i hope you think 

about all those times 

when these words 

depressed, deprived, denied 

were a part of you 

and i hope you smile 

at the fact that 

they no longer are — a voice from future // (tutorial + spoken words poetry for this entry is up on my channel)

juno steel and peter nureyev are clever enough to professionally think their way into, out of, and around brilliant and/or mysterious crimes, and to outsmart and beat minimum one genocidal genius, and to survive genuinely awful childhoods in terrible places, and also both of them would be utterly defeated in a game of Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader, and I think that’s beautiful

She is a cataclysmic combination of misinterpreted thoughts and destructive impulses, living her life in a permanent state of fight or flight.

Finger lengths to measure
the vertebrae of my spine,
linger in the discs, calculate,
crescents of grins and thighs.
weigh the depth of skin
in stones that cast and fell
tally up the pigments
number each scar as well.
Multiply my voice times
words I never expressed,
divide me into boxes.
To mine own self, I am infinite.

- @wingsofwaxx thank you for your help!

an alternative to emiya alter being That Guy that everyone knows by face bc he’s just so fucking edgy you can’t miss him: he’s a cryptid. you only saw him clearly once when you summoned him but by now you’re pretty sure you imagined that. you hear gun cocking sounds from around the corner sometimes but when you check there’s nobody there. the words “unlimited lost works” haunt your dreams. they say that when you go into the kitchen on a thursday at 4:27am exactly you can spot him emptying 5 instant ramen spice packets onto a 6th cup of ramen and microwaving it between every packet before slurping it down in one go.

anonymous asked:

i was rlly nervous about starting to read your mafia au because those tend to have awful endings leaving me bedridden with tears but it said angst with a happy ending and I READ IT AND OH MY WORD THIS IS A WORK OF ART I CAANT when do u usually update???

Yaaay thank you I love getting comments like this, yeah I couldn’t invest myself this much into my own story and not give it a good ending. Stuff that haha. I don’t have an update schedule, I try for once a week but that depends on how challenging the chapters are. This one is taking a while!

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Hi! :D I hope it's not a bother, because I'm pretty sure you've already mentioned this somewhere and I just can't find it, but where do you find the words you use as reverse chapter titles? I could use some help with odd words like that right now, and google is just not helping me right now...

Victorious Vocabulary is where I go for a lot of them, but I’ll also sometimes pick a Latin root word and work backwards to find a work with a meaning I like, and for that I use an old textbook. 

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I saw the news an hour ago. I've been fangirling hard. *screaming* Captain Swan is OFFICIALY ENGAGED!!! I am emotions. Captain Killian Jones has proposed to Emma Swan. My words aren't working atm. Happy tears 😂 ❤❤❤❤

Isn’t is awesome!! I was subbing all morning today, so I wasn’t able to enjoy in the excitement as it happened. My girl @peetamellarkthebaker did make sure to text me, as she always does, so I knew what was going on (and somehow timed it perfectly while I was at lunch. LOL). 

The weird thing is… I’m not letting myself get like PUMPED, SUPER HYPED about it yet. Like I’m firmly in the ‘I absolutely trust these spoilers and these sources’ camp and definitely do think this is legit happening. But I want my excitement to be there when it actually does happen on screen. I don’t want to inadvertently build up an expectation for how it happens. This is the plus side of so much of 6B filming having been a mystery - we don’t know how this scene is gonna play out or when exactly it’ll come (unless they use it as a teaser clip… doubt it though. This is something they’ll want people to tune in to the episode for). So I’m like chill hyped, if that makes sense?? LoL


“I have so many things to tell you–”

((the airport reunion is still making me tear up, so I went and re-drew some screenshots to deal with the feelings))

Afraid to sit in a park and just
sit there– as if the world will glare at me
The absurd idea of putting my
phone away and sitting as those
who sat before me–
Listening to birds,
smelling flowers, noticing a stranger’s
limp and wondering where
the injury came from–
As if these observations are boring,
unimportant, a waste of time, silly–
As if somehow, staring at my phone
and reading about a stranger
on the news or scrolling through
pictures of birds is more acceptable.

