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REQUEST: Can I ask for a fluff scenario with yoongi being sick and in need of lots of cuddles and kisses ?

PAIRING: min yoongi x reader

GENRE: flufffff, sick yoongi au




SUMMARY: “If you weren’t so stubborn you wouldn’t be sick in the first place!”




The sudden, shaky voice that called you belonged to no one other than your beloved boyfriend. You lazily sat up in the bed you shared, noticing his absence while reaching for your glasses that somehow fell onto the floor. Stretching as you stood up, your vision cleared quickly and your gaze focused on Yoongi who found himself hunched over the toilet, his white shirt drenched in sweat. It took a few moments for your brain to register what was occurring, but once it did you quickly rushed over searching for a hand towel. You groaned out of frustration when you failed to find one, Yoongi’s vomiting coming to a halt. You pushed the hair that had fallen from your bun out of your face, leaning against the sink while wondering what you could possibly do. You had never helped someone who was ill, and the thought honestly terrified you.

“Take off your shirt; it is covered in sweat,” you instructed quietly while you stood on your toes to reach the hand towels that rested on the top shelf in the cabinet above the toilet. Yoongi shakily took his shirt off and tossed it to the corner of the bathroom, allowing an exhausted sigh to escape his lips. Once you barely grabbed ahold of the hand towel, you turned towards the sink and drenched it in cold water. Yoongi didn’t speak another word as you rang it out then sat by his side, placing the cold cloth on the back of his neck to lower his temperature. You felt your heart aching at the sight, not really knowing what else to do being that you were the one primarily getting sick. Yoongi faced you with tired eyes, breathing heavily as he almost appeared dumbfounded. That was when you realized what you should have been doing.

You stood up speedily and once again reached up into the cabinet above the toilet; this time the medicine was closer in reach. You bit your lip while not knowing what any of them were, recalling that Yoongi simply brought you a pill or two and not the box or container itself. You felt yourself sweating, and you wondered if everything was just a dream. Yoongi did not get sick often, and the last time he was Jin took care of him while you simply stayed by his side for company. This was different, and you understood that Jin would only help if you called him. Your gut told you to be independent, so you did not hesitate to grab the first bottle in sight.

“Yoongi? Are you experiencing back pain, sweaty palms, aching of mus—“

“That medicine is for tension, Y/N. There’s another one—“

“Ah! What about nausea, vomiting, and aching of muscles?” You asked, watching as Yoongi nodded as if he had been defeated. You sat the box beside your boyfriend before locating a glass in the kitchen, pouring water into it and carefully walking back into the bathroom, trying your hardest to not accidentally spill the water. You sat down beside Yoongi, whose expression revealed that he was truly not feeling well, and you instantly looked away once you saw him gagging before throwing up once more. You adjusted the hand towel on his neck that had fallen, rubbing the cold cloth over his upper back and neck to hopefully aid in his health. You desperately wanted to cuddle his illness away, but you understood that he would begin to feel better with medicine and not your love. You read the back of the medicine before pouring two pills into your hand. “Yoongi~?”

He slowly took the two tablets from your small hand, placing them in his mouth before taking a drink of the water you had provided. Yoongi then rested his head on the palm of his hand, sweat drenching the hair that cascaded across his forehead. You moved his hair off of his forehead, his eyes squinting open to see you. Yoongi gulped as you reached for his dirty shirt, finding a dry spot and wiping his forehead as he relaxed to your touch. You smiled faintly while feeling oddly accomplished, understanding that the next step is to help Yoongi get back to bed. You flushed the toilet before taking the towel and drenching it in more cold water before ringing it out once more. Yoongi’s hand clutched onto your leg as you did so, almost begging for you to help which was a rarity in itself.

You helped Yoongi to his feet, his arm wrapping around your shoulders for stability. You placed the hand towel on his forehead this time, and he did not hesitate to hold it up himself so you did not have to. You allowed Yoongi to apply his weight on you, begging that you could use the smallest bit of strength you possessed to help him return to bed. Yoongi sat down on the bed once you were both close enough, almost collapsing then into a deep slumber. You helped by lifting his legs onto the bed and covering his body up with the thin sheet so he would not be cold or too hot. Yoongi reached for your arm as you adjusted the hand towel on his forehead to ensure that it wouldn’t slip off, his eyes asking for you to join him despite being sick. You bit your tongue before crawling into bed beside him, knowing that the consequences would surely creep up.



“Right here,” you peeked your head into your bedroom to see a sleepy Yoongi who clearly slept better than you. You had spent the majority of your night paranoid, scared that Yoongi would wake up and begin throwing up in places that would be difficult to clean. When you woke up a few hours ago, you decided to contact Jin and ask for his advice on how to help a sick Yoongi, which only resulted in the older boy to bring you his specialty illness soup, multiple servings for both you and Yoongi. Yoongi smiled as he yawned, watching closely as you located the medicine he took last night and refilled his glass of water. The medicine appeared to be helping, but things could change in a blink of the eye, and you weren’t taking any chances.

“Jin brought you soup,” you stated as you took a seat beside your boyfriend. Yoongi nodded while taking his medicine without any problems, laying his head on your shoulder which you knew was his way of expressing his gratitude. Yoongi sighed as he closed his eyes again, clearly still being tired and willing to go back to bed despite the time being early afternoon. “Eat first before you go back to sleep. That’s what Jin told me to tell you.”

“Jin can s—“

“You need to eat,” You interrupted before he was given the chance to complete his statement. Yoongi chuckled lightly as he weakly followed you into the kitchen where the soup was located, taking a seat on one of the barstools across from you. Yoongi sighed lightly at the sight, clearly appreciating Jin’s gesture more than he could put to words. “Once you eat you can go back to bed.”

“Will you join me?” Yoongi asked, glancing up to meet your eyes. You bit your tongue, knowing that you had to study for an upcoming exam, but his offer seemed so tempting. You were exhausted, and the idea of cuddling up to Yoongi and forgetting about all of your problems seemed like the most fun thing in the world. Yoongi began pouting, knowing that you were trying to come up with a decision to his offer. You felt your cheeks reddening at his cute behavior, covering up your face with one of your hands as he tilted his head to the side, anticipating what you had to say. “I won’t get you sick, baby. We can sleep and completely forget that I put you through so much trouble. We don’t have to worry about what we have to do and we can just sleep wrapped in one another’s arms. Doesn’t that sound good?”

“I have an exam in two weeks,” you explained and Yoongi shrugged, acting as if it did not matter. Which it really didn’t being that you had two more weeks to prepare and that he would help you whenever he was given the chance, but still you felt as if wasting the day was not an option being that you are never given the opportunity to do the little chores around the apartment. Yoongi frowned and returned to eating his soup, acting like a disappointed child who was denied a trip to the local amusement park. He pouted while chewing his food, attempting to change your mind with a simple expression. He just so happened to be, and know, your weakness.

“Fine, but you have to help me once we wake up~!” You laughed as Yoongi began cheering gleefully, clearly ecstatic about the situation.


Yoongi was not actually feeling all that tired, he just wanted to ensure that you slept well being that he understood you most likely didn’t the night prior. Yoongi ran his fingers through your hair as you breathed steadily, his eyes locked on you despite feeling slightly exhausted just from laying in bed. Yoongi sighed softly as he watched you closely, taking in the little details about you that he could not help but adore. Yoongi’s mind wandered with thoughts that had no significant value; what were you dreaming about? who were you dreaming about? Various thoughts entered and exited Yoongi’s chaotic mind, and soon he was feeling his eyes grow more and more heavy with every blink they made. Yoongi allowed a yawn to escape his lips as his eyelids drooped down for a few seconds only to be suddenly wide awake.

You sneezed.


“Yoongi~! If you weren’t so stubborn you wouldn’t be sick in the first place, and now we’re both sick!”

“Call Jin~!”


Just a Little Closer

Summary: Your relationship’s been a secret until now. What does that mean for the two of you?

Word Count: 2250

Warnings: swearing, suggestive implications, picture of a dick popsicle, kissing/makeout scenes, a tad bit of angst but it ends well :)

“Don’t go.” Bucky pleads, an exaggerated pout on his lips. You giggle, your clothes from the night before gathered in your arms and Bucky’s shirt on your body. “I’m gonna see you in like ten minutes!” You whisper, warily scanning the halls upon opening the door.

“Ten minutes is too long.” He wraps his arms around you from behind, nuzzling his face into your hair. Shaking your head amusedly, you step into the corridor when a hand slaps your ass playfully. You gasp, laughing as you turn around.

