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I mean, the majority of his tweets are about the band? He tweeted after the brits, for Niall's single, the band's anniversary... All his friends and family went hard during the brits with the #. What do people want?

i know i’m literally

Big Bad Dean Winchester (Part 5)

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Summary: When the dust settles after the attack, the reader is left to navigate the aftermath on her own…

Big Bad Dean Winchester Masterlist

Pairing: Endverse!Dean x reader

Word Count: 3,200ish

Warnings: language, implied smut, horror themes

A/N: This was a very unique series to write that had it’s challenges but was a joy all the same…

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me irl: my favourite book is *enter random book* for its emotional and beautiful writing

me online: my favourite book is an 500k+ word fan fiction about two guys from my favourite band fucking each other over like 7 years in the 70’s and i enjoy every minute of it.

acceptable variations on the murder squash song

if we’re getting a tv series, we’re getting a murder squash song. this is not negotiable. but other than “horrifically earwormy” how should it sound? some possibilities, in no particular order:

  • that horrifically earwormy version of early-00s rock and alt-punk that is like a marriage of linkin park and fall out boy
  • horrifically earwormy fluffy pop that is entirely opposite to what you’d expect ronan to be inflicting upon his friends but you cannot get it out of your head. it’s probably sung by katy perry.
  • death metal in the style of the “darkness no parents” batman song
  • the sort of deceptive punk-pop that starts out all melancholy and orchestral, but segues into weird al as sung by swedish orchestral metal
  • bollywood item song whose joke got taken way too far. (think…shah rukh khan-style). none of the words are pronounced anything close to the proper hindi. gansey tried to learn the actual words at some point.
  • 80s workout music about squash sampled by a metal band. I have no idea how this would sound but you have to admit it would be interesting and probably horrifically earwormy.
    • as an aside: today I heard “welcome to the black parade” set to wub wub and I cannot unhear it, so here’s another, horrific possibility for the murder squash
  • rick astley
Celebration Day 1 Debrief

Intro/Concert Footage

First, everyone started together in a sectioned off part of the soundstage. There was a big screen with the Celebration 2017 art, and a large Prince symbol in the back left corner, lit up with progressive lights. It was like he was watching over the whole thing!

We were welcomed by Damaris and encouraged to be fully present during the weekend. She mentioned it’s “up to us to continue his legacy.” And noted “if you are a fan of Prince, You are a part of his legacy.”

They then showed 45 minutes of the May 25, 2014 show at the Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam. EXCELLENT quality! 

Songs included :
Something in the Water Does Not Compute
Pretzelbodylogic/Sailor’s Hornpipe/Stratus
What’s My Name/Sacrifice of Victor (he crip walked during this part we fell out)
Piano Segment (How Come U Don’t Call Me, Condition of the Heart, Diamonds & Pearls)
Purple Rain (You may have seen the clip of this where he invites people to Paisley)


30 minute break in the food tent. They showed music videos while people enjoyed snacks or had their meal plan meals. Tyka was among us being normal. We didn’t attempt speak this time since we met her at the tribute last year, but somehow got some alone time with her and her husband while they waited for food. Still super nice!

Good idea to have music during that break since a lot of us were singing along as we moved along to the next session.

NPG 1989 - 2000

Panel discussion with Morris Hayes, Levi Seacer, Tony M and Damon Dixon. They shared their origin stories. 

Morris - In the house band for the Glam Slam, later in Carmen Electra’s Band. Opened for P during the D&P tour. Had a passive interest in being in P’s band but not totally enthused due to hours, pay, etc. When the tour was over, he went to thank Prince for having him on and P said “your work here is not done.” (lol) Kept hearing from others that he’d been added to P’s band, but never had official word about it. He was like “whaaat?” At a club in a “mandatory fun” type appearance…told by Gilbert (P’s security guy) that he should go speak to P and to be excited because he’d basically already told Prince that Morris accepted the invitation to be in the band, though he hadn’t yet. Went to speak to Prince… 

Prince : “What’s up grandson? Needs some work? Need a job?”

Morris was excited at first about the opportunity, then like…oh boy…i’m in Prince’s band now…with a dread/nervous/excitement.

