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Does anyone else get periods where they're indifferent to their symptoms? Like I'll read them and be like I don't really know if I relate to any of them and a few hours or days later mood swing mcgee will come around and I'll feel like I'm certain i have most symptoms? Ehh sorry if this is worded horribly

I do, yes. During more stable periods I’ll eb like “do i really show that??” then like soon after I’ll have the symptom (or remember having it an hour before)

This is likely due to emotional impermeance, as we’re not experiencing the symptom RIGHT NOW it never happened

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Nonnies have been going to different blogs asking why fans don't like TP, you've had one and I wanted to give my opinion. Even with all the shitty things he's said the biggest problem I have is that his behavior legitimized the bullies who target Sterek, Derek/Hoechlin & Stiles/Dylan fans. They were empowered by his horrible words, even now the yt comments on the possible 6b opening has rubbish like you're not a "true fan" if you stop watching because Stiles isn't there, some of that is on TP!

I agree. And would even go a step further to say a LOT of it is on him.


(he did)

Admiral Horatio Nelson, died at The Battle of Trafalgar 1805. His last words were “Kiss me Hardy”, but many tried to later pass it off as “kismet” to avoid embarrassment.

Anxiety is the most silently painful experience. It makes no sense and you sit there alone and suffer for a unknown reason. You can’t explain it. You can’t stop it. It is horrible.
—  A silent storm

happiest moment of my life 💖

Voltron season 2 predictions/theories/hopes??

Tomorrow’s the Big Day™ we’ve all been waiting for so here I am, writing some of my most significant VLD s2 predictions, theories, hopes, questions etc. so that after I bingewatch the whole season in a few hours while lying in my bed and eating snacks I’ll feel proud cuz some of those happened and/or embarassed cuz those didn’t happen

Anyway, here I go:

  • Shiro won’t die, that’s for sure (at least not in season 2)
  • Galra!Keith happens? Maybe?? Or there are more hints for it, I’m callin it
    • If galra!Keith really happens, I doubt Keith’s appearance will change tho (unless there’s like a really good reason for it but it’s unlikely)
      • it’d be cool tho cuz there’d be drama
    • eventually part-galran/part-altean Keith happens
      • but I know Lotor is going to be part-galran/part-altean so I’m not sure they’d do the same plot twist twice
      • it’d be the best explanation of all the not-fully-human!Keith hints in season 1 tho
  • paladins’ backstories
    • Where do Keith and Shiro know each other from?
    • Why’s Keith an orphan??? how did his life even look like before? was he in the foster care? did he know his parent(s)?
      • Also, what’s the deal with his dagger? did Keith get it from his parent? Is it galran??
      • Also, are both of his parents actually dead? or are they just like, somewhere in space?
    • more retrospections from the garrison and from Shiro’s times as a gladiator/in a prison
    • something about Lance’s family
    • sth about Hunk?? we know pretty much nothing about Hunk’s backstory wtf mate
  • beach episode?? (ya know Keith and Lance are swimming, Hunk’s cooking sth, full chill on the beach)
  • Klance moments pls
    • (I’d like to write “Klance is canon” but that’s probably asking for too much) (would be nice though)
    • them being good friends and space ranger partners that they are and cooperating together
  • What does the quintessence actually do and what is it?
    • does it heal and speed up regeneration?
    • does it somehow expand the general capacity of the body?
  • what’s “altean magic”? How does it work, what does it look like? what is it
  • Someone is captured (at first I thought it’ll be Shiro but after the s2 trailer I’m really concerned about the blue boy)
    • pls no
  • who’s actually Thace??? like what’s his deal
    • he’s probably in some kinda resistance tho, and tries to sabotage the galra empire
  • we find out sth about Matt and Sam Holt’s whereabouts
  • Klance moments
  • former paladins’ backstories
    • Was Alfor the yellow paladin?
    • What did Zarkon use to be like? was he like, fully good??
      • If so, why did he change? what are his motives now?
  • The new galran ally was probably some kinda galra soldier but ran off
  • What’s going on on the Earth?
    • How’s is Mrs. Holt holding? I mean dude, she’s pretty much lost her entire family (assuming that she already knows about Pidge’s disappearance)
    • What’s going on at the garrison rn?
  • Zarkon keeps finding Voltron because of Shiro’s galran arm
    • […] Keith’s galran heritage/biology
    • […] his connection to Black Lion
    • […] because the new galran ally is actually a spy (I doubt it tho but who knows?)
  • did I mention Klance moments?
  • we meet Lotor, maybe? if it’s not too early for this
  • ponytail Keith?? (damn what a selfishness we’ve already gotten ponytail Coran and we still crave more)
  • some LGBT representation?
  • and many, many more minor things (there are just…. so many good things that could happen wow)

So yup, that’s it and I’m really hyped! feel free to add something if you wanna

I originally was just keeping this url so no one would take it to make fun of me but I’ve gotten too many messages already so listen.

