When you wake up, wake up with determination and gratitude that more opportunities are waiting. Each and every day is a gift, and another chance for us to make a positive impact.
I want to be your
kind of Sunday morning
where you look forward to
feel, rise and touch the sky
as you drive your way home
where your heart really belongs.
I want to be the reason
why your Sunday afternoon
will become special and memorable.
I will be your musician that will
play all of your favorite songs
on a violin, even if I don’t know
how to play it. It’ll be special.
I want to be the pillow
that you will hug on
a cozy Sunday night
where you will find solace
inside these arms of mine.
I want to be the hot chocolate
that you’re excited to sip and taste.
I want to be the reason why
you will look forward to it
as you were a child all over again.
I want to be the reason
why you will remember
and love Sunday.
All I Ever Wanna Be is Somebody to You.

Inspired by The Vamps - Somebody to You
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Jeon Jungkook x Reader
Word Count: 1189
Genre: Romance/Fluff (IDK I write this before I actually start the fic lmao bye)

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Jungkook rubbed his temples as he walked down the now almost vacant sidewalk. His eyes wandered across the street and settled upon a small coffee shop. He jogged across the road, only to find the ‘closed’ sign on the door. But he could careless, coffee was exactly what he needed right now. He swung the door open, the bell chiming in the process.

You jumped up, a shriek escaping your mouth as you flipped around to see a tall man standing at the door, his chocolate browns eyes boring into yours. You shook your head taking in a deep breath before turning back and wiping the last table for the day, “We’re closed right now, please lea-”

“I’d like a regular please.” He cut you off, taking a seat at the table you had just wiped down with your bright green hand cloth. 

“I don’t know if you heard correctly, but we’re closed. Get out.” 

You were getting angry at his rude behavior, but what would be expected from a rich spoiled brat. Jeon Jungkook. The son of Mr. Jeon, the multi-billionaire that owns the famous Jeon Law Firm.  Jungkook’s face has been plastered on every newspaper and magazine’s front page for the past two weeks. He was the heir to the company and was soon to become the head of it as well, so his father was having him work as a lawyer to prepare him. Or at least that’s what everyone is saying. There’s also speculation going around that he hasn’t even attended college at all, forget about even studying law. People who get things handed to them on a silver platter infuriate you. Not because you were jealous of what they had, but because they don’t make any use of what they have. Life is so easy for them, yet they decide to misuse it.

Jungkook sighed before fishing out his wallet, sliding a fifty dollar bill towards you, “A regular please.” You continued to stare at him, not planning on letting him buy you off with his money.

He then proceeded to pass you another fifty. You picked up the money, grabbed his hand and shoved the money into his palm, “Wait here.” You walked to the back to prepare his coffee so he could drink it and finally leave and you could get back to closing the shop.

You rolled your eyes as you handed him his coffee, “Quickly drink it and get the hell out so I can go home.” 

He gave you a side smile while muttering a small thanks. You walked back to the cashier, beginning to count what you had made today. 

“You’re acting differently. Usually, everyone else treats me like royalty, unless you don’t know who I am.” He tried to start a conversation.

“Wowowow, you must feel real offended since I’m treating you like I would any other human, huh?- “ you set the money down and leaned over the counter, cocking your head to the side, “I know you real well, Mr. Jeon Jungkook. I know your type of people, but trust me you guys aren’t superior to any other person in my book. I’m not acting different, I’m acting normal.”  

Jungkook felt his stomach churn, something about this girl was intriguing, and he liked that very much.


“Typical?” You arched your brow.

He took a sip of his coffee, “Yeah, typical. A girl who doesn’t have all that she wants in life will obviously think that way. You’re probably “optimistic” too? Princess, I know your type.” He mimicked your voice, sending you a wink.

“Listen, I do have everything I want in life. I’m living a life that isn’t based on materialistic things and I’m quite content with it. My future probably isn’t as bright as yours, but at least I can choose what I want my future to be like, right?” He was taken aback by the sudden roast but held his cocky smirk you wished so badly to slap off. 

