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why a rift forming between Ladybug and Chat Noir might happen:

  • Thomas Astruc alluding to Marvel’s Civil War when talking about season 2, a movie centered around two big superheroes splitting over ethical differences.
  • the writers confirming Gabriel Agreste is Hawk Moth.
  • the strain the mere possibility of Gabriel being Hawk Moth puts on LB and Chat’s relationship already–s2 ep 1 shows Adrien immediately getting defensive at LB’s suspicions and in the end doing something he’s never done before: ignoring LB’s fist bump without acknowledging her, without even looking at her, to go kneel by his father’s side. 
  • Adrien is very loyal to his father and rarely argues/directly disobeys him. He fears his father’s wrath upon not doing what he wants (taking the Miraculous book, losing it, etc). He misses his mother as much as Gabriel does. Gabriel is also the only parent Adrien has left, and Adrien is desperate to keep him in his life, no matter how rough their relationship is. Adrien loves him. He’s not likely to turn his back on his father even if he discovers his dad’s a super-villain. 
  • Marinette knows important information about the Miraculouses that Adrien doesn’t. This is pretty much a sure-fire way to miscommunications. The writers keeping Adrien in the dark about the equivalent exchange makes his joining his father to get his mother back more likely. He’d be much more opposed to the idea if he knew someone else would have to suffer. It also suggests he may discover his father’s identity alone, without LB there to tell him what she knows, which would force him to keep it a secret from her to protect his father (and possibly himself, if he’s afraid of what she’d think of him if she knew the truth). 
  • But as is repeatedly told to us, Marinette does NOT like liars. She believes Chat would never lie, especially to her, but in the ep she first says this, Copy Cat, Chat does lie. Not to her, but he doesn’t tell her that he lied in the end either, so she still has this belief that he doesn’t lie. (Ever heard of lying by omission, Adrien?) The fact that Marinette’s loathing of liars is repeatedly brought up means it might be important in the greater plot. Keeping the truth about his father from Mari would definitely do serious damage to their relationship, especially if Adrien never says anything and Mari has to figure it all out on her own. If she discovers Adrien has not only been lying to her but lying to cover for his super-villain father he may or may not kinda support…oh boy. Ohhhhh boooy
  • Imagine THAT reveal scenario. 
  • Marinette thinks more with her head while Adrien thinks more with his heart. More specifically, opposite of Chat, LB usually prioritizes justice and duty over loyalty and feelings. Marinette is more likely to view Hawk Moth as a villain she needs to lock up, while Adrien would see his not-entirely-evil father that he can’t stand to lose. Do I even have to explain how this might cause problems between them?
  • Adrien has yet to meet Master Fu. It could be because Mari is the protag we follow around the most, but the distance being kept between Adrien and Fu while Mari is so close to Fu might also suggest a future division of loyalties: Mari to Fu. Adrien to his father.
  • new heroes are joining Ladybug and Chat Noir. I can understand one new hero needed to take on one or two new bad guys, but not 3. Not when LB and Chat are so powerful. Unless they lose power because there’s tension between them or they’re at odds with each other or something.

why a rift forming between Ladybug and Chat Noir might not happen:

  • this show’s too sweet and cute
  • it’s aimed at kids who might not appreciate their two big heroes at odds with each other.
  • it’s not that deep (then again i was skeptical Astruc would really make Adrien’s dad the villain in case it was too heavy, but that happened. we also got that new heavy info on the Miraculouses. so)
  • ????/ thats it
  • I’m nervous

26 years ago today we lost a legend.

We lost a singer, an artist, a lover, a hero. A man who knew what he wanted to achieve in life and everything he did was magical.

I may have been born eleven years after he died and therefore never got to know him but that doesn’t mean that I don’t miss him. I miss him more than words can say and it hurts me so much that this beautiful person had to experience so much pain and agony in his last years.

26 years ago today he left this world. But he never left completely - he never will.

He wrote melodies, anthems and masterpieces, he left the most beautiful art for us to enjoy. Everything he created is full of passion, love and devotion. He truly loved what he did. He continued creating art until the very end; until he just couldn’t do it anymore.

This man wrote music history and he couldn’t have done it any better. He was a perfectionist and you can really hear that in his music. He did so much to create what he wanted, even though it was so hard in the end.

I cannot express my emotions - the sorrow and the pain I’m feeling. I never thought I could miss a person I never got to know so much. But here I am, crying as I write these words.

You did so much for us, my darling. This planet never deserved you. And you sure didn’t deserve your life to end so fast. You were so incredible and inspiring.

Thank you, Freddie Mercury.

“I still love you.”

EXO as Subs: In One Word

1.) Sehun - The Bratty Sub

2.) Tao - The Whiny Sub

3.) Kris - The Rough Sub

4.) Kai - The Needy Sub

5.) Suho - The Demanding Sub

6.) Chen - The Vocal Sub

7.) Xiumin - The Kitten Sub

8.) Lay - The Good-Boy Sub

9.) Kyungsoo - The Closet Sub

10.) Luhan - The Denying Sub

11.) Chanyeol - The Obeying Sub

12.) Baekhyun - The Clingy Sub

Machetes and Near Death Experiences (A Steve Harrington x Reader imagine)

Words: 5286

Summary: Being a babysitter for the Party requires a full set of abilities. Battling inter-dimensional monsters, being a machete swinging pro and managing a bunch of dorks with a penchant for attracting danger being just a few. Add Steve Harrington to the mix and things get a lot more interesting.

Warnings: swearing, violence, Dustin being a sassy cutie

Disclaimer: I don’t own Stranger Things or any of its characters. This is merely me turning my wishful thinking into reader insert imagines. GIF credits to the owner.

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No answer.

“Harrington, what do you think you’re doing?”

Still no reply.

“Hey this ain’t funny, dammit!”

You weaved a frustrated hand through your hair as you watched the former King of Hawkins High leave the safe haven of the boarded bus in a bid to ‘expand the menu’ as Dustin put it. “Stay here and whatever you do, don’t open the door unless I tell you to.” You ordered the kids in a no nonsense manner and they merely nodded. They knew you enough from previous babysitting sessions to not mess with your instructions.

Gripping your machete tightly, you followed the low growling that was slowly filling the night air. “Y/N what are you doing here? It’s not safe…” “Exactly asshole, you need someone to watch your back here. I won’t let you turn this into a suicide mission”, you answered as a demo-dog entered your field of vision. Steve took its jump head-on, the baseball bat landing with a sickening crunch. “That was easier than I had…” another snarl interrupted his sentence as more beasts appeared out of the fog. “3’O clock! 3’O clock!” Lucas shouted and all Steve could do was utter a low “fuck”, as another beast jumped on you both. Snarling with razor sharp teeth, its face opened up in a macabre parody of a flower. Pushing Steve out of the way you swung the machete in an upward motion, slicing half of the petalled horror clean off.

You had known this Upside Down shit was no laughing matter when you encountered it last year while babysitting the boys. Keeping El a secret had been a bitch but you had managed, somehow. So the Party knew they could trust to be handy when things started getting strange again. You were no telekinetic Mage like El but you could slash your way through with a machete alright. It was no surprise really, when Dustin showed up at your house with Harrington no less (that pairing had been odd but who were you to judge), asking for your help regarding certain ‘pet’ problems. Turns out, pesky pets were actually demogorgon hounds masquerading as slugs. Code red could have justified one demo-dog, what you weren’t prepared for were a dozen more menaces appearing out of nowhere. “I thought you said there was only one!” you screamed as Steve rolled off the hood of a rusting car, kicking off another demo-dog. Too many. There were too many to hold off.

