naadh bhramae jaisae miragaaeae ||
The deer is lured by the sound of the hunter’s bell;
praan thajae vaa ko dhhiaan n jaaeae ||1||
it loses its life, but it cannot stop thinking about it. ||1||
aisae raamaa aisae haero ||
In the same way, I look upon my Lord.
raam shhodd chith anath n faero ||1|| rehaao ||
I will not abandon my Lord, and turn my thoughts to another. ||1||Pause||
jio meenaa haerai pasooaaraa ||
As the fisherman looks upon the fish,
sonaa gadtathae hirai sunaaraa ||2||
and the goldsmith looks upon the gold he fashions;||2||
jio bikhee haerai par naaree ||
As the man driven by sex looks upon another man’s wife,
kouddaa ddaarath hirai juaaree ||3||
and the gambler looks upon the throwing of the dice -||3||
jeh jeh dhaekho theh theh raamaa ||
In the same way, wherever Naam Dayv looks, he sees the Lord.
har kae charan nith dhhiaavai naamaa ||4||2||
Naam Dayv meditates continuously on the Feet of the Lord. ||4||2||

—  (noun) Pistanthrophobia is defined as the fear of trusting people. This fear is conceived from negative experiences an individual endured in former relationship(s). Trust is perceived as one of the most fragile connections and understandings humanity builds, which is why pistanthrophobia must be overcome to live a fulfilling life.