1. a ruffle or flounce, as on a woman’s skirt or petticoat.

2. any bit of showy trimming or finery.

Verb (used with object)

3. to ornament with or as if with furbelows.

First recorded in 1670-1680, furbelow is perhaps an alteration of Italian faldella.

“Patience is required to get past some of the director’s more baroque cinematic touches, decorating the story’s dark center with visual furbelows… and aural gimmicks.”
- Lisa Schwarzbaum, Entertainment Weekly

Chaa ਚਾਉ


ਆਪੀਨੈ੍ ਆਪੁ ਸਾਜਿਓ ਆਪੀਨੈ੍ ਰਚਿਓ ਨਾਉ
aaapeen[y]ai aaap saajio aaapeen[y]ai rachio naa ||
He Himself created Himself; He Himself assumed His Name.

ਦੁਯੀ ਕੁਦਰਤਿ ਸਾਜੀਐ ਕਰਿ ਆਸਣੁ ਡਿਠੋ ਚਾਉ
dhuyee kudharat saajeeaai kar aaasann dditto chaa ||
Secondly, He fashioned the creation; seated within the creation, He beholds it with delight.

ਦਾਤਾ ਕਰਤਾ ਆਪਿ ਤੂੰ ਤੁਸਿ ਦੇਵਹਿ ਕਰਹਿ ਪਸਾਉ
dhaataa karataa aaap too(n) tus dhayveh kareh pasaa ||
You Yourself are the Giver and the Creator; by Your Pleasure, You bestow Your Mercy.

ਤੂੰ ਜਾਣੋਈ ਸਭਸੈ ਦੇ ਲੈਸਹਿ ਜਿੰਦੁ ਕਵਾਉ
too(n) jaannoiee sabhasai dhay laiseh ji(n)dh kavaa ||
You are the Knower of all; You give life, and take it away again with a word.

ਕਰਿ ਆਸਣੁ ਡਿਠੋ ਚਾਉ॥੧॥
kar aaasann dditto chaa ||1||
Seated within the creation, You behold it with delight. ||1||

I remain confident of this: I will see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living. Wait for the Lord; be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord.
—  Psalm 27:13 - 14 NIV
Word of the Day: Rainbow

Spanish: el arco iris
German: der Regenbogen
Frisian: de reinbôge
Catalan: L'arc de Sant Martí / arc del cel
Afrikaans: de reënboog
Zulu: uthingo lwenkosazana
Belarusian: вясёлка
Corsican: L'arcubalenu
Estonian: vikerkaar
Filipino: bahaghari
Finnish: sateenkaari
French: le arc en ciel
Galician: o arco da vella
Haitian Creole: lakansyèl
Hawaiian: anuenue
Hebrew: קשת בענן
Hindi: इंद्रधनुष
Hungarian: szivárvány
Icelandic: regnbogi
Indonesian: pelangi, bianglala, kuwung
Irish: tuar ceatha
Italian: il arcobaleno
Latvian: varavīksne
Lithuanian: vaivorykštė
Maltese: qawsalla
Maori: āniwaniwa
Norwegian: regnbue
Persian: رنگين كمان
Polish: tęcza
Portugese: o arco-íris
Romanian: curcubeu
Russian: радуга
Samoan: nuanua
Serbian, Bosnian, Croatian, Bulgarian: дуга or duga
Sesotho: mookoli
Macedonian: виножито
Slovenian: mavrica
Somali: qaansoroobaad
Sundanese: katumbiri
Swahili: upinde wa mvua
Swedish: regnbåge
Turkish: gökkuşağı
Ukranian: веселка
Welsh: enfys
Yiddish: רעגנ-בויגן
Amharic: ቀስተ ደመና
Yoruba: oṣumare
Albanian: ylber
Armenian: ծիածան
Georgian: ცისარტყელა
Dutch: regenboog
Kazakh: кемпірқосақ
Nepali: इन्द्रेणी
Korean: 무지개

Originally posted by cobaltglow

a message from women:
do you know what it’s like to be left alone in love?
do you know what it’s like to feel stuck in love?
do you know what it’s like to be too depressed?
do you know what it’s like to have to beg for
forever from a person who neglects your history?
do you what it’s like to lose everything?
do you know what it’s like to feel abandoned?
do you know what it’s like to wait?
do you know that i will never be too near or too far away?
honestly, i’m still waiting for closure.
i still question what this is— or what this was?
because i can’t help but hope
our feelings were mutual.
do you know how it feels to constantly chase
a feeling you’re addicted to?
do you know i’ve got the jones for you.
and an appetite. and a sweet tooth.
do you know i prayed for you?
from night ’til day.
regardless of my better judgement or dismay
time after time after promises
that never seemed impossible or too good to be TRUE.
do you know what it’s like to try
convincing yourself that— this was the truth.
like i was the woman created for you.
do you know how much i’ve craved you?
i’ve searched for you everywhere
in people, in prayer, in psalm.
in different lovers, in god.
and god— i, wish you really knew.
that i’d love you till death,
or that i’d kill for you.
or that i feel you, like soul deep, like
deeper than anyone ever will.
do you know what it’s like to feel dead inside
and see you so alive, still?

but these days i feel alive.
i’ve been able to realize
you just weren’t meant for me.
these days i don’t cry over
spilled milk.
or lost love
or things i have no control of.
these days i just love myself more.
i just know there’s a happily ever after.
these days i just — don’t see it with you.
nothing personal i think i just fell too quick for your potential.
i just wanted you to be the one.
i just thought we made sense
but now i love myself enough to know better..

—  Reyna Biddy