“Steve! Y/N! Abort! Abort! Abort!” Dustin shouted and you guys didn’t need more incentive to abandon a plan which had been foolhardy from the very beginning. The door was thrown open on your shouts and quickly slammed shut just as one of them lunged at the bus, crashing on the door and sliding down. A thrashing limb tried to get in and you heaved the machete, putting your strength behind the swing as you repeatedly clobbered it until it slinked right out. Steve readied his nail ridden bat and you huddled the kids behind you, switching the machete to your other hand. “You think they can bust through the door?” a loud thud echoed off the roof, answering your question. “Shit!” This was followed by a scream from Max the one closest to the ladder, when a demo-dog reared its ugly head through the roof. Steve pushed her towards you and landed a solid hit with the bat. But more kept coming, making him retreat towards you. He clutched your hand blindly, tightening his grip once he found it as if saying a silent goodbye and you started fearing the worst. You hoped you could at least shield the kids before they took you down, when the monsters suddenly withdrew. All of them.

With Harrington in the lead, you gingerly opened the door and stepped out to investigate. The coast seemed clear for the time being. “What happened? Lucas asked. “Steve scared’em off? Dustin sounded hopeful. “No. No way”, he replied, “They are going somewhere.” Steve pointedly stared in the distance before shaking his head and looking at you, checking for any signs of injuries. “You okay?” you gave a small nod. “You?” “Peachy”, he answered. Sighing in relief, you took a step towards him. His expression softened on seeing your approach and he was about to say something when you interrupted it by hitting him on the arm. “OW! What the…” Another hit, this time harder. “THAT HURTS!” “It was MEANT TO!” you screamed, huffing loudly at his stupidity.

Sighing, you said in a deathly calm voice, “You dare try another heroic stunt like that again Harrington and I won’t just use my fists next time”, you brandished the machete in his face. Steve put up his hands in surrender, nodding in awe. “She’s so cool!” Dustin exclaimed, earning a weird look from Lucas and Max. “Okay. What do we do next?” Lucas asked, finally letting go of Max’s hand. “We need to find out where they went. If they were called back, maybe we can find the source of it and come up with a plan on how to deal with them”, you replied, wiping the machete with your hand, trying to get the blood off. Steve stared at you for a bit longer than necessary, absentmindedly answering, “Yeah, yeah you’re right.”

You trudged up ahead with Max and Lucas as Steve and Dustin brought up the rear. Following the sounds that echoed off in the distance was your best bet. More like, your only lead. “Dude, did you see how she swung that machete at the demo-dog? That was pure art in motion!” Unknown to you Dustin raved on, repeating the same movements, swinging with an imaginary weapon albeit much more clumsily, stumbling in the process. “Watch your steps, Henderson.” Steve warned. But he couldn’t have agreed more as his gaze unwittingly watched your shadowy figure walk with an arm slung over Max and Lucas’ shoulders, the machete tucked at your waist, its blade glinting under your plaid shirt.

He had been expecting that darn monster to be sweepingly fast but he hadn’t been prepared to face a dozen salivating horrors. He would never admit it out loud but never had a woman looked more attractive than you swinging your machete to slice off inter-dimensional creatures. Dustin noticed his gaze on you and chuckled, “You getting sappy, Steve?” Snapping out of his daze, Steve replied, “Shut your trap, dipshit.”

He hadn’t expected to be attracted to someone so soon after what happened with Nancy. Let alone start falling so fast and so hard. It made him wonder whether what he had felt for her was love to begin with. It had been all fuzzy butterflies and tumultuous emotions with Nancy, more feelings than actual understanding. Whereas with you, he got a sense that everything was much more real, as if he could never be more grounded and aware than when he was with you. He had been swept away by Nancy’s perfection, failing to see the cracks that had developed in that facade over time. On the other hand, he was awed by your ability to transform imperfections. You owned them as if they were worthy laurels to be worn with a head held high.

But all this over thinking was in vain. There was nothing between you and him, he mused, and it never would be. Even though a part of him hoped otherwise. After all, you were Y/N L/N, a machete swinging, protective badass in plaid. You didn’t do sappy nonsense like romance. Right?

Steve couldn’t have been more wrong. You crouched in a corner of the Byers’ living room wondering what exactly you had gotten yourself into. Bob Newby’s death had come as a shock to all of you. You had interacted with him twice or thrice while babysitting Will and he was one of the nicest people you knew. Slightly weird but nice. You couldn’t come to terms with how someone so good could be with you one moment and gone the next. Your gaze slid over to Steve Harrington as he sat with the boys, a sombre silence blanketing the room. With his perfect hair, kind eyes and warm smiles that brightened even your sulky mood, that beautiful bastard had managed to worm his way into your heart. God! You had hated the way your stomach became all tingly when he had clutched your hand and hovered protectively in front of you, braving the onslaught of a dozen demo-dogs. Brave and stupid nonetheless, but it was the thought that counts, right?

You watched as Max sat next to you onto the floor. “Hey” you murmured. She had been taking all this surprisingly well considering she didn’t have as much time to adjust as you had. “Hey. You think this will work?” she gestured vaguely at the scattered papers on the table, ‘close gate’ scrawled across one of them. You merely shrugged, “It’s as good a plan as any. If there’s anyone who could beat that Mind Flayer, it would be El.” An awkward silence grew at the mention of Eleven. Not wanting it to continue, you asked, “You okay?” she muttered something under her breath. “What?” “I said, Eleven probably hates me.” You smiled at that and shook your head, “Nah, I doubt it.”

She furrowed her brows, “How can you be so sure?” “Well, for one, I literally had to keep these idiots out of danger last year”, you gestured to where Mike, Lucas and Dustin were sitting. “Also, think about it. She was the only girl among them and then she had to leave these dorks for the longest time, only to find you amongst them. Maybe all she’s feeling is insecure, worried that you will replace her.” “But I’m not even part of the party. Mike specifically said so”, she mumbled the last part. “Oh don’t take him to heart. He’s just been miserable without El, missing her for so long. He’s been in a crappy mood with every one of us.” You gave her hand a small squeeze, “They’ll be fine, trust me. Just give them time.” Max pondered over your words before giving you a toothy grin. “Thanks Y/N! Dustin was right, you are pretty cool.”

“Don’t you mean pretty and cool?” you looked up to see Steve hunching over you both, obviously having heard your conversation. “Was that a lame attempt at flirting, Harrington?” you smirked, though you had to admit you were pleased on the inside. “Really? Is that the best you can do, man? I thought you could do better than this!” Dustin complained from his place on the couch. Pink dusted Steve’s cheeks as he placed the dish cloth he had been holding on his shoulder. “Hey. Hey. Hey. Don’t sass me you little shits. Let’s clean up this mess. Better than sitting in one place and just waiting for them to come back.”

Everyone got up one by one, ready to clear up. Steve offered you a hand as you were about to get up and when you took it, a small smile bloomed on his face. “You are good with this,” he said, pulling you to your feet. “What do you mean?” his touch lingered on your hand as if not wanting to let go. Or was it just something you had imagined? “With Max. With the kids. You’re good with handling them, considering all this.” You found a smile tugging at your lips. Steve intertwined his fingers with yours and you found that you didn’t mind it at all. His smooth fingers filled the gaps between your calloused ones perfectly. “Yeah? You aren’t half bad, Harrington.” “Half bad?” he sounded affronted. “I’m a pretty damn good babysitter!!” Your laughter rang out through the room at that and unlike other girls (he had to admit you were unlike any other girl he had ever met), who giggled or gave high pitched squeals, this was a throaty laugh, rich in timbre and echoing from the heart. Steve found himself mesmerized by the sound. He wanted to hear more of it and above all, he wanted to be the reason for causing it.

“Okay, if you two love birds are done canoodling and giggling, can we do some actual work here? Steve, need your help with somethin’.” Steve reluctantly let go of your hand, cursing under his breath about burying Dustin with some unwanted demo-dog bodies.