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Space Face

Pairing: Kylo Ren/Reader

Prompt #34: You’re under arrest for being too attractive and ruining my life

Word Count: 3381

Warnings: Fluff and swearing

A/n: Finally got around to finishing this. Hope it’s what you wanted. I know it took a weird turn and I’m sorry but it’s fluffy as fuck!! Let me knw what you think.

Originally posted by kylolicious

You sat across from your classmate, your new friend, and furiously jotted down points that you both needed to study. You split the workload between the two of you and started to get cracking at it but there was one minor issue. Your “study-buddy” was Kylo Ren. Kylo, who was certainly one of the most attractive men that you’ve had the chance to lay your eyes on, was the one person that you really did not want to be stuck studying with. Unfortunately, with a pleading look from his caramel eyes, and a slight pout from his full, lush pink lips, you were a goner. Occasionally you’d glace up at the man noticing how his ebony locks curled in front of his face. You noted that he had a habit of chewing on the right side of his bottom lip when he was deeply focused on his writing, otherwise he was in a seemingly normal state of concentration. The occasional exchange of information was made about the subject of study but other than that you remained quiet. There was always a tension present but you could never tell what it was.

“Do you know this one?” The deep and rumbling voice broke you from your thoughts and made you look up, catching the caramel eyes the man possessed with your own. Your heart nearly leapt into your throat but you shook the feeling off.

“Uh- which?” You asked just as Kylo pulled his booklet from beside his laptop and pointed to the small photograph that resided beside the five blank lines that were left for the two of you to fill out. Immediately you recognised the painting he was referring to. It was a painting by Zdzisław Beksiński, a polish painter and sculptor who melded together Baroque and Gothic art into surrealist paintings. Often they represented his nightmares and he’d wake from them only to begin painting them. He often called it photographing dreams.

“Oh, it’s untitled. Most of Beksiński’s works are. In that case, we have to describe the painting more so.” You offered a small smile with your explanation but Kylo seemed to urge you on a bit more. “It’s an oil painting based on the nightmares Beksiński had. He’d wake up and paint them in a surrealist manner- I guess because nightmares are surrealistic.” Kylo nodded and swiftly turned the paper towards himself in order to jot down what you were saying.

“Anything else I need to know?” He hummed the question out, smooth as honey, the slight rumble of his vocal cords made you melt.

“He’s Polish and lived from 1929 to 2005 and he got stabbed to death,” at this, Kylo’s head snapped up at you and his eyes widened, “his caretakers son stabbed him seventeen times, not the point- we don’t really know when the painting was painted, or the name. We just know the artist in question and his medium. I’ve tried finding the name of the painting but there wasn’t really any avail.” You sighed. “People said he painted the nightmares of hell. Don’t know if that helps any.” You ran a hand through your hair and let your shoulders relax.

“Yeah, yeah, helps quite a bit. But how do you know so much about him?” Kylo asked you, propping his elbows up on the little café table that the two of you had been seated at.

“I stumbled upon one of his paintings years ago and I couldn’t really pinpoint the artist. I’d been trying to find him for years, then one day his painting of the skeletal horse and the girl from hell popped up on my feed and I bookmarked it because I was intrigued. I started to learn more and more about the guy but I could never find concrete dates for his paintings. Sad isn’t it?” You earned a hum from the man before you. Not too long after the conversation, the two of you went back to work. If neither studied, the art history exam was going to kill you both. There was one hundred and forty definitions to know, as well as forty paintings to study, only have ten of those paintings to analyse on your final.

               About an hour later you felt your eyes start drooping and your back began to hurt, even so, you could not focus on your work and it was Kylo’s fault. He stole glances at you as your eyebrows furrowed, and he’d offer a ghost of a smile when he noticed that you were scribbling away at your page. When you asked him for help on definitions and history terms his eyes would glimmer and his warm voice would guide you through the information you needed to know.

“Hey, uh- did you want any coffee or anything?” You broke the silence and began to stand up.

“Oh uh- sure yeah. How about I get us some food and you get the fuel?” He smiled, lopsided and heart-warming, it was a smile that was etched into your brain from the second you laid eyes on him, and here he was, giving it to you. Stupid fucking attractive man.

“I- N-no, it’s okay, I can cover it.” You assured and went to grab your wallet off the table but before you could pick it up, a large warm hand was placed over yours. Your heart jumped and your eyes were met with the soft gaze of the raven-haired study buddy of yours.

“It’s okay. I’ll get the food if you’re getting drinks, even if you’re not getting drinks, I’ll still get us food, okay? Don’t worry about it.” His heart picked up the longer he kept his hand placed over yours. He hadn’t thought it through very well. Hell, he hadn’t expected that you’d ever agree to a study da- session. It wasn’t a date until you agreed it would be- which you hadn’t but even so, the idea of spending time with you made his heart flutter and his brain come up with scenarios about how this thing between the two of you could go.

               Kylo’s offer made you swallow hard. As you mulled it over, you unconsciously licked your lips and shifted from foot to foot, eager to just get you both some coffee but of course he’d buy food. Did he even know what you wanted or liked? Would he bother asking you? When you peeled your eyes away from his you sighed, trying to pull your hand back.

“Okay, okay. Fine. You get the food and I’ll buy us coffee. How do you like yours?” You asked him. As you did, he took his hand away from yours and returned it to his side, fumbling for what you assumed was his own wallet.

“Just black will do. Not really a fan of sugar or milk in mine. If they have soy milk ask them to leave some room but if they don’t then it’s fine. What about you? What do you want? I can grab a menu and bring it over so we can decide on what you want and,” a smile started to form on your face and you had to look to your feet so that you didn’t reveal the tint that was spreading across your face. You could feel it burning.

“Kylo, it’s okay. Thank you. You don’t need to go through so much effort, honest. I guess just bring the menu over and I’ll point you to what I like.” You offered a smile that reflected in your eyes, and that crinkled them in the corners. It was a smile that had entranced Kylo when he had first seen it and now it makes his heart summersault and beat in all kinds of ways that it shouldn’t. “I’ll go get you that coffee.” The last few words came out as a whisper. You didn’t know what came over you or why you were so shy all of a sudden. Was it the fact that this is the first normal conversation that you’ve had with Kylo or was it the fact that he wasn’t quite what you expected? He was boyish but had a charm that proved he was older than he lead on. No, he wasn’t much older than you, maybe a year or two, but he seemed old. There was a look in his eyes that told such a tale but he’d always try to hide it.

               You made your way to the counter and looked over the chalkboard menu that the café had put up. The feel of it was old, and you were sure that the building that housed the café was fairly old in itself. The far wall was brick and adorned a few picture frames. Two were an off-white with framed posters from the 40’s and 50’s and the third was a mirror against which burgundy vinyl booths were located. The floors were creaky old wooden floors that hadn’t been replaced in many years and the counter where you ordered has clearly been there for much longer than it should have been. The light fixtures where brass chandeliers which you were deeply infatuated with and desired the same fixtures for your apartment.

“Hi, I wanted to order two coffees. For here. Both black, unless you have soy milk.” You tried ordering confidently but truthfully, you were riddled with anxiety. The usual server wasn’t around and the sense of discomfort took over you. You were never good at talking to others, much less those you weren’t comfortable with.

“We do have soy milk. Did you want me to leave room in both of the coffees?” You were posed with the question. Did you want soy milk as well? Did you want to keep your coffee black just like you were used to? Without rational thinking you replied.

“Yeah, sure.” You cringed at your uncertainty but nonetheless paid for your coffees and waited as they brewed. You didn’t want to stop the barista and tell them that you changed your mind. Then they’d have to go back and fix your order and you didn’t want to inconvenience anybody. And who knows, maybe you’ll enjoy Kylo’s preference.

               The order was done relatively quickly, and you even got a small pitcher of warm soy milk so the two of you could pour it yourselves and not have it curdle, it typically didn’t but you didn’t want to take any chances or risks. Just as you were about to make your way over, you heard that sweet voice.

“Here, I’ve got it,” out of your peripheral your friend’s hand gently took your coffee and left you with the pitcher and his coffee. He didn’t want to swoop in and carry most of it, he knew that that behaviour unnerved you to no end. Your heart warmed up to this and you allowed him to take your coffee to the table. Truthfully you feared that you’d spill something seeing as you were notorious for being clumsy. The two of you walked back to the table, Kylo occasionally throwing glances over his shoulder at you. There was a pang of warmth in your heart at such a small action. As you set the coffee down carefully and the pitcher of warm milk you smiled, scooting into your seat. “Oh, you’re trying soy I see.” Kylo grinned, amusement evident in his tone.

