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The Cure

Bucky Barnes x Reader Drabble

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader,  Steve Rogers  |  Word Count: 1493

Warnings: Nothing but fluff. A drabble. This is what happens when I’m bored. Spotify is my nemesis. The Cure by Lady Gaga

You looked up from your book when the door opened.

Bucky, in all his combat gear stumbled into your shared suite within the Avengers compound, shedding guns, gloves, and grenades with such disregard for their explosive nature it had you leaping to your feet. The look on his face spoke plainly of just how hard the latest mission had been.

Going to him, you grabbed for the belt he was getting ready to chuck across the room, the one with at least three grenades, and gently laid it over the back of the sofa. He went still, just stood there, shaking, breathing, anger radiating off him in waves.

Lifting your hand, you laid it gently against his clenched jaw. You only had one question. “Is everyone alright?”

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Break a Little - Part One

Summary: You’re an Alpha Female, and that means your entire life you’ve been an outcast, an abomination. It’s been so long you don’t remember what it is like not to feel raw, angry and hurt. You’re aggressive, a little wild, and don’t play well with others. So when your only friend’s brother Dean calls and says Sam is missing, you are hesitant to work with him. After all, you have always been alone.

Characters: Alpha!Reader, Beta!Sam, ??!Dean

Pairings: Alpha!Reader x ??!Dean

Word Count: 1700

Warnings: language, fighting, self hate, a/b/o dynamics, no smut yet but there will be some eventually ;)

A/N: This is my first A/B/O fic and I would like it to be a small series. 

You sit at the bar, consumed in your own little world. The whiskey you sip on is just fuel, fuel for how much you hate everything, hate what you are, who you are, how you hate the world around you.

It’s after a hunt, and just like every single damn time the violence has you on edge, running on adrenaline and nothing can fix it, nothing ever will. But the hunts themselves are good for you, they help focus that rage that is always there.

“Hey gorgeous,” some asshole sits beside you, and you wind him first, a fucking alpha.

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sorry spider-man, a nerd stole my heart


pairing: peter parker x reader

synopsis: the reader has a crush on peter but peter’s too shy, so he approaches them as Spider-Man. however, they reject him bc they Stay In Their Lane™ which gives peter the confidence boost he needs.

warnings: none

word count: 1.3 k


“S-Sorry (Y/N)! I’ll help you with that.” Peter Parker, the boy you were infatuated with since freshman year, apologized profusely as he gathered up the papers that he caused you to drop.

“Thanks Pe-” you never got to finish your sentence since as soon as he handed you your papers, he scampered off. Sighing to yourself, you wonder what wrong you had committed to have him avoid you like the bubonic plague. The two of you shared numerous classes together yet you couldn’t seem to be able to have a decent conversation with the guy who caught your interest. Thus, it resulted in you watching him from afar and hopefully not coming across as some sort of creep or stalker.

“Well, at least he actually spoke to me today.” You grinned at your slight achievement before heading your way out of school. Before heading home you usually grabbed a quick snack from a small market since there wasn’t much at your place that was light enough to consider a snack. Today was no different.

Except it was going to be.

Apparently, you were so caught up in your thoughts of that certain boy that you failed to acknowledge the person who trailed behind you as discreetly as possible- an easy feat considering the bustling streets and ever-present din of the city. Only when the wind was knocked out of you from being roughly pulled into a wall of an alley did you snap out of your elated stupor.

“Give me all of your money and you might walk away from this alive.” You felt the circumference of the gun’s barrel press against the side of your head as the stranger’s crazed gaze bore into your own (e/c) eyes, his entire being reeking of a low-end bar: alcohol, sweat, and maybe a touch of vomit. Had it not been for the firearm in such close proximity, you would have probably been able to do much more than stare helplessly at the wasted man before you, mind numb and muscles frozen in place. Was this how you met your end? Just by being distracted over a guy who probably deemed you an acquaintance at best?

“What about no?” A voice - that sounded vaguely familiar though you couldn’t exactly place it - broke in before a sticky substance attached itself onto the gun and yanked said item out of the man’s grasp. Before your assaulter could react, a blur or red and blue spandex swung in, kicking him to the ground where he didn’t even bother to get up. Spider-Man shot a few webs that bound the man’s legs together for good measure and turned to where you stood.

“Are you alright?” His swift work was definitely an astonishing sight to see; it was one thing seeing what he did in the news but was an entirely different experience in person.

“I’m alright because of you. Thanks, Spider-Man.” You offered a thankful beam in his direction. The boy behind the mask was never more grateful to have it on for at that moment a terrible blush had risen on his face.

“N-no problem ma'am. It’s all part of the job.” He mentally reprimanded himself for stuttering even as his alter ego. No matter what, you were always going to make him into a flustered mess because he thought you would never see him like he saw you. The masked hero’s stuttering reminded you of what got you into your current situation in the first place, causing you to let out a groan of embarrassment and press a hand over your forehead. Mistaking your groan for one of pain, a wave of panic flooded Peter as he stepped closer towards you with a worried look (although it was unnoticeable due to his mask).

“Are you alright? You didn’t get hurt or anything did you?”

You just shook your head with a sheepish smile. “No, don’t worry. I just feel embarrassed about how I got into this mess..”

“Then… want to have a taste of swinging through Queens with me to get your mind off of- well- this?” A burst of confidence shot through Peter as he gestured towards the bound man and the tantalizing idea of actually spending time with you. Being in the Spider-Man suit made him more outgoing than his norm and that was exactly what he needed to actually talk with his crush. In all honesty, the real reason he’d been able to rescue you so quickly was because he wanted to speak with you as Spider-Man instead of shy Peter Parker.