You proceeded to clean up the shattered glass along with Max, noticing for the first time how restlessly Mike had been pacing the whole time. “Mike, would you just stop already?” Lucas tried to reason. “You weren’t there, okay Lucas? That lab is swarming with hundreds of those dogs!” Mike argued. “Demo-dogs!” Dustin corrected from the kitchen. “The chief said he’ll take care of it!” Lucas bit back, exasperated at Mike’s behaviour. Steve tried to simmer down the argument in his own misguided way, using ball game jargon. Mike was visibly irritated and voiced it out aloud, “Okay. First of all, this isn’t one of your stupid sports games and secondly, we aren’t even in the game. We are on the bench!” Steve sputtered out, “So- so my point…is…” you held your head in your hands, this was getting ridiculous. “Right, yeah, we are on the bench, so, uh, there’s nothing we can do.” He again placed the dish cloth on his shoulder.

“That’s not entirely true”, you looked at Dustin, intrigued as he spoke about how the demo-dogs had a hive mind, basically connected to the Mind Flayer and if they were called back, the lab would be obstruction free for Eleven to close the gate. “Yeah, and then we all die!” Steve exclaimed. “Well, that’s one way of looking at it.” Despite yourself you chuckled, earning a grin from Dustin and a glare from Steve. ‘Sorry’ you mouthed at him. Mike started off about distracting the dogs by setting the hub of the tunnel on fire and the rest of them were pumped about the idea, completely ignoring you and Steve. “Hey.” They ignore him again. “Hey! Hey!” This had gone on long enough. You gave out a shrill, piercing whistle calling their attention to you. Silence fell in the room and all pair of eyes were trained on you, “I believe Harrington wants to say something.”

“Thank you Y/N for that kindly interruption. This”, he pointed at them, “is not happening.” “But…” “No buts. We promised that we’d keep you shitheads safe, and that’s exactly what we plan on doing. We’re staying here. On the bench. And we’re waiting for the starting team to do their job. Does everybody understand? This isn’t a stupid sports game.” Steve paused. “I said does everybody understand? I need a yes.” “We should ask Y/N for her take on this. She can’t be agreeing with him” Dustin proposed, pointing at Steve as if he hadn’t said a single word. “Why are you even asking this? WE”, Steve waved a hand between you two, “are together on this!” “Oh shut it Harrington, we are asking for her opinion not your relationship status.” Steve sputtered incoherently at that. “Yeah, Y/N gets a say. She’s senior sitter, her vote carries more power than your’s.” Mike spoke up.

You had been listening to this exchange with mounting annoyance. “Hey shitheads, stop talking about me as if I’m not even here. And that includes you as well Harrington!” you pointed at him with a ticked off expression on your face. You continued, “They aren’t completely wrong…” “Please don’t be actually considering this…” Steve begged. “All I’m saying…” the sounds of an engine revving loudly interrupted you. Max scrambled to the window, fear evident on her face. “It’s my brother. He can’t know I’m here. He’ll kill me. He’ll kill us.” She looked at you and Steve, just as you both recognised the person to whom the car belonged to. Steve exclaimed, “You are Billy Hargrove’s sister?!” she nodded. You frowned as you motioned to follow him outside. “Y/N stay here.” “If you think I’ll let you go suicide squad again…” “They’ll need someone tough if things go wrong”, he jerked his heads towards the kids.

That was your first mistake. Letting him go out there alone to face that savage Neanderthal named Billy fucking Hargrove. You just wished that King Steve wouldn’t be dethroned by the new Keg King in a fist fight as well. You noticed too late that the kids were crowding in the window when they were supposed to hide. Suddenly they ducked. “Did he see us?” Dustin asked. You closed your eyes and took in a deep breath. This was turning into one hell of a night. You shuffled them into the kitchen and prepared yourself for what was about to come. The door was kicked open with force, as Billy strutted into the room. “Well, well, well. Y/N L/N and Lucas Sinclair, what a surprise.” He looked at you and then at Lucas behind you with a manic glint in his eyes.

“Hargrove, you need to leave this house. Now.” He merely laughed. “Step aside L/N this doesn’t concern you.” He merely laughed. “Step aside L/N this doesn’t concern you.” “Like hell it doesn’t. You stay away from my kids, you understand?” You kept a hand on your machete, prepared for the worst case scenario. He snorted, “Did you and Harrington decide to take the next step and start adopting kids? If so, leave that bitch alone. ‘Cause I ain’t leaving this house without my sister.” “And I ain’t leaving Max with an asshole of a brother.” That was your second mistake of the night. Your sass was going to get you killed one day. Well, who cares, Hargrove had it coming anyway. He laughed out loud as if you had cracked a really funny joke but the mirth didn’t reach his crazed eyes. With a shout he rushed towards you. You whipped out the machete and hit his head with its handle in a bid to throw him off course. The leather grip and your force dealt a sizeable welt to the side of his head. He grunted with the blow but took you down nonetheless. The machete slid out of your grip and fell too far from your reach. Well, shit.

The kids were shouting out loudly, telling him to leave you alone but all you could stare at were the eyes of Billy Hargrove as he grabbed your head and struck it against the floor. The pain thundered through your skull, dark spots danced across your vision and all sound turned into white noise. He didn’t give you a moment’s respite, grabbing you by the throat. You were hoisted momentarily in the air before being pushed against the wall. A groan escaped your lips when he choked you, “You should learn to keep that smart mouth of yours closed Y/N, never know who could rip it off.” You crumpled to the floor as he let you go and approached Lucas, slamming him into a wall cabinet with threats of dire consequences on his lips. Had it been somebody else they would have shit their pants. Not Lucas Sinclair. On being threatened, he kneed Billy in the groin. Despite being dazed and disoriented, you were a proud parent.

“You are so dead”, the mullet wearing bastard threatened him again before Steve interrupted his tirade, “No. You are.” You were thankful for that as he seemed to have an upper hand in beating Billy out of the house. That was until you saw Steve being clobbered on the head with a plate and subsequently pulverised to a bloody pulp. The white noise was slowly turning into a dull buzz as you stumbled to your feet and approached the pair. “Hey asshole, stay away from my guy!” Billy looked up in time to see your fist rushing to meet his face. Muttering profanities he grabbed you again and returned the favour. You could have dodged that punch, but all you did was smile at the pain, feeling the bruise already blossoming on your jaw. Confused at your reactions, he cursed as the needle pricked his neck. Max had needed a distraction to plunge the syringe, so you gave her one. You left her to threaten Billy with dire consequences, with liberal use of Steve’s bat of course. You crawled towards him, watching King Steve in all his glory, knocked out cold with a bloodied face. God, he had had the daylights punched out of him. Your head pounded and you had a feeling that you were no better than him, though minus a split lip and a slowly blackening eye.

You watched Billy promise Max to leave all of you alone and then slump into unconsciousness. They all looked at you as you chuckled, wondering if you had become deranged from his hits. “Did he knock something loose in your head?” Mike wondered out loud. “Nah, I was just thinking that I trained you kids well.” They all grinned at that. You managed to scrap together a few colourful band aids and carefully placed them on Steve’s injuries. That would have to do for the mean time.

Once you reached Billy’s car, you and Dustin somehow squashed Steve on the backseat. You were overcome by a wave of nausea and swayed on your feet. Most likely a concussion, you mused. “Max can you drive? If I attempt to do that in my state, I’ll probably ram it into a ditch.” That was how you found yourselves racing towards the hole Hopper had dug, Max swerving and accelerating at dangerous speeds.

Just as you started thinking that maybe this had been a bad idea, Steve groggily woke up. “Y/N?” he asked Dustin. “I’m here Steve.” He looked at you, before nuzzling into your side. “You look nice.” He felt your chuckle vibrate through his side, if he moved any further, he would be practically in your lap. “Speak for yourself Harrington.” A moment of silence passed before he asked, “Wait did you just call me Steve?” You turned your head to look out of the window, your cheeks flaming red. “What? No! I think you’re still too dazed to think straight.” “Wait, if you are sitting here. Then who’s driving?” His gaze shifted to Max and a chant of ‘Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my god!’ started. Frankly you don’t really know how you reached where you needed to be. Suffice to say, it involved a lot of shouting, a lot of cursing, one hyperventilating Steve and a smashed mail box. By the end of the ride, you and Steve were clutching each other for dear life.