“It’s mostly for you.” You assured but he shook his head. The idea of how that may have sounded crashed into your chest but you tried to ignore it.

“We’ll split it. Speaking of which, what do you want to eat? They have a killer cashew brie and a really good moxerella.” He was giving you recommendations. Why was he giving you recommendations? It didn’t make sense. “Oh, also, they have this really fantastic,”

“Grilled cheeseburger?” You questioned, cutting him off. The look of surprise took over his face and he couldn’t help but smile, his eyes shining as he stared at you.

“Yeah, how’d you know?” He asked and pushed closer to the edge of his chair. Truthfully, their veggie grilled faux-cheese burger was your favourite thing. It was made on fresh rye bread with a lentil and chickpea patty. The cheese they made was some delicious raw cashew cheese that they made sliceable and so it melted. It was also filled with avocado slices, red pepper, and kale. To be frank, it was the most delicious thing you’d ever had from the little café but you weren’t complaining.

“I have it often. It’s my go-to when I’m here.” Suddenly you felt bold and the question spilled from your lips before you had the chance to stop yourself. “Do you want to split one?”

               The two of you drank coffee and ate the grilled cheeseburger you had decided upon all while making conversation. Talking to Kylo was always odd as he was a new friend but tonight the conversation flowed smoothly. You talked as if you’d known each other for years and a small amount of flirting was thrown into the mix. By the time you had got around to studying, you couldn’t focus. It was almost an impossible task. Your mind was riddled with thoughts of his laugh, the beauty marks that were scattered across his face, the rumble of his voice, the attention his eyes gave you when you spoke, just about everything you could think of, you did, and it bothered you. You needed Kylo’s stupid grin out of your head.

“(Y/n)? Hey uh,” your head shot up and you unintentionally gave him a glare but that soon faded as you saw him run a hand through his hair, “did you want to take a small break, I really can’t focus. I’ve been trying but my mind wanders. Sorry if you were in the zone.” A small laugh came from the back of your throat and you closed your books, shaking your head.

“I can’t focus any more than you can.” A smile played on Kylo’s lips and he motioned for you to come sit next to him. You hesitated but made your way over to his side of the red vinyl booth and carefully slide next to him. He edged closer until you were hip to hip and he turned his head to look at you.

“Hey.” He whispered, a dreamy look overtaking him. He looked beautiful and you couldn’t deny it.

“Hey.” You retorted and started to fidget with your hands, picking at your fingers, peeling the skin- or at least trying to. It was a very bad nervous tick you had, and the man before you certainly didn’t help. You loved spending time with him but it terrified you. Your heart had fallen for the man- the unruly man who wore leather jackets, bleached t-shirts, and tight-fitting black jeans. The man who the first time you got together to study took you to the record store after because he needed to show you a record. It wasn’t too bad a thing because you were now absolutely in love with the record but nonetheless, it was stressful. This was the man who had the I-don’t-give-a-fuck attitude about most things but deep down he cared. He was the boy your parents never wanted you to date but you did it as a rebellious romance but this was far different than a stupid fling. It was something that had rooted in your heart and made a comfortable home there, undeniably lacing itself further into these feelings you wishes you could erase.

“What are you thinking about right now?” The question took you off-guard, his voice soft and velvety, reflective of the gaze that he was giving you. He seemed genuinely interested and your heart returned those feelings but you didn’t want to let that on. You shook your head and mumbled something very quiet out, averting your eyes but his voice pulled you back in. “What was that?” His curiosity peeked through.

“Nothing just,” you laughed, trying to make light of your thoughts and take the tension and raw emotion out of the situation, “you have a space face.” You smiled as a blush covered Kylo’s cheeks. It burned a deep red, almost a wine colour but it didn’t quite get there.

“A what?” He asked, shifting in his seat awkwardly.

“Oh- it’s- your beauty marks look like constellations. You can connect them in multiple ways and they’re always intriguing. Plus they lead up to your eyes which,” you stopped yourself, noticing the way your friend was watching you. You swore you heard the mumbled words I could kiss you fall from the plush lips of the raven-haired man before you but you didn’t want to kid yourself.

               A few weeks had passed and you had spent a substantial amount of time more with Kylo than anyone else. Part of that stemming from your friends majoring in health sciences and you in art but that was no matter. Kylo and you both studied hard for your exams, much like your friends, and his alike, would too.

               The two of you situated yourselves upon your living room floor, you had both made some snacks, your choices being a peanut sauce for the copious amounts of vegetables that you had washed and chopped up- especially the cucumber. It was mostly Kylo who helped himself to the food, you disregarded eating while you studied – only on breaks – it made it hard to focus or so you told yourself. But really it was Kylo. He was the distraction. Eventually, you let out a groan of frustration. You slammed your head into your textbook, words not meant to be spoken.

“You should be put under arrest for being too attractive and ruining my life.” Kylo’s head shot up at your complaint, what you really thought was coming through.

“W-what?” He stammered, beet red. In truth, you hadn’t expected to out yourself that way. A sigh slipped past your lips and you rolled onto your back, looking up at the man who sat on the chair beside you.

“You are ruining my life, and I can’t fucking focus because you’re distracting! If you had a broken nose or if your face didn’t draw me in so much maybe, just maybe I could get something done.” You rambled, feigning annoyance but serious undertones lying beneath your words. With a slight hesitation, Kylo dropped to his knees and cupped your face with his hands, fingertips calloused and rough but the palms of his hands soft and warm. Before you could process what was happening, you heard him say one thing to you.

“Let’s take care of that, shall we?” His lips firmly pressed to yours, his face meeting yours while you craned your neck up slightly so that he wasn’t doing all the work. The kiss was hot and heavy- anticipated for much longer than both of you had known, and it was perfect. The right amount of movement, the heavy breathing that had overcome you and Kylo, and the eagerness to kiss one another added to the moment. The feeling of his lips pulled you in, leaving you wanting more and as a result, kissing him with more hunger than you had initially harboured. When he pulled away, your hands shot up into his inky locks and you tugged his face back to yours, lips brushing as a feather-light touch.

“Is this your solution to me being distracted?” You challenged, Kylo’s breath fanning your lips as you spoke.

“It may be.” He mused and attacked your swollen lips with a kiss that would enrage the Gods. It was filled with such love and passion that it even shocked you. All while those things, it was also animalistic and hungry and as a result, he crawled over top of you, hands still holding your face. “You’re my favourite distraction, (y/n). My favourite. You’re my muse, you’re art.” He spoke between kisses, refusing to stop whispering sweet nothings as the two of you rolled around on the floor, intoxicated by one another and the need to keep kissing and touching each other. Let’s just say that all your exam prep was disregarded and the only art you studied that day was the art of one another.

Hearts Don’t Break Around Here

Summary: You enjoy some late running away and snuggling night with Bucky.
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
WC: 300 words
Warnings: Fluff. Reference to a song.

Originally posted by whatwasdead

You closed your eyes as Bucky caressed your neck, his nose rubbing on your skin carefully and caressing your back.

You were in the middle of nowhere, lied down on your truck’s back over a fluffy blanket, watching the stars.

“When I was a teen, I always saw movies of people going over roofs and watching the stars or… Pointing at clouds and trying to give them some sort of shapes like a bunny or something,” you confessed. “I wanted this kind of thing for me one day.”

He only chuckled on you. His whole body was over yours in an almost crushing but bearable way. You just loved the way he felt against you and his body shielded you from anything else. That was how you slept, a tangled mess that shielded each other’s body from whatever was near.

“We’re in love, aren’t we?” you whispered into his ear.

He smiled, moving his hand to your hair, caressing the locks and making little curls with his finger.

You had a history of relationships. You didn’t have the best luck – or any luck for saying –, the few ones you had usually ended you with a broken heart.

“I think we do,” he whispered.

You took a long breath and moved your hand down to enlace your fingers into his. Back when you two met, Bucky hated his metal arm but you didn’t. You just loved it. It was a part of him.

“Can we stay here forever?” he questioned in a whisper. “It’s perfect.”

You opened a smile.

“Maybe,” you sighed. “It’s perfect, indeed.”

You closed your eyes.

“We can try,” you decided.

You stood in silence for a moment and looked down when you noticed how Bucky had fallen asleep in your arms, calmly and steady, so you just stood still. You could stay there for some time for him.

