words are pictures

the saddest part about skype phone calls is that one moment you can almost see the person you desperately want to kiss. you can see his eyes and his smile and everything you write poetries about and the next moment its all gone. you’re back to the depressing reality where the person you want to kiss is nowhere near you and all the things you once knew by heart, his smell, how his hand body against yours and how he holds you are all a distant memory.

long distance//nikitagupta

A concept: Spot, who came from an awful home and is still dealing with both that and his internalized homophobia and never really had any sort of family until he met his friends, and Jack, who had a hard time accepting his own sexuality as well as admitting his anxiety, dyslexia and ADHD were problems he needed to deal with, and spent so long in the foster care until he was adopted and met his friends, writing a children’s book together about the importance of accepting yourself for who you are and finding family with the people who care about you.