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“I told you, zoomer.” Max said proudly, once you rushed out of the car never more grateful for solid ground. “Guys? Hey guys?” Steve shouted at the kids as they started taking out bandanas and goggles from the boot, ‘protection’ you had insisted would be required if you were to go through with this. You mumbled your thanks to Dustin as he handed you your pair. “Y/N you should be siding with me on this! We aren’t going down that hole! This ends now!” You stared at the ground for a moment before saying, “They are right, you know. I can’t sit there waiting for others to do things knowing I could have done something to help El and Hopper out. And anything goes, even crawling into a slime infested Upside Down tunnel trying to lure flesh eating demo-dogs if that means we can shut this shit down for good.” “You really have a way with words, you know?” Dustin said while giving Steve his protective gear, “Steve, you are upset. I get it. But the bottom line is a party member requires assistance, and it is our duty to provide that assistance. Now I know you promised Nance that you would keep us safe. So keep us safe.” He handed him his bat and your machete was thrust into your hands. Steve sighed and took his trusty bat after you gave him a nod.

Getting down the hole hadn’t been difficult. Once you landed, the sight that greeted you was hardly scenic. The floating dust particles, the slime lathered pulsing tunnel and the chilly air gave you eerie vibes. It seemed like a piece of hell had been recreated in Hawkins. “Holy shit”, Steve exclaimed. “Pretty cosy, right?” you replied sardonically as the party looked around. “Yeah. I’m pretty sure it’s this way.” Mike shined the torch on the crude map of the tunnels you had drawn. You were glad that Steve stopped Mike and took the lead; these little shits could go running blindly into danger and not even know it. Bringing up the back, you swung the machete in your hand hoping that the demo-dogs would at least let you reach the hub and not make any surprise appearances. Getting there had been fairly incident free if you overlooked a minor hiccup (Dustin being spewed with otherworldly vomit could be considered that, in the grand scheme of things) and before you knew it, you were dousing the hub with all the inflammable liquid you could get your hands on from the Byers’ household.

With everyone calling out that they were ready, Steve took out the lighter and flung it into the darkness whilst muttering, “I’m in such deep shit.” For the rest of your life, you would remember how the small flame sailed through the air, almost in slow motion, before landing on the floor and lighting up the room like a bonfire taking to dry wood. Nothing could be more horrifyingly beautiful than an inferno of flames engulfing the slimy tendrils that started screeching on being burnt. “Go, go, go, go, go”, Steve yelled snapping you out of your daze when he pulled you together with him. You quickly ran ahead of the boys, taking the machete out of its place at your waist. Was this how Vikings felt when they launched surprise attacks on enemies? Well, they probably didn’t have someone like Steve Harrington shouting, ‘oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my god!’ throughout the escape but you wouldn’t have liked it any other way. The euphoria of having burnt an evil shadow monster’s lair pumped through your veins, the frigid air rushing past your party as you ran through the winding tunnels.

That was until Mike’s cries for help brought you to a screeching halt. You changed directions, running back to see him being dragged by the vines. Lucas, Dustin and Max reached him first and tried to pull him out of the vine’s clutches. “Stand back!” Steve swung the bat at it once, twice. You delivered the third blow, cutting it clean from his foot as the shrieking critter gave a few dying wails before flopping lifelessly. You were hoping that that would be the end of your problems. You should have known better. A hungry growl diverted your attention from checking if Mike was hurt and the hair on the back of your arms stood up. A demo-dog stood in front of you in all its slimy, many toothed glory. You made a move to go full Viking on it just as Dustin called out, “Dart?” This was the thing that had been mistaken for a pet?? You lowered the machete as Steve tried to pull him back but he just shushed you guys. You tried to call him back, “Trust me on this!” he replied and you lapsed into silence.

Your eyebrows rose up in disbelief as Dustin talked with the creature as if it were a beloved dog returning to its master. You were fairly sure your brows had disappeared into your hairline by the time he had managed to calm the demo-dog with nougat bars and waved you guys to move forward. This night was breaking all previous charts of trippy events but stranger things had been known to happen.

You swiftly moved on ahead but a loud rumble shook the ground, tripping you and the others. “What was that?” Max asked. “They are coming. Run. RUN!” Mike shouted from the rear. You all ran like your lives depended upon it as growls echoed deeply from the tunnels, sounding closer and closer as you approached the rope. “There! Let’s go. Go. Go. Go.” Steve steadied the dangling rope while you hoisted Max up and urged them to climb up ahead one by one. You were about to follow Dustin as he was helped up by Lucas and Mike when the growls echoed too closely for your comfort. “Shit” you muttered. Hordes of demo-dogs rounded the corner and filled the tunnel, piling over one another in their haste to reach you. It was too late, you could never make it out in time. This was the end, this was how you would die. At least you both had got all the kids out safely.

Your fist gripped the machete tightly, readying it for one last swing. Steve looked at you and gave a solemn nod. You held his gaze and a silent understanding passed between you. Whatever may happen, you would go down fighting. You saw the distance between them and you diminishing at an alarming rate. Running at you at full throttle, closing in on you, faster and faster….

And just continuing on as if you were invisible. Completely ignoring your presence, they roughly brushed past you, almost knocking you off balance. Did they not see that there were two prime steaks standing smack dab in their midst? Steve pulled you in his arms as the tide of demo-dogs made its way around you, disappearing around the corner heading god knew where. As you clutched onto him for dear life, your mind finally registered that you had nearly died just then. You stared at him, not comprehending that the ordeal was at long last over. He gazed right back, holding on equally tightly. As if letting you go would make the monsters come back. As if being nearly run down by literal hell hounds had finally opened his eyes and he was seeing you for the first time.

You gave a hysterical laugh and flung yourself into Steve as he buried his head in the crook of your neck, clutching your waist even more tightly than before. You both stayed like that for what seemed like eternity before being interrupted by Dustin. “Guys? Guys, I know it’s literally the end of the world but can you have your lovey-dovey moment after you are safe and out of that hell hole?” You sprang apart at that and let go of each other. Blushing the shade of ripe tomatoes, you climbed up the rope. Once you reached above ground, you slipped your hand into Steve’s, took off the bandana & goggles and gave him a dazzling smile. The headlights burnt bright like two miniature suns, signalling that El had managed to close the gate. He looked at you then, with the fading light reflecting off your sweat and grime stained face. You looked as bone tired as he felt, hair greasy and all over the place. There was a purplish bruise on your jaw that was darkening with every passing minute (Hargrove was going to be so dead once he was done with him). Nobody had looked more beautiful in his eyes.

In that moment, Steve Harrington thought that if the end of the world meant you would look at him with such adoring eyes, may be facing ravaging demo-dogs and enduring near death experiences wasn’t that bad of a deal after all.  

A/N: My first Steve Harrington imagine! Not exactly sure how this turned out. Please excuse any typos that may have crept in. I love Mom Steve, if you didn’t notice. I react to feedback the way Dart acts with Nougat. ❤
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Note: Reader gets stuck in a lift with Loki and he calms them down when they start to panic. You know the drill; drop me a message if you want to be added to a tag list and let me know what you think!!

Words: 2,731

You can find my other fics here: Loki Masterlist

             “Evening,” you muttered as he stepped into the elevator. Of course, you knew who he was; everyone did. You’d been warned about Loki. Stay away and keep a distance. Whatever you do, don’t engage him. It never ended well for those that tried.

As far as you knew, he’d been in the Tower with the others for many months now, living out a punishment here on Earth. You didn’t claim to understand the logic of keeping him around. It seemed far more dangerous to let him stay here in luxury that in a jail cell. Still, you were sure you’d have heard if he’d tried anything. He’d certainly made a statement the last time he’d visited Earth.

