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Random facts about Sebastian Vael

because I’m going through his video sequences again and figured, I might as well collect some tidbits, I feel most people have overlooked in game. (Which is not bad, mind you. I just always find it interesting to get reminded of these tidbits occassionally.)

  • Sebastian’s rank as brother before he denied his vows to get revenge for his family’s murder is “Initiate of the Faith”. As a man, he could only raise one more rank in the Orlaisian Chantry. The initiates take vows and receive an academic education.
  • According to Elthina Sebastian has denied his vows, the day he heard of his family’s death, thus effectively making himself an apostate.
  • Since men are only assumed to be Chanters, Scholars, or Templars, it is likely to assume Sebastian was a Chanter, because Scholars are Clerics, who are one rank higher than Sebastian. (Gives the nickname Choir Boy a whole new depth.)
  • One of Sebastian’s hobbies is cooking.
  • Although Sebastian’s armour was a gift from his father, his belt-buckle was the result of a drunken bet, Sebastian took.
  • According to Elthina, Sebastian has lead the Chant in Kirkwall’s Chantry repeatedly.
  • Elthina says, before his parents’s death, Sebastian was “one of the most faithful of [the Chantry’s] true believers”.
  • Sebastian’s vows include “to put wordly concerns behind him”, which would make it a sin in the Chantry’s eyes for him to try and reclaim the throne of Starkhaven, for he would forswear his vow to the Maker.
  • Sebastian never expected anyone to actually kill the mercenaries for him. He even had expected Elthina to have taken his note on the Chantry’s board down right away.
  • Before he was given to the Chanry Sebastian’s destined future would have been to lead Starkhaven’s militia.
  • According to Elthina, Sebastian had been in Kirkwall’s Chantry for nearly a decade by the beginning of Act 2.
  • Sebastian was 13 years old, when his grandfather promised to give him his bow on the day Sebastian could pull its string.
  • Sebastian was pledged to the Chantry before the promise could be made true.

[EDIT: Added a link to the reply, where I post the banter, concerning Sebastian’s belt-buckle.]