“No thanks, Spidey,” you apologized, “As tempting as that sounds, I’ve got a load of homework waiting for me while trying to deal with thoughts of darn Peter Parker.” Your confession slid out of you easily, figuring that Spider-Man couldn’t possibly know the nerd that stole your heart. On a side note, you bitterly decided to skip out on picking up some chips since you had lost your appetite.

“Peter Parker? How come he’d be in your thoughts?” Genuine curiosity and confusion shone in his voice as he furrowed his brown, trying to contemplate your words. Why in the world would he, of all people, occupy your thoughts? Sure, you shared classes together but he had always ran away from having a decent conversation with you.

“Because I’ve had the hugest crush on him since freshman year! From his voice to the way he gets super excited over something, it drives me crazy! Sometimes I just want to walk over and hug him because of his downright preciousness and other times I’m glad he doesn’t look in my direction because of the amount of staring I do when he wears those nerdy shirts of his. I’m sure that it’s pointless though since he obviously has a thing for Liz Allen and I’m not exactly on par with someone like her!” You threw your hands up in exasperation as you finished your ranting. A slight blush rested on your cheeks due to both frustration and embarrassment as you basically vented about your hopeless infatuation to the neighborhood hero. Peter was taken aback by your claims but felt a like he was on cloud 9, similar to the elation he felt when he first started swinging around the city, coming onto him. You liked him? He would have jumped and done a fist bump in the air had you not been right in front of him at the moment. This was just the push he needed to finally have the guts to ask you out.

“I wouldn’t worry about that, (Y/N),” he referred to your last statement, “I’m sure something will happen with you and that Parker guy soon.” He shot a web and swung out of the alley before you had a chance to question his certainty and the fact that he knew your name. Your cries of him coming back with an explanation died down in your mouth since he was out of your sight within seconds.

“First, I almost get robbed, and then Spider-Man tells me I might have a chance with the boy I’ve been pining after for about a year? How in the world does he know my name anyways… Gah! What’s the universe trying to tell me…” with your theatrics done, you finally decided to make your way home before any more mishaps occurred. Unknown to you, said boy was watching over you from the top of one of the lower buildings with a fond smile, planning how to exactly approach you tomorrow and hopefully take you out on a date.


a/n: tbh I’m not entirely sure how I feel about this but make a part two? yay or nay?

Assistant to  the Captain pt. 9

Prompt: Natasha convinced Steve he needs an assistant even though he’s convinced he can do it all himself. He gives in and that’s where you come in.

Pairings: Steve Rogers x Reader

Word Count: 1398

Warnings: slow burn, language, alcohol, cheating

A/N: yeah, another part! please remember tags are closed. i hope you enjoy this part. it’s not over yet. i know some people were thinking it was over but not quite yet. happy reading (:

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Part 8


You stood locked in his embrace for what felt like minutes. Was it minutes? You weren’t entirely sure. Every now and then he’d give you another soft kiss and pull away with an overwhelmingly adorable look on his face. It was a nice reminder that what was happening was actually happening.

But the moments of bliss didn’t last long. Natasha entered Steve’s office, a frustrated look on her face. Luckily, she didn’t even seem phased by Steve’s lips locked onto yours and his hand resting on the small of your back.

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a cog in the machine pt. 3

pairing: Yoongi x reader x Jimin

genre:  robot!jimin, assassin!au, mafia!au, angst, smut

word count: 7,032

warnings: death mention, implied drug use, just heavy themes in general

a/n: as always, i will go back and edit later! 

Originally posted by the-rap-man

a cog in the machine:  a small or insignificant member of a larger organization or system 

part 1 part 2

You stare at the empty suitcase on your bed can’t help but feel like you were stuck in the middle of some twisted nightmare and not your real life. Your eyes glance over to the passport sitting on top of your dresser, a plane ticket shoved in between the worn pages. It had been several years since you joined the Organization and you have collected many stamps in your passport, but you never got used to this feeling.

The night before you left for an assignment was always one of restless nights and having to go to the bathroom every five minutes because of your nerves. Tonight was the same, but it was also different. You remembered the first time you went to Venice, how foolishly excited you were about going to one of the world’s most beautiful cities. Hyunsik teased you about the travel book you had found in the library that was dog eared with all of the places you wanted to visit. All the places the three of you wanted to see together. All the things you wanted to do.

But you never imagined that bringing one of them home in a body bag would be added to the top.

The news of your assignment spread like wildfire as sources of entertainment around the compound were scarce these day, especially after the shine of Jimin’s arrival had worn off. It could have been paranoia, but you were sure that they were all making bets to see how long you would last. How long it would take for you to finally snap.

“Go away!” you shouted as someone knocked on your closed bedroom door.

“Don’t be like this,” Yoongi hisses from across the locked barricade.

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Coming Home - Tom Holland x Reader

Title: Coming Home
Pairing: Tom Holland x Reader
Synopsis: Tom finally comes home to you after being away for 3 months.
Word Count: 866
Warning: Lots and lots of kissing.
A/N: Written for 2 anons - ‘something based on tom’s recent IG stories of him coming home’ and ‘tom with “you’re an idiot, you know that?”’. Credit to gif owner. 

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Eighteen {KJM} (M)

Description: You’re an eighteen year old bartender and Junmyeon comes in with Baekhyun one day. He hits on you, then feels bad because your eighteen, then realizes he just doesn’t care. He likes you.

