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i love hearing that people who are no longer in my life are doing well and succeeding and overall a lot happier. because we once thought we needed each other and we thought we couldn’t even breathe without each other. but look at us! we are okay. we are living without each other. and even though things between us left a lot of hurt, now things are soft and we are growing and becoming who we want to be. so i guess what i am trying to say is i am so glad epilogues exist. i am so glad ours didn’t end together but instead ended with us growing like flowers in different directions toward our own sunlight. i am so glad you are okay and that i am okay too 

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Oh oh oh, um ladrien spiderman au! Ladrien spiderman au!

It was only when Ladybug’s upside-down hands clasped his cheeks that Adrien realized she was hanging from the lab ceiling by her feet alone.

Startled out of the trance Ladybug’s soft lips and softer words had put him into, he jerked back and stared.

As he suspected, her feet weren’t even stuck there by webbing; they were just… stuck.

Adrien’s physics-loving mind tried to adhere two and two together and failed. Ladybug was a slight female human of average height; taking into account the fact that muscle was denser than fat, there was no way she could be under fifty-five kilos, and was probably closer to sixty-five. The surface area of her feet, depending on her arches, couldn’t be much more than a hundred-and-fifty square centimeters at the very most, seventy-five when she went onto the balls of her feet…

To have enough adhesion in that small space, she shouldn’t have been able to move, much less fight with the agility he knew she had.

“How are you doing that?” he said, taking another step back so he could properly marvel at the spectacle of his crush completely flouting the laws of nature. The back of his brain itched to pull it apart and figure out how it worked, itched to see if he could replicate it.

Soft, pink lips flushed and parted; he got the feeling she was blinking at him behind her face mask.

It… was a rather odd thing to interrupt a first kiss with, Adrien realized belatedly.

Fortunately, Ladybug didn’t appear to hold it against him.

“Why not come over here and find out?”

adrien is both gwen and MJ so he can be both a model and cute science nerd (also because i love gwen with all my heart and refuse to accept her death in my heart)

send me a ship and an au for a 3 sentence short fic

There will be a moment in your life that you would be afraid to love again. Maybe because you got hurt so bad that it broke down all of your walls and hopes that someone will help you and love you the way you want to be loved.  Maybe because you’ve been in a long term relationship that you thought it would last for a lifetime, you put so much effort and time on the relationship, but he proved that forever wasn’t true and depart from your life all of a sudden.
It is normal to feel afraid and to have trust issues after all the things happened in your life. It is normal to stop for a while and reevaluate the things around you. Don’t worry, we all go through this part of the journey. But, don’t close your heart entirely just because someone made it a little more fragile. Because in this life, you will meet someone who will make you feel and understand what real love is. This someone will make you believe that wondrous things could be seen by the naked eyes. This someone will fill your sad songs with joyous lyrics and your gray-scaled world with enormous amount of colors.
You will meet this someone on your darkest night, he will give his light for you to surpass your storm. He will come into your life and make you feel love as if it’s the first time. He will complete the missing part of your journey. And he will be the reason why you will feel things like brand new and exciting again.
—  E.J. Cenita, Get ready, he is coming.
Analysing Casualty’s 30th Anniversary Trailer

Now I know this isn’t very good but, just before I start, I know people have their theories about there being a second disaster (i.e roof collapse, helicopter crash etc.) but I just wanted to do a little analysis based on symbolism and what we already know from the episode that just aired and the few spoilers we’ve seen. Also, sorry for any spelling mistakes and stuff lmao. :)

So I’ll start with the obvious and go with the general demolition of the pub. Now I personally feel like this reflects the coming destruction to the department itself when the news about the crash is delivered. Because Connie is an integral part of the ED - she’s the clinical lead, the captain, the leader, the glue that holds everything together. In her words everything works because that’s the way she wants it to. You rip her out and there’s a huge hole left in the centre of the department; this makeshift family of different people from different places who all love one another in their own peculiar and odd ways. 

It leads to disarray and chaos, which is shown in the debris of the pub. And the fact that Connie and Grace - happy and laughing and positive - are the only things stirring in that final shot of a hazy wreckage speaks volumes. In that shot they are a sign of life, a sign of hope, an image and a wish everyone at the party wants to hold onto because none of them want to believe either female could be laying dead at the bottom of a cliff.