1. Detach yourself from people that only exists when they need something from you. From people who only calls you a “friend” when they have favors and leave you behind afterwards. Remove toxic people in your life, they will become a hindrance to you.
2. Life will have less drama if you keep your circle small. You don’t have to be friends with anyone. Pick people who will influence you. Pick the people who share the same interests and radiate the positivity that you have.
3. Never trust your stories to anyone. Never.
4. Let them talk all day about you because whatever you do, people will have something to say about you. Don’t mind people who talk behind your back, there’s always a reason why they are behind you. And it’s because you are ahead of them so keep on walking and achieving your dreams.
5. If you can’t change your situation, change the way you think. Everything comes from our mind. Every decision, emotion and effort. So in order to change your mood, change your perspective. Happiness is a choice, it doesn’t come from other people because it comes within you.
—  E.J. Cenita, 5 Lessons I’ve Learned From Life
a note on burr’s intellect and how it’s portrayed musically

i’m only going to be talking about burr’s short verse in my shot bc otherwise this would be ten miles long, but let me just say: lin-manuel miranda is a fucking genius. (warning, this is going to be a long post.)

as far as i recall, this is the only time burr raps in the narrative. and it’s 4 measures to tell hamilton and crew to shut up, in a language they’ll understand (rap), after being asked in the previous song to rap a bit.

just for a second, let me talk about internal rhyme.

internal rhyme is a component of rap that’s exactly what it sounds like: the rhymes within a verse that don’t fall in line with the ends of the phrases. they can still rhyme with the ends of the phrases too, but they aren’t on the ends of the phrases. (most of the time, you’ll notice internal rhymes because there’ll be emphasis on the rhymed syllables.)

now, hamilton’s verses are laden with internal rhyme: i could cite a billion examples, but i’ll only pull one for now.

“older”, “colder”, and “shoulder” are grouped together in the same rhyme scheme, with “shoulder” being the main source of internal rhyme.

similarly, “(disad)vantage”, “manage”, “brandish”, and “famished” are all in the same rhyme scheme, with “manage” being the main source of internal rhyme (although it can be argued that “brandish” is too because of the way it plows through the end of the phrase there with the straight sixteenth notes.) (also, shoutout to those polysyllabic rhymes for showcasing hamilton’s intelligence.)

now we’ll take a look at hamilton’s crew’s verses. start with lafayette:

there’s not really internal rhyme in here. because of his accent, lafayette can pull rhyming “france” and “’on(archy)”, but that’s about it. not surprising; he’s not unintelligent, it’s just that he’s still figuring out english.

then mulligan:

mulligan’s got a bit of internal rhyme going on with “chance”, “(ad)vance”, and “pants”. the “so(cially)” and “sew(in’)” could be argued too, but the fact that the emphasis is placed on the “ly” of socially and not on the “so” makes it hard to argue.

then of course, laurens:

laurens, getting up there with hamilton and bringing in some polysyllabic rhymes! we’ve got “truly free” and “you and me”; “you and i” and “do or die”; “sally in”, “stallion”, and “battalion”. that’s three different rhyme schemes, so good for you– but then, we’d expect a good command of the english from someone who helped hamilton write essays.

now, finally, we get to burr:

“gen(iuses)” and “keep”. “trouble” and “double”. “with” and “sit(uation)”. that’s already three internal rhymes, completely separate from the end rhyme. (he fits a polysyllabic rhyme in there too with “trouble” and “double”.)

and then the internal rhyme that goes with the end rhyme?

“fraught”, “got”, “taught”, “talk”, and “shot”.

that’s five instances of rhyming in two measures. let me repeat that: five instances of rhyming in two measures. the example i cited has hamilton doing four instances of rhyme in three measures.

burr’s intelligence and command of the english language is at least on par with hamilton’s, if not greater, as evidenced later by their partnership as lawyers; but lin-manuel miranda manages to portray that just in four measures.

that’s how to develop a character musically.