What are some of your favorite fonts? || I have been and I think I always will be a Times New Roman girl. People say it’s boring, basic and dull, but as a writer I feel those are the exact things I want when staring at a screen. Tell me your faves and thoughts! #fonts #timesnewroman #writers #writing #worddoc

We have been using #GoogleDocs like crazy this week! #Google Docs is great when you need to #organize a large #client list. Other #employees can also manage and add to your #businesses GoogleDocs page which is great! No more annoying emails attaching the same #worddoc over and over again. Tell us what you think! #business #advertising #lafayette #Louisiana #graphics www.imadroit.com

As we both moved on I surrounded myself in people who would remind me of the perfect essence you portrayed yet I never expected that someone so close to you would be so evil to steal my heart just as you did three hundred and sixty six days earlier.
—  One year later (via disaffecting)
These days, it seems that if I were nothing but a motionless statue you passed in the street, you would take no notice of me as you are now so familiar to the face you used to adore when I was first carved into your city.
—  Now I’m nothing but a statue (via disaffecting)