Genre: Fluff / Smut / Angst

Word Count: 10,384

Warning: Smut

Pairing: Kim Junmyeon (Suho) x Reader (feat. Baekhyun)

Author: Admin Xiufairy ㅅㅇㅅ

Originally posted by dazzlingkai

At eighteen, you were perfectly content working at a bar. You just served everybody who came up to you, it was that easy. It was fun for you, but if you had a penny for every time a much older man hit on you, you’d be rich enough to leave the country.

They all backed down when you told them that you were only eighteen thankfully, but you’d begun to wonder exactly why that changed people’s minds. It wasn’t as busy as usual that night, at least at the bar. The floor was always crazy and loaded with people.

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Not My Dean

Originally posted by bringmesomepie56

A/N: For my darling nugget @impala-dreamer and her One Prompt 4 All Challenge. The prompt is bolded. Beta’d by actual angel @amanda-teaches. I tried something a little different (for me at least) let me know what you think! Please? No seriously I die for feedback I’m trying to get better at this racket and I can’t without it okthanksloveyoubye. ;) Enjoy kiddos! (ps if you feel like subjecting yourself more often, tag lists are open)

Words: 1,650

Warnings: Few swears, monster-related hostage type situations, smidgen of angst. Nothing crazy though, it’s all pretty PG-13.


“What the hell?” You were groggy and sore. Why the hell were you groggy and sore?

“Y/N? Hey, are you alright?”

“Sam?” You tried opening your eyes, only to find darkness. Scrunching your nose, you realized you had a blindfold on. That would explain the dark. As you slowly started to come to, you realized your soreness came from your hands being tied behind your back and your ankles to the legs of a chair. Not to mention your pounding head. Best guess was you were hit with something. Hard.

“Yeah, it’s me. Are you hurt? Like hurt, hurt?”

“Uh, no. No, I don’t think so. My head might be bleeding or maybe was bleeding? But it’s not bad. Where are we? I have a blindfold on. Do you have a blindfold on?”

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I’m Still Yours - Chapter Nine

SPN FanFic

~When Jared calls on you again, you go with a smile, but it’s not all fun and games anymore~

Jared x Reader, Jensen

2,533 Words

Warnings: NSFW, RPF, Established D/s Relationship, Angst-travaganza

~Feedback fuels my writing.~

Series Masterlist

“This was… amazing, Y/N, thank you.” Jensen smiled as you walked him to the door. He held your hand tightly in his and you found yourself clinging to his arm, wanting to stay as close as possible. Jensen had held you close for a long time afterwards, laying kisses on your cheeks and smiling like a fool as you explored his body with feather like touches. He was ticklish, you discovered, right below his ribs, and the laugh he gave you was worth any glare or punishment you would earn from Jared later on.

Jared hadn’t come back to bed, finding something loud to watch on TV instead of focusing on the noises behind the bedroom door. You found him now in the kitchen, making himself a sandwich and pretending not to notice Jensen’s departure.

“I’ll see you tomorrow?” Jensen asked,spinning around from the door to kiss you goodbye.

You smiled and shrugged. “We’ll see.”

Jensen slid his hand slowly around your waist until it hit the small of your back. He stepped forward as he pulled you close and kissed you so deeply you felt the floor beneath you fall away.

“Good night,” he grinned when he released you, and then turned to wave a farewell to Jared. “Night, man. See you tomorrow.”

Jared waved his kitchen knife in a less than peaceful gesture, made all the more threatening by the look on his face. His eyes were narrowed and his jaw clenched tight. It sent shivers down your spine and not in a good way.

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Picture Perfect - Dean Winchester x Reader x Sam Winchester - Chapter 5

Title: Picture Perfect

Pairing: Sam Winchester x Reader, Dean Winchester x Reader

Word Count: 5,615

Warnings: Angst

Prompt: I got it! Can you do a fic where Sam dies while (Y/N) is pregnant with his child and so Dean helps her raise the child and they live the apple pie life and right when Dean wants to propose to (Y/N), Sam returns to life & ANGST. Please and thank you

Read: Part 1 l Part 2 l Part 3 l Part 4

“Tomorrow, if possible.”

“What?” you whispered, blinking at you hastily put her toys in her box “Sam what are you even saying?”

“I’m- I’m just- I want her to know the truth, she deserves it (Y/n).” he shrugged but you shook your head.

“Yes she does, Sam but- but not this fast. Not in such a rush. She- she just met you! And yes she was really open with you, which is a good sign but- but she loves Dean! Telling her he- he’s not her real father so fast will- it will change everything!” you threw your arms in the air.

“For her or you?” he asked in a low voice and your entire body stiffened.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” you asked, but still avoided looking him in the eyes.

“Come on (Y/n).” he whispered, taking a few steps closer to you “Did you forget it? I know you better than anyone else. I may have been for very long but- that doesn’t mean I have stopped being the Sam you knew. It’s still me, (Y/n). And I still can read you like an open book.” the moment he was only a few inches away from you you felt yourself take a step back, hell almost stumble.

“Well then if you can read me like an open book then you’ll be able to tell this: I want my daughter to have a peaceful and happy life, and for that to happen you will need to wait some time.”

“And… you’re avoiding the topic. You haven’t changed one bit.” he said with a smile that was sad nonetheless.

“What do you mean?”

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The New Girl

Jughead x reader 


Requested: Anonymous said: I need some good Juggie writing in my life. That boy is just on my mind and here’s what I’m thinking. Maybe like your from the Southside and you’ve met Juggie before and his dad jokes around saying that you and his boy would be perfect and then like your family or just like you move from the south side to Riverdale and you really start to know Juggie better. Maybe under that tough outside she’s a huge fluff and loves to hug and cuddle

A/N: So willing to do a part two if you guys want!!!