He gave a brief nod of acknowledgement and pressed the button for the floor above your destination. The doors slid shut and you kept your gaze on the ground as you ascended the Tower. Normally you’d have tried to make conversation but Loki’s reputation put you off of trying. He may not have been trying to destroy Humanity any more but that didn’t mean he was known for his polite conversation.

The elevator suddenly shook and it went pitch black. Seconds later the emergency lights flickered on, filling the small space with an incandescent blue light that hurt your eyes. You tapped the display and it soon showed that you were stuck somewhere between floors 25 and 26.

You looked over at Loki, who was in turn already watching you intently. “Help me with the doors?” you asked.

You each pulled on a door, only to end up face to face with the concrete wall. It seemed that you were perfectly between the floors; too high to be able to climb down but too low to climb out. You let out a groan of frustration and tapped the display screen again.

A few seconds later, you heard a voice on the intercom. “What’s happening? Are you stuck?”

               "Between twenty five and six.“

               "Is it just you in there?”

               "Loki is in here, too,“ you said.

There was a moment’s silence on the line before you were told, "Try and stay calm. There was a power glitch that caught out most of the systems. We’re still trying to reboot everything. I’ll get a crew to you as soon as possible.”

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My niece: *runs up and starts signing at me*

My dumbass: “I don’t… what do you…”

My literal 18 month old niece: *glares me right in the face with the most #Done expression as she retrieves her empty sippy cup and signs again*

Me: “oh okay yeah ‘more’ I gotchu”

Vanitas no Carte vol.4 magazine vs. tankobon - differences

Differences between the magazine release and the tankobon release of memoires 16~21, published in volume 4. I’ve used Yen Press’s English release as magazine comparison. I’m only checking general differences (shading, screentones, added text), but won’t be checking textual differences (as in, whether the wording has changed).

Honestly most of these are just screentone alterations and one or two re-draws, nothing too big. It never ceases to amaze me how meticulous MochiJun can be…


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This life has twists and turns, but it’s the sweetest mystery. When you’re with me, we say a thousand words, but no one else is listening I believe. Every night and every day, no matter what might come our way, we’ll really stick together. The dark turns to light, we both come alive tonight. I’m talking bout forever. 

Never gonna let you go, giving you my heart and soul. I’ll be right here with you for life. Oh, baby all I wanna do Is spend my every second with you. So look in my eyes, I’ll be by your side.

The storms may come and winds may blow. I’ll be your shelter for life. This love, this love, I mean it till the day I die. Oh, never gonna let you go, giving you my heart and sou.l I’ll be right here with you for life. Oh, baby all I wanna do is spend my every second with you. So look in my eyes I’ll be by your side. Yeah, look in my eyes. I’ll be by your side for life.

I am not the same person I was before watching buzz-cut, three-piece-suit-wearing Kyungsoo sing the English version of For Life while Chanyeol plays piano.

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man im fucking losing my mind with them. timmy's first association with the word 'love' is 'armie'????? and then armie's first association with 'timothée' is 'elizabeth'?????? what the hell??? they really do live as a polyamorous family don't they. at this point it doesn't even sound like a joke goodness

they are doing NOTHING to convince me that they’re not in a poly relationship. NOTHING!!

With a Bow

Summary: Dean won’t leave the reader alone when she’s planned to wrap gifts, and at first, she’s less than thrilled.

Warnings: Swearing, suggestive comments, fluff out the wazoo

Word Count: 1110

This was written for @torn-and-frayed‘s Winter with Dean Drabble Challenge!


Reader’s POV

“Why can’t I come in?” Dean whined, the door creaking miserably as he leaned heavily against it.

I simply rolled my eyes and continued what I was doing. It hadn’t even been five minutes into wrapping Christmas presents that Dean had started bugging me, griping left and right about how I was ignoring him. I seriously considered just letting him in and ruining the surprise at one point, just to have a break from his constant badgering. But I just couldn’t. It was for Christmas, and Dean needed to mind his own damn business so that he could have a normal holiday like everybody else. No way was I budging on this.

With a perfectly placed bow, I finally finished wrapping up Dean’s haul of gifts. Sighing in relief, I pushed the large box to the side and stood. I was stretching out the aches in my joints when the whine came yet again. “Y/N,” he dragged out, accompanied by the light sound of his head banging against the wood.

Huffing in frustration, I stormed over to the door, unlocked it, and yanked it open. Of course, I didn’t really think about the 180 pound hunter that was putting his entire body weight against the door. I realized my mistake a second too late. Dean was already falling through, green eyes flying open wide as we went down in a tangle of flailing limbs. As I lay on the floor, him on top of me as I struggled to regain my breath, Dean grinned at me. “Well, hi there,” he laughed, only giggling more violently at the pissed glare he received.

“Get off unless you want to sleep on the couch tonight!” I demanded harshly, shoving at his broad shoulders.

Of course, Dean reacted immediately, springing away from me as if I was poisonous. Satisfied with how I handled the situation, I pushed myself to my feet. I was brushing off my butt when Dean grumbled, “I feel manipulated.” The snort that he received was inevitable, and I definitely didn’t regret it when he glowered down at me.

Without giving a proper reply, I wandered back over to my set up on the floor and sat. Mumbling to himself the whole way, Dean followed me. I had to physically restrain myself to not laugh. It wasn’t like he was on a leash. Crybaby could leave any time that he likes.

I reached under the bed, then stopped as Dean tilted his head to the side, uncannily resembling a confused dog. Right. Big mouth on this one. “Dean, if you tell Sam what I’m about to show you, I’m going to leave Baby in a fast food parking lot for a week, got it?”

His eyes went wide again as he nodded fervently. I slowly dragged out Sam’s Christmas present, grunting at how heavy it was. Dean’s mouth fell open. It was a long, wide box full of books. Big, hefty ones. I had gone to the thrift store and picked up anything that had looked remotely interesting. $50 sounds like a lot to spend on books, but when you’re not shopping in Barnes & Noble, you’re up to your neck in books.

“How did you…?” Dean breathed, completely flabbergasted.

“I have my secrets. C’mon, I’m gonna wrap them a half dozen at a time. Help me find ones that have about the same outline.”

Watching Dean’s hands pick up the dusty books and measure them next to each other was pornographic. The muscles barely strained at all in the face of the cumbersome books. I bit my bottom lip. Large, muscular, calloused hands. Jesus Christ.

Dean waving a hand in front of my face brought me back. “Hellooo? You in there, sweetheart? You gonna help or leave me to do all the work?” The smug grin on his face had my cheeks lighting up.

“Right. Sorry.”

We spent maybe fifteen minutes in relative silence before all the books were in fitting piles. I looked around at the spread with a wide smile on my face. Sam wasn’t the only one that would benefit from all of these books. So call me out on my ulterior motive. I won’t correct you.

Grabbing the roll of wrapping paper, I started to work. I was gifted with wrapping. It was something that had always come naturally to me.

But no one can keep their concentration in a room with Dean Winchester. To be fair, it wasn’t even his looks this time.

“What’s this?” I looked up to see Dean closely examining the larger present that I had carelessly set aside earlier.

Sighing to myself, I got up and crossed over to him. “No touch,” I scolded, smacking his hands away before leading him back to where I was wrapping presents.

It happened again not even a few seconds after that. Dean started giving me little touches, his fingers tracing up and down my thigh quickly progressing to him kissing at my neck skillfully. I pushed him off, annoyed. “Dean, stop distracting me. Here, go wrap those books over there.” I gestured to a pile in the corner, far away from where he could be distracting, hopefully. With a pout and the supplies he needed unceremoniously dropped into his awaiting hands, he sulked off to the corner.

The silence, unfortunately, didn’t last for much longer, either.

“Done!” Dean announced proudly. It was good timing, at least, because I had just stuck the bow to the top of the last stack I had. Trying to suppress my exasperation, I glanced up. What I saw nearly had me in tears in an instant.

There Dean was, proud as ever, holding an extremely poorly wrapped present. He clearly does not have the gift.