Im 15 and trans. I’m not transphobic or biphobic. That post was horribly worded and came of as grossly biphobic and transphobic, and I’m really sorry. What I meant to say was “if you’re cis and experience no sga/mga whatsoever, then your not lgbt.” Meaning cishets.

I’m a trans girl so I should have known better than to use the term “opposite gender.” It was super transphobic and I should have used my brain before making that post. I know that post probably hurt a lot of trans, bi, pan, and other people and again I’m sorry, I never meant to and I wish I’d never made the post in the first place.

I deleted because the amount of death threats and transphobic and ablest comments was getting out of control and I needed to get out. I only saved the url so nobody would take it to make fun of me or make me sound like I was a gross transphobic and biphobic person.

Again, I’m so sorry, that post was terrible and I wasn’t at all what I meant. If you’re trans/nb/ect and straight, or if you’re bi/pan/ect, you’re still 100% valid and a part of the lgbt community.

i gotta be honest with you all i know i always act like “oh noooo this discourse is just terrible i hate it please end this” but that is all lies. in reality, i am disgusting and i love it. every time one of my mutuals puts some new delicious Discourse on my dash i rub my filthy hands together and lean back and feel like im being hand-fed grapes by that fat chef on a tropical island while these fools dance to entertain me

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Pair: iwaoi word: muscles

“You make a horrible pillow, Iwa-chan.”

Iwaizumi doesn’t even look up from his phone when he bops Oikawa on the head. “Then don’t lie on me, dumbass.”

“Mmm, but it’s cold and you’re warm. Besides,” Oikawa says, a wicked grin crossing his face, “I didn’t say you’re uncomfortable.”

“You just said I’m a horrible pillow—”

“Because you’re all hard! Like muscle-y! You’re built like a god, Iwa-chan, everything a pillow is not.”

Iwaizumi finally looks away from his phone, his face all red. “What the fuck are you saying, you dumbass.”

Oikawa raises a hand to pat at Iwaizumi’s abs, cooing obnoxiously. “I’m the world’s luckiest bastard to have Iwa-chan as my pillow.”

There’s a strangled yelp as Iwaizumi’s hand clamps down on Oikawa’s head, but the taller of the two refuses to roll of Iwaizumi’s stomach. In fact, he throws his arms around Iwaizumi’s middle, and clings on. Iwaizumi’s pretty sure Oikawa can’t breathe, with the way his face is smushed against Iwaizumi’s stomach.

“What is wrong with you,” Iwaizumi says, exasperated. His gives up trying to pry his best friend off his body. The weight is familiar, anyway. He can’t decide if he should be alarmed at how familiar and comfortable it is to have his best friend pressed up against him like this.

“Blessed,” comes Oikawa’s muffled voice. “I’m blessed by Iwa-chan’s muscles.”

The blush on Iwaizumi’s face doesn’t go away for a full ten minutes.

New Camren Shippers Guide

A social media guide for new shippers …

  • Instagram: If you are mature enough, this social network will allow you to see some pics of Camren and spend hours/days/months/years trying to decipher their captions. If you are immature, you will probably go to their Instagram just to be annoying and comment “Camren is real” to every fucking picture posted by them (or their friends, or their family, or their neighbors). 

  • Twitter: If you are mature enough, you will use this social network as an upgrade tool. Many accounts tweet all day the songs they both listen to on Spotify, pics they posted on Instagram, reblogs of Tumblr and everything they post on Snapchat (or anyone posting about/with them). If you are not mature enough, you will be attending this social network and will be very annoying to everyone, terrorizing the Camilizers, Laurenizers, Harmonizers, Camren Shippers, Fuckingnizers and etc … and if you do not have enough education, you will say horrible words to people you do not even know and buy endless fights.

  • Snapchat: Lauren does not use it much, Camila sometimes appears there. I would not say it’s a social network too much used by Camren.

  • Tumblr: Camren’s paradise! Here you are allowed to be delusional and meet other people just like you. On Tumblr, you’ll find the biggest (and craziest) Camren puzzle of the world. Events (and news) are debated civilly and the good thing is that mediators (blog owners) can choose to answer stupid questions or not. A place without big fights and with free space for you to be delusional as much as you want. Tumblr is Camren’s heart and soul.

  • Facebook: Camren does not know what Facebook is. (LOL)