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Just wanted to say that I loved the idea of Tatooine slave culture having a capoeira equivalent. What does "nimdara" translate to in Basic?

Thanks anon!

The literal meaning would be “power-dance,” but that’s…kind of a terrible translation.

The root word is nim, which means power in the sense of agency, power of self-determination, sovereignty.

It’s a dance for people who know that they own themselves, no matter what their Masters’ property records show.

my sister is like… everything i don’t like about aquarius. the only way to stay on her good side is to just agree with everything she says. if you ask a question she’ll give you this long roundabout answer that doesn’t even mean anything. she’s constantly ranting about philosophies and theories she’s made up in her own head that don’t actually make sense to anyone outside of her but if you contradict any of it she’ll belittle and patronize you and justify her position by quoting the latin roots of words as if that has any relevance to the conversation. i just !!! i don’t hate her but.. jfkdsl.

also a p.s but i hate how she tries to use me as a weapon against the family members she doesn’t like? she’ll say some passive aggressive shit like “i don’t know how you deal with this” right in front of their faces and. it’s so. disrespectful. literally all they ever do is not agree with her. she sees me as this little doll she can just form into herself and not as a person with their own individual ideas. any individual idea i bring up she just immediately shoots down and then tells me what i Should believe instead. but then afterwards she’ll end it saying “i’m not trying to Tell you what to believe, i’m just ‘planting seeds’” and i just !! i hate the way she talks to me and i hate the way she talks to other people. i remember once i tried to come out to her when i was 14. and when i got a upset/sarcastic when she literally told me i didn’t know what i was talking about and that i wasn’t interested in girls she was like, “Don’t be sarcastic. It’s uncivilized.” Like ! Shut the fuck up! she hates when other people get emotional in arguments but she can yell and be passive aggressive and insulting all she wants because she’s right. i hate it !!!!!


  • Biology
  • Creating a Race (2)
  • Creating Animals (2)
  • Disease (2)
  • Ecosystems (2)
  • Evolution (and Space)
  • Flora and Fauna
  • Genetics
  • Inventing Species
  • List of Legendary Creatures
  • Night Vision/Color Vision
  • People

Constructed Language (Conlang)

  • Basics/Phonology (2) (3)
  • Conlang
  • Conlang Guide
  • Conlang vs. English
  • Creating a Language (Revised)
  • Culture + Language
  • Curse Words
  • How to Create Your Own Language
  • How to Create a Language
  • IPA Pronunciation
  • Making Up Words

Culture Guides

  • 7 Deadly Sins
  • Alien Cultures (2)
  • Alternative Medieval
  • Avoiding Cultural Appropriation
  • Avoiding Medieval Fantasy (2)
  • Avoiding One-Note Worlds
  • Avoiding Utopia
  • Change (2)
  • Class/Caste System (2)
  • Culture
  • Designing Intellectual Movements
  • Everything (2) (3)
  • Fantasy
  • Gender-Equal Societies
  • Historical Background for Ideas (2)
  • History
  • Matriarchy (2)
  • Nationalism
  • Nations
  • Slavery
  • Static World
  • Structure
  • Wandering Peoples


  • Basic Economics
  • Capitalism
  • Currency (2) (3)
  • Current Global Economies
  • Economic Systems
  • Economics (1500-1800 AD)
  • Economics and Government
  • Economics for Dummies
  • Economy
  • Inflation
  • International Trade (2)
  • Marxist Communism
  • Medieval Economics
  • Schools of Economic Thought
  • Socialism (2)
  • Types of Economic Systems
  • World Economy (2)

Everyday Life

  • Art
  • Ceremonies
  • Clothing
  • Clothing Terminology (2) (3) (4)
  • Clothing Reference
  • Demographics
  • Disease
  • Drugs
  • Education (2)
  • Fame and Infamy
  • Family
  • Food (2)
  • Food Timeline
  • Immigration/Emigration
  • Literature
  • Marriage
  • Months
  • Music
  • Sex
  • Slang
  • Stories
  • Travel


  • Collective/Traditionalist Societies
  • Creating a Government
  • Diplomacy
  • Empire (2)
  • Fancy Latin Names for Government
  • History and Politics
  • International Relations (2)
  • Justice System
  • Lawlessness
  • Non-monarchical (2) (3)
  • Oppressive Government
  • Political Ideologies
  • Propaganda
  • Republic
  • Rise and Fall of Civilizations
  • Secret Societies
  • Shapeshifter Society
  • Totalitarianism, Atmosphere Necessary For
  • Tribal Society
  • Types of Government
  • Utopia
  • Writing Politics

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Symbols are constantly recycled in society and religion. Their meanings evolve over time and can differ from belief system to belief system. A pentacle/pentagram is one of those symbols that has picked up a whole lot of baggage over the years. Beginner Wiccans often come to our religion having to ‘reprogram’ their own way of thinking about the pentagram. For years, pop culture, media hysteria and other religions have drilled the idea into our heads that Pagan symbols are bad, and the pentagram is evil.

Unfortunately, in a lot of books aimed at Wicca for beginners, more misinformation about the pentagram is spread. This time, it errs on the side of trying to make the pentagram look good, attaching to it all kinds of romanticized ideas that are just not factual.