“You can continue to tell yourself and others your happy working a full-time job at a coffee shop and living in a one-room apartment honey, but in reality, you’re not so close to happiness as you would want to be. My life might be sad at times, but one look at my bank account and I’m the happiest boy alive.”

You scoffed, “Money doesn’t buy happiness. It’s the little things in life that do. I truly am happy with my current lifestyle, even if it’s not filled with expensive cars and extravagant houses and partying all night long. I’ve worked all by myself to get this far, and I will continue to work harder to get farther in life, by myself, I’ll be abe to experience the real world, be who I want to be, and honestly that’s all I want. I’m not down to have things handed to me on a gold platter. I’m fine where I am.”

Jungkook liked they way she thought. He admired her positive mindset, it was something rare nowadays. Most of his life he did have things done for him, but as he grew older he wanted to be able to do things for himself, earn his way to where he was destined to be. No one had any idea how hard he worked his ass off in college, how many sleepless nights he had, or how many times he was admitted to the hospital because of dehydration from over-working himself. He planned to keep it that way, he was tired of being treated like a superior being, he knew that if people found out, they’d treat him even better, and that made him feel worse. He’d rather be thought of as the stereotypical spoiled rich boy. 

“Well, you seem to know how to live life, huh? How about on Saturday you teach me a few things on how to live life like a normal person. Show me the little things in life that create the happiness you speak of?” He sent you a genuine smile flashing his teeth and his eyes crinkling up. You swore your heart stopped at the way he looked. So innocent, like a little boy ready to explore the real world, ready to put his imagination to the test.

You gave him a small smile back, “Alright. Maybe you could lower your ego a bit as well.” He laughed, walking up to you with a folded piece of paper.

“Alright-” He slid the piece of paper towards you, “here’s my number, give me call when you get off work and teach me about the life you’re talking about, princess.” He sent you one last wink before stalking out of the cafe with a smug look. 

Let’s see how this plays out, Jeon Jungkook 

seeking arrangement - pt.1

Group : BTS

Member : Kim Taehyung 

Genre : Sugar daddy!Tae, lots of smut and fluff coming soon 

Word Count : 3285

Description : Working as a secretary for Kim Taehyung, CEO of one of the biggest company worldwide, has filled your bank account up in a record time. But when even your wage as his secretary isn’t enough to pay your college tuition anymore, your boss is willing to increase your wage but in another different way than being his secretary…

A/N : I finally finished the first chapter and it’s crap. But I still hope you like it a little bit. I have been in a writer’s block for a while and not writing everyday had worsen my writing ugh 


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Do you know why I love nights more than days? Because I am addicted to moonlight. Moonlight makes me feel safe like I am in my mother’s arms. When you entered into my life, it was the first time, I wanted to share this cornucopia with a person. I would imagine you sitting beside me in a world that I created. On a riverside, a small wooden platform stretching over the calm waters and it will be just you and me.

You will have your arm on my shoulders and the other idling throwing pebbles into the water. The circles that were born in the water will make me smile. It’s like how we fell in love. A sudden ripple and just spreaded like wild fire. I can still hear your heartbeat that sounded like my version of home. How the moonlight would illuminate your soft features and the silver of your eyes would be so calm. How when you look it me, it will feel like you want only me. Then we would slowly smile and it would develop into a giggle.

I can feel you suddenly getting up and giving me a hand. You aren’t spontaneous but under the moonlight you were like me and I felt like we were one. Then you put your arms on my waist and we danced slowly to the rhythm of the moon. Your warm hands protect me from the cold wind and then we kissed. I could still feel myself smiling into it. And then you chuckled and swirled me around, suddenly we were two kids all over again in the moonlight.

I remember everything vividly. Because that night you shined brighter than anything I loved. You were my moonlight.

—  The paradoxical woman | imagination, I say.

I’ve been trying to write this small thing for days but my mouth feels gummed shut and I can’t remember how words work most of the time lately, which is, you know, that’s the joke. there it is! Ha ha.

I spent a whole summer once just staring at the palms of my own hands. It was Los Angeles in the summertime and my body felt like its own corpse, like my skin forgot how to be skin. I wrote down, squinting at a screen in the dark–I think my apartment is haunted. I wrote down, but I think I’m the ghost.

