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Granny Weatherwax was often angry. She considered it one of her strong points. Genuine anger was one of the world’s great creative forces. But you had to learn how to control it. That didn’t mean you let it trickle away. It meant you dammed it, carefully, let it develop a working head, let it drown whole valleys of the mind and then, just when the whole structure was about to collapse, opened a tiny pipeline at the base and let the iron-hard steam of wrath power the turbines of revenge.
—  Terry Pratchett, Wyrd Sisters

anyway i came out to my nine year old sis as trans and she literally went “dope i got a brother now” and “dude i love your name, you are such a nathan” and then she stole my drink and ran off (rip my frappuccino). then we both came out to each other as bi??? and she said peyton from izombie was hot and i was like same, and then we watched like eight trans videos on youtube. Also whenever she calls me nate i cant even reply im so in shock and happy, so today has been a good day 

H A P P Y  B I R T H D A Y  T O  M Y  T W O  R E D H E A D  C H I L D R E N

shit i remember from my 2007 - 2013 fanfiction.net experiences (before i finally jumped ship for ao3 like everyone else)
  • “don’t like don’t read”
  • uses of the terms “lemon” and “lime” (apparently there was a difference. lemons were porn but i’m STILL not sure what a lime is. i also have NO idea how “lemon” came to mean “porn”. not sure i want to, tbh.)
  • soooo many “i do not own please don’t sue me” disclaimers
  • fics where the whole premise that the whole cast was trapped someplace together and the reviewers would leave questions in their comments and then the characters would answer them in-story. like “ask that guy with the glasses” except shitty and usually self-indulgent towards the author’s preferred ships. (i may have written one of these when i was 12.)
  • authors who legit updated on a schedule (and stuck to it). some every fucking day. (you still see this on ao3, but not NEARLY as much.)
  • fanfic authors who basically had a following and fandom of their own. (again, this still happens, but not as much. not sure if that’s a good thing or not.) not bad considering most of them were 13.
  • “yaoi!!! that means boy kisses!!! don’t like don’t read!!!”
  • putting “————-” or “xxxxxxx” bc ff.net wouldn’t let you insert a horizontal line to show the end of a section
  • very long, very rambley author’s notes
  • some of which had the authors interacting with/talking to the characters in the fic.
  • fics that weren’t so much stories as they were a chapter-by-chapter detailing of all the cliche plots and tropes used in that fandom’s shitty fanfics. (i actually sorta miss these, tbh)
  • songfics. no, not fics inspired by songs. fics where the lyrics were put in between every paragraph, with some lyrics altered to fit the characters. it was horrific.
  • fics that were up-front about the oc being a stand-in for the reader so they can read about themselves getting with their fave character. as in, it was written in second person and the summary outright said the pov character was meant to be the reader.
  • the forums being used for roleplay before tumblr rp was a “thing”
  • long, LONG author profiles, filled with things like “copy/paste if you’re a [whatever] shipper!” or obviously fake sickly sweet anecdotes (think chain email levels of bad), or worst of all (in my opinion), a pro-life anti-abortion story from the point of view of a fetus. it was as bad as it sounds, if not worse.
  • listing all your ships on your author profile page
  • seeing a title that was all lowercase letters and thinking “lazy” rather than “aesthetic”
  • “101 one ways to annoy [insert character here]” (voldemort was popular for these things)
  • it being fucking impossible to find f/f fic that wasn’t porn
  • writing ships as “characterxcharacter” instead of “character/character”
  • author’s notes in the middle of the story. literally you would be reading a fanfic and all of a sudden, in between paragraphs… A/N: awwww isn’t it cute how they’re thinking the same thing!!! XD”
  • for that matter, author’s notes using the XD emoticon
  • people FLIPPING THEIR SHIT whenever their fave author (or just a well-established author in the fandom) changed their username. ESPECIALLY if they changed it from something fandom-specific to something more neutral.
  • “character x/character y. NO CHARACTER X/CHARACTER Z.” bc apparently you think i’d think your fic clearly marked character x/character y would be nothing but character x and character z making out.
  • trollfics trying to capitalize on my immortal’s infamy. there are still trollfics, of course, but they tend to be more subtle. 
  • for that matter, trying to pass a trollfic off as a legitimate fic rather than just admitting it’s a parody
  • specifically reading fics for your notp just to bash it in the reviews
  • people putting replies to reviews for the previous chapter in the author’s notes (this died down a LITTLE once ff.net finally added a reply function, but not much)
  • the great fanfiction.net purge (ahh yes. history lesson time. basically, back in the olden days of fanfiction, when everyone actually used ff.net, one fateful day, back in biblical times – 2011 – ff.net decided to make MA rated stuff – basically porn – not be allowed on the site anymore. ofc people kept posting it anyway, but then ff.net started deleting stories from the website with no notice to the authors. just poof! gone. the aftermath was HORRIFIC. people were FURIOUS, as a lot of people had no backup and just lost their stories. so ff.net stopped enforcing the rule, but the damage was done. this was when people began to officially leave for ao3, i think.)
  • lots of harry potter fanfics about the my immortal versions of the characters interacting with the canon characters. some of these were actually quite funny – i think they’re still around, but i don’t see them as much. (i actually wrote one of these stories. it is still, to this day, the most popular story i ever wrote.)
  • drabbles that were ACTUALLY 100 words long.
  • fictionpress (a sister site for original fiction. it was like wattpad before wattpad was wattpad. it never really took off. come to think of it, i may still have some stuff on there from when i was 12 i need to take down)
  • “crackfics” that consisted mainly of “lulz iM SO RanDOm!!!111!!!!!oneone XD cheeeeeeeese!!!!!!” humor
  • “i suck at summaries”
  • “this is my first story so please be nice”
  • “i’ll only update if i get 10 good reviews”
  • AUs before “AU” was a really widely used term, so the author’s note would have a length explanation for why they had to change things for the story and apologizing over and over instead of just noting the AU in the summary
  • AUs out of laziness rather than for creative/plot reasons (ie, “luna’s a gryffindor in this fic because i couldn’t find another reason for her to be here”)
  • authors notes apologizing for late updates
  • being genuinely shocked when you found a GOOD fanfic
His Mind Created the Perfect Metaphor

