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настольный теннис  (m)
nastól'nȳĭ ténnis
table tennis

Example sentence:

Они вместе играли в настольный теннис.
They played table tennis together.

Пинг-понг называют также настольным теннисом.
Ping Pong is also called table tennis.



paekh paekh rae kasu(n)bh kee leelaa raach maach thinehoo(n) lo hasooaa ||
Watching, watching the transitory dramas of the world, you are embroiled and enmeshed in them, and you laugh with delight.
shheejath ddor dhinas ar rainee jeea ko kaaj n keeno kashhooaa ||2||
The string of life is wearing thin, day and night, and you have done nothing for your soul. ||2||

—  (noun) Pistanthrophobia is defined as the fear of trusting people. This fear is conceived from negative experiences an individual endured in former relationship(s). Trust is perceived as one of the most fragile connections and understandings humanity builds, which is why pistanthrophobia must be overcome to live a fulfilling life.