Last night I had a dream that a half a wad of gum stuck my teeth together and I swallowed the other half, a stretchy tendril from the roof if my mouth deep into my guts. I tried to pull it out, choking, and it was strange how visceral my subconscious created the feeling of snaking a stretching thread of gum out of my own throat. I did not reach the end.

On my first night alone in Chicago I looked up at the sky and it was the wrong color. But what I mean, when I say that, is that I looked up and suddenly thought maybe I’d never known what color the sky was. It was a glowing eerie purple, pollution maybe, or just pathetic fallacy irl; I mean, after all, I was a seventeen-year-old who’d just moved two thousand miles from California. Of course the sky was purple. But I looked up and I thought—is that normal? Shouldn’t I know if that’s normal? Shouldn’t I know what the sky looks like? What if it’s looked like that the whole time and I’ve just never looked up?

You think of yourself as something or somebody and it comes so easy and magic so you use the concept of its genesis as evidence of some kind of purity and truth, as the fabric of what makes a self. And of course, when it goes away there’s no way to find it again. If you forgot how to breathe how would you ever retrace the concept of breathing? I forget how to talk some days, you know, I forget how to do most things but stare vaguely into the middle distance wondering what a person is and also why my head hurts, I drink too much coffee and think about how dry my tongue feels, I forget how to turn my brain on and be whatever it is I am, which of course means it’s not really the entirety of what I am, is it. Of course.

Sitting on my unmade bed two months ago with the lights off because everything hurt the backs of my eyes, I wrote down, on my worst days i’m a black hole sucking up every minute detail and turning it into limpid ugly self-reflection.

On the last day of winter in the afternoon walking home from a doctor who told me gently I could have just emailed her, along a wide Oakland street lined with mostly-kept-up houses with yards bursting with uncontainable dry growth the sky was fully cast-over but still somehow blindingly bright and a woman slowed her bike as she passed me. It looks like the apocalypse, she said, gesturing to the sky in front of us. I looked at it, the sun screaming behind thick but translucent clouds, the day in some strange liminal space between sunny and not—not a bright blue sky but a bright white one. Yeah, I said. It does, and we both continued toward it.

I wrote down, the worst thing about depression is you don’t know when you’re seeing the whole world pull back or just dragging together shadows into a shape that isn’t there, or if you’re making those shadows real. your fears set a top spinning and you and everyone else both make them true in reactive symmetry. I wrote down, I’ve drifted too far into myself to be anything to anybody.

Today on the train home from work I looked out across the overcast city, bleak in this strange cold august, and saw over the bay the kind of break in clouds you see in paintings, lines of sun rayed out so geometric and metaphorical it was almost comical. it wasn’t beautiful, per se, but I couldn’t stop looking at it, that visual metaphor blinking at me like myself in the bathroom mirror in the morning, both bleary and clear.

And isn’t that what this sounds like, the process of trying to stutter through something that used to come naturally. You’ve got maybe half a word where there used to be a chorus, and you think, maybe if I turn this small grain over and over in my head I can find the rest of it, like the mind is an oyster and a piano stuttering through remembered notes can coalesce into something spherical and precious. You put your headphones on and don’t talk to anybody and you think too much about how the air feels against your skin. When you try to move in time your feet are clumsy even though you can hear just the same. Eet, eet, eet–I wrote down, I’ve been trying to write this small thing for days.

This is a guest post by our dear friend Elisabeth Sanders. Elisabeth has written for OWOB on Kesha and on Little Mix. You can find her on Twitter here.

Takahashi Minami interview 【Words for working women】; pt. 1

Special interviews made to popular celebrities in occasion to “Shigoto Nadeshiko”’s renewal. 

Takahashi-san, first generation general manager from the idol group famous to national level, AKB48, who graduated April 2016 and whose book “Leader Theroy” has become argument of discussion. To that Takahashi Minami-san I tried to throw some of the most troubles some worries and questions of working women. This will be published in two parts. 

  • What does “work” mean to you, personally?
    It’s something we ‘need’ in order to be able to keep living. 

    I’m just like everyone else. I think that happiness is also when you’re able to make the things you enjoy the most to do your own occupation. 