Words: 3634

Warnings: Mentions of bulling

Originally posted by admireforever

Jug and I had been friends since I could remember which made everyone speculated our relationship but we always remained friends. It was only until recently that I had started developing feelings for Jughead but I kept them suppressed in fear of ruining our friendship, I mean who wants to lose their best friend over some stupid emotions.

 Today I left school and went straight to the trailer park and turned a right going towards Jug’s trailer instead of mine. I climbed the stairs and knocked on the door but my expression dulled as Fp opened the door. “Hey Mr. Jones.” I grinned and stepped inside as he motioned for me to come in.

 “Hi Y/N, Jug will be home in a few seconds, I was actually just heading out, so no funny business while I’m gone okay?” He chuckled and pulled on his coat.

 “It’s not like that Mr. Jones.” I groaned as he laughed at me.

 “Well it could easily be like that with you two, you never leave each other alone.” He chuckled and shook his head. Jughead walked in just as Fp reached for the door to leave which made Fp laugh again, “Bye you love birds,” he said between laughs, “remember, no funny business.” He called as he closed the door behind him.

 Jughead turned to face me with a confused look washed over his face I shrugged and stepped towards him enveloping him in a hug. “How was school?” He mumbled into my shoulder then pulled away to my expression, I shrugged again and sighed which made him frown and push back the hair falling in my face. “That bad?” He sighed and dropped his bag to the floor.

 I had always gone to South Side High and Jug had always gone to Riverdale High which didn’t really matter but lately these kids in my class kept tormenting me, writing disgusting notes all over my locker, books and desks. Sometimes they would try physically hurt me and one group of boys often tried to corner me and have their way. I was moving to Riverdale High tomorrow and to say I was excited was an understatement, I was so glad that I was escaping the torture.

 “Don’t worry, with me around tomorrow no one will hurt you.” He grinned and pulled me into another hug.

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Bad Things

A Bucky Barnes Song Drabble

Character Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Female Reader

Word Count: 1,010

Warnings: Teasing, tempting, hot stares, and some ice cubes. Mild steaminess. 

A/N: @ladyblackheart0 I couldn’t get what we talked about last night out of my head… so today, this came out! 🎵 Song: Bad Things by Jace Everett

Originally posted by bovaria

🎶“When you came in, the air went out

And every shadow, filled up with doubt.”🎶

He saw you.

You know he did.

The hot stare following every move you made.

You shifted your body in the seat, the slit in your dress falling open over your thigh. You crossed your legs slowly, clenching your thighs together to try and quell the ache that settled there.

You lifted your glass of water to your lips to take a sip of the cool liquid. You darted your tongue out to let an ice cube slip inside. Lowering your glass to rest against your leg, you swirled the cold cube in your mouth until it melted. You licked your lips, chancing a glance in his direction.

His body looked calm and casual, but the storm in his eyes made you bite your lip to hold in the whimper that threatened to slip out.

A cold drop of condensation from your glass dripped onto your thigh. You watched the wet trail it left across your skin as it slipped down. Out of the corner of your eye, you saw his leg bounce a couple of times while he gripped a little harder onto the armrest.

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You Left [Damian Wayne x Reader]

Anonymous: “maybe a Damian Wayne imagine where he had a girlfriend who was in the League and he had to leave her for the obvious reasons and then they get reunited??”

Pairing: Damian Wayne x Reader

Warnings: None

Word Count: 1312

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The city of Gotham had known numerous vigilantes terrorizing the city. Criminals were so common in the city it was a wonder how it was still left standing. Perhaps it was because of the brave heroes of the night that protect the city. They clashed so often that both parties were quite familiar with each other.

However, those heroes were now faced with an unfamiliar threat. This was concerning because with new threats come more casualties and more puzzles to solve. With old criminals patterns can be seen but this new menace was erratic, unpredictable and ruthless. One thing was for sure though; whoever this person was, they were not above killing. This made them all the more dangerous.

This was the reason why Damian was currently searching for this new criminal. He thought it would be easy–after all, he had been trained by the League of Assassins and Batman himself. But the criminal, whoever they were, they were on the same level as him. Their moves were as fluid as water and they moved as if they were riding the wind. Damian didn’t doubt that their fighting skills would be impressive as well.

“Stop!” Damian exclaimed, jumping from roof to roof, relentlessly chasing this person. In the corner of his eyes he could see his brother Dick and his father quietly chasing the criminal in the shadows. Soon, the criminal would have no way out. Surely they couldn’t take on three trained fighters?

As he got closer, his eyes widened slightly at the unmistakable uniform of the League of Assassins. Who was this person, and what were they doing in Gotham? Were they sent by his mother?

All three shared a nod and as soon as he saw the opportunity, Damian increased his speed and struck. He thought it was a good, surprising attack but apparently it wasn’t. Whoever this person was, they knew right away and dodged it was ease before returning the attack.

Damian recoiled back just in time to narrowly dodge the attack. He glared at the attacker–judging by the figure, it was a female–and slightly smirked when she was attacked by the one and only Nightwing. As Damian watched them fight, something made him freeze.

Why did she seem so familiar?

The assassin put up a good fight but once Batman also joined, she was outmatched. Like a trained assassin though, she knew her position and quickly disappeared into the night. Dick was about to pursue but Bruce stopped him.

“Don’t bother,” he instructed, “we need to talk.”

“We need a plan of action,” Bruce stated as soon as they arrived back at the cave, “She’s more dangerous than we thought.”

