I’m sorry for not smiling back to the old ice cream vendor. To the books I should’ve read. To all the times I wasted just staring blankly at the ceiling. To the wishes and hopes I never tried to reach. To the people I let go without somehow holding on. To the music that had been forgotten. To all the love that gone waste. To the rotten memories. I’m sorry. I’m just just so tired. Of myself, of all the things I should’ve done and to all the could’ve been.

Ever take a picture of the sunset from a moving car?

i. I just love how the colors seem to fade and blend into each other, like puzzle pieces so perfectly aligned. The way lips know how to lock. I saw this image before I took the picture. Life showed it to me. I see it now, after the moment was captured. Life wanted it to be this way. Our lips were always meant to find each other. 

ii. There were cars there. I swear. There were. I saw them with my own two eyes before I took the picture. Life showed them to me. But now they’re not there anymore. Life took them away. Why is it that things are there one second, and gone the next?

iii. Those lights were not there. I swear. They weren’t. I did not see them when I took the picture. Life did not show me these lights. But here they are. Captured in this blissful moment. Life didn’t let me see them until now; maybe because there’s more to life than meets the eye.

Today I wanted to touch upon a very important subject for many of you!
It is to study in school, College or work. It’s the end of the school year and it is quite a difficult time for students. Examinations, tests, sessions… I’m sure you can handle it and want to help you in this!

  • the first thing I would do is every day do something to achieve the goal! Let it be something minor but important. You will be proud of yourself!

  • second, it’s a few things that will help you in your studies, will help to do things better! Look at the picture !!!

  • don’t forget the breaks!! You need to rest!!
  • the fourth! Believe in yourself! Motivate yourself! You will succeed!

If it was a little bit helpful to you, let me know! Love you, if you like it, I will prepare some more posts on this topic! Infinitely believe each of you! Ask questions if you are interested in something! Respond to EACH!!!!


you told me you’re having
recurrent dreams, which you’d
like to share with me,
but you’re not able to
put them into words.

sitting on the edge of your messy bed, i saw you
truning restlessly,
talking quietly
the words i didn’t even know
that exist, but understood
their meaning prefectly.
on your pale skin was
a distorted reflection
of the night and
crystalline smell
of anticipation burdened
your unevenly rising chest.

i put my cool hand
on your forehead and
your racing heartbeat
slowly calmed down.

it was just your premonition,
but i knew it without doubt;
you were fatally poisoned
and knew, there is no
antidote yet invented
for your intoxication
with love.

you were scared, completely
aware that “infinity” is a word
which doesn’t even start;
we could never live in that
eight letters as they are
nothing more than that.

the separation will be inevitable one day.

your mouth

and when you speak, God!
your lips move like two lovers who however much they quarrel, still love each other sickly.
your tongue plays a deadly game with my sanity.
and me?
I let you get me drunk with your few words, and it hit me so desperately.
you were the most addictive drink I’ve ever tasted.