    When I was a little girl, I didn’t think of my dream as something I could do for a living. Since my primary school days I’ve wanted to be a singer, but at that time I only wanted to sing songs and nothing more. When AKB48 came into my life, though, throughout 10 years my favorite thing to do also became my job, and I think I’m very lucky to have that.

  • Please, tell me what’s something you focus on when it comes to human relationships. 
    I keep treasure of the first impression I have on people. I nothing like ‘making up a character’ or ‘faking’, it’s just I wanna people to keep liking me. 

    And also, I always keep my ‘good manners’ not matter how much friends/close I am with someone. 

  • Please, tell us how you behave when you first meet someone and if you’ve got any secret on how you decide to open up to someone. 
    Hmm… There are many ways to make a good impression to someone when you first meet them. For me, at the time of the first introduction, I’d always throw a very cheerful, “Nice to meet you!” to the other person. 

    As for any secrent on how to trust someone, I don’t think I’ve got any, but, I always carry with me the will to make the effort to actually know people. 

    Just by conversing with them I understand what things me and someone else have in common and stuff like that, and that’s probably something that will also make the trusting process easier. 

  • Do you have any life plans for the future? 
    For now, as I graduated from AKB48, I wanna start replying on myself as Takahashi Minami alone.

     I wanna give the kouhais a reason to believe in dreams.

     So it’d be just great if I could enjoy every day that’s gonna come. 

  • In what occasion you feel like your work is being rewarding? 
    When I get responses from the fans! The fact that, no matter what, we’re going to always rejoice together and cry together. It’s when you’ve got such a connection with someone, when you get to share your own emotions with others that you tell yourself you gotta keep doing your best for the people who’re supporting you. 

    At the time of AKB, I had the chance of meeting with fans at events such as handshake events, but with the graduation now those occasions are becoming gradually rarer. I’ll be able to let them know that I’m still doing my best if I’ll appear in television more. 

  • When you don’t feel like working, how do you switch into the right mood?
    As a humen being, I’ve got yes and no days as well, but because it’s work we’re talking about I do my best to keep up the good spirit. Even if I’m exausted, even if until a moment ago I was in OFF-mode, I always think I gotta switch ON even for that working moment only. 

    I haven’t got any of those advice that are like, “If you do that you’ll feel more positive” etc., but I do tell myself, “I gotta do this now” and fill myself of the right spirit. 

  • Women have a tendency to form groups on workpace, but for people who do not enjoy group-work, how can they still get along with the others without joining them?
    Women particularly join groups, don’t they. I, too, am not the type of person that’s very good at group activities, actually, I’m more the kind of a loner when it comes to that kinda stuff.

    I think that women are more prone to be concerned about the impression they make on people. They think they wanna join a group because otherwise they’ll end up isolated, but,

    if you’re someone who enjoys her alone time, then that’s not isolation. So just do as you feel like doing. 

  • What about the kind of ‘power harassment’ that comes when your superior approaches you only with very rude manners? How should one deal with that?
    No matter where you go, in every workplace you’ll always find that kinda person, won’t you. For me, it’s either because they don’t like me or because they’re jealous of me. But I’m the kinda person that’s driven by such situations. 

    “In order not to let that person tell me something bad again I’m going to do better than them. In order not to get any kind of critique, I’m going to do a very perfect job”, that’s what I think. 

    By doing so, I think the other person won’t find the chance to tell such things either. I believe it’s something positive to get oneself driven by mortifying feelings and work hard because of them.

  • If you’ve got to work with someone that has different opinions from you, is that personally stressful for you? And agin, how do you overcome that?
    For me, personally, it’s more convenient when I get to work with someone that thinks differently from me. Working with someone that sees things the way I do brings me to one and only conclution, which can be good, but working with someone that sees things differently will bring me to consider different options I didn’t even notice in the first place.

    Basically, I do feel comfortable working with someone that shares my same opinions, but with those that don’t share them, I’m led to make new discoveries.

    So I think it’s a waste to hold any kind of prejudice toward such people.

  •  When there’s no sign of effort from the kohais you have to duty to guide, how do you deal with that?
    If the person shows no will to make efforts, to me, they’re helpless. 

