I can never tell if what I feel is love or lust. Sadness or depression. Happiness or ecstasy. I can never tell if the thoughts I think are to be feared or to be payed attention to, whether I’m capable or not, whether I’m okay or not. I can never tell.
—  I’m scared of my inability to know myself [01.27.16]
Believe me, I know what it’s like to feel all alone … the worst kind of loneliness in the world is the isolation that comes from being misunderstood. It can make people lose their grasp on reality.
—  Dan Brown, Inferno
Drip, Drip,
a bare body
lies in front of the mirror.
The sound of thick liquid,
hitting the milky marble floor
is constant
and precise,
matching the rhythm
of the ticking clock.
A translucent glass shard
smeared in a luxurious red.
The blood cascades down like a waterfall
before it hits the floor.
There, she lies still
with the likeness of a feather,
delicate, soft, quiet.
She sighs, releasing a large gulp of air
breaking the peace.
She bleeds in a constant stream -
The love she knows
she’s been bound to feel
(to be continued)
—  © 2016 Romancing Life

I have been in love
with a love
that was all too
consuming -
passion defined.

I have been in love
with a love
that was ferocious,
in no manner

After years
of deliberation
I have concluded
I no longer need
such love
if it is even

—  © 2016 Romancing Life

‘A Summer Affair’ (Read Below)
Winter’s magic is waning.
If you listen closely,
subtle hums of joy
can be heard in the air.
The morning smiles
more often and,
and flowers will soon
come out to play.
She knows it’s time,
time for a change.
Her curvy-soft petals
adorned in gold,
a deep pink shade,
will kiss Spring gently;
with summer have
an affair.

My father named me after the sun. He thought of me as beacon of hope, a ray of light in a dark matter sea. Now, that I am no longer an innocent babe and I’ve grown old enough to tell the tale, ‘tell me father did you know that my rage would burn those who tried to get too close?’
—  Rose K. @romancinglife