Before I could think twice about it, I pushed the words from my mouth. “Very nice. You should help more next year.”

Don’t laugh. Don’t laugh, Y/N. Don’t do it.

A ridiculous grin spread across his face. “Really? I thought I did an awful job.”

The urge to tease him went away. Damn, he’s too attractive for his own good.

Smiling, I gently pried the box from Dean’s hands and set it on the bed. “Yes, really.”

I was startled when something smacked to my forehead. Dean laughed at my bewildered look. “There. All decorated and everything,” Dean chuckled deeply.

I reached up to take off whatever was sticking to my forehead, but he stopped me. “It’s a bow.” He leaned in to whisper in my ear. “Which means that I get to unwrap you later.” Needless to say, I was a bright red when he pulled back to give me a kiss.

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xxhellsworstnightmarexx  asked:

Hi, so uhm- I really don´t know how this works ´cause us my first time asking, but well, I´m a teenager and I have been dreaming of being a writer since I was a little kid, but my problem is that while I have this really great ideas for my stories as well as some really awesome characters I have never been able to write well, like I´ve tried - A LOT - but things just dosel´t seem right most of the time... do you have some advice for me? (btw sorry for the errors, english isn´t my first language)


I understand what you’ve been through, but this feeling of wrongness kind of lingers. Even when you are an older writer, you are never quite satisfied with how you translate stories and characters into words, because ideas are a thousand times more magical than words. It’s like seeing this beautiful landscape, a sunset behind mountains, pinkish clouds moving along peach-colored rays of light, but, when you take a photo, it’s like any other image of a boring sunset, nothing special there. Yet, you’ve taken a photo, you’ve created something, you’ve learned something new.

So, my advice is: Keep writing, the more you do, the better your translation from ideas to words will become. Don’t blame yourself. Be kind. When you praise a student, they will learn a lot faster. Praise yourself. 

Also, your writing style will change a lot. Maybe even your genre. My first book was a chick lit. Now I write family sagas filled with tragedy, violence, despair, madness, dramatic anti-heroes… (I’ve read too many Brontës). Your style will change too, it will grow with you, naturally. Keep writing, but instead of thinking you don’t write well, replace it by “I’m learning and experimenting, every day I’m a better writer”. 

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chapter 7 of “Little Lost Soul” ~ Negan x selectively mute reader (Y/N)

Catch up here!

Negan x Selectively Mute Reader (Y/N)

3100 words

Warnings ~ Negan language, Negan & Lucille violence, bit of angst (reader is selectively mute), hints at violence and reader was abused in past

Under a cut due to length.

Tags are at the end. If you want on or off the taglist, please let me know!

Feedback is greatly appreciated!!!

 I stepped into the bathroom closing the door softly behind me. She wants to come watch, to see those fuckers get what they goddamn deserve. Justice for all she has gone through. But I wasn’t sure I wanted her there. How would she do? Did she truly know what I was capable of? How I exactly dole out said justice? It ain’t fucking pretty, that’s for sure. And I was more than fucking angry, I was going full on Lucille on them. I was staying calm, for doll’s sake . But fuck if I wasn’t buzzing inside, ready to do what needed to be done.

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Falling (falling) pt. 2

Part 1

Ayee back at it with the dad au (this is short and shitty, but eh this is just filler so y’all know how Roman gets along with the kids) 

Tags: @chipped-lesbian, @puns-and-patton, @tripleaaaqueer, @gigglybitch1215, @irish-newzealand-idian-dutch, @lizethemotherlycat, @fandoms-n-ship, @justanotherpurplebutterfly, @gaysonofjafar, @thesleepyraziel, @captainhadeslover, @yoshimicherryopal, @shipperofallthings-vk (If I forgot anyone or you wanna be added, just message me/send me an ask!)

Also side note: all “baby-babble” in this fic is omitted. Use your imagination on the way the twins pronounce words! What kind of speech inflections do six year olds have? Kindergarteners are actually really good at pronouncing their r’s and their l’s, and don’t really shorten words as much as younger kids. They may use words like “meaned” instead of “meant” and stuff like that, but ultimately, the “Sowwy daddy I fowgowt” isn’t actually a thing. And! Kids stutter! Especially using big words and when they’re emotional! Thank you this has been my Ted talk

Virgil meets Roman the next day, during his break between class and work. It’s late, but Roman seemingly doesn’t have anything to do, so he meets Virgil at a coffee shop near the current house of the couch he’s sleeping on. Virgil can’t judge, though; when he was with– …the boys’ mom, before they were born, they did their fair share of couch-hopping. 

He can, however, judge the man’s career choice. 

“…Acting? In rural Florida?” He asks, raising an eyebrow. Roman had informed Virgil that he was three years out of college for teaching high school literature, but he had decided to pursue acting, and that’s the reason why he’s currently jobless (and, consequently, homeless). 

Roman simply just scoffs at him. “There are plenty of theatre opportunities here! Local theaters pay community actors quite well, actually, for their professional productions. They’re just…few and far between…” He seems to deflate. “…And even then, the part isn’t guaranteed… And you have to pay for your own transportation if the venue is far away… And–” 

“I get it,” Virgil sighs, rubbing his temple. He has a feeling that Roman could go on and on, if he let him. “How are you with kids? You said you could provide childcare for my twins until you could afford to pay rent?” 

“That I did!” Roman says, perking up again, but soon his confident grin falters. “…How old are they?” 


“Six?” Virgil nods, not liking the other’s now nervous grin. “I…have seen a six year old before. If that goes for anything.” 

Virgil sighs. “Well, you’re the only one that’s replied to the ad, and I think you’re the only one that will. So…the spare room is yours.” 

The “spare room” is actually Virgil’s, they don’t have any more rooms, but he can sleep in the basement; it’s half flooded most of the year and smells of mildew, but he has no other option. There’s no way a full grown adult would want to share a room with another full grown adult, and the boys already share a room. 

He can brave the basement. 

“So? Is it a deal, then?” Roman asks, raising his eyebrows. Virgil nods, and his new roommate grins. “Perfect! When can I move in?” 

Roman is able to move in the next Thursday, before the twins come back from school. There’s only a few things to put in his new room, so Virgil and Roman chat idly on the couch. Soon the door slams open and Patton comes running in, Logan following behind slower. 

“Dad! Dad! The big kids hitted Logan in the face today! It throwed his glasses off his face!” Patton yells, tugging a startled Virgil by the hand to his brother in the doorway. Logan has a darkening bruise on his cheek, and immediately parental rage flows through Virgil. He scoops up Logan, looking at his face and fussing over his youngest. 

“Logan, sweetie, are you okay? Oh, dear, I’m so sorry. Patton,” He looks down to Patton, still fussing over Logan even though he keeps trying to squirm away (”I’m fine, dad, put me down”). “Did those boys get in trouble?” 

Patton nods, pulling something from his backpack and handing it to his father. “The teacher said to give you this. The boys are su– sp– s’pended.” 

“Good.” He kisses Logan’s forehead before setting him down. “Why didn’t I get a call?” 

“Th’ school didn’t wanna b- bother you.” 

Virgil is livid to hear this. 

“They wh–” He crumbles up the ball in his hand and tosses it in the garbage across the room, groaning. He sighs, smiling at Patton. “Thank you for bringing me the note, Pat. You’re very responsible, little guy.” 

“Hitting isn’t right.” Patton says, crossing his arms with a frown, stomping a little foot. “Why are big kids so mean?” 

“I don’t know, love,” Virgil mumbles, patting his eldest on the head. “I don’t know. But– things’ll get better. Daddy’s going to be going to your school and talking to the principal as soon as he can.” 

“Daddy, the boys will only be meaner if–” 

“If they hurt you any more, then you’re moving schools.” 


“No buts. I love you boys, I don’t want you to be hurt.” He’s about to continue when Roman clears his throat behind them. 

“Ah, as much as I don’t want to interrupt, Virgil, I believe you said you had to leave at four and it’s almost that time.” He says, blushing a little bit as the twins finally notice him, rushing up to his side and looking at him curiously. 

