Qué bonito es amar lo roto. Lo otro. Lo raro. Lo que nadie quiere. Ir y venir; que pase de verano a otoño; que el día muera y que la noche arda; que el mundo se caiga a pedazos. Y aun así seguir amándolo. Ver que está ahí: inherte a ti.

Benjamín Griss

There’s always going to be someone else. Someone that’s better for you. I told that to my ex when he was crying for me to take him back, I tell that to my friends when they’re going through breakups, and I tell that to myself whenever I need to hear it-which is often and always the hardest. But we always, always move on and love again and those low points we thought we’d never get past, well they always become distant memories. Because the amazing thing about us as humans is we’re capable of loving more than one person in our lifetime and our feelings are capable of change. So even if you really did love someone with all your heart, it doesn’t mean you can’t use all your heart again to love someone else.

I wish you all to find that soft love that heals you. To make the pain a little bit bearable, for you to find a home in the middle of the storm.
—  aumirah

You were a soft, melodic dream
who believed in the goodness
of every soul in this world,
until you came across someone
who saw your innocence,
wanted it for themselves,
and so they taught you
the most grotesque pain,
wrecked your sky castles
and made them ruined rain,
crushed your dreams and your girlhood,
took your gentle, full little heart,
curb stomped it until it was nothing
but shattered pieces falling apart.

They tossed it in a cold grave,
without a eulogy,nor ceremony,
nor even a truthful little song.
Walked away from all of this violence
as if they did nothing wrong.
But what they underestimated
what they did not see
was that your heart and you were not
the kinds that would die so easily,
or that you would return so strong
a creature made of such survival
a dragon girl now vengeance born.

—  Nikita Gill, How To Turn A Soft Girl Into A Dragon

something I learnt the hard way was that you have to spend time with people you want to be. If you spend time with people that only gossip or bash others, that’s who you’ll become regardless of whether you don’t like it or not. Choose your friends carefully, surround yourself with people who will love and support you and in turn you will project that into the world. If you don’t like where you’re heading because of the people you hang around, find another group. Trust me, you will find your people, it might take some time, but you will find them. If you are projecting kindness and love into the world, you will attract similar people. Surround yourself who don’t value you and you will not value yourself. Find people who do, and it’ll be easier to find value and love in yourself. Why would you love yourself if your friends don’t?

i think the most attractive thing about falling for someone while only reading words on a screen or simply hearing their voice is just that. when you finally get to see them, it’ll all make sense. through this very meaningful way of communication, you’ve already eliminated a handful of potential problems. you accepted their mind and saw their soul— nothing else really matters. the body and any other physical feature is just there as representation that you didn’t need anything else, but for someone to truly understand you. the saddest thing about ldr? reality sets in. you miss holding someone you’ve never even held before. deprived of your most basic forms of interaction— it’s almost like that itch that you can’t scratch except it’s a whole body itch. you’ve touched poison ivy willingly, but you love it. and some days, the itch doesn’t even bother you— it’s the declaration that you’re going to live with it until the cure is right in front of your face. lips full of antidote and hands full of aloe vera. words pouring through ear to ear, soft milk and honey— love is the most terrifying thing you can ever do to yourself and to someone else because, my dear, who doesn’t want to be loved? who doesn’t want to be seen? we all do.

Me, after killing one major character and fucking up character’s lives and world after they wouldn’t fucking listen:

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