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BTS Taehyung / Genre: non-idol, friends-to-lovers vibe / Words: 5,703 / Warnings: language, smut
anonymous requested:
  could you please make a tae smut based on this song [moonlight in atlanta - russ] seriously this is stuck in my head for dayys and as i love you writing…. why not?? 💕💕
A/N: im so sorry this took 10 lightyears to do but here !!!

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Yours Forever

Pairings: Billy Hargrove x Reader
Words: 3,798
Warnings: Language, agnst
Song Inspiration: Travelin’ Soldier by Dixie Chicks
Summary: Billy is heading into the army and you agreed to penpals which inevitably leads to falling in love.
A/N: This is by far the longest fic I’ve ever written but I really like it. I would really appreciate your feedback on this one, I spent a lot of time writing it and would love to know your thoughts. Also, I’m sorry for any mistakes, it’s currently 2:19am and I’m about to pass out, I’ll probably go through and re-edit tomorrow.


As the door opens for the hundredth time that evening, the bell sends a piercing chime over the loud conversations customers held amongst themselves. Your eyes twitch ever-so-slightly at the obnoxious noise. One would think you’ve gotten used to it by now since you’ve spent most of your high school career within these four walls serving strangers. But that damn bell makes your ears want to bleed.

A curly haired boy dressed in army green saunters towards the closest vacant booth, plopping down without a glance at the strangers surrounding him. Jessica quickly grabs your wrist, pulling your eyes away from the handsome customer, “Please, do me a big favor and take table ten. I haven’t had a break in five hours,” She begs. Normally, you would’ve complained, but when your eyes land on her forfeited table, you see the man reorganizing sugar packets out of pure boredom.

Without saying a word to Jessica you straighten the small blue bow wrapped around your ponytail before tucking a menu under your arm and marching towards his table. “Good evening,” You gently place the menu in front of him as his head slowly turns to look at you. He remains silent, watching you pull a notepad and pen from your apron pocket, “I’m Y/N, I’ll be your waitress tonight,” You offer him a small smile as your script came out smoothly, “Can I start you with anything to drink? Coffee, tea, lemonade, we have Coke products,” You list off his drinking options as he clears his throat.

“Coffee, please. Black.” His gaze drops from yours, suddenly very interested in the menu before him.

“Would you like any creamer on the side?” You know the questions are annoying, but you hated being yelled at by angry customers when they weren’t happy with their meals.

“Black is just fine,” He mumbles, almost too quiet for you to hear.

“Coming right up,” You shove the notepad back into its rightful place, not bothering to scribble down the simple drink order. You can’t even walk four steps before he calls after you.

“Miss?” It was almost too quiet to pick up with all the noise surrounding you, but his quiet words still brought you to a halt.

“Yes, sir?” You question, standing beside the booth once again.

“Would you mind sitting down and talking to me? I’ve been feeling pretty low lately, it’d be nice to just talk to someone for once,” He rambles, light pink blooms on his cheek. He can’t even look at you, instead, he finds comfort at the crows perched outside the window. You never knew what those cliche butterflies felt like until that moment, you turn quickly to look at the clock, the second hand slowly making its way around the circle.

“I’m off in an hour,” You beam, “If you’re willing to wait that long.” A stretches across his face at your proposal.

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Lucky - FP Jones x reader | Sweet Pea x reader

Request: Can you write a fp one where the reader tries to get closer to him but he tells her she’s too young for him and he’s not interested so when she starts dating sweetpea he thinks she’s trying to make him jealous but she’s falling for pea and fp beings to regret his chance with her

Word count: 2837

Warnings: cursing, some angst, age gap at some point, implied sex

A/N: Loved this request! also not very edited oops ily

Forsythe Pendleton Jones, the second. A man you had admired since you were five. The man who you held in your heart since you were thirteen. Back then, it was a small crush, one nearly every girl had experienced at some point. Normally, that crush would dissipate quickly, but yours never did. The thought of pursuing your long time crush had never passed your mind until you were eighteen and a senior at Southside High. You had been a serpent for three years, following in your father’s footsteps much to the dismay of your mother. Your best friends were Toni Topaz, Sweet Pea and Fangs Fogarty, you were the Southsides ‘core four’ who truly just caused trouble and kept the life in the town. When Jughead came along, he slipped into the group with a struggle since Sweet Pea wasn’t a huge fan, but he eventually was welcomed into your group. Jughead was a great guy, but you felt uncomfortable being close to him when you had a crush on his dad. Yet, you were well aware you would either have to get over the crush, or just let your feelings out.

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Summary: Reader is a singer who gets upset about the way Dacre is acting differently around Joe, in true fashion, she overreacts and overthinks the whole situation, at the Oscars. Tables will be turned.

Word Count: 1832

Warnings: None I don’t think, fluff, mentions of sex, nothing too drastic. ENJOY, MY BABIES! (the suit in the GIF is the one mentioned)

TAG(S) @lovelydacre @gemgemswift 


Originally posted by mikkeljensen

“Thanks so much, Welcome to the Oscars, ah… for those of you watching from around the world it has been a tough couple of days for us, it has been raining” Ellen says with a straight face as the audience cries out in laughter. “Thank you for your prayers”

You were currently waiting backstage at the Oscars, warming up for your performance, you were scheduled first to go on as you could then go and join your boyfriend and the cast of Stranger Things in the crowd and enjoy the rest of the show. Although they weren’t nominated, they had been invited as guests to watch. That was the plan anyway.

Prior to leaving for the awards, yourself and Dacre were getting ready in the apartment that you had shared together for the past couple of years now. The place was filled with glam members, people doing your hair and makeup, stylists with racks of dresses and jewelers came with accessories, your vocal coach was there, your manager and your publicist, to say it was crowded was an understatement.

Dacre usually stayed out of the way when events like this were happening and after five years of dating, this didn’t bother either of you. He had his own little glam squad with their own routines, simply made up of a hair stylist and outfit coordinator, although he took pride in his appearance it didn’t take long for him to get ready.

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The Silence Trials #3

Fandom: Sanders Sides

Summary: Subject 1 and Subject 3 are having troubles sleeping. This is the written record of their communications late into the night. (Part 2 is here)

Word Count: 928

Warnings: Sensory Deprivation, Psychological Torture, some self-destructive behaviour. If you need anything else tagged, ples make me aware of it.

Pairings: No Romantic Relationship(s)

Notes: If I missed anyone on the taglist, I am so sorry. It’s very easy for me to miss reblogs, therefore, it’s always best to message me or send me an ask in requesting to be added.

Also, I am planning to possibly make certain aspects of this story visual. If anyone knows any typewriter-like fonts (usable in photoshop), or computer visual texture packs (such as windows logos, task bars, etc.), please message me. I would deeply appreciate it. 

Feedback, as always, is much appreciated. I hope this story isn’t flying off the rails at this point. 

Tag List:  @wilsonprs @abstractedthinking @future-watcher @milk-withtwosugars @vladimeme @the-sanders-sides  @choco-latte-timtams @overly-analogical @parkersanders @mydogsaresofuckingstupid @loverofpizzaandallthingssweet @cattonsanders @kittyboof8  @but-jesuschrist-im-never-good @walrus-flail @angelpatton   @pointless-blog-name @marshughes @erlenmeyertrash @freepaperie081  @ilovemygaydad  @jiyudreamer @anxious-but-whatever @mollycassmith @purplepatton @armageddonhascome  @half-blood-geek @soft-blue-badger @depressed-alone @beholdagay @onehundredphans @ghostdorkphil @thelogicalloganipus @roboticpenmanship @ultimate-queen-of-fandoms @lollingtothemax @pinkeasteregg @icecoldparadise @jade-dragon226-fan

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Castiel’s Crush

gif is not mine

Pairing: Castiel x Reader

Word count: 1,044

Warnings: fluff

A/n: This was requested by anon! I hope you guys enjoy this! Feedback is welcomed and appreciated! :)

You stood up and closed your laptop with a yawn.  It was late and you needed some sleep.  You stretched your limbs after a long day of research.  Although there wasn’t a new case, you were enjoying the down time between hunts.

“Alright, I’m gonna head to bed,” you murmured.  “I suggest you guys get some sleep too.”  You put your hands on Castiel’s shoulders, leaning in close to his ear.  “If you get bored you can use my laptop.  I made you a playlist of videos just in case you wanna watch something.”

“Thank you [Y/N],” Castiel said in a hushed voice.  “I appreciate it.”  Castiel’s chest had that same tight feeling.  It always occurred when you were near him.