What is a pentagram? What is a pentacle? Is there a difference? Let’s have a closer look at the history of this symbol, and the meaning of the pentagram today.


A good place to begin anytime you’re trying to understand a word and its usage is to hit the dictionary and look up the entomology of the word. The word pentagram is rooted in the Greek.

Instead of giving you my own interpretations, I’ll take the meaning directly from the dictionary:


The earliest use of the pentagram we know of is from ancient Sumeria– but it wasn’t a religious Pagan symbol. It was a word in their language that meant a corner or angle (due to the 5 sharp angles in the figure).

In the 6th century BCE, Pherecydes of Syros used it to illustrate the five recesses of the cosmology. Pentagram figures occasionally turned up in the far East as well, due to the 5 Chinese elements: wood, fire, earth, metal, water.

Pythagoras went on to use the pentagram as the symbol of man. Partly it was because the shape represented a human standing with his arms spread wide (the top point being the head, the to outer points the arms, and the bottom two points the legs). It was also considered to represent the 5 elements that the Greeks believed made up the physical body: Earth (matter), Air (breath), Fire (energy), Water (fluids) and Aether (the psyche or soul). When Pythagoras’ school was driven underground, students used the pentagram as a secret symbol to identify each other.

In ancient Judaism it was a symbol found in mysticism, related to the top portion of the Tree of Life in the Kabbalah, it stood for the 5 books of the Torah (what Christians refer to as the Pentateuch in the Old Testament of the Bible) and the symbol was featured in a seal representing the secret names of God.

Early Christians into the middle ages used the pentagram heavily as a symbol for Christ’s five wounds. The star of Bethlehem that lead the wise men to the baby Jesus was believed to be the pentagram. In Authorial legends, you’ll often see the symbol of the Pentagram inscribed on knight’s shields and other things—these were actually Christian, not Pagan, references. Christians thought of the pentagram as a protective amulet, and it was the primary symbol of Christianity back then, even more common than the cross.

So the pentagram had a long, ancient history of uses as a Pagan symbol and Judeo-Christian symbol. It had no single meaning. It represented perfection in mathematics, the human body, words, and was also used in religious ritual and magic.


So I’ve mentioned that just about everyone had used the pentagram back then, except I haven’t mentioned Witches, Wiccans and Satanists. What about them?

The fact is, they didn’t really exist yet. The only “witches” at the time were the kind of folklore and rumor. Oh, don’t get me wrong—there were people who did magick, but they would not have identified with the term “witch”.


The 14th and 15th century saw the rise of occult practices that were rooted in Judeo-Christian symbolism and mysticism, and they borrowed liberally from many of the symbols, including the pentagram. They also borrowed from Gnostic and Paganism symbols. It’s no small surprise Ceremonial Magicians were accused by the Christian church of heresy. And heresy, to a medieval Christian, barrels down to Paganism, Satan worship and witchcraft.

Anything liberally used by Ceremonial Magicians became associated with anything considered heretical. If you don’t want to be associated with such things, you don’t use their symbols.

By Victorian times, the witch hunt craze was ending, and people started to forget how pentagrams were once very common, prominent Christian symbols. It’s now associated with paganism, Satan and witchcraft, and seen as an evil symbol.

The love of romanticized myth and history drive a new movement: the Pagan revival, and the pentagram gets turned around again. This is where it gets confusing, because misinformation and false histories begin to fly liberally from the late 19th to mid-20th century.

This is the time the Pagan Revival begins (mostly a re-invention than a re-construction of “Old Ways”). This is when Margaret Murray published her theories on ancient Witch cults being peaceful Pagan religions—though her works have been completely debunked since. This is when Gerald Gardner founded Wicca, and people came crawling out of the woodwork claiming to be ‘hereditary Witches’, or claiming their coven was ancient, or claiming some unbroken line to the Pagan religions of antiquity. This is also when a few ‘reverse Christian’ groups popped up, with practices specifically designed to mock and rebel against Christianity (those these groups were pretty rare and the NeoPagan community did their best to distance themselves from such groups).

One thing most of these groups have in common, though, is that they adopt the pentagram.

Hollywood – new on the scene in the mid-20th century – adopts the pentagram as well. Hollywood is not interested in accuracy; it’s interested in the shock value of things. They adopt it as a symbol for evil magic and reverse-Christian style devil worship and stick it into just about every horror movie conceivable. This fuels the antics of a lot of bored, rebellious people, particularly teens, who like to spray paint it on park walls and carve it into trees for the shock value.

By the late 20th century, the pentagram is being used and abused all over the place, but it is Hollywood who manages to make an indelible imprint on the social consciousness—and this is further driven by the media with sensationalized reporting during the 1970’s “Satanic Ritual Abuse” hysteria (which has also been debunked).

It’s only the tail end of the 20th century and the beginning of the 21st century in which the pentagram is finally gaining some understanding. Though mainstream society hasn’t completely lost the ‘kneejerk reaction’ to it, the growth of the Pagan Revival and the availability of information via the Internet have helped to quell some of the shock value and fears over it.


