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【Kobayashi Onyx ft. Fukase】Präparat Days «English+Romaji subs»

Thanks @wordhuntering for subbing this song for me!

Eu já não espero mais. 

Não espero mais nada de lábios vermelhos contornados simetricamente, tão perfeitos quanto o inexplicável. Já não espero mais dos dias, sejam eles ensolarados ou chuvosos, aceito o que o céu tem para mim e assim me enquadro ao contexto. Já não espero um “como vai”, e até prefiro assim. Temo que minha resposta seja “Não vou, me leva?”. Já não escolho os lugares, junto os pares ou me atento ao prazer. Me mantenho quieta, vivendo por textos, morrendo em poemas, refém do meu próprio lazer. Assim leio mais livros, conheço bem meus inimigos, que no final, são todos meu “eu”; que me mantém assim presa, sozinha, procurando beleza, fingindo conhecer um mundo que já não chamo de meu. 

Já não espero mais das chances, os grandes romances, o destino que nos mostra a tv. Agora espero uma vida simples, um ou dois amigos visíveis e talvez um amor para mudar a rotina dessa monotonia que no final é um prazer. Durmo em camas desarrumadas, me encaro em espelhos quebrados, meu eu sempre foi assim? Já não espero juntas os pedaços, recriar os pedaços, acho que enfim, me aceito assim. 


【40mP ft. GUMI】Koiiro Comics «English+Romaji subs»

Requested by Anon on my blog. Thanks @wordhuntering for subbing this for me!

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【Police Piccadilly ft. Yamine Renri】Aimaisa kaihi «English+Romaji subs»

This was a collaboration between @wordhuntering and me. (Thank you for the subs!)

Text version: https://hazukinoyume.wordpress.com/2016/01/25/aimaisa-kaihi/


was tagged by @cloudshika and I needed to post 6 characters i relate to (which was hard because I really wanted to put my fav. though all of these are my favs)

APH Latvia (Hetalia)

He’s very emotional like me. We both cry a lot and we don’t seem to use up all our potential most of the time. We want to be able to support friends but we end of being the ones being taken care of instead. 

Sapphire Kawashima (Sound! Euphonium)

Her determination just reminds me of when I was involved in orchestra or anything really. Her philosophy on many things are also spot on. We’re just so enthusiastic when it comes to what we think are important. WE’RE BOTH SCORPIO TOO DO YOU KNOW HOW RARE IT IS TO FIND A FAVORITE CHARACTER THAT’S LIKE YOU AND A SCORPIO 

Souta Takanashi (WORKING!!)

WE BOTH HAVE TO MANY SIBLINGS HNNNNNN (the same number of siblings too). We take no BS from them and we seem to be the most responsible when it come to the household AND WE’RE NOT EVEN THE OLDEST I SWEAR 2 THE GODS. We also get annoyed easily. hmmmm When it comes to cute things we seem to worry others……I’d probably not know if someone liked me and make up excuses on how it’s not possible.

Mary Kozakura (Kagerou Project)

I’d rather just spend a lot of time by myself and I’m really used to it. Though I do strive to make friends and make experiences…However it’s hard for me to get over some anxiety to do so. BUT people close to help me be more social just like the mekakushi dan do for Mary. I’d probably restart time just for my friends we’re killed too so….

Sakura Chiyo (Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun)

So a lot of times she’s just DONE with the silly things that happen to her. I find myself seeing her expressions when stuff happen too….I use her as my faceclaim sometimes because I truly feel her…also crushing hard and idk what to do except act casual most of the time like her sighhh We also try our best for our friends

Koto (Kyousougiga)

This girl is very expressive…and as a teenage girl I find her one of the most realistically written ones because of her energetic and determined attitude. She’s way more confident than me though but I’d like to imagine that i could’ve been like her if it wasn’t for all the moments that made me insecure because of how we’re excepted to act like as “girls.” As a younger sister too I also had some of the same mindsets as her. She’s also very expressive and so am I…..she’s my main faceclaim.

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【Inumaru Shibaigoya ft. Hatsune Miku】Physical Hider «English sub»

Thanks @wordhuntering for subbing this song for me!

Text version: https://hazukinoyume.wordpress.com/2016/01/29/physical-hider/


【Kurenai Ayame ft. VY2 & Nekomura Iroha】Canary & Soldier «English+Romaji subs»

Thanks @wordhuntering for subbing this song for me!


【Inumaru Shibaigoya ft. Kagamine Rin】Logical Seeker «English subs»

Thanks @wordhuntering for subbing this song for me!

Text version: https://hazukinoyume.wordpress.com/2016/01/30/logical-seeker/


【Orangestar ft. IA & Miku】Kuusou ressha «English+Romaji sub»

This was a collaboration between Wordhuntering and me. (Thank you for the subs!)

Text version: https://hazukinoyume.wordpress.com/2016/01/21/kuso-ressha/