“Okay well, good night guys!”  You slowly pulled away from the angel and waved at the boys before turning down the hall.

“Sleep sounds like a great idea,” Sam said as he rubbed his eyes.  “We can continue to look for another case tomorrow.”  The younger Winchester shut his laptop and put it under his arm.  He bid his brother and Castiel a good night before leaving the library.

Dean had been watching Cas ever since you stood up.  He wasn’t sure how you never noticed the angel’s attraction towards you.  It was painfully obvious to him.  Dean caught Castiel’s glance and shot him a smirk.

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Ephemeral Car Drives

Summary:  First dates can be a difficult thing (especially if all your friends hate the guy you’re dating). But somehow you two make it easy, and that’s always something to cherish.

Pairing: Billy Hargrove x Reader

Word Count: 2k

Warning: Mild language

A/N: This can be read as a standalone but it is intended to be read as the second part of First Words. (I’ll figure out how to link it later without it looking like a complete mess)

Enjoy ♥ Shan

Originally posted by marvel-slash-geek

“I’m sure he won’t care whether you’re wearing a blue dress or a yellow dress,” Nancy groans, looking up from her chemistry textbook. “It’s a boy. They don’t care about anything.”

           You ignore her comment and shake the dresses in front of her face again.

          She scrunches her nose when she gazes at the yellow dress. That’s a no then.

           You blow hair out of your face and throw the dresses onto the bed, flopping next to them on your back, defeated. The next time you need help choosing your outfit you’d be better off with Mike. (Among all the girls in Hawkins, of course Nancy would be more interested in memorizing organic molecules than helping her best friend look pretty for a date tonight.)

           “Functional groups, alkane, alkene, alkyne…” Nancy mutters from under her breath. “What’s so special about this date anyway? It’s not like you cared before.”

           You shrug your shoulders, well aware that Nancy was too focused on naming benzene’s properties to gauge your reaction. But you will give her that; you hadn’t cared before. But this wasn’t before. This was the here and now and you couldn’t think of Billy Hargrove without your stomach fluttering and your heart doing that weird thing where it speeds up and skips a beat. Hearts, am I right?

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Seek And Reform

Pairings: Billy Hargrove x Reader
Words: 867
Warnings: Swearing, implied sexual content
A/N: Hey, here it is! The last part of the series! Originally I wanted to write five chapters and end it but you have left me so many nice and encouraging comments asking for another part so I tried to offer some kind of closure on the story. I hope you will like it! Thank you!

Series Summary: Billy shows up in your bedroom in the middle of the night in a desperate attempt to forget about his demons.

Chapter Summary: Unsure of the future, even a temporary solution seems like a key to the eternal freedom. 


Originally posted by blossombilly

“How paranoid can you fucking get?” Billy’s words were followed by the loud sound of slammed doors.

You turned around to glance at the locks that were seemingly scattered along the height of the door in a desperate attempt to keep everyone inside safe from whatever might have been waiting outside. Then you looked back at Billy. Something in your eyes or maybe the way they’d lingered at those devices made him realise that he was in no position to complain so he looked at the floor and went over to the old checked couch and threw his backpack on the pillows.

“Hopper said there should be some food left in the fridge,” you pointed to the small area with tiles on the walls and on the floor. He looked over there but nothing had caught his attention. Something was troubling him and even though you were sure what it was, you didn’t have the strength to have this conversation yet.

The chief of police offered you this small cabin as a sign of a good will when you dragged Billy to his office on one particularly tough Sunday afternoon. There was little he could do at the moment so you both happily settled for the wooden house in the forest even if the deal had a short expiration date.

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Where Have You Been All My Life? - Part 1 - Dad!Stiles Stilinski

Author: @mf-despair-queen

Pairing: Dad!Stiles Stilinski/Reader AU

Word Count: 9,945

Warnings: 18+, NSFW, Oral (Both Receiving), Public Oral, Edging, Orgasm Denial (kind of?) 

Notes: Part 1 of 2 for Dad!Stiles. Because I legit am sitting at a total of 17.5K and have more to write. Sooooooo you get two parts. If you know the movie Bad Moms, that is the inspiration for this. So, it might have like… hints of cheating but they are getting divorced. So, I think we good?

@thelittlestkitsune and @savage-stilinski are the best and kept me company while I wrote. And they proofread while they went for me. Because I make lots of mistakes! 

You sat at the kitchen bar, the mug of coffee in the yours spewing wisps of steam from the brown liquid. Your eyes stared into the contents, watching the ripples from the small movements. Your fingers ran along the ceramic, unable to focus on any one particular thing.

All you could remember were the events of the night before.

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Mama Likes

Sam x Reader 

Summary: The Reader has been permanently aged 20 years over night due to a witch’s curse and all the struggles of suddenly aging. 

Word Count: 3.3K

Warnings: SMUT and everything that comes with it, unprotected sex, Mama Kink (kinda like daddy kink), Sam likes it when she bosses her around, language, negative body image.

A/N: I thought up this idea a while back as a way to deal with my own feelings of aging cause I feel about 16 in my head but I know I’m getting older.  Plus I kept thinking that Sam is like a Cougar magnet so he is perfect for this one.  Thanks @lunarsaturn88 for spurring me to finally finishing it.  I wrote this for her Valentine’s day Challenge, my prompt was, “Can I kiss you?”

I’m tagging my plus size girls because I think you might enjoy this too.

Originally posted by reylannister

The image reflecting back from the mirror was one that you had only recently gotten used to seeing.  Lines around your eyes, deep creases near your mouth and the sagging skin on your neck weren’t the worst part, the worst was that your joints hurt all the time and you had began to feel the early signs of menopause. Wiping the mirror down even more, you watched as the skin on your arm shook just another sign of your aging.  The steam that was trapped in the small motel bathroom was just too much for you to handle, you began to sweat right before you opened up the door just enough to let the trapped hot air escape.  You used to love the steam and always took the hottest showers but not now, if you were above 70 degrees for any length of time you broke out with the most awful case of perspiration.  

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SUMMARY: it was just teasing and dirty jokes, but at a party on the southside, Fangs sees y/n dancing seductively, and suddenly it’s not a joke anymore.

PAIRING: Fangs x Female Reader
WORDS: 2K+, unedited
WARNINGS: NSFW (swearing throughout, oral, unprotected sex)

A/N: I’ve wanted to see some Fangs smut for a while now and I figured why not just write my own? I just recently started enjoying this song (Strip That Down by Liam Payne) so I decided to incorporate that. It also helps to listen to the song before/during the imagine to get the full effect. Go forth and be dirty.

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Never the same. 11

Pairing: Tom Holland x Reader

Featuring: Harry Holland, Harrison Osterfield and Jon Watts

Words: 2872

Warnings: -

Tags@positivethoughtsforever@captainboomerangsunicorn@fairydustparker  kiwi-and-litschi @imabloodynerd @1022bridgetp @ghosthiam

Request: -

Notes: HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! As usual, I made you wait more than I have first intended but here it is! I want to thank all of you for your patience even when it always takes me so long to post. Next one will be up on Sunday as usual since I’m back on my routine lol. I will also start writing requests asap so if you have sent me any, dont worry, I’ll do it!

Originally posted by tomhollandisdaddy


Around ten long hours later, the plane finally landed and Harry was the first one to get up, not being too used to such long flights. Tom was still sitting when he took out his phone and turned it on, rubbing his eyes as he yawned. He had managed to spend most of the time sleeping, still he was exhausted. Immediately, he checked the time and sighed relieved as he saw it one in the morning in Beijing. He could go straight to bed.

Just landed, love :) longest flight ever. Miss you xx’, he texted (Y/N) after he read a couple of texts from her. Apparently she had spent the day with his brother in London but was already at home.

When Harrison told him that the doors were opened, he put his phone back in his pocket and got up, grabbing his bag and following him, his brother, Harrison and Jon out of the plane. They went straight to the exit, knowing that their security would take care of their luggage and take it to the taxi and then to the hotel.

“Tom”, Jon said coming his way.

“Mmm?” He looked at him just when he heard some noises coming from the exit. “People?”

“Not much, but some fans” Jon informed him.

Tom nodded and gave the bag to Harry. All he wanted to do was going to the hotel, call his mother, call (Y/N) and go to sleep, but probably many of those fans had been waiting for hours and they deserved to see him, so he nodded at Jon letting him know he was ready and followed the security guy he had been assigned.