More misconceptions abound, considering the Pagan community more commonly refers to the symbol as a ‘pentacle’ rather than a ‘pentagram’. Many books and websites have tried (and failed) to make the distinction clear. Some assertions I’ve read in passing are:

  • The pentagram is evil with one point down
  • the pentacle is good with one point up
  • The pentagram is just the star
  • the pentacle is the star with a circle around it
  • The pentagram is 2-D; the pentacle is 3-D

Actually, all of these answers would be technically incorrect. If you look at the definitions provided above, pentagram and pentacle are synonymous, and have nothing to do with which way the points face, or whether or not they have a circle around them.                           

A look at the dictionary’s answer to pentacle and you see that the only real difference is one is derived from the Greek, the other from the Latin:



A tool arose out of ceremonial magic. This tool was a flat, round disc or paper that was inscribed with protective symbols (a pentagram could be inscribed on it, but there were other symbols they used as well). It is used as an amulet of warding and power because a large part of Ceremonial Magic is invoking and commanding various entities from Judeo-Christian beliefs.

It was called the pentacle or sometimes pantacle. On the Tarot (a Christian-origin divination system), the symbol is used for the suit of coins, and it represents the Element of Earth.

Wicca and other NeoPagan religions borrowed this tool from Ceremonial Magic. They kept the name, but re-defined its purpose since Wiccans don’t believe in Judeo-Christian entities and is not concerned with calling or commanding spirits.

The pentacle (the disc) was adopted as an altar tool, and is used to symbolize the Element of Earth on the altar. It’s also used as a tool for placing sacred items upon it when cleansing, consecrating or charging them.

The Wiccan symbol of choice for this round disc was the pentagram/pentacle. To further confuse things, this tool does not have to be inscribed with a pentagram/pentacle.


As far as Wiccan symbols go, the pentagram isn’t a representation of good vs. evil. It’s a symbol of our faith, a symbol of the 5 Elements (one for each point), and the circle (the universe) contains and connects them all. No matter which way it’s facing, circle or no circle, there’s nothing ‘bad’ about it.

Another misconception about the pentagram in Wicca is which way it points. Again, you will find common misinformation that says the pentagram is “evil” if point down and “good” if point up. The point down is most commonly associated with Satanism, because the largest branch of Satanism (Church of Satan, est. 1966) adopted the inverted pentagram with a goat head inside of it as their symbol.

It’s traditionally used both point up and point down. Point up pentagrams are more common; but point down pentagrams are not considered evil at all.

The point-up pentagram represents the spirit ascending above matter. The top point represents the Element of Spirit, the other four points represent the four Spiritual Elements.

When a pentagram is point-down, it represents spirit descending into matter. This is most traditionally used in lineage covens during second degree initiations, because it’s at this point of one’s spiritual path that one turns “inward”. You face and challenge your ‘dark side’ – your base emotions, fears, ignorance, prejudices, etc., you deal with them and develop mastery over yourself.

“Take a Good Look”

This is a six card spread designed to help you take a good look at yourself, your current situation, and what you are (or are not) doing to move forward.

Card One- Self
This card represents your self and your current issue/situation/problem. In other words, this is your present.

Card Two- Reflection
This card represents what you should be focusing on or putting your energy into. In other words, this card is your goals or aspirations.

Card Three- Foundation
This card represents what you are using to distract yourself from or cover up the issue. In other words, this card is your coping mechanism.

Card Four- Mascara
This card represents what you aren’t seeing or are unaware of. In other words, this card points to contributing factors.

Card Five- Lipstick
This card represents what you need to hear right now. In short, this card is advice for you.

Card Six- The Vanity
This card represents the underlying cause or issue that is holding up this facade. In other words, this is the root of your problem.

Feel free to use this spread for fun or as practice on yourself, friends, or family, but please refrain from monetizing this spread. If you do choose to use this spread, I’d love to hear your experience and what you thought or how it helped you. Don’t hesitate to message me and tell me your story.

This is an original spread crafted by Izzie at tarot-cards-and-tea.
The cards featured are the backs of the second edition of The Wild Unknown Tarot (copyright Kim Krans of The Wild Unknown)