“Yeah…” Damian murmured, looking down. His mind was still clouded as he tried to figure out what was bothering him.

“Why do you think she’s here?” Dick questioned curiously, “What could she want?” Damian spaced out of the conversation and thought back to the fight.

Her movements were eerily familiar to him, as if he had seen it a thousand times before. He almost knew what move she was going to do next. And the way she moved, her fighting style and her flawless movements…


“Huh?” Damian snapped out of his trance and looked up to see both Bruce and Dick staring at him questioningly.

“What’s wrong?” Bruce asked with a frown.

Damian shrugged and hesitantly answered the question, “I’m uncertain father… but the assassin seemed… familiar to me.”

“Familiar?” Bruce repeated, “could it be you know this person before?”

“Perhaps,” Damian agreed. He had numerous female sparring partners in his days of the League but he didn’t think there was anyone he knew enough to familiarize himself with. All except…

His eyes widened. It couldn’t be you, could it?

“Father,” he spoke up, “may I meet this assassin alone tomorrow?”

“What?” Dick exclaimed, “Damian, it could be dangerous–”

“No, if it’s who I think it is… she wouldn’t hurt me,” he responded confidently.


“No, Dick,” Bruce said firmly, “let him.” He nodded at Damian, a sign that he was placing his trust on his son.

And Damian planned on not breaking that trust.

As expected, the assassin appeared the next night as well, and he was ready. She seemed to have already known he was waiting though and swiftly landed on the rooftop in front of him. He was sure there was a smile under that mask of hers.

“Only you today?” she inquired, “pity.” Damian forced himself not to flinch–that voice. There was no mistaking it, it was you. It had to be.

“I know who you are,” Damian blurted out, getting straight to the point, “I know you’re angry.”

“Angry?” you laughed, shaking your head and not at all fazed by the fact that he had figured it out, “I’m not angry beloved,” he winced at that word, “no. Why would I? After you promised to be with me, only to leave in the end…”

“I never meant to–”

“You did, Damian,” you said with a sigh, “you did mean it. If you didn’t we wouldn’t be having this conversation right now.”

“I did not belong in the League,” Damian reasoned, taking a step closer to you, “I’ve found… a place here in Gotham. It’s where I belong.”

“And being by my side is not where you belong?” you asked coldly, your demeanor switching to an even more hostile one. Damian knew he just said something wrong.

“No, that’s not what I meant,” he insisted, “this was unexpected. I knew how loyal you were, I thought… I thought you could never be happy here. I thought it would be better–”

“I was only loyal because of you!” you yelled, pulling out your sword and pointing it directly at him, “I stayed because of you, because I was willing to sacrifice everything for us. But then you left me and I was stuck… being a puppet.”

“[F/N],” Damian said slowly, keeping an eye on the sword, “I’m sorry… I never knew… I thought… I thought you were happier being with them than with me.”

“All these years… all these years of knowing me and you couldn’t tell that I was happiest with you?” you asked, your voice cracking slightly.


“You know, at first I was angry,” you continued, wiping a tear away, “I was furious at you for leaving me… but then I realized that you chose them over me, the person who had always been there for you. So now I’m not angry, I’m heartbroken.”

You moved the sword closer to him, the edge pressing against his neck until it pierced his skin. As droplets of blood ran down his neck, your hostility withdrew and a sadness washed over you. You slowly removed the sword from his neck.

“I came here to see you, to restore my heart…” you admitted, “but seeing you, so happy without me, it only broke even more. I thought I loathed you, the person who broke my heart… but in the end I can’t even kill you.” You laughed bitterly. “Why? Why must I still love you? After everything you’ve done to me?” Your laughter turned into sobs, sobs you tried to mask.

Damian felt his heart break when he saw you cry. He never wanted to hurt you, back then he thought you would never give up everything you had for him. So he ran, not knowing your feelings.

Acting solely on impulse, he reached out to embrace you. It was a stupid move considering you had a vendetta against him, but surprisingly you accepted his hug. It seemed you missed him more than you hated him.

“I’m sorry, I’m so sorry,” he said into your ear, “I shouldn’t have left.”

“Don’t leave me,” you whispered, “don’t leave me again.”

“I won’t. You have my word, I will never leave you again.”

Spoiled Vacation

Pairing: Peter Parker x reader

Word Count: 1377

Warnings: Fluff, language, a little angsty

Request: Hi! Can I request a Peter x reader with 26 and 8? Thank you! - @demigodofthesun

I hope this does your request justice! Let me know what you think :))

Summary: Y/N invites her best friend, Peter, out to her summer house at Montauk. At the end of the trip, however, she discovers a secret that might put a slight damper on their relationship.

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when you... tease him

pairing: tom holland x reader
request: no
warnings: curse words, sex jokes

“please stop.”

you giggle from your spot on the couch. you’re feet hang over the arms rest as you lay your head on your knees. you kick you feet like the actual child you are.

“i don’t know what you mean.”

from his perch at he counter, tom glares at you. he’s flushed from your teasing, ears red, face red, neck red. he sips his latte from his latest break out to starbucks.

“you know damn well what i mean!”

you’re shit eating grin gets impossibly bigger as he huffs in frustration.

“oh come on d-”

“nope! nope nope no-”

“what are you even doing?” harrison asks as he opens the door to the green room.

you shrug as he looks to you for answers. you fall back onto the couch so that your head rests in the middle.

“she’s being a little shit, harrison!” tom whines.

the cushion beside you dips as your boyfriend’s best friend takes a seat.

