Hard to Choose

Bucky x Reader
Summary You’ve got a crush on Bucky and are always teasing him when things come to a head by the pool one day.
Warnings Fluff!!! Sweet fluff! Maybe a bad word
AN This was written for @bladebarnes 2K challenge. My sentence prompt was She/He had a both a demon and an angel sitting on her/his shoulders, vying for attention. (Though I’ve changed it for second person narration.)I hope you like it!

You lounged on the chair by the rooftop pool watching the others behind your sunglasses. Sam and Scott were racing each other in the pool, Steve was cannonballing, and Bucky was sitting on the edge of the pool, just dipping his feet in. You realized you never saw Bucky swim and weren’t sure if he knew how or if it would damage his arm.

You turned next to you and looked at Wanda, “Hey Wan? Do you know why Bucky never swims?”

“I think he just doesn’t like the water.”

“But he can swim, right?”

“As far as I know. Y/N, what are you planning?”

You let out a little giggle, “Don’t you worry.” You stood up, smiling, “I’m going to get a drink, want anything?”

“Sure. Iced tea, please.”

You made sure to walk by Bucky as you walked towards the kitchen to get your drinks. “Hey Barnes. No swimming for you?”

He looked at you, warily, “Not feeling it, Y/N. You?”

“Maybe later. Want a drink?”

“Nah, thanks though.”

When you came back, you made sure to walk by Bucky only this time, you brushed up against his back, “Sorry, Barnes.”

After downing your drink you cannonballed into the pool, making sure you were close enough to almost splash Bucky.

“Oopsie,” you called out, “Sorry, Barnes.” You shot him a smile as you floated by, kicking water at him just barely splashing him.

You don’t know why you were antagonizing him, but when it came to Bucky, you had both a demon and an angel sitting on your shoulders, vying for attention, always teasing him and pushing his buttons. Mainly, it was because you had such a crush on him. Today, you knew you wouldn’t stop until you got him wet.

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My Kind of Woman (Kylo Ren x plus size reader)

Warnings: I think like one curse word

AN: this is probably doing to be a multi part series. This is based off of the song My Kind of Woman by Mac DeMarco. So each part will probably be like based off one of the lyrics.  Also I know it wasn’t requested and I still have some requests to fulfill, but don’t worry i will be writing them soon. Hope you enjoy😊

Oh baby, oh man
You’re making my crazy, really driving me mad

You were not someone to be reckoned with in the first order. You were strong, powerful and confident. Which scared most of the other officers and workers at the first order.

But to Kylo god you were perfect. Kylo would think about nothing else but you sometimes. He couldn’t help it. He just couldn’t get enough. There was something in you that made him feel alive again.

The problem was he wasn’t able to say at least two full sentences to you. Your exchanges were quite quick and simple. He really tried to talk to you. But whenever he had enough courage to walk up and talk to you, the minute he would look into your eyes, he wouldn’t be able to talk. Leading to you roll your eyes and walk away.

Which leads you to today, you had been looking out at the viewport, when Kylo saw you. He hide behind one of the hallways across from it. He admired your beauty and shape.

“Kylo I know your there.” He heard you say. He poked his head outside the hallway he was watching you. You laughed but you tried to cover it with a cough. You couldn’t possibly fall for your commander. Love makes you weak if you were in love you would be weak. “Hello y/n.” You nodded your head.

“Why are you watching me?” You aggressively questioned.

“I wasn’t watching you.” He answered probably way too fast. You almost let out a smile but quickly rolled your eyes.

You then turned back to the viewing window looking out. Kylo continued to look at you. “See there you go again creepily watching me.”

“I’m sorry, you’re just-you’re just-”

“I’m just what Kylo?” You said giving him a glare. He then started to push your body into the window. He didn’t stop until your back was flat against it, and your bodies were almost touching.

“You’re beautiful.” He breathed. You looked up into his eyes, which were already looking at look. Kylo then closed the space in between you both and placed his lips aggressively on yours. You let out a gasp as he did so. Your mouths continued to kiss in sync.

Kylo placed one hand on your waist and the other one on your cheek. As he did so you pulled back from the kiss. He smiled at you and as he did you slapped him across the cheek. Causing him to take a few steps back.

“Don’t ever fucking touch me again.” You gritted through your teeth and quickly stomped away from him. He held the spot where you slapped him with his hand. He then turned to watch you walk away. He was in shock but also awe of you.

God were you his kind of woman.

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Hate Is A Strong Word

An effort to try and reassert the old status quo backfires. People can change, even a digitized murderer, but one also has to accept that people change. It’s not good to hold onto anger and hate; it spreads so easily like a poison, and it’s worse when the source is the antidote to negative emotions.

Maybe a wake up call is good.

Edit: Digi’s text is “I didn’t believe you could be this stupid!”