Spanish Vocabulary - El universo y el espacio exterior

Palabras útiles

  • el planeta = planet
    planetario/a = planetary
  • la esfera = sphere, globe
  • el globo = globe [also “balloon”, or el globo ocular is “eyeball”]
    global = global
  • la atmósfera = atmosphere [in non-space terms it can mean “mood” or “ambiance”]
  • la frontera = frontier
  • el extranjero = abroad / foreign
    el extranjero, la extranjera, los extranjeros = foreigner(s)
  • el viajero, la viajera = traveler
  • la gravedad = gravity
  • la órbita = orbit / sphere of influence
    en órbita = in orbit
  • el cielo = sky
    celestial = celestial / sky-related
    celeste = sky-related (less common) / light blue
  • el sol = sun
    solar = solar
    el astro rey = sun [used very rarely, it’s more poetic but it’s like the central point of something that has orbit… for almost every occasion you’d use el sol]
  • la luna = moon
    lunar = lunar [in other terms, el lunar can be “beauty mark”… or ropa a lunares means “polka dots”]
  • el cráter = crater
  • la estrella = star
  • el sistema solar = solar system
  • el astro = star / heavenly body, celestial body
    los astros = the stars [more dramatic than the literal estrellas; think “the heavens”]
  • el cuerpo celestial = heavenly body, celestial body
  • el cosmos = cosmos
  • el/la astronauta = astronaut
  • el/la cosmonauta = cosmonaut [I think this only applies to Soviet Union things?]
  • el astrónomo, la astrónoma = astronomer
  • la astronomía = astronomy
  • el satélite = satellite
  • el cohete = rocket
    [can be used for space, fireworks, weaponry… like el lanzacohetes is “rocketlauncher” (or you just say el RPG which sounds like el erepejé)... so that’s fun]
    el cohete (espacial) = rocketship
  • la sonda = probe (in medicine it could be “gauge” or “catheter”)
    la sonda (espacial) = (space) probe
  • la nave = ship
    la nave espacial = spaceship
  • la Tierra = Earth
    la tierra = soil, ground, earth
  • terrestre = terrestrial
  • extraterrestre = extraterrestrial
  • la humanidad = humanity
  • humano/a = human
    (there are a lot of words thrown around to mean “earthling” including terrícola and terrano/a but they’re all built around the root word tierra)
  • alienígena = alien
    [I don’t see this word too often outside of sci-fi, but alienígena is used for “alien” or “foreign” in a very formal way… it would be further away from our own solar system, not something like marciano/a meaning “Martian”, but it’s a very sci-fi word when the aliens come from somewhere else entirely.]
  • el OVNI [el objeto volador no identificado] = UFO [unidentified flying object]

Los planetas

  • Mercurio = Mercury
  • Marte = Mars
  • Venus = Venus
  • la Tierra = Earth
  • Júpiter = Jupiter
  • Saturno = Saturn
  • Neptuno = Neptune
  • Urano = Uranus
  • Plutón = Pluto

*Note: All of the planets in the solar system are technically masculine aside from Earth. You don’t add the definite article to most of them (except Earth), but it’s assumed that these masculine planets take masculine adjectives when necessary. Otherwise it ends up looking like… Marte es un planeta rojo “Mars is a red planet” or something like that.

El universo

  • el universo = universe
    universal = universal
  • el mundo = world
    mundial = worldly / related to the world
  • el espacio = space
    el espacio exterior = outer space
    espacial = space / spatial [adjective; as in la nave espacial is “spaceship”]
  • la nebulosa = nebula
  • la galaxia = galaxy
    galáctico/a = galactic
  • el año luz = light year
    los años luz = light years
  • MRL (más rápido que la luz) = FTL (faster-than-light)
    superlumínico/a = faster-than-light / superluminal
  • el cúmulo = cluster / bunch 
  • el cometa = comet
    (la cometa, feminine, is another word for a “kite”)
  • el asteroide = asteroid
    el cinturón de asteroides = asteroid belt
  • el meteoro = meteor
  • la lluvia de estrellas = meteor shower
  • la estrella fugaz = shooting star [lit. “short-lived star”]
  • la (estrella) gigante = giant (star)
  • la (estrella) enana = dwarf (star)

[with this, combined with colors you’d get… la gigante roja “red giant”, or la enana marrón “brown dwarf” etc]

  • el agujero negro = black hole [sometimes you see hoyo negro but that’s less common; el agujero and el hoyo are both “hole” though]
  • la Vía Láctea = the Milky Way
Vocabulary from Sweet Lies (EXO)

These are listed in the order in which they appear in the song.

Hot mess

Pairing: Bucky x reader

Summary: Bucky heard you call out his name while you masterbated that eventually leads to a very rough and sexy evening for Bucky and the reader.

Word count: 2250

Warnings:Smut. Masterbation. Swearing.Rough unprotected sex.

A/N: Hey everyone. I had this idea for a long time and finally decided to write this. Hope you enjoy this. ;)

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Every member of the Avengers team, has a turn to make dinner for a night, but somehow when it’s Tony’s turn, he usually orders take out, because he is “to busy” to cook.

Tonight it was Natasha’s turn to make dinner with the assistance of Wanda. They were making Spaghetti and meatballs. Most of the Avengers were in the kitchen already and dinner was nearly prepared.

“Someone needs to set the table,” Natasha muttered to herself. She saw Thor, Steve,Tony, Bruce, Clint and Vision huddled up discussing something by the looks on their faces -serious.

“Can you guys…”

“We’re busy,” said Clint quickly.

Natasha rolled her eyes. That left Bucky and Sam. They sat at the dining table that they moved to the kitchen earlier, because everyone complained how cold the dining hall is.

“One of you boys can set the table and the other one can go tell (Y/N) food’s ready.

” I’ll go call her, I was on my way to my room anyways,“ said Bucky hastily.

"Good. Sam you can get the plates and the cutlery ready.”

Sam groaned and shot Bucky a cold look as he stood up. Bucky laughed at Sam and left the the kitchen.

Your room was right opposite Bucky’s room. Bucky rushed into his room, he quickly put on some cologne and closed the door behind him.

He ran a hand through his hair and cleared his throat, but before he could knock, he heard a very odd sound coming from your room. You moaned. His brows furrowed. At first Bucky thought you were in pain, but then he heard…

“Oh yes that feels so good.” When he realized what you were doing behind that door, he knew he should walk away, but your moans and your next words rooted him to the spot.