Like Jon had said, there wasn’t so many people so he put on his best smile and walked over them, grabbing the first pen he saw and started signing up everything he could as he said hi and took photos. He saw Harry filming everything, so he imagined he would make a video afterwards. A good one.

“Thank you so much for coming, guys” Tom thanked them after a few minutes of signing. “But I really have to go now, busy day tomorrow and we all need to rest! Thank you so much, I love you!”

He waved goodbye at them and took the bag from Harrison’s hand before they all finally walked towards the exit. Jon congratulated him for the job he had just done before saying goodnight and reminding him what time they had the first interview. Tom hugged him and got into the taxi, following Harry and followed by Harrison.

“That was cool”, Harry commented when they were all in the car.

“Will you make a video?” Harrison asked just when Tom’s phone vibrated in his pocket. He took it out to see a message from (Y/N) as they two kept on talking.

Miss you too, Holland. Glad you’re there safe and sound ;)’ her text said. He smiled and quickly sent her a reply, letting her know he would call her as soon as he was in the room alone. He put his phone back in his pocket and let out a tired sighed.

“What time do you have the interview?” Harry asked.

“After lunch” Tom replied.

“Then I’ve got a plan!” He exclaimed suddenly excited. “We can go to the Great Wall in the morning”

Tom and Harrison looked at each other, slowly getting too excited about the idea despite the exhaustion. They had always wanted to visit the Great Wall and Tom couldn’t believe he hadn’t thought about it sooner. He had been so focused on just sleeping that he had forgotten about the possibilities that a morning off offered.

“We totally have to do it!” Tom exclaimed. “Sometimes you’re brilliant, Harry” he smiled.

“Thank you I guess” Harry laughed and took out his phone. “We can go around 9 or so, it’s not too far from the city so we should have enough time” he informed as he looked at his phone.

“Sounds good to me” Harrison nodded.

“Same here” Tom smiled.

It didn’t take them too long to get to the hotel and check in. All Tom wanted to was going to his room, take a shower and lay on bed to call (Y/N). He knew he should call his mum too, but he was sure Harry would call her so he would just do it in the morning and tell her he fell asleep right away. They all said goodnight and went to their rooms, obviously eager to get to bed as soon as possible.

Exactly as he had planned, he took a quick relaxing shower before connecting his phone to the charger and looking for (Y/N)’s contact. He laid on his bed, shirtless and looked at the ceiling, waiting.

“Hi!” She suddenly said on the other side of the phone. “I wasn’t expecting your call”

“I told you I would call you” Tom said with a smile on his face.

“I thought you would just fall asleep” she said with a small laugh. Tom gasped and placed his hand over his heart, even when she couldn’t see him.

“You’ve offended my honour, my lady” he said, making her laugh even more.

“I apologise, my lord. It won’t happen again” she said teasingly. “How was the flight?”

“Exhausting” he replied with a sigh. “I was sleeping most of the time but still” he shrugged. “How was your day?”

“It was good! I spent most of it with my brother until he had to leave because he was seeing some friends” she replied. “I had so much fun with him” she added, smiling even though Tom couldn’t see her.

“You know what? Tomorrow we’re going to the Great Wall!” Tom told her excited.

“Really? That’s great! It must be breath-taking! I wish I could go, why are you exactly telling me? To make me jealous?” Tom laughed out loud and shook his head.

“You could’ve come” he shrugged.

“That’s not fair…” she mumbled. Tom bit his lip and sighed.

“I know, I’m sorry” he finally said. “I promise I’ll bring you someday” he added.

“You sure you want to make that promise?” She asked. Tom chuckled.

“Of course I am, if you’re willing to cross the world with me” he smiled.

“I’d go anywhere with you” she said immediately. Tom’s heart stopped for a moment as the line went silent. He bet she had just said without even thinking about it, but it made him happy, too happy. “I mean…”

“I know what you meant” he said smiling widely. He heard her laughing nervously on the other side of the phone. “Look, I should go to sleep. It’s two in the morning here so…”

“I understand” she replied.

“I wish you were here, you know?” He said.

“And you know I wish I could be there” she replied, making Tom’s smile turn a bit sad. “But we’ll see each other again soon” she added.

“Definitely” he nodded to himself. “I’m going to sleep” he said again. He didn’t really want to hang up but he knew he would regret it if he didn’t.

“Sleep tight, Tom” she said.

“You too, love” he smiled. “Good night”, once she replied he hung up and put the phone on his bed table with a sigh, not being able to erase the smile from his face.

He was so fucked.

When (Y/N) hung up she looked around her living room. It was just 7 p.m and she had no idea about what to do with the rest of her day. She thought about calling Matt but she didn’t really feel like being with someone. She wanted to be alone. Well, not alone. She knew who she wanted to be with and that person was miles and miles away. She got up and walked to the bathroom, regretting not agreeing on going with him.

Since she had nothing to do and no ideas, she decided to watch one of the movies Tom had left behind and still hadn’t take back to his place. She put Ant-Man in the DVD player and made some popcorns before crashing on the couch, wishing Tom was there with her to comment the movie or just to cuddle like they had got used to do every time they watched a movie together. Damn.

She was so fucked.

The trip was amazing, the culture, the country, the people. Everything was new and extraordinary, especially the Great Wall. Tom was just over the moon as they walked up and down the place. It was unbelievable that something so big had been built by the human race. Harry was taking photos and videos the whole time, they even Facetimed their mum. Tom even thought about calling (Y/N) as well but she would kill him if he woke her up, so he decided against it.

The interviews during the rest of the day were fun and confusing. He had so much fun but he hated not being able to understand the language. Still, he was having a great time and was trying to enjoy every second of the day. At least, until he got to the hotel at night and he started feeling a bit under the weather. He didn’t think much about it, not until he suddenly started throwing up out of nowhere.

“Damn it” Tom mumbled coming out of the bathroom. Harry and Harrison were watching a movie on the TV and looked back when Tom came out of the bathroom.

“You look awful” Harry pointed out.

With a sigh, Tom looked at his reflection in the mirror. Indeed, he was pale and all sweaty. He didn’t feel any better. In fact, he felt even worse. This couldn’t be happening. Groaning, he laid down on the bed and hugged a pillow to his stomach.

“Are you okay?” Harrison asked getting up.

“I feel sick” Tom sighed. “I threw up in there” he added closing his eyes.

“Fuck” Harry mumbled.

“It’s okay, I bet I will be feeling better tomorrow” he shrugged.

Except he didn’t. He felt even worse and spent most of the morning in the bathroom. He had to call Jon eventually and tell him about his disgusting situation. Almost immediately, he showed up in his room to check on him.

“Don’t worry, I’ll be okay this evening” Tom said sitting up. “I’ll go to the premiere”

“No, you won’t” Jon said after placing a hand against his forehead. “You’re feverish. So you sleep”

“What? But the premiere” Tom frowned. “I have to go”

“Tom, you’re sick. It will only make you get worse. So you’re staying, I’ll go to the premiere” he said.

Tom knew there was no way Jon would change his mind, so with a sigh he laid back down on the bed, covering his face with arm. He couldn’t believe this was happening. He never got sick and he had to do it just when he had a premiere to attend to. He heard Jon saying something about a doctor before he walked out of the room. When he was left alone, Tom opened his eyes and took his phone, dialling the number of the only person he wanted to talk to.

“Fuck you, Thomas” (Y/N)’s sleepy voice said on the other side of the phone.

“I know it’s late there, I’m sorry” he said. The girl immediately felt something in Tom’s voice that made her open her eyes.

“What is it?” She asked. Tom smiled a little, surprised by how she already knew him.

“I’m sick, really sick” he told her. “I can’t even go to the premiere” he added.

(Y/N) sat up and turned on the light, rubbing the sleep off her eyes.

“I’m so sorry, Tom” she said, knowing how excited he was about the premiere.

“I just…” he sighed. “I don’t want let anyone down” he admitted.

“You won’t” she said immediately. “Everyone will understand, Tom. It’s not like you choose to get sick” she added.

“I know, but they’ve been waiting so long for the movie to come out here and now I can’t be with them and-“ he closed his eyes and took a deep breath. “It’s so frustrating, (Y/N). I can’t even apologise to them”

“Of course you can” she replied. “Have you forgotten your 4 million of followers on Instagram? Why don’t you post a video apologising?” She suggested. Tom frowned at the idea.

“That’s actually a good idea” he recognised. “I look like shit though”

“I bet you don’t look too different from when you’re healthy so you’re safe” (Y/N) replied with a smirk. Tom finally laughed and shook his head.