Dear BBC Sherlock community,

Ever since Sherlock series 4 came out, collectively we were like “what the HELL is this?!?! This doesn’t make any sense!” BUT after many months of tossing ideas around the fandom, we have made theories that could explain the weirdness, but nothing we can all agree on. Now, this meta here may be absolute garbage to you, but I believe, in my heart of hearts, I’ve solved it. Please read it in its entirety with an open mind before you reblog it just to tell me I suck.

Thanks in advance, you da best


Here’s the short version: Sherlock actually jumped at the end of The Reichenbach Fall, just as Doyle intended him to die. Gatiss and Moffat said they are correcting something in this adaptation that no one else has gotten right before. Many of us assumed the homosexual romance was the one thing they were changing, but we were punched in the face right after The Final Problem came out.  Gatiss and Moffat are changing the sacrifice. Holmes was intended to die for his friends but Doyle needed more money and rewrote the series after “The Final Problem”. That turned Holmes’ sacrifice into a cruel joke against Watson. This is what BBC Sherlock is fixing, and we’re about to see it come to fruition.

I know many theorists despise the homosexual reading of Holmes and Watson, while many people in general despise theorists on this site. That’s fine, I don’t care how people feel about gay theories and/or TJLC and its followers.  But I’m here to tell you TJLC, at its core as a concept, was right. You may hate Moffat and Gatiss, you may think Sherlock is a piece of shit show, and that’s fine, you do you. But hear this one meta out, please. I think even the hardest skeptic can at least apprectiate the thought and logic behind this.

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War P.2 - Winchester Sister

Warnings: Suicide, depression, pissed off reader, Sam and Dean being asshole of brothers, swearing.

Word count: 2,374 (what.)

Part 1

Okay so ya’ll wanted this so badly so I wrote it ASAP and here it is!

Glancing down at his phone as soon as it started ringing. Y/n’s name popping up at the screen as he shook his head, choosing to ignore his little sister’s call and tossing his phone in the back like it was useless until he heard her voice.