“Just like that Bucky!” Bucky’s frown turned into a smirk. You were pleasuring yourself while thinking of him.

You moaned again. Bucky’s half hard cock was straining against his jeans that became painfully tight as he listened to your moans. He threw his head back against the door as he rubbed his aching bulge through his jeans. He pictured you on your bed, hair splayed out around you, your beautiful mouth slightly parted as your hand moved through your wet folds, touching yourself.

The moans stopped and Bucky heard footsteps nearing the door. He made a run for it. He returned to the kitchen and sat back in his seat, everyone was eating already.


“Buck!” Steve yelled.

Steve snapped him out of his thoughts.


“Did you call (Y/N)?” Steve asked.

“Yeah, I think she was in the shower. Probably didn’t hear me calling her.”

A few minutes later you walked into the kitchen and took the empty seat between Thor and Vision.

“Sorry I’m late. I was umm…”

“In the shower. Bucky told us,” said Steve.

Shocked you looked at Bucky who had a smug smile on his face. Your cheeks were a brilliant shade of red. You nodded at Steve. You turned your attention to the plate of spaghetti in front of you.

“(Y/N) you okay? You seem a bit flushed,” Natasha said.

“It was probably the hot water,” you lied.

“By the way,” Tony said turning to you.

“You and Barnes are going to clean up after dinner, because the two of you were the last to come to the table.”

You didn’t eat much. You kept on wondering if Bucky might have heard you, because you weren’t exactly quiet.

‘He doesn’t even like you like that, you probably ruined your friendship,’ you thought to yourself.

After dinner only you and Bucky remained in the kitchen, tidying up. The awkward silence continued. You finally decided that you don’t want him to be this uncomfortable around you, so you spoke up.

“Bucky?” he turned to you


You took a deep breath. Here it goes…

“Buck I’m so sorry what you’ve heard. I’ll totally understand if you don’t want to hang out…”

You were cut short by Bucky’s lips as his mouth crashed onto yours roughly. You were shocked for a moment, but then you relaxed into the kiss. He pushed you back against the wall. It was all tongue and teeth. The kiss was rough and you enjoyed every part of especially when he bit your bottom lip. You moaned into his mouth and pulled him by his shirt closer to you.

You both let go of each other. He looked into your eyes, finding only lust. His thick muscled arms trapped you. He was so close tomyou that you could feel the heat radiating from his body.

“When you touched yourself, did you think of me?”

You nodded. You bit your lip while your big innocent eyes were locked on him.

“Did it make you wet?”

“Yes Bucky,” you moaned.

“God you’re killing me baby girl.”

“What are you gonna do about it soldier?”

He growled at the nickname you gave him. You squealed as he picked you up with his metal arm and threw you over his shoulder.

“I’ll show you.” He carried you out of the kitchen to his room.

When you entered his room, he pressed you up against the door.

“Finally,” he muttered as his lips crashed onto your once again. His skilled hands grabbed your behind, while you pulled on his locks. He moaned into your mouth, obviously liking you tug on his hair. He released you. You pulled your shirt over your head and pulled your shorts down too. He did the same. His eyes traveled down to the valley of your breasts, which looked incredible in the sheer black lacy bra that matched your black panties. He undid his jeans dropping it to the floor. The outline of his hard cock was visible through his briefs.

You dropped to your knees in front of Bucky looking up at him while you tugged his briefs down his toned thighs. His cock stood proud and hard against his abdomen.

“See what you do to me doll,” Bucky muttered. You gently grasped his impressive length in your hand, slowly pumping him. He closed his eyes as he relished in the sensation. The tip of his cockhead that looked almost purple, was dripping with precum. You gathered some onto your thumb and brought it to your mouth, looking up at Bucky, wide eyed and innocent as you sucked. He groaned at your actions. This must have been the most erotic thing he has ever seen. You closed your eyes as you savoured the taste of his salty cum. Bucky tasted delicious and you wanted more.

You brought your mouth to the tip, giving him small kitten licks. Your tongue circled around his engorged head, earning a moan from him. Your mouth closed around him, sucking while taking him deeper. His hands worked through your hair as you bobbed your head up and down his length until he hit the back of your throat. Bucky held your head firmly, before letting go of you. You looked up at him, your brows furrowed. A layer of sweat was embedded on his broad chest.

“If you don’t stop now, I’m not gonna last doll,” Bucky said exasperated. You let go of him as he pulled you to your feet. He reached behind you and unclasped your bra, letting it drop to the floor. His thumbs brushed over your hard nipples, hardening under his touch as he kneaded your soft and tender flesh.

“Bucky,” you moaned as he leaned down and took your erect nipple in his mouth. He sucked hard, biting gently and then doing the same to the other. He turned you around, making you move backwards. You felt the back of your knees hit the edge of your bed. Bucky pushed you down gently. He crawled onto the bed, moving between your legs.

He kissed his way up from your knees to your thighs, biting and sucking, leaving marks all over you, claiming you. His face was inches from your clothed heat. He flattened his tongue and licked at the damp spot on your lacy panties. You moaned out squirming to get more friction. He ripped your underwear from your body, tossing it into the far corner of his room.

