5 words
  • Eglantine - another name for sweetbrier
  • Embouchure - The mouth of a river
  • Ersatz - Being an imitation or a substitute, usually an inferior one; artificial
  • Gossamer - Something delicate, light, or flimsy
  • Languor - Lack of physical or mental energy; listlessness
5 Words
  • Orchidaceous -  “like an orchid,” and since orchids are widely regarded as beautiful, it implies exceptional beautiful. 
  • Amaranthine- This word is also Greek in origin, from “amarantos” meaning everlasting – literally, not wasting away. 
  • Kalopsia - delusion that things are more beautiful than they really are. 
  • Verbigerate- repeat nonsense or cliches or just about anything meaningless. 
  • Idiolalia - Idiolalia is the use of a language invented by yourself.
5 words (psychology)
  • incestuous amplification - n. The reinforcement of set beliefs among like-minded people, leading to miscalculations and errors in judgment.
  • last name effect - The closer a person’s childhood surname is to the end of the alphabet, the faster that person tends to make purchase decisions.
  • imagined ugliness - An irrational dislike for all or part of one’s physical appearance.
  • zombie lie - n. A false statement that keeps getting repeated no matter how often it has been refuted.
  • spotlight effect - The tendency to believe that other people are paying closer attention to one’s appearance and behavior than they really are.
Some Odd Phobias
  • Ancraophobia- Fear of wind.
  • Cacophobia- Fear of ugliness.
  • Caligynephobia- Fear of beautiful women.
  • Didaskaleinophobia- Fear of going to school.
  • Dikephobia- Fear of justice.
  • Ecclesiophobia- Fear of church.
  • Eleutherophobia- Fear of freedom.
  • Euphobia- Fear of hearing good news.
  • Gallophobia or Galiophobia- Fear France or French culture. 
  • Hedonophobia- Fear of feeling pleasure.
  • Kathisophobia- Fear of sitting down.
  • Leukophobia- Fear of the color white.
  • Omphalophobia- Fear of belly buttons.
  • Osmophobia or Osphresiophobia- Fear of smells or odors.
  • Paraskavedekatriaphobia- Fear of Friday the 13th.
  • Parthenophobia- Fear of virgins or young girls.
  • Phobophobia- Fear of phobias.
  • Plutophobia- Fear of wealth.
  • Pogonophobia- Fear of beards.
  • Russophobia- Fear of Russians.
  • Somniphobia- Fear of sleep.
  • Uranophobia or Ouranophobia- Fear of heaven.
Beautiful Greek Names
  • Rhea - the great mother and queen of the mountain wilds
  • Persephone - queen of the underworld, wife of Hades and goddess of spring growth
  • Epione - goddess of the soothing of pain
  • Panacea - goddess of healing
  • Euphrosyne - goddess of good cheer, joy, mirth and merriment
Strictly British
  • Alice band - A hair band of the type worn by a young girl to hold her hair back from her face; from the way Alice wore her hair in Alice Through the Looking-Glass.
  • Barking mad - wacky, nuts, insane
  • Codswallop - Nonsense. Untruths.
  • Dodgy - Unreliable, with slightly criminal or less than honest overtones. Probably derived from “dodging the law”.
  • Effing - slang substitute for a very rude term
Strictly British
  • Fancy - Depends on context. As a verb, this can mean ‘want’ or 'like’ (usually when referring to things or actions), but when referring to people, indicates romantic attachment (think 'footloose and fancy-free’).
  • Galumph - To gallop or prance. The word was created by Lewis Carroll in the book Through the Looking Glass.
  • Have a go - Have a try.
  • Ickle - Baby talk for 'little’
  • Kerfuffle - A commotion or fuss.
Top Ten Favorite Words (Not in the Dictionary)
  1.  ginormous (adj): bigger than gigantic and bigger than enormous
  2. confuzzled (adj): confused and puzzled at the same time
  3. woot (interj): an exclamation of joy or excitement
  4. chillax (v): chill out/relax, hang out with friends
  5. cognitive displaysia (n): the feeling you have before you even leave the house that you are going to forget something and not remember it until you’re on the highway
  6. gription (n): the purchase gained by friction: “My car needs new tires because the old ones have lost their gription.”
  7. phonecrastinate (v): to put off answering the phone until caller ID displays the incoming name and number
  8. slickery (adj): having a surface that is wet and icy
  9. snirt (n): snow that is dirty, often seen by the side of roads and parking lots that have been plowed
  10. lingweenie (n): a person incapable of producing neologisms
5 words (psychology)
  • ego wall - A wall on which a person has hung their degrees, certificates, and awards, as well as photographs in which they appear with famous people.
  • school refusal - An extreme fear of attending school.
  • self-handicapping - Hindering one’s own performance in order to have an excuse for failing; offering excuses for a poor performance before one has even attempted the task.
  • frequency illusion - The tendency to notice instances of a particular phenomenon once one starts to look for it, and to therefore believe erroneously that the phenomenon occurs frequently.
  • self talk - Words or phrases said to oneself, especially for therapeutic or motivational reasons.
5 words
  • Crepuscule - Twilight
  • Dalliance - Frivolous spending of time; dawdling. Also an archaic word for flirting
  • Dirigible - able to be steered or directed
  • Efflorescence - a bursting forth or flowering
  • Eftsoons - Soon afterward; presently