Levi - Was in Sheila’s band playing guitar. Recruited to join P’s as a bassist. Funny story of P yelling out “If it ain’t from Minneapolis, it ain’t nothing” during a concert…while half the band was from the bay area (Sheila, Miko, Levi, Bonnie).

Tony M/Damon Dixon - Wranglers during the filming of Purple Rain (in charge of getting the extras where they needed to be). They were hanging out dancing in the bathroom with their boombox when P walked in. P watched for a while then left. One of P’s people gave them a tape with 7 songs on it and instructions to make up dances to them all by 5am the next morning. They worked on the dances all night in Tony M’s mom’s apartment.

On Tony M’s raps 
He was very aware that people did not like his rapping..even at the time. 

On Goldnigga saving a lot of the NPG
“I was in a wheelchair with a tailpipe on it and Prince pulled me out…he saved me” Note : Morris is a CHARACTER OKAY?! LOOOOOL

On the band playing other people’s songs, but P not allowing other people to do his
Morris questioned P about this while practicing a cover. P’s response “because this is what they MEANT to do…”

On the Creation of Diamonds and Pearls’ Lead Single
After a promo concert at WB, the President of WB called Levi and said the album didn’t have a single yet…and wanted Levi to tell Prince this. Levi was like “why me?!” They felt he could deliver the message better. Levi let P know and he was upset…but worked on a song in the meantime. 5 hours later…P called Levi into the studio at 5 am…hit play…and played Cream. After it was over P asked him, “Do you think they’ll like it?”

Prince’s Guitars

With guitar tech Takuemi and Dave Rusen creator of the Cloud Guitar

- The Cloud Guitar from Purple Rain was made from scratch in 3 weeks.
- Prince never broke a string on a guitar, at least while Takuemi was with him
- Takuemi caught the guitar at the 2004 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, handed it to Oprah, and walked off. As instructed by Prince

Special Guest Concert

Front row for George Clinton and the Parliament Funkadelic!

I will say…it was FUNKY!

I will also say….Ghost Prince would have made a FORTUNE for the swear jar….


And so concludes day 1!

*Pics from the Paisley Park Twitter Account

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THESE PROMPTS LAINE HOO BOY kc + “I bet I can dance/move/act like that and I don’t even have to be a dancer/stripper/actor/whatever wait are you turned on?” sex

I Like Your Style

When his doorbell rings at 8:17 PM on a Wednesday, when he’s not expecting a soul, Klaus decides to ignore whoever thought that dropping by - uninvited and unannounced – was a good idea. His phone hasn’t made a sound all evening and surely, if there were some sort of emergency, someone would have tried to call first. He shifts on the couch, sinking deeper into the cushions, and continues with his Netflix surfing.

He cannot concentrate, idly scrolling without really absorbing anything, as the doorbell will not stop ringing. If anything his guest becomes more persistent, making the irritating ringing infinitely more so by tapping out a melody of short chimes and long clangs that are familiar. And not in a good way.

Klaus is given a brief reprieve, a moment of blessed silence, and he thinks he just might have managed to out stubborn the doorbell maestro.

Only to be immediately treated to another, equally impassioned, performance. Which just about pushes the limit of Klaus’ patience.

He tosses his remote aside and pushes himself to his feet before stalking towards the front door. A passing glance at the mirror in his hallway tells him he’s probably not fit for company, he’d already showered and hadn’t bothered with a shirt, but since he’s reasonably certain he doesn’t actually like his visitor – he might not be able to place the song but it was awful – he doesn’t feel the need to make himself presentable.

An impulse he regrets upon first opening the door. Caroline Forbes might not have been invited but, standing on his porch in a yellow sundress, her blonde curls loose about her shoulders, she’s far from unwelcome. Klaus is already fully aware of her questionable taste in music and, since it had been a boon to him just last week, it’s in no way a deal breaker. Her lovely blue eyes widen, her sunny smile dimming slightly as her eyes drop, raking over his torso. There’s a hint of shock, no healthy amount of interest, and more than a dollop of heat as her gaze lingers over his shoulders and flickers lower.