“not my problem, mate.”

she laugh outright as tom sputters. you turn your head to see him pout. before you can make another comment, the door opens again. a man in black and a headset doesn’t even look up from his clipboard as he announces-

“hey! five minutes til. get ready to go on.”

and then leaves.

you see tom sigh heavily before downing his drink in one go. deciding to be a supportive girlfriend, you roll of the couch like a log and intertwine yours and tom’s fingers as he goes to leave.

“come on, i’ll walk you.”

tom grins lovingly at you. harrison gags.

“don’t worry, haz. we both know i’ll come back for you!” you wink playfully over your shoulder as tom pulls you away.

the walk isn’t that far and it mostly consists of tom playing with your fingers and muttering reassurances to himself. it’s three minutes til showtime when you finally pull him close. he rests his forehead on yours as you twirl the small hairs on the back of his neck.

“why are you freaking out? god knows how many times you’ve done this.”

he breathes deep. you feel a warm breath exhale onto your lips.

“you’ve never been here before. not- not on set. not with me. it’s… it makes me nervous. you make me nervous.”

his eyes hesitantly mean yours. you playfully raise an eyebrow.

“wow. how gay.”

he huffs impatiently and tries to pull away. you laugh, but your hold on his neck hold him in place.

“hey, hey, hey. i’m sorry. i’m sorry.” you lift his chin a little higher to meet your eyes. “that’s really sweet, tom. but you have absolutely no reason to be nervous. you’re going to be fine and charming and cute and the british heart throb you always are. and after your amazing performance-”

“it’s just an interview-”

“we’ll head back to the hotel and watch it on youtube just so i can point out all the cute things you do.”

by now his eyes have soften and the hands on your hips are gently moving up and down your back. in the back you both hear hear “one minute til!” you smile up at tom.

“thank you,” he whispers. he lends a sweet and chaste kiss onto your lips and goes to pull away for real.

and he almost got away. he really did. you were really going to let him go. leave with his dignity. but you have shit impulse control. always have. he’s barely made one step when your hand slaps his bottom with enough to leave your hand with a sting.

he jumps in response and turns to glare. whatever sweet moment you two had created was absolutely and completely dead. you give him a quick playful kiss to wet the fire in his eyes.

“break a leg, daddy,” you whisper in his ear before making a break for it down the hall.

as someone in the back calls lights up, the only thing ringing in his ears is your laughter.

Leon Draisaitl - Responsibilities

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Word Count: 1582

Warnings: Drinking/Cursing

Tonight, was another night being spent at another party with your boyfriend of two years. It’s where you met and where you spend the most time besides at home or at games. You didn’t mind it. With you guys being a young couple, this was your time to experiment and make stupid mistakes. Besides, you gladly went with him to make sure everyone else kept their eyes off of him. Giving them the ‘He’s off the market’ stare.

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Title: Beautiful

Castiel x Reader

Word Count: 2.3k

Warnings: Smutty smut smut. Oh, and a little bit of fluff.  

A/N: This is for Steph’s 300 Follower Challenge! Congrats to the magnificent @srj1990! My prompt was the song “Sick Like Me” by In This Moment. So, here it is! (GIF not mine)

Castiel’s eyes immediately locked on you and he busted through the motel room door, his tied already hanging loosely from his neck. The top buttons of his shirt were completely missing, hinting at his desperation. He needed to get it out, the hunt, the failure. He needed you.

He had always been subservient to the Winchesters, even if he hadn’t realized it, always coming at their every beck and call. When Dean prayed, he answered, always ready to serve. He had even put his own existence on the line for those two men, and he would for the rest of his life. They were his family.

But there was a secret side to the angel, a side that begged to lead. To command. It was borderline destructive. And the only human who truly benefited from that side was you.

Cas slammed the door behind you, not caring that the brothers were just a few doors down. His blue eyes darkened with lust as he gazed upon you, ready and waiting for him. He rushed towards your naked form, finally ripping his loosened tie from his neck and discarding it onto the floor. You sat on the edge of the bed, your gaze locked onto his.

His hand lowered, gripping the hair at the back of your head. “Stand,” he commanded as he lifted you to your feet. You groaned at the sweet burn from his grip.

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Part eleven of the Good Little Angel series!

Good Little Angel

Good Little Angel part two

Good Little Angel part three

Good Little Angel part four

Good Little Angel part five

Good Little Angel part six

Good Little Angel part seven

Good Little Angel part eight

Good Little Angel part nine

Good Little Angel part ten

Word count: 1,071

Warning: angst

Pairing: Lucifer x Reader

Summary/Request: Part eleven of the Good Little Angel series!

A plan begins to hatch between Cas and Y/N but Lucifer misinterprets how close they are.

A/N: Sorry it’s a bit short but I’M BACK! Yes indeed I am finally back from my holidays and feeling rejuvenated. Hope you enjoy!

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But, I loved you first- Bucky Barnes X Reader

prompt: Bucky is ready to confess his feelings for you, but is interrupted by your date for the night arriving. After that your date comes around the tower often, and one day Bucky explodes, finally confessing his feelings for you

Word Count: 2325

Warnings: none

He was ready. After all these years of silently pining after the girl who had only moved into the tower months prior, he was finally ready to confess how he really feels. It had been months of blushed cheeks, lost words, and awkward encounters before Steve had picked up on Bucky’s crush. Steve had been nagging him for weeks just to man up and tell you. And for weeks Bucky refused. He wasn’t sure what exactly he was afraid of, but somehow he knew that if you rejected him, he would never be the same. But after Steve carefully weighed out the pros and cons for Bucky one evening, he could finally see there were so many more reasons to go for this.