“Who are you?” 

“Are you daddy’s friend?” 

“No, daddy doesn’t have friends, Pat. He doesn’t have time.” 

“Then you’re the person that’s staying in daddy’s room, right?” 

Roman looks down at the little kids, eyes wide, bewildered by the two six-year-olds flitting around him like little nymphs, looking at him curiously. 

“I– Uh–” 

“Boys!” Virgil says sternly, and the twins freeze in place, turning to their father. 

“Yes, dad?” They say in unison. 

“This is Roman. He’s the person staying in the spare room down the hall, and the person that’s going to be babysitting you guys.” 

“Is he nice?” Logan asks warily. 

“Yes, he’s very nice.” 

“Will he play with us?” 

Virgil smiles at Patton, ruffling his hair. “You’ll have to ask him, bud. Now, give daddy hugs, he has to go.” 

“Do you have to?” Patton wails, clinging to Virgil’s leg, and Virgil feels the usual guilt he feels leaving them. “Please stay, just tonight!” 

“I can’t, buddy, I have to work,” Virgil explains weakly, prying Patton off of his leg so he can kneel down and hug him. Logan immediately joins in on the hug, squeezing as tight as his little arms will let him (which is, surprisingly, a lot). “But I promise I’ll come check on you tonight when I get home, alright?” 

“But– but what if I can’t sleep? Or have a night– ni– nightmare? An– and you’re not here?” 

“I know it’s scary, but I promise you can tell me about it when I get home and I’ll make you hot chocolate.” 

“P- Promise?” Patton sniffles, and wipes his nose on Virgil’s sleeve. Virgil smiles, and nods. 

“Promise. Now you go play with Roman, daddy’ll be home before you know it.” 

“Kay…” Patton mumbles. Virgil taps his cheek and Patton kisses it with a grin. Logan follows, kissing Virgil on the cheek, and then both boys find their way to the couch next to Roman, still eyeing him curiously. 

“You boys be good, be nice to Roman, and I’ll be home soon. Okay, loves?” 

“Okay,” The boys chime, and Virgil smiles. 

“Roman, there’s dinner in the fridge, I try to keep meals stocked up for them. Try to feed them by six thirty, and get them to bed by eight. Are– Are you sure you’ll be okay with them?” 

“Yes, I’m sure. Don’t you worry.” Roman smiles at Virgil, and Virgil nods, smiling. 

“Then I’ll see you when I get back. See you.” 

…Roman should not have said he’d be fine. He is not fine. He’s completely useless here! The twins were able to make their own dinner and change into their pajamas by themselves, they watched tv until it was time to go to bed– and then they went to bed on their own! Roman tried to engage them, but they didn’t seem interested. They were hesitant and shy, as if he’d brush them off at any second. They were perfectly content to just play with each other. 

So here he is, sitting on the couch at one thirty in the morning, eating cold-in-the-middle lasagna, watching Sesame Street because he can’t figure out how to work the dvd player. 

Virgil returns to the house around four a.m., looking exhausted. He smiles at Roman, sneaking into the kitchen quietly to get some food before returning to the living you. 

“How were they?” He asks, voice low. “You didn’t have to stay up and wait, by the way. I work late, and have classes in between shifts, so I get home late.” 

Roman shrugs. “They were…independent. Didn’t need my help at all. Didn’t even ask for help when they wanted dinner early.” 

“They’re like that,” Virgil chuckles, shaking his head. “I wish it wasn’t like that, but I…I’m gone a lot, trying to keep up with bills and stuff. The babysitters they’ve all had have been lazy teenagers, so they had to learn to take care of themselves.” 

“I’m sorry to hear that,” Roman says, frowning. He wonders how much hell this man must’ve gone through with his kids. Virgil shakes his head, shrugging. 

“It’s life, don’t worry about it.” 

“It shouldn’t be.” 

Roman doesn’t know if he’s overstepping boundaries, but Virgil is beginning to look uncomfortable, so he decides that he is. 


Virgil shakes his head. “It’s fine. Hey, I’m gonna go to bed, you should probably do that too.” 

“A– Ah, you didn’t finish your–” 

“I’m not too hungry.” 

Virgil is quick to drop his leftover lasagna into the trash and put his plate in the dishwasher, before he disappears down to the basement. Roman simply just watches him, feeling guilty. He doesn’t know why– even though he just met this small family, he doesn’t know why he wants the best for them. He doesn’t know why he wants to help these kids and their dad. 

He doesn’t understand. But he’s going to do it.

He sighs, standing up, and goes to his bedroom. Later, as he’s laying in bed, listening to Virgil comforting a crying Patton after a nightmare, he mumbles to himself, “I hope life gets better for you…You deserve it.” 

The truth is, I am not really here to write. Words doesn’t bode well with the weight of my emotions. I never expected for these letters to be the platelets the could wash away the cherriness of your smile when you closed that distance I once thought was impossible to reach. I never believed that writing can clothe the rose colored promises you swore someday will happen. I never liked this. I hate writing. Because whenever I start to dig words, there’s only you in my mind; your name, your words, your whole being. So what am I really doing here? Why am I playing these ryhmed poetries in the hearts of those who can read; targeting their vulnerable parts like mine. What’s my purpose really? when you know too well my intention is: To ink all the places you could wander off; stamping my thoughts in every pages, every site, every part of the world. So if you started looking around for a safe haven, you’ll only feel me everywhere; uncalled. You’ll see every piece of me you stepped on. I know I’m no writer, but for you, I will be from now on.
—  禅 -ちゃん. The Afternoon Artist

Friends with benefits #2

Liam thinks and overthinks about Theo’s words, at the beginning he feels angry, upset, mad. How in the hell can Theo be sure about the fact that he’s done nothing wrong? He did do something wrong! It’s his fault if Liam is so confused about what to do, what to think, what to feel and what to chose to do.

But then he tries to change his prospective and isolates his words, “I did nothing wrong”, he knows Theo’s referring to the getting laid thing and not to all their past. When he falls asleep he’s so full of thoughts about Theo that he finds him even his dreams.

He dreams of Theo’s hand down his pants, of his lips under his jaw, and he dreams of his own mouth invaded by his tongue. And the dream seems so real his breath changes during his sleep, his fist tighten around the corner of the pillow, his blood starts to boil under his skin.

He wakes up in the middle of the night, completely shocked about that dream, with tachycardia and in a pool of sweat. He doesn’t stop there to think for long, he gets up, takes a quick shower to get off the smell of sweat and puts on sweater, sweatpants and shoes before he sneaks out.

It doesn’t take long, he knows exactly where to go and there’s nothing stopping him at that time of the night.

He knocks impatient and determined on Theo’s car window. Liam can see him sleeping in a position that doesn’t look very comfortable; that’s probably why his eyes open instantly and stop on his figure.

Theo gets out the car, asking Liam what he’s doing there in the middle of the night, and to give him a reasonable answer, otherwise he doesn’t waste any more time and goes back to sleep.

He rests his back against the car door and waits for an answer, arms crossed against his own chest, as to repair from the cold air, before he raise his head and touches under his nose with the back of his index finger. “So?”

Liam’s lips hit Theo’s real fast after that word, he has to lean over him and to stand on his tiptoes to reach him, and he feels a little stupid because of that, but it doesn’t matter in that moment.

He doesn’t touch him, his hands are on the cold surface of the car door, his chest is distant from Theo’s chest, still partially covered by his crossed arms.

This time the kiss isn’t rushed, it’s still rough and their lips press with force, but they take their time. Theo does respond to the kiss, but somehow looks like he’s staining, holding himself. And Liam notices that, but doesn’t really care, he knows why he’s doing it.

When they break the kiss, Theo licks his lips and tighten his jaw for a second. “The hell does that mean?”

Liam waits a moment before he answers. “I don’t know what that means. I just know that is nothing more than what it is. It’s a kiss. I wanted to do it, and I did it”.