Perhaps there’s something to be said for not being presentable. He might even flex a little as he crosses his arms and leans against the wall just inside the doorway, silently waiting for Caroline to realize she’s quite shamelessly objectifying him and failing to be subtle about it.

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At a marching sectional, our head drum major, as a joke, hit the gock block so hard that the drumstick he was using splintered apart. He put it back in the percussion closet afterwards and nobody’s said a word about it since then.
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Twenty One Pilots Smut Request - Josh Dun - Celebrate

“Guess what?” Josh spoke down the phone excitedly to you.
“Um, Tyler got his head stuck in a fence?” You replied.
“Although that would be very entertaining, nope. The album got No.1” he shouted down the phone.
“Oh my god, congratulations baby, I’m so proud of you” you were so happy for him and Tyler.
“Thank you, I’m so happy! Right, I’ll be back at 6 I’m going to take you out to celebrate, I love you lots, see you soon” he was like a little kid. You weren’t complaining though, a smile beamed across your face, they had both worked so hard for this.
“Will do, I love you too” you hung up, still smiling. It was only 2pm so you looked through tumblr and twitter for a while to see everyone'a reactions. The fans were amazing and there was not a band word said about them today. Whether he was becoming famous or not you were proud to have Josh as your boyfriend.
After a few hours you decided to start getting ready, you showered and started getting dressed. Your phone went off to a text message from Josh telling you not to get changed as he had something for you to wear. You loved it when he did that, he actually had really good taste. Instead you put on some underwear and did your hair, you put your blonde hair dipped dyed in blues and pinks in loose curls and just let it fall and put some make-up on.
It was 5:50 all you had to do was get dressed when Josh came home, so you just sat on the sofa with your underwear on and waited for him.
“Hello?” Josh asked as he opened the door, he walked round the corner and stood there with flowers in his hand and a bag of shopping which was obviously your outfit. He looked very cute, he was wearing a short sleeved top that showed off his tattoo and his hair was sat with a kinda of curl at the front.
You stood up and ran to him hugging him “well done baby” you said and released him. He stood there in silence, and handed you the clothes and flowers. “Thank you, I’ll change now” you kissed him on the cheek.
“Um, actually I’ve had a change of plan” Josh finally spoke.
“Ok, what is it?” You didn’t mind, you were happy either way, you put the stuff on the coffee table.
He began to take his clothes off “I like where this is heading” you said and helped him undress. You got into your knees and took his boxes off, immediately taking his cock into your hands and rubbing him.
“Fuck, I love you” he moaned out in pleasure. He was fully erect and you stood up and kissed him, with one hand still rubbing him. His hands were exploring your body and his lips were now on your neck, biting it gently. His hand went down your pants, and he started rubbing circles on your clit.
“J-o-s-h” you said in a staggered moan. On that he picked you up and you wrapped your legs around him.
Your lips worked as one and his tongue entered your mouth, your hands a scruffed his already slightly scruffy hair up. He put you down onto the sofa and slid your pants off. He hovered over you and kissed you again, with one hand he lined his body of with yours and slowly pushed himself inside of you.
You moaned as he took himself back out again and pushed in harder and faster. You wrapped your legs around his back and put your arms around his neck, kissing his body and he kept thrusting himself into you. You couldn’t describe the pleasure you were feeling from it. He kept going and moved one hand to your clit, you clawed at his back, he was bringing you to the brink of an orgasm, your body was shaking.
“Josh” you managed to utter out before you came, your body convulsed and your arms collapsed to your side. Josh took himself out and came, releasing his load on your stomach.
“Ugh, thank you” Josh lead on the floor beside you on the sofa.
He got some tissue and cleaned you up, then carried you to be. He flopped put you down “always the romantic” you said he laughed and got under the sheets with you and held you until you fell asleep.

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Hey Fjorn! I love your work here. I'm curious about the Old Norse word for "warrior." It seems there might be some debate between words like "drengr" and "rekkr" and others. Going along with this, what about the word for "army" or "war-band?" I have found "herlidh" and "hirdh" but I am unsure. Thank you for your time and efforts, keep up the good work!

Velkominn, vinr minn!
(Welcome, my friend!)

Many thanks for the kind words; they are greatly appreciated in this hall.