“You should be more considered with sick people, you know?” He said.

“You woke up me at 4 a.m., I can tease you” she said.

“Fair enough” he chuckled. “Sorry for waking you up” he quickly added. She smiled sweetly and laid down.

“It’s okay” she said. “You can call me anytime you want, Holland” she added.

“I’ll let you sleep anyway, you’re probably tired” he said, even when that was the last thing he wanted to do.

“Are you sure you’re a bit better?” She asked. Tom nodded even though she couldn’t see him.

“I am. Really. Thank you” he replied. He heard her yawning on the other side of the line. “Go to sleep, love” he said.

“Okay” she smiled at the pet name. “I’ll text you when I wake up to see if you’re still alive” she said.

“I’ll try to stay alive, then” he chuckled.

They both said their goodbyes and hung up the phone. (Y/N) fell back asleep almost immediately, while Tom got up to the bathroom and wash his face. If he was going to make a video, he would try not to look like a zombie.

Fortunately, (Y/N) fell asleep almost immediately after her conversation with Tom. She even slept better after talking to him, as stupid as it was. When he woke up the next day, she saw the video he has posted on his story and smiled. Even when he was sick, he managed to look adorable. She sent him a text saying she had loved the video before getting out of the bed. She wished she could stay in bed but she was about to start her internship and she had no decent clothes, which meant it was shopping time.

The days went by faster than she thought. (Y/N) and Tom talked on the phone almost every day, as long as Tom’s schedule and the time differences made it possible. Even when it didn’t seem possible, those daily phone calls made them grow closer, and made them miss each other even more. So when there were just two days left to finally meet again, they were desperate.

“You’re crazy” (Y/N) laughed looking at her computer screen. This time, they had chosen to Skype.

Tom had finished all the work he had to do and had two days off to rest before going back home. Harry and Harrison had gone for a walk but Tom had decided to talk to her. Missing her was being just too hard, he wanted to see her and those last days were being eternal.

“Why?” He asked with a frown.

“You can’t just leave your brother and Harrison alone in New York to come back earlier” she replied, even though the thought was too tempting.

“They can manage themselves” Tom shrugged, making her laugh again.

“And your mum would have your head” she stated. Tom tried to say something, but he knew how right she was. “Just two days, Tom” she said after a while.

“I know” he sighed finally smiling at her through the camera. “But I’ll miss your first day at the internship” he pouted.

“It’s okay” she shrugged. “I’ll tell you all about it, I promise” she told him.

“Are you nervous?” He asked laying down on the bed and moving the laptop so she could still see him.

“I’m terrified” she admitted with a small smile. “What if I’m not good enough?” She asked.

“You’re talking nonsense” Tom replied. “I’ve seen some of your translations and they’re awesome”, this time she just laughed out loud. “What’s so funny?” He asked.

“How do you know if they were good if they’re translated from English to Spanish?” She asked with a smirk.

“Okay, I’m trying to encourage you, so a little credit would be appreciated. Thank you” he snapped, making her laugh even more. “It will be okay, you will be great” he said.

“Thank you” she replied and looked at the time. “I should go to bed; I have to get up at 7” she told Tom.

“What time is it?” He asked.

“Almost midnight” she sighed. Tom sighed as well and sat up again. He didn’t want to hang up but he understood she needed to be well rested for tomorrow.

“Well, good luck then, love” he said with a small smile that she returned.

“Thank you” she replied. “I’ll let you know as soon as I’m finished” she promised.

“I’m counting on it” he winked, making her chuckle. “Goodnight, love” he said.

“Goodnight, Holland” she said blowing a kiss and hanging up.

Together - Young!Sirius Black x Reader

Originally posted by rachelhurdwoodfanclub

Request: Hey bby can you write 14 and 11 (angst) for young!Sirius pretty please? 

A/N: I have been a brain dead git. I have had so much trouble being able to write, and I have no idea what it is. I have been working on this for at least a week. And I have to thank Taylor ( @siriusoricns) Because without her reading for me, and encouraging me through this, I probably wouldn’t have gotten this finished.

Words: 1838

Warnings: Some angst and an incident that I don’t at all explain.

11. Don’t cry. Everything’s going to be okay.

14. Am I not good enough? / I’m not good enough.

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Not Your Prince (Chapter Two)

Summary: After their attempted escape from The First Order’s ship and their immediate capture, Y/N finds themselves locked in a windowless room and restrained for “safety.” Hux clearly has it out for Y/N and Kylo knows more than he is letting on. Not to mention…what’s that rumbling noise?

Pairing: Kylo Ren x Reader

Word Count: 2,127 words (Yeeeeeeeees)

Warnings: Violence, angst, and a good bit of jealousy (though it won’t be super prominent.) Smut is coming, but most likely not in this chapter. Also, swearing. Probably a lot of it? I just write a lot of swear words, okay?


Chapter Two: The Less You Know, The Better

    As you finally seemed to come to, the aching in your head became more and more obvious. The stormtrooper that had knocked you out had packed quite a punch and you were REALLY feeling it. Wincing and reaching up, all you wanted to do was just hold your head for a minute and try to remember what had happened. Though, you had barely moved an inch as the cold restraint registered on your skin. Looking downwards, it took you a moment to register just what sort of situation you were in at this point. Lock down. THAT was your position.

   Groaning loudly and letting your head fall back against the bare headrest, you stared upwards, the lights causing you to wince even more. Bright lights? Headache and tied up? Where was the punchline? You stayed that way for a minute, perhaps two, contemplating. This was it. You’d thought you were going to die in the escape pod bay? Oh no. 

“Oh. This is MUCH worse…” you mumbled, letting your head fall back forward.

   Finally taking the time to look around you, you noted that the room was extremely small. Most likely, it was an interrogation cell for some of the worst baddies in the galaxy. Baddies being…those that defied or stood against The First Order. For the first time, in a long time, you felt an overwhelming sense of calm. Was this the sort of calm you’d heard people talk about when they accepted their fate? Or perhaps it was some meds you’d been administered? Either way, you weren’t feeling as terrified as you had before. Either way, you had nothing to lose at this point….right? 

   The cell door sliding open caused you to jump and jerk your head in the direction of the sound. A jolt of pain shot through your skull, and you winced…but that pain was immediately replaced with that prickling sense of nervousness and guarded emotion. The Supreme Leader swept in, no mask to be found. Dressed head to toe in black, he commanded a room by simply walking into it. Sniffing, you turned your gaze away, as though something on the wall were far more interesting than the sight of the man that would most likely be killing you once this interrogation was over.

“I told them to make your restraints extra tight…” he said, his voice carrying a tone of amusement you’d never thought you’d hear from such a beast.

   Keeping your gaze on the wall, really studying that chip in the paint, you chose to act as though you didn’t hear him. Catching on to this act, Kylo moved around, standing in front of your line of sight now. He leaned in, narrowing his gaze. Those dark hues did little to make him look any sort of friendly.


“How do you know my name?” you snapped suddenly.

“I can see it….”

“Don’t use that ‘I can see it in your head’ bullshit. I know how all of that works, but it’s not like I go around THINKING my name on a constant basis. How. Do you. Know. My. NAME?”

   Kylo glowered at you now, keeping his gaze steady on yours. Your defiant look did little to bring any sort of visible emotion to his face, but you had a feeling it worked. He leaned back and stood upright, taking a moment to consider his next set of words.

“I’ve taken the time to study those that defy The First Order. And it also helps to know those that the General holds near and dear.”

   General Organa. He was talking about his mother. You weren’t extremely close to the general, not like the others in your circle, anyway. But…you knew her. And she knew you. She’d trusted you with this mission. And you’d failed. A wave of disappointment and sorrow washed over you and you clenched your fists. Kylo stared at you, taking in this wave of emotion with you. His features darkened and he leaned back in towards you, lowering his voice.

“Tell me where the new base is.” he hissed.

   That was it then. He was using your own mind against you. He was sifting, reaching…pulling anything to the surface that he could. He’d grown stronger…and perhaps even a little more vengeful. 

 “No…” you breathed, pulling against your restraints as you felt that familiar wave of energy start washing over you.

“Tell me.”




   Your scream of rage coupled with pain as that energy around you seemed to squeeze, that pain in your head multiplying now. You gasped for air as you struggled to try and control your emotions and just get through the agony. You glared at the man now, unwilling to comply. You’d heard stories of how he’d made grown men fall to their knees, begging for release from the pain he caused. The darkness in Kylo was strong. But darkness was not something you were afraid of. The world was full of darkness, and you lived in it as well.