With his flesh hand he held your labia open as his eyes feast over your wet cunt. He blew lightly on your clit making you squirm even more. He smiled up at you. You glanced down at Bucky through hooded eyes, breathing heavily, aching for him. One of his metal fingers were probing your entrance, slowly moving in and out, in and out. The coldness of his metal hand felt good on your hot cunt. Bucky was moving agonizingly slow.

“Bucky,” you whined. You were a total hot mess. Your hair was sticking to your forehead, your cheeks were a bright pink and your breathing was uneven. He chucked against your pussy, making it vibrate. He drove his tongue into your wetness. You screamed out his name as his tongue explored your wet folds skillfully, while he finger fucked you with two of his metal fingers.

“More Bucky!” He obliged by entering a third finger, stretching you. He sucked on your throbbing clit. You arched your back into his mouth, humping his face. Every time his fingers reached your g-spot you screamed. He felt your walls clench around his fingers, nearing your orgasm.

“Come for me (Y/N).” His mouth latched onto your clit once more, making your hips buck as you came with his name on your lips. You clawed at the sheets as your body trembled.

He crawled up to meet your lips in a fierce kiss. He moaned against your lips as you raked your nails across his bare chest.

“I need you Bucky. I need you to fill me up so bad right now,” you whined as you felt his erection against your heat. You ground your hips causing him to growl and push your knees apart.

“So wet for me,” he said. A low and dangerous tone to his voice. His dark eyes glinting with desire. With one push he was fully inside you. You cried out as his thickness stretched you.

“Oh James you fill me up so good.” Bucky bit down onto your shoulder as he began to move.

“You’re so fucking tight. Shit!” He pulled out and plunged back in. His cock hitting all your right places, making you writhe beneath him. You were in heaven, until you felt Bucky stop moving and pull out. He pumped himself while he looked straight into your eyes.

“Turn over for me babygirl.” You did what he asked, lowering your back and sticking your ass in the air. With one swift move he was back in your pussy, pounding away mercilessly. You screamed Bucky’s name over and over, like it was the only word you knew.

“You like me fucking you like this doll?”

“Fuck yes!”

“We’re like animals, and you’re my bitch in heat!” He said through gritted teeth.

“Yes Bucky yes!” You cried out, not caring if the others in the tower heard you. He leaned over your back, took hold of your chin and kissed you hard, while he drilled you into the mattress.

“Harder Sergeant!” His hands dug into your hips, painfully, but you didn’t mind, the pleasure was overwhelming. He pulled you up by your shoulders that you were in his lap, bouncing up and down his cock.

“I’m close doll. Come with me,” he said in ragged breaths as his thrusts became harder, but more sloppier. You felt the familiar tightening in your abdomen and Bucky felt you clench around his cock.

“I’m coming!” You screamed as the pleasure hit you wave after wave. You felt Bucky twitch inside you and release his seed inside, coating your walls. You leaned your head back against his shoulder, while he whispered your name over and over in your ear as pleasure overtook him. Bucky pecked your neck and shoulders with kisses.

After a few moments, he had enough strength to pull out of you. The both of you fell back on the bed, cuddled up in each others arms.

“That was the best sex I’ve ever had.” You nodded.

“Definitely.” He kissed the top of your head.

“Sleep well doll.”

The next morning rapid knocking woke the both of you. Bucky grumbled and dropped his head back on the pillow, pulling you closer to him. Just then you realized someone was knocking on your door across the hall. You jumped up and threw on Bucky’s shirt that covered everything that needed to be covered.

You opened the door to find Tony knocking on your bedroom door angrily. He turned around and noticed you in Bucky’s shirt, emerging from Bucky’s room. His eyes wide when he came to grips with reality.

“No,” he said, as he bursted out laughing.

“When I got to the kitchen this morning it looked like a wreck, so I came to look for you to check why the kitchen wasn’t clean, but I didn’t expect this,” Tony said laughing harder.

You crossed your arms. You felt Bucky behind you. He rolled his eyes s Tony kept on laughing, all his anger forgotten.

“Grow up Stark,” Bucky said annoyed, before slamming the door in his face.

“Friday notify the whole team that Mr Barnes and Ms. (Y/L/N) slept together. I don’t care if they’re awake or asleep.”

“Yes Mister Stark.”


The Morrígan

- More-ih-gone

Titles -  Mórrígan (“great queen”), also known as Morrígu, Morríghan or Mór-ríoghain

Goddess of - fate, especially with foretelling doom and death in battle. Life, death, prophecy, wisdom, protection, fear, sovereignty, rebirth, sorcery

Race -  Tuatha De Danann

Family -
Consorts: Dagda 

Symbols -  Crows, Ravens, cows, wolves, swords, spears

Description - The Morrígan is often described as a trio of individuals, all sisters, called ‘the three Morrígna’. Although membership of the triad varies, the most common combination in modern sources is Badb, Macha and Nemain. However the primary sources indicate a more likely triad of Badb, Macha and Anand  

 Sometimes she appears as one of three sisters, the daughters of Ernmas: Morrígan, Badb and Macha. Sometimes the trinity consists of Badb, Macha and Anand, collectively known as the Morrígna. However, the Morrígan can also appear alone and her name is sometimes used interchangeably with Badb

Badb: A war Goddess associated with battle, destruction, and death and often appeared over battle as a hooded crow, or ran alongside warriors disguised as a grey-red wolf. Badb was connected to rebirth as a watcher of the cauldron of regeneration in the Otherworld. She was also a Witch and a sorceress, and a Prophetess who foresaw the future.

