Don’t fall in love with me. I’m a wildfire. A single touch from me can burn you. Stay a little longer and you’ll turn into dust.

Don’t fall in love with me. I’m an ocean. My waves will crush you down. Come closer and you’ll get soaked with my love and I won’t even care if you drown.

Don’t fall in love with me. I’m as unpredictable as the weather. One minute I’m a calm cloud who’ll bring light to your day. And the next second, I’m a thundering storm who’ll destroy everything that comes in my way.

—  unravelsky
I’m happy, I think. Not the kind of happy people write books and songs about, but the kind of happy where genuine, pleasant thoughts occasionally flutter in among the dark ones and smiling almost feels natural again. But no one ever writes songs about how scary being happy is–it’s terrifying, actually, because whether you’re conscious of it or not, there’s always a reason behind that happiness, and where there is a reason, a reason can be taken away. That’s a scary thought.