The twisted looks of horror and fear on everyone’s faces is just another little point I wanted to pick up on. Now I interpret them as reactions to the news of the crash. So, horror and shock because nobody would’ve seen it coming, fear of the unknown and the potential death of someone everyone in the department knows. And they all turn away from the “wreckage” coming through the roof. Now, most people turn away from things because they’d rather ignore them - because they’re scared and they don’t want to believe a certain thing has happened.

This can apply very strongly here. Nobody would want to believe that the head of their department - someone who has looked out for everyone in her own quirky, secretive way - and/or a little girl could be dead. On an occasion that is supposed to be one of joy and celebration, nobody wants to think about the outcome of a car nosediving off of a cliff edge. It’s scarring, it’s painful, it’s horrifying. Nobody wants to imagine it. They’d all rather pretend everything’s okay - hope that both victims will pull through and appear at the party unscathed. They turn away because they want to shield themselves from the aftermath. Because the emotion and the mental strain that comes with such devastating news can take a serious toll on people.

Helicopter / Roof / Blood + Fire / Candles / Shattered Glass / Lightning
Now this is more symbolic than the other things above but let’s start with the sound effects of the helicopter. Many have hypothesised that this will be a helicopter crashing into the pub but I (and maybe I’m wrong) think it sound could possibly foreshadow the arrival of emergency helicopters at the scene of the crash. Now at the bottom of a cliff.. you’re going to have a hard time getting ambulances down there so a helicopter would definitely be the more obvious option for getting emergency services down there and getting the victims out of the vehicle.  

The debris coming through the roof and the appearance of the roof caving in for me symbolises the heavy weight of the car crash. Just, the news of such a disaster crashing down upon everyone from up above when they’re least expecting it. Bringing with it pain (everyone’s contorted expressions) and anything that might happen in the future as a result of the crash (the debris). It’s like when something happens and you feel this weight on your shoulders. Only this is on a much bigger scale happening to multiple people and the strength and the unexpectedness and the horror of this particular incident just drops on them like a bomb, shattering the roof and trapping them all in a bubble where they don’t yet know what may or may not happen.

The blood and the fire represent the crash itself yet again in my opinion. The spilt blood of two innocent people and the fire from the crash itself. But, in more detail, fire is believed to be the bringer of destruction, symbolising chaos and war, which leads back to my previous points about how the destruction of the pub reflects internal destruction and suffering because of a significant loss. It burns and destroys everything, bringing nothing but loss and fear and ruin. If you want to emphasise destruction and disaster, fire is an obvious thing to include. 

And blood? It symbolises the opposite and the same simultaneously: the giving and/or taking of life. The loss of life, the thing that keeps you alive. And there’s a possibility we could have a major death on our hands, which blood so easily represents. And to have it clashing with fire does, in my personal opinion, suggest a struggle/fight of some kind. My candidate for this would be Grace fighting for her life while Connie watches on helplessly, watching as her daughter’s blood drains from her body and she exsanguinates in her mother’s arms. Morbid? Perhaps. But powerful? Most definitely.

And although it’s brief, I want to touch upon the candles on the cake. A short observation but I just figured that the flickering of the candles could represent Connie and/or Grace clinging onto life, wavering between life and death as they await help. And that the eventual extinguishing of the candles could clearly be a life slipping away. 

Moving on, the cake’s glass plate and the wine glass shattering both symbolise the sudden disruption of daily life and the joyous atmosphere. Broken glass often represents negative changes to life or (in the case of a mirror) bad luck. It’s like some otherworldly form trying to warn you of upcoming suffering and danger. Everything’s been completely cracked and ripped apart with such daunting news. There’s just a huge crack down the middle of everything, disfiguring the world.

And, lastly, the thunderstorm effects going on in the background. Now lightning generally represents punishment (typically from an all-powerful being), negativity and the dawn of a terrible event. Which, in this case would be the car crash. I don’t know who’s being punished on the show per se but I suppose you could assume it might be Connie being punished by Steph for ruining her family life. After all, Steph is the one who drove them over the cliff. Or you could say the entire department is being punished for the poor treatment of Rita + Elle recently (a huge stretch but hypothetically).