    But if it were me and if I really took to heart that junior, I’d give them a piece of advice such as, “Wouldn’t it be better if you did it this way?”. 

    Back in AKB, I did nothing but give advice as well. “This is shown this way, so wouldn’t it be better if you did it like this?”, thins like that. And I believe that even if they didn’t realize it at that very moment, they definitely will in the future, one or two years later. 

  • How do you think should be approached those people that keep complaining about others even when you try to change the subject but they inevitably end back to complaining? 
    I think that women mostly just need someone who listents to them talking, they don’t even pay much attention to complaints. 

    However, if you feel like tired and listening to that is a problem for you, you better just avoid to meet with that person. 

    When you’re having a conversation it’s important that both sides keep talking actively and are equally present in the conversation, when it comes to listening to complaints it might look like the listener is absent, but sometimes it’s just tiredness. If the complainer is a treasured person, however, I think it’s better make an effort and listen to them nonetheless. 

  • The senpai that’s teaching you and your boss give you two different opinions・・・How would you deal with such a situation?
    If it were me, I’d listen to both their opinions and then ask myself, “How can I match them both together?”. 

    And after I’ve gathered in one the two opinions I’d pass them to my juniors. 

    <To be continued>


    Requested by @cheffamily2016.
I’ve never been good at lying to you
You seem to bring out everything good I have in me
And this situation we have seems to work
Unspoken words and unchanged scenarios seems to work out so well
You respect that I can’t do long distance, at least not well
And that I have a guy whose here
And I don’t mean that as another reason this distance separates us
But.. I do plan for it.
I have money saved for it
It won’t be this trap forever
But honestly
I’m terrified
Because you are the one person I can not fucking loose
And I’m willing to risk it all for you
And I guess
I’m just scared
It is not going to matter that you did thousand right things. The only thing that is going to matter is the wrong thing you did for the right reason. In a world, where everyone is busy with their own lives what your intentions really are, are never going to matter. At the end it is just the actions because you had no other choice. They never see because you never really showed and suddenly when everything bursts out like water out of a hose, you leave behind anger in their hearts and confusions in their trails. Now there is no right or wrong, no happiness or sadness, but just numbness and extreme pain coexisting. Now you wonder why you even tried to be careful so they wouldn’t know. But that’s all you could do. Wonder. And that’s all they could be. Hurt.
—  The paradoxical woman | in zero gravity

you are never alone.
this world is overpopulated
and you may think you found
a trail untouched by human feet,
but someone has been there.
footprints don’t show on cement,
but cement is man-made,
so of course, someone has seen
the same sight. the sun
may cast darker shadows
or the moon may be higher
in the sky, but you are not alone.
there are infinite possibilities
in this universe, but each of them
overlaps with other possibilities.
nothing that could happen
could be entirely new. if you feel lost,
look to those behind you.
one of them found his way out.
you are human, just like him,
and can find your way out, too.

let’s pretend to fall in love again;
maybe you’ll hold me
with the softness I always wanted
your heart beating gentle,
rocking me to sleep.

let’s pretend to fall in love again;
maybe I’ll kiss you deeply,
like you always wanted
my breath warming your lungs,
myself falling into you.

let’s pretend to fall in love again;
maybe you’ll finally crave me
and write my name on
every page of your story,
just so I can feel like you wanted me there.

let’s pretend to fall in love again;
maybe I’ll decide to keep my promises
and pin every swear to my chest,
just so you can hold me to it.

maybe this time,
our tongues will spew
all the blotted words
we held back behind
our gritted ink stained teeth.

maybe this time,
we’ll search each other
for everything we lacked
and never gave.

maybe this time,
we’ll fight for each other’s heartbeat
just so we know
we’ll be able to hear it the next day.

so let’s say we fell in love again.

—  maybe now you won’t break my heart,
and maybe now I won’t break yours.

I’m so proud of this week’s bujo!!!! Also I know I haven’t been very active lately but since I’m still on summer break I don’t have a lot to study ^-^ More relevant than that, I have some exciting things coming, such as printables, a new way of resuming the most important topics of each unit & a collab!! who knows? ;)