This honestly, actually happens. Cullen slaughtered half of my clan, MY CLAN! Because he thought it was a great idea to come marching up to the camp wearing full armor, as a show of strength. I learned to keep an eye on what my advisors were planning to do after that :I.


[2015-12-11, 10:25:44 PM] Salesman (metal bug): I CANT THINK OF A COOL CAPTION
[2015-12-11, 10:26:03 PM] Santaton (EZ-bake): the king and his fuckin twink

Collab with @undergroundspark​! He made a gorgeous sketch and I coloured. Micro couldn’t think of what to put on Mettabug, though, so I just dressed him up in my OC’s clothes.

The danger in living between obedience and sin is that you don’t know in which state you will die.


Writer/Motivational Speaker

Words to the Wise: A Practical Guide to the Esoteric Sciences

Subtitled “A Practical Guide to the Esoteric Sciences,” this volume examines the teachings of the Mystery Schools, the five steps of self-unfoldment, and how the practice of ancient disciplines can lead to a more purposeful life.


I didn’t think I still needed to say this, but my friends keep dating this guy so

I am about to tell you all some deep truths, so listen up.
1) If the guy has both a Three Musketeers facial hair situation and long hair, a la “metalhead gentleman”, he is probably bad news.
2) If you think “yeah, there’s a good chance that guy owns a utilikilt that he wears to goth/kink/fetish/poly events”, he’s probably bad news.
3) If you’re looking at what to you looks like a really hot mate and you’re going “but Rose, this guy seems great, he read me ‘My Mistress’s Eyes'while wearing his steampunk top hat while we stood on a bridge at sunset”–you can send me a picture and/or let me spend five minutes with him, and I can tell you whether you’ve found the exception or not.

Listen to me, the Tiresias of nerd culture, having been both a Fake Geek Girl and a Fuckboy. I come bearing tidings of Woe.