I guess I always wonder if things would be different if I would have done any little thing differently. If I would have stayed over longer, or called that night or told you I loved you more.
If maybe you wouldn’t have taken me for advantage.
But now I think you are who you are regardless of how I loved you.
—  Still I loved you // Sarah el


kehath kabeer pa(n)ch ko jhagaraa jhagarath janam gavaaeiaa ||
Says Kabeer, the five passions argue with me, and in these arguments, my life is wasting away.
jhoot(h)ee maaeiaa sabh jag baadhhiaa mai raam ramath sukh paaeiaa ||3||3||25||
The false Maya has bound the whole world, but I have obtained peace, chanting the Name of the Lord. ||3||3||25||

—  (noun) Pistanthrophobia is defined as the fear of trusting people. This fear is conceived from negative experiences an individual endured in former relationship(s). Trust is perceived as one of the most fragile connections and understandings humanity builds, which is why pistanthrophobia must be overcome to live a fulfilling life. 
Word of the day

лук  (m)

Example sentence:

Огры как лук. У тех и у других есть слои.
Ogres are like onions. They both have layers.

Сколько стоит килограмм лука?
How much does the kilo of onions cost?

Слёзы навернулись у меня на глаза, когда я резал лук.
Tears came into my eyes when I was chopping onions.