“Oh, I know you wanted to. The smell of lust punched me in the face before I could even open that door”

Theo’s statement catches Liam by surprise.

And that makes Theo laugh. “You really think a shower can beat my nose ability? Liam… You should know what I am able to do”

Liam looks at his feet, that he moves his eyes towards the chimera’s lips and says “Well, I was thinking more about your tongue abilities, to be honest”

A little grin appears on Theo’s face, but he’s trying not to surrender. “Liam” he kindly says his name, but the look on his face is not so happy. “Look, if you have to be a bitch later, i don’t want to-”

“I won’t” it’s everything Liam says, and everything Theo needs to hear to give up to him.


Okay, this was part 2, hope you enjoyed it. Just so you know, this is not an actual fic, it’s just a very detailed explaination of what my idea about the friends with benefits was. I’m not putting real efforts to write this, so if this suck or has error, be merciful lmao. As soon as possible I’ll write part 3.

Don't Want to Lose You (One Shot)

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Absolutely love your writing. I look forward to it every week!! Is there any chance you could do an imagine set during S3 Ep5 where Lena tries to break up with the reader. You can choose how it ends?? Love Anon x

A/N: Well, hi everyone, how ya doing in thanksgiving? I hope you are fine, eating well and enjoining yourselves. Here’s one little request for you on this day and know that I’m working on your other requests. Kudos to the anon that send this one. It was really exiting to write something like this!! Thank you!! I hope you like it and let me know what you think.

Lena Luthor x Reader/Break Up//Word Count: 1,418

“It’s been a crazy day. Maybe it’s better if you come here. You can stay if you want too, Ruby is staying with a friend and I need to get back to L-Corp.” Sam told you over the phone. “I’m sure she’s still processing everything and she needs you.” You thanked her and, after you hung up, you drove straight to Sam’s house.

You were going to kill Morgan Edge with your bare hands. He had gone too far, accusing Lena publicly of poisoning children and pretending to be a saint while doing so. That man was the worst and you were going to punch him in the face, at the first opportunity. But first, you needed to see your girlfriend. With all of this, you could only imagine what she was dealing with.

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Bruises - Isaac Lahey


Isaac’s lips were moving, but I couldn’t hear a word he was saying, my focus was completely fixated on his blackened eye and the cut on his jaw that looked as if it had happened recently.

I knew what his dad did to him, and saying I hated him for it was an understatement. I had tried multiple times to do something about it, but each time Isaac begged me not to, saying he was the only family he had left.

I had lost count of all the times Isaac had come over to my house in the middle of the night, bruised and terrified. I was his girlfriend, I was supposed to protect him and make him feel loved, and I was failing.

We were currently sitting in his room, working on a project for school, while his dad sat downstairs watching TV.

“Y/N,” I heard Isaac say, pulling me from my thoughts. “Stop worrying about it, I’m fine.”

“No you’re not Isaac, god look at you,” I said cupping his fave with my hands, lightly tracing my thumb around the edge of his bruised cheek bone. Isaac placed his hands over mine and pulled them off his face, holding my hands in his.

“I hate him, I hate him so much. How could he do this to you,” I said, anger rising in my chest. Isaac sighed, “It’s okay, Y/N.”

I shook my head, “Why won’t you let me help you?”

Isaac didn’t say anything, he simply leaned forward and pressed his lips against mine for a short but sweet kiss.

“All you need to do is help me not fail this project,” he said with a slight smile that seemed forced. I let out a sigh and hesitantly nodded.

However, before we could get started, Isaac’s door swung open, revealing his father who looked pissed. Isaac’s face paled, and his eyes went wide with terror.

Isaac’s father gave me a fake smile before turning back to Isaac. “Isaac, can you tell me why there’s a scratch on my car?”

I could see tears gathering in Isaac’s eyes, as he stuttered, trying to find his voice. “I-I-I’m sorry, m-my bike ac-accidentally hit it.”

Isaac’s dad sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose, “Alright, well I think it’s time your friend went home so we can discuss what to do about my car, I’ll meet you downstairs.”

Isaac stood up, rubbing his the back of his neck, “You need to go,” he said, his voice shaking.

I shook my head, “Isaac no, I’m not leaving you.”

“It’s okay, I can take it, I promise I’m okay,” He said, holding my hands in his. I quickly threw my arms around him, holding him tight.

“Come on, you’ve gotta go,” he whispered, prying me off of him and leading me downstairs where his dad was waiting on the couch.

“I’ll be down in the basement,” Isaac’s dad said, standing up, and looking over at us.

“No.” I said without thinking, causing both Isaac and his father to give me a look.

“I’m sorry, what?” His father said, walking towards us.

“I said no.” I said, my voice shaking a bit, but full of determination. “Y/N, don’t,” Isaac tried, but I ignored him.

“I’m not letting you beat him senseless then lock him in a freezer,” I said through gritted teeth. Isaac’s dad only laughed,

“Isaac? Is that what you’ve been telling people? Don’t listen to him, you know how he likes to make stuff up for attention.”

He moved closer and I quickly placed myself in front of Isaac, shielding him from his dad. “Get away from from him,” I said as calmly as I could.

His eyes narrowed as he gave up on the innocent act. “What happens in this house is none of your business, now I suggest you leave before I have to escort you out myself.”

Isaac grabbed my hand and spun me around, “Y/N, you need to go, I’m not kidding.”


“No Y/N! Just go!” Isaac yelled, his voice full of panic, and before I knew it I was being shoved outside, the door slamming behind me. Muffled yelling and thuds could be heard from inside.

“Shit,” I mumbled as my eyes began to water. With shaking hands I reached into my pocket and grabbed my phone, quickly dialing 9-1-1.


It didn’t take long for the cops to reach Isaac’s house. Three cops stepped out of their cars, one came up to me while the other two went to the door.

“Are you the one who called?” She asked in a kind voice. I nodded and wiped the tears form my face. She gave me a soft smile, “Why don’t you come with me while my friends takes care of everything?”

I nodded and followed her to the edge of the driveway, watching the events unfold.

Mr. Lahey came to the door and spoke to the cops for a bit, shooting me a glare every few seconds. Eventually they all went inside and closed the door.

The next five minutes were the longest five minutes of my life as I stood there, waiting for something to happen.

My heart skipped a beat when the door finally opened. One cop lead Isaac’s dad out of the house, hands behind his back. “Seriously? Locking your son in a freezer?” The cop said in an angry voice as he pushed him towards the cop car.

When I didn’t see Isaac, I started to sprint towards the house, the female cop yelling for me to stop, but I ignored her.

I ran through the open door and saw Isaac being lead out of the basement by the other cop. “Isaac!” I shouted, causing his head to snap up. His face had new cuts and I saw new bruises beginning to form on his collar bone.

I ran to him, throwing my arms around him, holding him tightly. He wrapped his arms around my waist and burried his face into the crook of my neck. He entire body shook as he sobbed.

“It’s okay, it’s over, you’re okay now,” I whispered as I ran my fingers through his hair soothingly. “I’m so sorry, I had to call them, I had to.”

Isaac hugged me tighter, “Thank you,” was all he said.

I walked through the darkness

Thinking of everything yet nothing

My mind is a mess of ineffable thoughts

Working too fast for it to make any sense.

Silence envelops me

Cloaking my body in a terrible melody I used to find so lovely

Everything starts to lose its meaning

And I find myself back to where I started-

Not knowing where to go, not knowing what to do

All because I trusted you.

|| A.T.V ||


Accent Challenge Tag!

I was tagged for the Accent Challenge tag by @marshmallowsims! Sorry if at some point I speak too fast or trip on my words jksdahfksdf

I tag: @reveal-the-fkn-sims, @starkinternational, @camisims, @lehma. Ya’ll don’t gotta do this if you don’t want. Except for camisims because she had the nerve to send me 50 asks for a character, smh. I kid tho, do whatever ya want.


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