“Hey Dean, it’s your least favourite sister.” Rolling his eyes as he grumbled, at the current moment, she really was. She was silent for a moment, before taking in a deep breath she continued on. “I’m sorry.. It’s my fault, I know I’m a disappointment. I get that you hate me, and it’s okay, don’t worry. I hate me too. But you won’t have to worry about me anymore, okay? Take care of Sammy for me, just like you always do. Because he’s more important than anyone else, right?” Never in a million years has Dean Winchester ever heard his sister sound so vulnerable. And taking care of Sam? What was all this about? He already took care of both Sam and her. And him being more important? Sure, sometimes Dean needed brother to brother time because Sam was the only guy, but it didn’t mean he didn’t love his baby sister. “I love you Dean. No matter what. I’m sorry for everything.” And with that she hung up, hearing a small click as Dean furrowed his eyebrows. Confused at the voicemail she had just left. “Dammit Y/n.” Turning the car around, Dean started heading back to the bunker hoping to find her there.

“Y/n!” He yelled, walking into the bunker straight to her room and opening the door. “Listen, I-“ He stopped. She wasn’t even there. Maybe she was with Sam? Quickly walking down the hall, the door flung open, revealing Sam leaning on the doorway as he sighed. “Is she with you?” “No.” “Dammit! Where is she?” “She’s at the motel in town, I tracked her phone as soon as I got her voicemail.” Dean raised an eyebrow. “You got one too?” He nodded. “Show me.” Both of the hunters walked out to the library, Sam placing his phone on the table on speaker with her message.

“Hey Sammy..” It was silence until she sniffed and continued. “I’m sorry for everything.. You getting hurt because of me, it’s all my fault. I’m not worth it, I don’t know why you did it. Thank you for being my big brother, even when you weren’t there for me when I needed you, you were still my big brother. And I could never hate you. I’m sorry. I love you.” Sam’s eyes were glistening with tears as he furrowed his eyebrows, looking up to his older brother with concern. “What’s she talking about?” “I don’t know.” “Maybe she ran away?” “I don’t know Sammy. But we sure as hell are gonna find out.” “Alright.” Both men got up as Dean shook his head. “You’re staying here.” “Dean, she’s my sister too. I deserve just as much as you to go find her.” A sigh fell from Dean’s lips as he gave in. “Fine, but it’s your funeral.” He grumbled, turning to leave him in the room as he rushed to the steps and outside with Sam following behind. “She’s probably fine Dean.” “She better be.”

Both brothers quickly exited the Impala, rushing to the front entrance of the small Motel. “Hey, we’re looking for a girl? About, yea’ high?” Dean said, holding up his hand to around your height. “She’s our sister, E/c eyes, H/c hair, wearing a red flannel maybe?” Sam butted in, wanting desperately to find his little sister in hopes nothing bad has happened to her yet as the man raised an eyebrow. “Yeah, came in just about twenty five minutes ago, room twelve.” Dean ran off, leaving Sam to smile and mutter a quick ‘thank you’ to the man before rushing off along side him.

Both of them came to a halt, room twelve directly in front of them as Dean gently rapped his knuckles against the wooden door. “Y/n? Sweetheart you in there?” There was no response as Dean shrugged, looking up at Sam who had furrowed eyebrows. “Let me try.” He said, pushing his brother out of the way who dramatically threw his arms up in the air. “Y/n, it’s me, Sam.” Again, Sam also knocked on the door. With no response once more, Sam backed up. “Screw this.” Dean muttered, kicking at the door as it fell off its hinges to the floor. Both hunters rushed into the room, gun in hand as they skimmed the empty room. “Y/n?” “Dean..” Sam whispered, continuing to stare into the bathroom as Dean walked over. “What is it?” There. Laying in the bathtub was their baby sister.

“Y/n?..” He mumbled, quickly rushing over and picking her up out of the tub as he shook her limp body. “Y/n!” Tears were forming in his eyes as Sam ran his hand through his hair. “Sammy call an ambulance..” “Dean-“ “I said call an ambulance dammit!” Sam didn’t protest anymore, leaving the room and quickly calling for an ambulance like his brother requested. “Y/n sweetheart open those pretty eyes of yours for me..” He whispered, clutching her body close to his chest with tears starting to slowly run down his face as sirens were heard in the distance. Glancing around the room, looking for the cause of whatever happened. His eyes landing on a small prescription bottle of painkillers as Sam came rushing into the bathroom. “They’re here, c’mon.” Dean quickly stood up, lifting his sister in the process and rushing outside while medics swarmed them, taking her away as he started to panic, reaching out to try and hold her again until a female medic came in front of him. “Sir, sir. Please calm down. Can you tell me what the cause of this was?” There was no reply. He was too lost to speak, too broken to function. But yet, he managed to force the words off his lips. “Suicide.”

