wording up


this is the first page of my bos! i finally got started on it thanks to @witches-ofcolor arranging this little event <3 thank you so much!
it’s a handmade book i bought three years ago in berlin and ive been saving it for something special like a book of shadows! 

- edit: lmfao i spelt “witch” wrong im ded i might redo this page


Time Is Not On Our Side - NEW SONG The Vamps Tour Sheffield 2017 via Amy Petch


CHVRCHES | ‘Down Side Of Me (Live)’ | 7-Inches For Planned Parenthood

Directed by Kristen Stewart

This is probably just me but I love when Victor spins… like… have you ever just looked at him when he’s spinning? The way his hair just kinda…. swooshes??? anndd,, uuhhHHH,,?? and his expressions??? ju s t,,,,,,, hhHH

i mean…. wow, he’s very??? beautiful?????


Stay safe for her

Based on an anon’s suggestion, it was supposed to be a simple 1 panel thing, but here’s some sort of a comic instead


There was someone in my inbox talking about hair-down Kuroo and the first thing I thought was “it’s been a while since I’ve last made Bokuto feel gay over Kuroo’s hair hasn’t it”

One day you are going to find someone who loves you more than you love life itself. And this person will make you realize why it never worked out with anyone else. 

One day, you will see all the cities you fell in love with through photographs and meet people who resemble the characters in your favorite novels. 

One day, your dreams will come true.


northern downpour - panic! at the disco