So now here he was, standing outside your door, his hands were clammy and his heart racing in his chest. He hurriedly wiped his hands on his pants before raising his fist to the door, preparing to knock. But before he could tap his knuckles on the wood, the door swung open. Bucky stepped back slightly. You looked up at him, not expecting anyone to be standing right outside your door. Bucky’s breath hitched as he noticed what you were wearing. You had swapped your usual jeans and t-shirt for a tight fitting black dress, it was snug everywhere it should be, bringing out your figure. You were standing a few inches higher he noticed, thanks to killer pumps on your feet to match the dress. Red lipstick painted your lips a breathtaking crimson. Bucky realized this was going to be a lot harder than he thought.

“Hey Buck, what’cha doing out here?” you asked, wondering why he was lingering outside your door. While you were more than happy to see him, you felt conflicted. As happy as you were being friends, you could have sworn that Bucky had feelings for you, but after months of no confessing, you decided you should move on. And so that’s what you were doing.

“Uhhh, well I- see I just wanted to say- ummm,” Bucky stammered. You just looked at him, urging him to spit some out some real sentences. But before he could properly say what he needed to say, the buzzer sounded, signalling to you that someone was here.

“[Y/n], Some handsome boy is at the door for you,” Natasha shouted down the hall.

“Who is that?” Bucky questioned.

“Brad.” you stated, pushing by Bucky to make your way toward the door.

“Brad?” Bucky asked, his face contorted in disgust, his tone changed by skepticism.

“Yes, Brad. My date?” you explained.

“That’s why I’m dressed so nice. What do you think I just casually lounge about in a cocktail dress and four inch heels?” you teased, grabbing your keys and clutch off the hallway table as you went. Bucky followed you, lost in his own thoughts. You had a date? Since when had you been looking for a date? This couldn’t be happening, he was ready to confess to you. He needed you, he needed to know how you felt. Bucky saw Brad at the door, offering you flowers and a toothy smile. He should be standing there, making you blush and handing you a bouquet of flowers. He loved you first.

He saw you slip out the door and get into Brad’s car. His heart plummeted into his feet, his eyes and nose stung with brimming tears. He shook his head and trudged back to his room. Steve looked at him with expectant eyes as Bucky passed through the living room. But he said nothing and instead continued on to his room, letting the door slam loudly behind him.

A few hours later Bucky was sitting at the table poking at some cold leftover dinner when you came bursting through the door. A laugh exploded past your lips, further announcing your presence. Bucky’s head shot up, any last shred of hope that this date went horribly faded away. Brad stumbled in after you, his mouth also stretched into a smile. Bucky suddenly felt sick, the food becoming even more unappetizing than it already was. You led Brad down the hall, your laugh ricocheting off the walls, Brad’s voice intertwining with yours. Bucky tried to listen, but your conversation was abruptly cut off by the sound of a door shutting. It took Bucky a few more seconds to realize something. You were going to sleep with Brad. Bucky’s stomach twisted painfully, the air flushed from his lungs as if he’d been punched, he couldn’t breathe. But sadness was soon replaced by hot, blinding anger. You were going to sleep with some stranger on the first date? His blood caught fire, boiling in his veins, the idea of you naked with someone else set his thoughts ablaze. He stood up quickly, the chair skittering back on the wooden floor. He didn’t know what to do or where to go, his blood continued to bubble and boil, his mind seething with hot anger. He decided to head to his room, where maybe, just maybe, he’d be able to fall asleep and forget for a while that you were sleeping with someone else.

He tossed and turned, unable to fall asleep. His recollection of times spent with you played on his closed eyelids like a movie. He remembered how he felt when he first met you, and how he helped you move in. He recalled how unsure he was about letting himself fall for you. Unsure if he was capable of feeling love after what he had been through, or if it would feel the same as before. But only weeks after you moved in, on a warm, lazy spring afternoon he looked over at you from his place on the couch, your eyes met his, and he knew that love could be the same. It was still exhilarating, terrifying and enthralling at once. He had never understood what love was really like until he finally let himself fall for you. His memories were intruded by the same thought that had been relentlessly pulling at his brain all night; you were with someone else now, he was too late for you. He eventually fell into a fitful sleep, constantly waking, never able to succumb to deep sleep. He could not escape from the idea that his once exhilarating, terrifying, enthralling love was now crumbling to dust right in front of his eyes. One word kept coming to mind; hopeless.

He woke late the next morning, unable to ignore his growling stomach any longer. He swung his legs over the side of the bed, trudging out of his room and down the hall, silently praying Brad had already left. But his prayer went unheard. As he arrived in the kitchen he saw you and Brad stumbling around the kitchen, trying to make breakfast, but just more or less making a giant mess. You had sloppy pancakes sizzling on the stove while Brad was struggling to crack eggs into a pan. Bucky groaned, his vocalization becoming unintentionally louder than he’d planned. You heard him and turned from you place at the stove, offering him a wide smile.

“Want some pancakes?” you offered sweetly, throwing him yet another smile. He didn’t return the gesture, only moving through the kitchen to grab fruit from the fruit bowl and slink off down the hall. That was weird, you thought, returning to the pancakes.

Bucky emerged from his room once again, only to find you and Brad snuggled on the couch together, watching some romantic comedy. His jaw clenched, his hands contracted into tight fists, every muscle in his body went ridgid. He tried to leave, he really did. He tried to turn and walk away, to let you slip from his mind, to let you escape from his heart. But then he remembered what Steve had told him, and how much he needed to be with you. Suddenly he was whirling around on his heel, taking big strides toward the living room. He arrived quicker than he thought, and suddenly remembered that he had no idea what he was going to say.