“STOP” you snarled, yanking yourself against the restraints towards him.

   Suddenly, the energy was cut off and Kylo backed up, his eyes narrowing nearly to slits as he watched you. Panting heavily, you let your head hang, a bead of sweat rolling from one of your temples down. He’d stopped when you had told him to. That wasn’t something you’d expected. Silence filled the room, save for the sound of your heavy breathing. Kylo watched as you gradually slowed your breathing. 

“There’s darkness in you….”

   His voice cut through the silence like a knife, causing you to pull your head up and meet his gaze once more. This time, it looked as though he was intrigued. This wasn’t something you were familiar with when it came to the stories you’d heard of the Supreme Leader of The First Order. Time in The Resistance had led you to believe he was a scarred man who had killed his father and Snoke. He was The Jedi Killer. You bared your teeth at him and replied, malice clear in your tone now.

“And I hear there’s quite a bit in you as well.”

“But your time in The Resistance…”

   He paused, seemingly unsure of himself and his words. It was quite the odd sight, indeed. Kylo had been the man you’d always imagined had no trouble finding the right words in ANY situation. Though, the more time you spent in this cell with him, the more you were starting to see he was a curious creature. Just like you.

“It’s not fading…but there’s light in you as well.”

“Well, I’m not ALL asshole, after all.” you replied, sneering at him. 

“You don’t know, do you?” he asked, that look of curiosity now giving way to genuine amusement. 

   He looked at you as though he suddenly knew a grand secret about you…and he wasn’t going to tell until you completely cracked under the pressure. You furrowed your brows and winced again as you pulled against the restraints, the metal starting to dig into your skin. Wrinkling your nose in disgust you jerked forward against them, only to suddenly be thrown backwards by that energy again. Kylo reached out with his hand, slowly balling it into a fist. The more he squeezed, the more pressure you felt clamping down on your body. 

You screwed your face up in agony as he put the pressure on, toying with you. Glaring, you gritted your teeth and seethed in rage. This man…he was fucking with you at this point. He was playing games with you. He didn’t know ANYTHING about you. This was just a ploy…a way to get you to talk. You could feel it…that warmth washing over you again. And the cold. The cold was there too. The pain was starting to become too much. You felt as though he was going to rip you in two. The sound of waves crashing in your ears was becoming almost deafening. Or was that the blood rushing through your veins? Your heart working overtime to keep up with the trauma you were experiencing.

   And then? A resounding boom filled the room, shaking the cell. Darkness swallowed you, causing the room and its surroundings to fade away. For a brief moment? Relief. Sweet, sweet relief. As the familiar warmth washed over you again, coaxing your fears and pain to fade, you opened your eyes and saw…what could only be described as what looked like purple electricity crackling to life in front of you. Confused, you did your best to make out what it was. Had something happened? Had Kylo actually killed you? 

   Whispers. You could hear them. They were calling your name. But who were they? You were dead. Or dreaming. This had to be just a terrible, terrible dream…right? The whispering grew louder, calling your name. Without warning, the purple electricity faded, giving way to the sight of what looked like a village on fire. Or…a building of some sort? You screwed up your face. No…no no…the ship was on fire and this was just a trick of the eyes. Fire roared up, licking at the walls all around you.


   The whispering was growing louder and and more urgent. Someone was screaming your name. Calling for you.


   Without warning, the warmth faded and you were back in the cell of The First Order’s ship. Sirens were sounding off and the sound of general chaos was back. Roars of commands and hurried footsteps seemed to bring you completely back to your very real, very painful reality. You weren’t dead. But it had felt like death, or at the very least, an extremely realistic dream. Another explosion, this time closer than the last rocked your cell. Kylo had opened the door and was shouting outside of it now. A duo of stormtroopers filed in, starting to unclasp you from your restraints.

“Leave her to die. Let her own people destroy her with the ship. She’s JUST a girl.”

   Hux’s voice was starting to become the most unpleasant  sound you were hearing lately. And those explosions were no cakewalk for your ears. Catching a glance of the red head with the Supreme Leader, his look of concern etched across his face, you snarled.

“They wouldn’t kill me, asshole.”

   Hux hissed at you, his smug face nearly begging to be clocked with a fist. 

“The Resistance thinks you’re dead, girl. They think they have nothing to lose now. Blowing up this ship is their main priority.”

“She goes with us.”

   Kylo’s gaze was unwavering as he glared at Hux, his words commanding the man’s silence. 

  “She better be on my ship, ready to go…or I will lock you in this fucking cell and leave you here to die, Hux.”

   Hux and Kylo stared at each other. Minutes seemed to pass before another explosion rocked the ship, this one a bit more distant. Looking between the two of them, you couldn’t help but wonder at this point, speculate even. What the hell was this man’s obsession with you? Why hadn’t he killed you already? By all means, you truly and sincerely wanted to live…but…it didn’t make sense.

   Hux finally tore his gaze from Kylo and motioned to the stormtroopers, allowing them to start pulling you away. Weakness had overcome you and you had little left in you to fight back. As they dragged you off, you managed to look back in time to see Hux walking off and Kylo standing there…staring at you. Something had happened back in that cell. What had that purple light been? And the fire? What was going on?

“You…” a voice seemed to whisper in her ear. But the stormtroopers were silent as they pulled her through the chaos towards the escape pod bay.

   Kylo’s form had disappeared amongst the bodies moving back and forth on the ship. The ship shuddered and the lights flickered as another round of explosions seemed to rock her to her very core. Once the duo had pulled you into the escape pod bay, one of the two let go of you and suddenly pulled something down over your eyes.

“He wants you blinded. Your friends can’t save you now.” the robotic voice spoke.

“Where are you taking me?”

“The less you know, the better.” the other stormtrooper said, humor clear in his tone. 

   You scowled, more than displeased with that answer. Nothing made sense anymore…and now you were officially his prisoner. No. With the way he was holding on to you, playing on your emotions and perhaps even boasting about having you in his grasp? You were his prize. And sooner or later, the Resistance would know….


**Thank you guys so much for indulging in Chapter Two! I know a lot of you asked to be tagged in this release, so that you could read it, so hopefully I’ve remembered everyone that asked. If I didn’t tag you, PLEASE forgive me! I’m trying! ALSO! Please note that the smutty parts of this story will not have folks tagged in it. Rules of tumblr and all that jazz. I love you guys so much for your support of this story so far and already I’ve drawn out ideas for many chapters to come. I can’t wait to bring y’all more awesome content and more of this story as it continues to develop and unveil itself. <3 Much love!

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The Little Book (Roommate AU)

Author: lovelydob

Pairing: Dylan x Reader

Words: 3k

Warnings: Cursing, SMUT, oral (both receiving), intercourse, mentions of porn.

A/N: This is for @inkstiles writing competition! It’s a Roommate AU and my prompt was “What’cha writin’?” I hope you all like it and don’t get too mad at me lol.

Originally posted by dylanholyhellobrien

You sat perched at your island, laptop an arms reach away as you brainstormed ideas for current smut into your notebook. You nibbled away at your quick breakfast muffin, scrawling some more words into the notepad when you heard you roommate enter the kitchen, making you quickly shuffle the little book around and close it quickly, and slamming your laptop closed as well. You look over to Dylan slowly, realizing he had noticed your antics as he had stopped what he was doing to stare at you.

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Request: HI! I was wondering is I could request a weird thing where Kylo and the readers relationship is really only know with the higher ranking officers and one day the reader has to train a new person and she gets news of Kylo being a rat or something and the reader drags the person she is training to Kylo and the reader just tells at Kylo (in private lets not embarrass the boi) and the person just stands there in awe (part 1) (Part2) and after the reader is done yelling at Kylo and walls of the person is like whAT YOU JUST YELLED AT RHE SCARY DUDE KYLO REN?! Lmao I’m sorry that’s very weird and specific but it’s been in my head for awhile and I know you can write AMAZING. If you can’t and you’re not raking request I understand and I’m sorry for bothering you 😬 x

Warning: None

Word Count: 1K+

A/N: I have easily 9 requests that I wrote before seeing TLJ so, if you don’t mind, I’ll be posting them all this week. But, keep in mind, they were written before our boy turned into our supreme leader :)) Enjoy!

“New recruit.” You breathed. “I must be that great, huh?” You looked through the body mirror as you had been getting ready for the day ahead.

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