and she dumped a huge bottle of red koolaid on your head. Your white shirt turned see through and stained. Your bra was visible, and people were screeching with laughter. A sob erupted through your mouth as you stood up and shoved past through the circle around you.

You sprinted through the hallways, dripping red koolaid and tears. You stumbled a few times, but kept going. You ran past a group of familiar people, and they all called your name as you ran by. You didn’t stop running until you reached your house, slamming the door open and wheezing for air.

You ran up the stairs to your room, slamming the door shut and locking it. You threw your backpack against the wall and flung yourself into your bed. You sobbed so hard that your whole body hurt. You felt horrible and embarrassed. Your phone buzzed and you looked up slightly, hoping it was Evan or Jared texting you.

No, someone had just tagged you in a video of the whole incident on Facebook. You let out a yell and threw the phone against the wall, pulling on your hair and letting your body shake with sobs. Your phone shattered as you heard a car screech into the driveway. You rocked yourself and shook for what seemed like forever. You hadn’t noticed your door handle jingling or the people calling your name.You didn’t even look up as Jared and Evan bursted into the room.

Your eyes were still squeezed shut when Evan held you in his arms, and Jared was trying to talk to you. You opened your eyes in time to see Connor dragging Jared out of the room, trying to show him the video.

Everyone was extremely worried, and they had every right to be. You had refused to tell anyone why you had tried to take your life only a year ago, before they all knew you. Jared was there, but you didn’t get along well that year, for some reason. So now they all took it as their responsibility to protect you, and make sure that never happened again.

Evan ran his fingers through your hair, his other hand gently holding your face.

“How long has this been happening? How long have they been– been..” Evan whispered, not wanting to hear the answer.

“S-Since Freshman y-year.” You hiccuped, watching Evan’s eyes scan you with realization.

“Is-is that why you would always come home with bruises? Is that why you–?” Evans eyes watered and his voice broke, he didn’t understand how people could do this to someone like you. You nodded, silent tears dripping off your face.

“I’m so sorry, I’m so so sorry.” Evan cried, pulling you into his arms. Evan cried into your hair, wishing he could go back and help you. He wished you told him, but he wasn’t going to say that. He knew if he said that he’d be putting the blame on you. You heard someone yelling angrily downstairs, and you slowly pulled yourself out of Evans embrace.

Your door was busted open and a fuming Jared stormed it. He angrily hugged you, holding you tightly. “I swear I will kill them, (y/n).” Jared growled.

“Nobody messes with the Kleinman twins.” You heard Connor say, earning a concerned laugh from Zoe and Alana.

“Are you okay, (y/n/n)?” You heard Alana ask, stepping forward. You nodded and laughed, wiping a tear from your eyes.

“M-Much better, now that you’re all here.” You whispered, earning a hug from Evan. Jared backed away and paced angrily, his hands angrily pulling his hair.

“I can’t believe I didn’t know, they’re so– so- ugh!” Jared yelled loudly, sitting down with tears in his eyes.

Connor stepped forward and sat next to you, setting his hand on yours.

“Hey, I- We won’t let anybody touch you anymore.” Connor said softly, his face pink. “Don’t worry about those pricks anymore, okay?”

Connor smiled, which was rare. Your eyes were wide and you smiled, nodding.

“Thanks, guys. You’re all awesome.” You whispered, pulling your hand away from Connor’s to wipe your tears. Evan pulled you closer to him, and you noticed Jared was crying angrily. He had realized that this had been going on for a long time, and that this was why you probably tried to take your own life.

“I am seriously beating the shit out of everyone who has ever laughed at you, (Y/N).” Jared mumbled, wiping a tear from his eye.

do you think the “holistic _______” thing came from blackwing, or from the universe. like, what are the chances that blackwing projects just all pick up that word at some point? sure, “holistic assassin” and “holistic detective” aren’t all that weird, but “holistic actress”? and how is it possible that bart and dirk came up with the exact same ‘everything’s connected’ speech? i just wonder if blackwing gave very subject the same dumb lessons about the universe, or if the universe has been sending them the exact same messages their whole lives?

i dont have much of an explanation for this here it is 

[TRANS] BTS☆Style Vol. 18 (Oricon Style)

Q: Where do you focus first when you look at girls? Rap Monster?

(T/N: They’re talking about everyone’s ideal.)

TAEHYUNG: Face (laughs).

NAMJOON: No way! I focus on her atmosphere.

JUNGKOOK: I focus on her body, whether she has healthy posture and muscles.

JIMIN: Are you a pervert (laughs)?

TAEHYUNG (to JK): Someone who has six pack abs?

JIMIN: Well then your ideal is just like me!

JUNGKOOK: (quickly) No.

JIMIN: Why not? Don’t I have amazing muscles?