Song Lyrics
So I’m not going to analyse the entire song but the first two lines are:

“Hold your breath, don’t cry, they’re coming,
Tainted secrets, don’t die, they’re coming.”

Now, most of this could be interpreted as something a mother would say to their child. “Don’t cry, don’t die, they’re coming.” Those words in particular could apply to our car crash. Connie telling a dying Grace not to worry because help is on its way and soon they’ll be in the hospital recovering and everything will be fine. Now the chorus is:

“I can feel your heart
Open from the start
I can feel your soul
Yearning to my call
I can feel you.”

Could be in reference to the fearful faces of everyone in the department. Everyone sending their hopes and prayers to the sky as they wish for Connie and Grace to both come back alive. Reflecting that they, too, can feel the pain of the incident and wish they could take some of the physical agony themselves to make things easier. I feel like the lyrics maybe relate to that belief of you’ll always live on or we’ll never forget you or not matter where you are we can always see you and feel you. And the the last two lines:

“Hold my hand, don’t hide, ‘cause they’re comin’,
Fallen angels, fly by, and they’re comin’.”

Again, something I could somewhat imagine a mother saying to their child. Telling them to hold their hand and to hang on to that feeling of life. Not to slip away and hide in the darkness of death because help is coming. And the second line for me creates that imagery of angels standing around a dying person in wait, sorrowfully anticipating the moment when they can guide their soul to heaven. Connie pleading with Grace to hang on because the sirens are close now and help is here but all she has to do is hold on a little longer. 

Connie (my favourite one)*
Now I don’t know if anyone else noticed this but in the trailer there was a woman whose face wasn’t shown. She wore a white blouse much like the one Connie typically wears and she had a similar hair colour/style. She was also only with Jacob throughout the trailer - winding her arm around him, his arm on the small of her back. 

So all I got from this was Connie’s “ghost”. Now that’s not to say that she’s dead but it’s her spirit in that situation. I wouldn’t say I know exactly what her brief appearance in this situation would represent but I think it’s to do with her being the catalyst for this entire thing. Her car, her daughter, her patient, her personal life, her “rival”, her department. So she’s there, briefly, her fleeting existence clinging to the man she loves because he won’t stop thinking about her and what might’ve become of her and Grace. I just thought it was a rather symbolic and interesting thing to be slipped in there considering she’s not actually at the party.

Everything in the trailer basically points to disaster and symbolising the car crash itself. I know people think it’s foreshadowing to a second disaster happening (and it probably is) but I feel like it’s beyond coincidental for two horrid things to happen on the same day at roughly the same time and a second disaster would only negate the impact and aftermath of the car accident. So, for me, looking at it symbolically, all the little subtle details and sound effects point to the chain reaction this incident is going to have - how it’ll effect the other characters individually, how it’ll effect the department, and foreshadowing Grace’s potential demise and Connie’s heartbreaking reaction. 

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*So I’ve now realised it was Duffy in the trailer and not “Connie’s spirit” or whatever so feel free to shun me but I like my mini theory better lmao and it doesn’t necessarily have to be wrong because Duffy’s face isn’t pictured in the scenes I described. :P

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LET´S DO THIS!!! Mrs.Kirk out

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Hello amazing person! Your blog has been a great help for me in the past, I’m about to start editing my first draft for the first time now and I already know a major point that will take me hours. It’s about one character, he’s a supernatural being but I don’t know how to call what exactly he is. I don’t want to call him God or Angel or Guard since he’s just a few hundred years old guy who can manipulate time etc. I tried the generators and mixing words but nothing really works

There are two possibilities I can think of:

1) Search for pages that have lists of or encyclopedic entries for a variety of supernatural beings. You could start by Googling “supernatural beings list” or something and see what comes up. You’ll want to find lists that have a variety of beings from all different cultures. It’s possible you’ll find something close to what your character is. Even if it’s not an exact match, you can still go with that.