You noticed him hovering just outside the boundaries of the living room, his forehead wrinkled with thought. He looked so cute when his forehead did that. No! You were with Brad, you couldn’t think like that… but he was so cute, and so much better looking than Brad, and his muscles…

“Hey Bucky, what’s up,” you asked, wondering if he needed something. His head shot up, as if he was just remembering you were there.

“Uh, yeah, actually can I talk to you, alone?” Bucky asked, his voice quiet, the words shaken slightly by nerves.

“Um actually I have company now, can it wait? It won’t be much longer,” You decided, remembering Brad was still here. And as much as you loved Bucky, you didn’t want to be rude and ditch Brad.

“No, actually it can’t wait,” Bucky pressed, his hands wringing nervously at his sides.

“Well it’s going to have too, Buck. I have company,” you whisper yelled, hoping he would get the hint and leave. If he kept doing this, you would never get over him, and the last thing you needed right now was to be hung up on some guy who doesn’t even like you.

“Ok, I’ll talk to you later then,” he whispered, turning to leave. He didn’t get three paces away before he decided he was going to tell you this, if Brad was here or not.

“No,” Bucky exclaimed.

“Excuse me?” you asked, wondering where he was going with all of this.

“No, this can’t wait. I have something I need to tell you, something I’ve needed to tell you for a long time now. And if I don’t say it now, I don’t think I ever will,” he announced, a finality in his words that captivated you. Brad just sat there, bewildered. Bucky took a big breath and continued, his hands shaking slightly.

“[Y/n] I love you, and I have for months now. Steve finally convinced me to confess to you. And that was what I was trying to do yesterday, but I was interrupted by him,” Bucky confessed, pointing an accusatory finger at Brad.

“And I really just thought you should know because what I felt with you is unparalleled to what I can or will ever feel with anyone else, I just want you to know that. And if you still want to be with him, fine, I  just thought you deserve to know how I really feel be-

“Dude, back off, she’s with me,” Brad interjected, standing up off the couch. Bucky stood there for a second, appalled, his mouth hanging open mid sentence. His features hardened, he stepped farther into the living room, closer to Brad.
“No, you back off. You came waltzing in here, took her out to some crappy restaurant, charmed her with your fake smile and cheap dollar store flowers. Only to take her back here and screw her, leaving her to think this was going somewhere, until you stop replying to her after a few days, having already moved on to someone else who fell just as hard for your crappy act,” Bucky spat, his words full of malice and anger. His metal arm was extended, his finger pressed hard into Brad’s chest.

“It’s not my fault that you were too chicken to express how you felt, it’s not my fault she doesn’t feel the same way. All’s fair in love and war, bro,” Brad continued, quoting lame cliche lines in hopes of sounding smarter.

“No, this isn’t fair. I loved her first, and will be able to treat her better in one hour that you ever could in your entire life, pal,” Bucky seethed, grabbing the collar of his shirt, lifting him slightly off the ground, the gears in his arm whirring and clicking. Brad’s words faltered, no witty response coming from his lips. You just sat there, unable to move. Bucky had just confessed his love for you and all you could do was stare.

“Bucky, put him down, and let me explain,” you begged. Hoping he wouldn’t get carried away. He looked at you, his eyes hard and angry. Bucky unclasped his fingers, letting Brad fall to the floor in a heap.

“Bucky, he didn’t sleep with me, trust me he tried, but he didn’t get too far. And I was only going out with him because you had never told me you felt this way. If I had known, I would have never gone out with him. And in fact, I won’t be going out with him again,” you elaborated. Bucky’s features softened with relief. Brad continued to lay on the floor, weakly arguing to the fact that you wouldn’t go on another date with him. You and Bucky ignored him, Bucky stepped over him and came closer to you.

“You really feel the same way?” Bucky asked, wanting to confirm your affections.

“Sure do,” you assured, stepping even closer to him.


You put your hand on Bucky’s broad chest to steady yourself as you leaned up to press a light kiss to his lips. He smiled down at you and reconnected your lips. He never knew it would be this good. It was everything he’d hoped and more. You could feel his heart begin to race under your palm, the quick beats only adding to your newfound affection.

“Your heart is beating really fast,” you commented, your lips still connected.

“Yeah it does that when you’re around,” he responded, his lips ghosting over yours as he pulled away. You smiled up at him, he smiled back down. You intertwined your fingers and led him back into the living room. You plopped on the couch, he fell beside you. You went to play the movie on the screen but remembered something.

“Oh and Brad, you can show yourself out,”






Trustworthy (pt. 1)

Summary: Being sent to one of your favorite worlds, you are disappointed when it is just as cruel as the world you left. Receiving insults from the company members, you slowly start to close your self off. Can the king fix this?

Pairings: Thorin x Reader

Word Count: 1,945

Warnings: Everyone is a bit OoC; Kind of Cracky; Mentions of Abuse (physical, emotional, and mental) From Parents/Partner

Author’s Note: I will be posting part 2 on Sunday.

Master List

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Requested by: 

     Anon: Can you do a reader insert of a really tall (human or elf) reader being in the company and being teased or made fun of for it

     @pandepirateprincess: Can i get a Thorin and x reader? Maybe a fluff one about tryin to resist falling for him or him trying win over reader cause she was mentally abused and has trust issues?

“She hit yet another branch. As hopeless as an orc that one is.”

“What are you going on about? Orcs are more useful than her.”

You flinch at yet abother insult. 

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