The root word “mag” translated means field, plain or pasture. This name connects and gives Macha power over the sacred land and horses, representing wealth, power and symbolizing the elite warriors. She was also connected to fertility by the land and horses, and cursed the male Red Branch warrior to suffer nine days of birth pangs when forced to run a race. As part of the trinity, she rained down fire and blood on her enemies.

: Her name translates to panic, frenzy or venomous. Also a deity of battle, death and destruction, she appeared as a carrion crow. Neiman was a prophetess and her battle cries meant death would soon follow. By shrieking furiously, she intimidated, panicked and confused soldiers on the battle field into dying of fright or mistaking their own comrades for enemies. This aspect connects to the role of Banshee.   

Notable Legends -  
In the Ulster Cycle, Táin Bó Regamna (The Cattle Raid of Regamain), which is a body of Irish mythology, Morrigan appears to the hero Cuchulainn (whom she has appeared to in different guises) and he finds her stealing one of his cows, yet he does not recognize her and becomes angry and insults her. Shape-shifting into a crow, he now recognizes her and acknowledges he would not have insulted her had he known, yet she prophesizes his death in battle which came to pass.

Morrigan also appears to Cuchulainn as a young woman (or hag, depending on the version) and offers him her love, and her aid in the battle, but he rejects her offer. In response she intervenes in his next combat, first in the form of an eel who trips him, then as a wolf who stampedes cattle across the ford, and finally as a white, red-eared heifer leading the stampede, just as she had warned in their previous encounter. (White and red animals were very symbolic of the otherworld and the sidhe)

In the Cath Maige Tuireadh, on Samhain Morrigan has an encounter with the Dagda (High King of the Tuatha De Dannan) before the battle against the Fomorians. When he meets her she is washing battle clothes while standing with one foot on either side of the river Unius and they mate. She then promises to summon the magicians of Ireland to cast spells on behalf of the Tuatha De Dannan and to destroy Indech, the Fomorian king.

Her role was to not only be a symbol of imminent death, but to also influence the outcome of war. Most often she did this by appearing as a crow flying overhead and would either inspire fear or courage in the hearts of the warriors. In some cases, she is written to have appeared in visions to those who are destined to die in battle by washing their bloody armor. In this specific role, she is also given the role of foretelling imminent death with a particular emphasis on the individual.[31] There are also a few rare accounts where she would join in the battle itself as a warrior and show her favouritism in a more direct manner.

The Morrigan was such a powerful symbol of life and birth that the Celts believed she could revive their dead soldiers to fight once more. The severed heads on the battlefield were called the “Mast of Macha” (harvest of Macha). The ground was considered sacred after the battle, as the soldiers would leave until the next day so Morrigan could gather the souls undisturbed. As a scavenger bird, she was an omen of war (both as a symbol and with prophecy) feeding on bodies and gathering souls and terrorized armies into dying of fear with her frightful and shrieking cries.

Although speculated, Morrigan may have been the daughter of Delbaeth and Ernmas whom in the earliest copies of the Lebor Gabala Erenn (The Book of Invasions) had three daughters, named Badb, Macha, and Anand. In the Book of Leinster, Anand is also known as Morrigu, while in the Book of Fermoy version, Macha is identified with Morrigan. In addition, Morrigan may had been one of Dagda’s wives and had sons.

Sacred Associations - Carrion eating animals, specifically crows. Fog, shapeshifting, bloodlust and battle, white and red cows, mugwort, yew, willow, rivers. Obsidian, bloodstone, apples, rebirth, swords, sorcery, bones and skulls.

Holiday - Samhain, jan 7th feast of the morrigan.

Brighid, Dagda, Lugh, Morrighan

I feel like everyone else probably already knows this, but it was exciting for me, so I’m sharing it.

In Red & Black, Marius compares Cosette to a ghost, “one minute there, then she was gone.”

Grantaire replies “I am agog, I am aghast” Which seems like a rather extreme reaction to someone falling in love, but whatever. Except. Aghast means “filled with a sudden sense of horror,” and comes from the Middle English word for terrifying, agasten which comes from the root word gæst, which means “spirit or ghost.” 


It’s a pun.

Burn everything.

Vocabulary from Ko Ko Bop (EXO)

These are listed in the order in which they appear in the song.

During a conversation about gender and sexuality, I joked, “I knew I was bisexual when puberty hit and I started glowing in the dark. Did you know that that’s why it’s called bi-oluminescence?” and then the one fucking garbage dude there gave me a five minute speech about how it’s actually ‘bio’ and not 'bi’, as though I legitimately thought everything that glowed was bisexual.

Which, I mean, I definitely do. But not because I don’t get root words and prefixes and shit.