2) Try making up a name based on the character’s most important trait, in this case, the ability to manipulate time. Think of verbs you can put with “time” to describe what it is your character does. “Time manipulator” doesn’t have a particularly nice ring to it, but you can look for synonyms of “manipulate” or even see if putting into another language, like French or Latin, makes it sound more interesting. You can typically find online translators to help with this, but I’d check it against several and also look for experts in the language you choose and get them to verify your chosen phrase. Alternatively, you might choose a name that is based on their origin location. For example, maybe they once dwelled in misty glens, so they’re called “Glen Wraiths” or “Fog Phantom.”

I hope that helps! :)

Have a writing question? I’d love to hear from you! Please be sure to read my ask rules and master list first or your question may go unanswered. :)  

The Tip of His Tongue Like the Tips of His Fingers

read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/2ajYhia

by SharpestScalpel

Other considered names for this fic include: “Bucky Barnes Gets A Manicure And His Man” and “Bucky Barnes: Have You Been Using My Hair Treament - No, I Can’t Use A Line From O Brother, Where Art Thou? As A Title, Self.”

Bucky has a lot of good days. But sometimes there is still stuff that throws him. He just doesn’t understand why this time it’s a little bottle of nail polish that he lifted from Tasha’s apartment. This shouldn’t be that big a deal. Except for how it’s totally a big deal.

In which Bucky Barnes has a hard time but figures himself out anyway with the help of his friends because sometimes that’s how life works best.

Words: 7477, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

Series: Part 4 of Bucky Barnes, Mama’s Boy (The Winifred Barnes And Sarah Rogers Show)

read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/2ajYhia

ablackrayofsunshine  asked:

So... I've been writing fanfics about my favorite couples for a long time, but it's been a couple years since I've posted anything anywhere. But I finally did again. It's a Stucky AU where Bucky has body image issues, they meet in a club, things don't happen, and then they DO happen, and Sam Wilson is a great best friend and an even better therapist. So. Yeah. Lady in the Street by a_hemmen on AO3

thanks for the rec!

Lady in the Street by a_hemmen

Bucky blows off steam (and avoids overthinking) by spending his free time hooking up with strangers and flirting his way through avoiding real conversations. Enter Steve Rogers.

Title from the song Yeah! by Usher, because originally it was just gonna be PWP (10,000 words later…)

This work is entirely un-beta'ed except by me, so all mistakes are totally and completely my own.

Klance (VLD) Pt. 3


Downtime (7,158 words)


I’ve got 99 problems and you’re every single one (20,769 words)


A Fish And A Bird (13,109 words)


Babysit Your Heart Out (2,847 words); lance is good with kids and keith can’t handle it and neither can i


What a Healing Pod Can’t Repair (36,227 words); klangst is what i live for


Stars (6,838 words); lance is homesick, this fic is so cute pls read


Kiss It Better (6,361 words); hurt!Keith


Bottle Episode (13,014 words); stuck in a room together then they fuck, duh


you don’t wanna be alone (4,256 words); sick!Keith


Shiro and Keith’s Kickass Fighting Techniques’ by Lance Sanchez (11,663 words); lance starts a journal about keith and then tells him about it eventually


No Phone Service in Space (6,111 words); lance is tied to the tree, keith takes pictures, lance is turned on


heat of your skin (2,029); A/B/O dynamics, keith is in heat, it’s hot af


Undertow (7,389 words); galra!Keith, and they fuck bc of galra mating cycles


Keith is Body Posi (4,824 words); tw: eating disorders


Nomenclature (6,440 words); keith forgets lance and forgets forgetting him and feels bad about it


read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/2aEtGBe

by Gemmavich

Mickey is challenged by his group of douchebag co-workers to go a week without sex. No kissing. No Jerking off. Basically, No. Sexual. Activity.

Mickey accepts. This is going to be easy.

Well at least Mickey thought it would be until a new Redhead started at his work.

Words: 1753, Chapters: 1/8, Language: English

read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/2aEtGBe
A Brooklyn Snow Story

read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/2a6YBpa

by sphekso

When a snowstorm traps them in their apartment, Steve finds himself seeing his old pal Bucky in a new light. His emotions are forced to the surface by Bucky’s efforts to keep him as warm as possible, and as his caring draws them closer, it becomes apparent that there might be something deeper at work.

Words: 2928, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/2a6YBpa