There are several Old Norse words for ‘warrior’, especially when we consider poetic terminology. Each word or phrase is correct in its own way, and so the true debate is in deciphering the different connotations associated with each word and reference. In other words, context is key, but so is cultural and mythological reference, especially when considering poetic verse. According to the Skaldic Project Database, there are over 700 different kennings recorded as referring to a warrior! You can view all of those HERE.

To get to your actual question though, let’s look a few of the words used for ‘warrior’, as well as for an ‘army’ or ‘war-band’, and discuss them a bit:(1)

[1.] Drengr (noun, m.) a bold, valiant, chivalrous man; (with góðr) a good-hearted, noble-minded man; a young, unmarried man; attendant; fellow; pole.
[2.] Rekkr (noun, m.) man, warrior
[3.] Hermaðr (noun, m.) man-of-war, warrior
[4.] Herbaldr (noun, m. poetic) man, warrior

[5.] Herr (noun, m.) army, troops
[6.] Herlið (noun, n.) war-people, troops (—likely your proper match for “herlidh”)
[7.] Herfólk (noun, n. pl.) men of war
[8.] Hernaðarfólk (noun, n.) or Hernaðarmenn (noun, m. pl.) plunderers, forayers

[9.] As for hirð (which I assume is what you meant by “hirdh”), the word refers more to a king’s personal men or bodyguard.

I have read very little about the word rekkr, nor are many of its local entries similar in nature. It does mean warrior, but it was not likely a common way to refer to one. I am also unfamiliar with its context, since dictionaries lack such information and I have not personally come across it in a saga yet. As for drengr, there is a considerably different context that can be involved with this word. To be drengr does not necessarily mean that one is a warrior. It means that a man has a solid, respectable character. It is true that he could be a warrior, but not all warriors would have been considered drengr. Such a ‘title’ would have been quite the honor; to be called such meant that you were respected.

The term we should really be considering is hermaðr. I am more confident that this word was the most commonly employed term for a warrior. It is also related to the word herr, which means ‘army’ or ‘troops’. In the dictionary, there are roughly 65 separate terms relating to war that begin with her—. Some primary examples are herja (to raid) and hersir (Norwegian chieftain);  even Odin himself is sometimes called Herjafǫðr (father of hosts) or Herjan (Lord of Hosts). Given the abundance of terms sharing such similarity, the word hermaðr would have been the most likely term used in normal conversation to refer to a warrior. And, as you saw above, all of the words that I found with a meaning closest to ‘army’ also relate to hermaðr.

There are definitely other options available out there (I could not have possibly covered them all), but you can be fairly confident in using the word hermaðr for warrior. After all, it literally means “a man of war,” and there are numerous terms about war that relate to it linguistically. Poetically speaking however, your options are nearly limitless, as the list on the Skaldic Project Database will reveal.

I should also mention that Scandinavia was no home to large, standardized armies until the end of the Viking Age. Even then, they would not live up to the standards of others. Most of the warriors in the Norse world went on raids in relatively smaller groups, meaning that most battles were of men who suddenly came to plunder against men frantically trying to protect their home (and not necessarily lines of warriors colliding together between hills). The word ‘army’ can often be a bit misleading, which is why I wanted to make sure I mentioned that Norse ‘armies’ seriously lacked in size and efficiency. Even the ‘armies’ heard of during the end of the Viking Age (including the Great Army) were really just several independent troops of plundering men loosely united under the command of one or more powerful chieftains.

Anyway, I do hope that this discussion has helped to ease your mind. If there is anything else that you would like to have clarified, or even further discussed, feel free to ask a follow-up question. Until then, I hope for the best in your endeavors.

Þǫkk, ok farvel.
(Thanks, and farewell.)
– Fjǫrn


In My Darkest Hour
In My Darkest Hour

Megadeth - In My Darkest Hour

1988. So Far, So Good… So What!

was written by Mustaine shortly after the death of Metallica bassist Cliff Burton. Mustaine had found out through word of mouth, as his former band mates never contacted him about the tragic event that occurred in Europe. He later recalled that he was extremely unhappy that day and wrote the song in one sitting.


Home, soon to return……!