JUNGKOOK: I like a person who somehow has an atmosphere that she takes care of her own body. Also someone who has beautiful tan skin.

JIMIN: Oh. Sad thing is I have pale skin.

JUNGKOOK: Not only those but I also focus on face and personality. You (Jimin) are all different from them (laughs).

JIMIN: At least I have perfect muscles (laughs)!

Q: How about Suga’s ideal type?

YOONGI: I focus on personality and atmosphere. I don’t really have an “ideal type.” It’s not only about her that I’ll pay attention to. I also focus on first impressions and the feeling whether we have the same sense.

Q: How about V?

TAEHYUNG: Someone who spends money thriftily.


JIMIN: But how are you going to judge upon meeting for the first time (laughs)?

TAEHYUNG: I’ll give her money and say, “Use this money to buy all the stuff that you want.” Then I’m going to judge her based how much she spent.

JUNGKOOK: That’s so one-sided judgement!

ALL: (laughs)

Q: So V doesn’t judge base on their appearance but focuses on the inner side.


NAMJOON: V’s ideal type is always changing. About once a month.

Q: So, for this month you like girls who spends money wisely?

TAEHYUNG: Yes. (in loud voice) I like someone who’s stingy!

Q: How about Jimin?

JIMIN: I like cute and charming girls.

Q: Next to you, V is acting cute. How about someone like V?

JIMIN: Can I hit him?

ALL: (laughs)

Q: J-Hope?

HOSEOK: I like a girl who’s very hopeful, has bright personality and positive mind. Meeting someone like that would be very nice!

Q: So, what does Jin focuses on?

SEOKJIN: I focus on face. I like a girl that looks like a puppy.

TAEHYUNG: (imitating a puppy) Aw aw!

SEOKJIN: That’s gross (laughs).

JIMIN: I’ll bite you (laughs)~

trans. by maeli (@xingyoon)

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Have you ever considered MAS [or I'm not picky MarAce, SabAce, MarSab] Cinderella AU?? ♥

“Why do we need a ball?” Ace asks, voice just short of whining as he sprawled over the lounge, arm thrown over his eyes. “I’m perfectly happy marrying Sabo!”

“Because,” Sabo answers calmly. “The council is under the impression that you’ll fall desperately in love with a member of the nobility and be perfectly happy pretending that I never existed.”

Ace peeks at Sabo, “You know that would never happen, right? If anything, I’ll end up making them love you too.”

(The rest is under the cut!)

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What do you think about trans!sonny?


admittedly it’s not a headcanon i apply in my own work a lot (like consciously, i mean, like if you wanna look at my drawings and be like that sonny is a trans!sonny, go for it!) but like every time i see it around i just !!!!!!!! i love every sonny ever and all the lil trans!sonnys are just. so good. so so good.


Lapis... Lance?

Hey all, this is an au where Lance is a gem-specifically a lapis gem-that’s stuck in/on a mirror in the castle of Lions! 


Everyone froze, staring at the mirror, then the gem that had skidded a fair bit away from it. There was a moment of silence before a bright, blue light burst from the gem. It glowed, floating high up into the air above the paladins and Alteans, becoming brighter and brighter before the light seemed to snap together. A humanoid form shifted quickly into different features, faster than they could really count, before it seemed to settle on a certain form.

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Ich finds ziemlich cool das du deutsch sprichst, sieht man hier zu selten :3 ich hab deinen blog echt gerne!

Es ist wirklich seltsam und selten hier Mal was auf deutsch zu sehen.

Thing is, though, Isak doesn’t trust himself, not really. He fucked up too many things in life, both for himself and for others to be able to trust himself. So, he doesn’t.
Even, though, Even trusts Isak, blindly.
And that… That just feels weird, sometimes.
When Even reaches out in the middle of the night after a nightmare, when he mumbles “please, just hold me” in the curve of Isak’s neck. When Even smiles at Isak, openly, honestly, saying nothing and everything at once. When Even doesn’t push, never pushes, to make Isak talk, and instead just waits and waits until Isak crawls into him and confesses his fears and doubts mumbled into Even’s chest.
Even trusts Isak with his secrets, Even trusts Isak he will tell him what he needs to know.
Isak knows there are things Even hasn’t (yet) told him. But it’s not a lack of trust in Isak, it’s just that, some things are too painful to put in words.
So, Even trusts Isak. Of that, Isak is sure. And it’s weird, and Isak sometimes feels like he doesn’t deserve it, but also… It’s the nicest feeling in the world. It makes him feel whole in a way he has never felt before.
And in the middle of the night, when Even reaches out and draws Isak flush against his body, Isak knows Even is right to trust him. Because Isak loves him, with his entire body and soul, and Isak would protect this boy with everything he has.