wording these feels is pretty difficult so bare with me

For @jinglegavins :)

Klavier bought the ring on a Saturday. It was warm out, breezy, without a cloud in the sky. The bag in his hand was no bigger than a paperback novel, but it felt like the heaviest thing he’d ever carried to his car.

He’d decided on the “what” - a proposal, of course. Now all that remained was deciding on the “when,” and more importantly the “how.”

He couldn’t wait a second longer after he’d gotten to his car, and he pulled the box out after he’d sat in the driver’s seat. The navy velvet was soft against his palm, and he cradled it reverently for a moment before taking out his cell phone and pulling up Apollo’s name in the contacts. 

“Schatzi,” he said with a grin when a familiar voice answered. “What do you say you join me for dinner tonight?”

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