You were instantly rushed to the hospital, being sent to the emergency room right away while both brothers waited in the waiting room for any response of your health.

“It’s all my fault..” “Dean, it wasn’t your fault. We’ll talk to Y/n when she wakes up…” “I yelled at her Sammy. I told her she only slowed us down.. What kind of a brother does that make me?” “Punishing yourself isn’t going to get us anywhere Dean, Y/n wouldn’t want that.. If anything, it was both of our faults. We didn’t watch or pay attention to her like we should have.” After that, both brother’s sat in silence. Both weren’t ones for praying, but hell, did they pray.

“Winchester?” Both Sam and Dean’s heads looked up from where they were, instantly rushing over to the nurse. “How is she?” Sam asked, furrowing his eyebrows as Dean nodded while the nurse pursed her lips. “She’s in critical condition, we were able to revive her just in time, you boys are lucky you got to her in time.” “R-Revive her?” “As in.. She died?” The nurse nodded. “Died. Yes. She’s just in a coma right now, doctor doesn’t know when she’ll wake up, but he says to give her some time.” Can we see her?” “Of course.” She nodded, walking down the hallway with them trailing behind her as she came to a stop. “This is her room, be very cautious please.” Both of them nodded, with a smile the nurse opened the door for them. Seeing as the two brothers slowly stepped into the room, their breaths hitching in their throats at the sight. IV’s attacked to you, tubes down your throat as well as a heart monitor. “T-Thank you.” Sam mumbled, glancing back at the nurse who nodded. “Take your time.” She replied, closing the door quietly.

Dean dragged a chair over to beside her, gently taking her hand in his as he gently gave it a squeeze and kissed her knuckles. “Hey princess.” Sam followed after, sitting on the other side as he took her other hand. “Your big brother’s are here for you Y/n.”

Days went by, weeks went by. Just two an a half weeks, and Sam and Dean even dare to ever leave your side. Sam would sit there, reading to you. And Dean would talk about your favourite Tv show, and how how the nurses and doctors were and how he wished you could be there to see them yourself. “You know, it’s getting kinda boring without you around sweetheart. I mean, Sammy’s great and all. But, you know.” Dean chuckled bitterly, giving off a sad smile as he brushed the hair out of your face. Sam came walking back into the room, two cups of coffee in hand as he handed one to his older brother. “Anything yet?” He sighed shaking his head and taking the cup. “No, nothing.” “She’ll come around Dean, she’s strong.” “Yeah but that’s not the point Sam, we failed her. Not just to be there for her, but as her brothers.” Mid conversation, your eyes twitched, hearing the voice of Dean, was relieving. But, where was Sam? Forcing yourself to slowly open your eyes, you started at your two bickering brothers as you went to speak. Only for the breathing tube down your throat causing you to choke on it and gasp for air catching the attention of your two brothers. “Hey, Hey, Y/n, just calm down, relax. I promise you’ll be fine..” “We need some help in here!” Dean yelled, having a nurse run into the room and remove the tube from your throat, allowing air to fill your lungs as you sighed with relief. “Thank you..” You croaked, voice still hoarse from days without anything to drink. “Here,” Sam mumbled, grabbing a cup full of water and placing it to your lips as you wrapped your hands around the plastic and downed every last bit. Nodding your head for another thanks, your brothers stared at you with furrowed eyebrows and concern. “Y/n why- what happened?” Swallowing a small lump in your throat, you gazed down at your hands. Tears filling your eyes as Sam reached out to hold your hand. “Hey, it’s okay we’re not mad.. Just..” “Scared..” Dean muttered. “Yeah, scared. Just like Dean said. We’re scared for you.” Glancing up at your brothers you bit your bottom lip, enough to probably make it bleed. “Why would you care?” Dean furrowed his eyebrows “What- What do you mean ‘why would you care?’ You’re family, we love and care about you.” “Is that the only reason? Because I’m just your useless little sister?” Tears started slowly running down your face as Sam stood up sitting at the edge of your bed. “Hey.. No, who told you that?” “Nobody had to tell me for it to be obvious..” You mumbled softly, glancing back down at your hands just wanting to numb out the pain. “ “Listen, Y/n I know I’ve been kinda of a dick lately-“ “Lately? Dean you’re never there.” “What’re you talking about?” Busted. A sigh fell from your lips as you closed your eyes. “Y/n answer me.” Well, here goes nothing. “I just don’t feel wanted from the both of you, It’s always Sam and Dean, or Dean and Sam. You don’t let me on hunts, you don’t attend things I invite you too. You even skipped my birthday to go hunting.” Both boys mentally hit themselves. Did they actually forget their baby sister’s birthday? “This isn’t even the first time you’ve done it so don’t apologize.. And every time I ask for one thing I get blown off like I don’t matter, or interrupted in a conversation like I wasn’t even there and I’m so fucking tired of it!” By now, tears were streaming down your face, you were tired of it all. Of being treated like you were just a doll to be taken off the shelf when needed. “I listen to your problems all the time, that you two bet I don’t even have any myself. I light myself on fire for you and you just watch me burn like I was meant too. Well I’m not, okay? You think you know me so well that you can’t tell the difference if I’m happy or sad because I’m always wearing a mask just to make the two of you happy. And I’m tired, I’m done and I’m giving up. I can’t do this anymore..”