Q: I feel like every time he [Brandon] needs a “magic word” he just takes two regular words and jams them together. Dreamshard, Shardblade, Shardplate, Lightweaving, Mistborn, Coinshot, Pewterarm, Coppercloud, Surgebinder, Soulcaster, etc etc etc

A: It’s done intentionally. Let’s look at our options.

I can create all-out fantasy words for terms like this. (Lait or crem from Stormlight are examples.) Problem is, the more you do this, the more you pile a difficult linguistics on top of a reader. The more words like this they have to learn, the more difficult it is to get into a story. If you were doing it, perhaps you’d go this direction. I feel that overloading on these terms is dangerous. Already, the main reason new readers put down my books is that they feel overwhelmed by the worldbuilding.

So we have the second option. Use a latin, germatic, or greek root and create a word that FEELS right, has some mental connection for the reader, but which isn’t a real word.

Allomancy/Feruchemy/Hemalurgy. Veristitalian. To a lesser extent, Elantris.

This so called “Harry Potter Spells” method gives some familiarity to the naming, makes them stick a little better in people’s heads, which makes the books a little easier to get into. But they’re also distracting to some readers who say, “Wait. There’s no Latin in this world, so where did Latin root words come from?” And for others (particularly in translation) those roots mean nothing, and so these all end up lumped into the first group.

The final method is the pure Germanic method–creating compound words. It works in English very well because of our Germanic roots–and is one of the main ways (other than turning nouns into verbs or the other direction) that we create new words. Supermarket. Masterpiece. Newspaper. Thunderstorm. Footprint. Firework. Heartbeat. Yourself. None of those look odd to you because they are words that are “meant” to go together in your head.

I use some of batch one, some of batch two, but I do favor batch three–it does what I want it to. Works in the language, has an “otherworld” feel but is also very quickly understood by someone new to the series. There are arguments for all three methods, however.

Tolkien in The Lord of the Rings: Frodo Baggins, derived from the Old English fród, meaning “wise by experience.” His name is Maura Labingi in Westron and Iorhael in Sindarin, a combination of the root words ior, meaning “old,” and hale, meaning “wise.”

Tolkien in The Hobbit: their names were Balin and Dwalin and Oin and Gloin and Dori and Nori and Ori and Fili and Kili and Bifur and Bombur and Bofur

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My personal JAIMExBRIENNE fan fiction list

All credits go to these amazing authors. Enjoy!


*searching for a heart of gold by janie_tangerine. Involves Jaime defending Brienne’s honour and knighthood. Amongst other things. Words: 8745.

*Home is Wherever I’m with You by BrienneofThrace. Jaime and Brienne’s first kiss takes place at the top of the Wall. Words: 5815.

*The Warrior by researchsociety. Honestly the best smut fic I’ve found for this ship. There is intense feels too. Words: 4298.

Valkyrie by pearypie. Intense sweetness! Jaime’s thoughts before he meets Brienne at siege of Riverrun. Words: 999.

*For Honour’s Sake by coaldustcanary. A simple story about how Jaime and Brienne try to keep each other warm in a blizzard. Smutty-smut-smut! Words: 6970

i carry it in my heart by bergamot. Season 7 spoilers! A much need filler taking place between the second last and final episode of the season. Words: 3390.

Blossoming Roots by gnsiophobic. Desperate tale of survival in winter with a more established version of JaimexBrienne. Words: 5110.

He Chose Honor by 13letters. “She was always so stern. Stalwart. Strong. Stoic.” Words: 2618.


The Higher Education of Brienne of Tarth by BrienneofThrace. I usually hate modern AU’s, but this one is an exception. An easy read and deliciously fluffy. Words: 8377.

*Of Ignorance and Honor by twistedkaleidoscope. This fic is funny and sentimental - especially the end of the last chapter. The story is unfinished, but that last chapter is really packed with feels and worth a read. Words: 7585.

The Covering Sky by Rellie. The most-praised and popular fan fiction in the JaimexBrienne fandom - and with good reason! A definite for this list. Words: 136 469.

**Sworn by the Noose by gnsiophobic. Book-universe fic where Brienne takes Jaime to the Quiet Isle after making an oath with Lady Stoneheart. I was hooked from the first sentence. This author writes just like George RR Martin except he/she does not leave out the tenderness I feel Martin sometimes lacks regarding romance. Words: 24 908.

**Remember: Spring Swaps Snow for Leaves Unknown author (full story explained in the A/N’s). I am a sucker for angsty stories but this story caught me off-gaurd. I was still upset three hours after reading it. This story is ridiculously beautifully written (and an absolute must-read!) but be warned: “the tissue warning needs to be taken seriously.” Words: 28 769.

Obstructed View by AlynnaStrong. Very strong start but the story drifts a bit later on. It is still incomplete, so my opinions might still change. Still worth a read. Words: 28 898.

Nights Without Armour by bratanimus. An unlikely dream team - Jaime, Bri-Bri, Pod and Sansa - go on a quest to make someone Queen of the North. Background Podrick/Sansa; which is very interesting indeed. Words: 32 285.

A Septa’s Advice by Currawong. Jaime comes to Tarth after the war is over. “A gentle romance between two people who have travelled a long way together.” This one is fluffier than a newborn unicorn. Words: 11 481. 

*one of the better ones