By now, the room was silent. Your brothers staring at you like you just revealed you were dying. And mentally, you were.

“Sweetheart I’m so sorry.. W-We never knew..” “Of course you didn’t.. You never asked.” Sam licked his lips and hung his head, it was as if someone had just kicked a puppy.

“Y/n I know there’s a war going on in your head..” He mumbled, gently reaching out to hold your hand. “And we’ve all been there, I promise. And I’m sorry Dean and I couldn’t have been there when the war started for you, but we’re here now, okay?” Dean nodded grabbing onto your other hand tightly. “Sammy’s right, I mean. We’ve been terrible brothers, we’ve failed you in every way possible. But let us make it up to you, let us in. Tell us what’s going on, and that war in your head that Sammy was talking about? We’ll help you. Because you’re our little sister, and we care about you so much sweetheart, and so far you’ve done an amazing job taking care of yourself.” Tears fell down into your lap as you slowly glanced up at them. Tears glazing their eyes as a small sad smile appeared on Sam’s face. “We’ll face this war together, okay?” Licking your lips, you slowly nodded your head. For the first time, you had two brothers who loved and wanted you. For the first time, you could speak your mind and not have to worry about it.

For the first time, you weren’t alone in this war. This war in your mind, isn’t everlasting. No. Because all wars, must come to an end.

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A/N: Thank you all so much for the comments and encouragement, I’m glad all of you wanted a part two, here it is :)

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“Growing Up a Winchester”  Sam/Dean x Sister Reader

Word Count: 3,867

Sam and Dean Winchester x Sister Reader, some Castiel x Reader

Summary: While on a long road trip to a hunt, you reminisce about your memories growing up with your brothers, from the best ones, to the worst, to the most awkward.

Warnings: Mentions of death, language, angst, light smut between Cas and the reader

Flashbacks are in italics.

Originally posted by whoeveryoulovethemost


You’re sitting in the backseat of the impala, looking out the window at the scenery. Dean, of course, is driving, and Sam is sitting on the passenger side, sleeping. You have a hard time sleeping in the car, so on long car trips like this, you have a hard time. Thankfully, Dean is usually always awake as well, and serves as your entertainment.

Growing up as the youngest Winchester sibling was not always fun and games, especially being a teenage girl. As much as your brothers love you, they know absolutely nothing about teenage girls. You more often than not felt like you were raising yourself, but you wouldn’t have it any other way. Your brothers are your rock, and you would never leave them.

You can barely remember the first time you’d met Dean. Your dad, John, had gotten your mother pregnant and throughout the first four years of your life, he was very in and out of your life. He’d only show up at your house once a year, normally on your birthday. He’d call on holidays, but you were too young to hold a conversation. A little after your fourth birthday, your mother had passed away from cancer. You had nothing and no one else, and your dad John came to your rescue.

“Hey, kiddo.” John had told you, picking you up from the hospital. He looked tired, the bags underneath his eyes more prominent than you had ever seen them.

“Hi.” You say quietly. You didn’t really know what was going on. All you knew was that your mommy was in a better place and you were going to live with your dad. You remember being nervous, because to you, your dad was like a stranger. You knew nothing about him.

“Do you have your stuff? You’re comin’ to stay with me and your brother, Dean. Dean’s excited to meet you, you know.”

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