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Liberty and Justice for Some

Stereotyping fuels stigma and stigma fuels fear.

Fear blinds us to the humanness that we all share.

They say ignorance is bliss,

But I ask at what cost?

We must love one another and educate the lost.

Stop assuming Muslim equals terror

That’s a dangerous error,

That only furthers the construction of fear thriving barriers.

Don’t let vanity, insanity, and inhumanity

Become the root words associated with Christianity.

Practice what you preach and the lesson will be heard.

Do the opposite and I assure that those lines will be blurred.

Regardless of your religion and whatever you believe in,

Respect is the key that must not be forgotten.

Language needs to be held accountable

And to a higher standard.

Freedom of speech does not mean we have the right to slander

The names of millions and billions

Of innocent civilians.

We do not choose the skin that we must live in,

Yet if that same skin has a proliferation of pigment,

Then life quickly turns into a social prison.

Criminalized for something out of our control?

And I thought our laws were here to protect all.

Silly me,

I too was blinded by “the land of the free.”

More like a land that is only free for some,

For others they can only thrive if they pick up a gun.

We label them “gangsters”, “hood-rats”, and “well-fare queens”

Yet we choose to ignore our privilege

And everything in between.

Why are we obsessing over a girl kissing another?

Or two men who are happily in love with each other.

Why do we concern ourselves with such trivial matters,

Matters of the heart rather than what actually matters?

Why is it that children are still going hungry?

In America “the great”, a 1st world country.

It is time that we mobilize and seek the truth,

We must demand answers and change that will save our youth.

Our youth is the future and the future is now,

So challenge the oppression that others allow.

It is time that we challenge the insanity,

Only then will humanity be able to achieve humanity.

As those words began to take root in me, as I read and reread them, as I prayed and listened, I felt my tangled spirit begin to untangle. I felt my breath slow and deepen. I felt a part of the natural world, governed by a good God, created with care and attentive-ness. I felt my daughter-ness, my place in the family of God. And I exhaled.
—  Shauna Niequist
I don’t know if JKR is really lucky with names or she puts just THAT much thought into it, but

Hermione Granger-Weasley - one meaning of ‘Hermione’ is an ermine, which is a kind of weasel

Tina Scamander - There are layers upon layers of meaning in the names of Newt and Porpentina, by their own or together (which just adds to their perfection as an OTP). Her preferred mode of address ‘Tina’ means ‘river’. How surprised was I to find (from TvTropes) that ‘Scamander’ is the name of a mythological figure, to be more specific, a river-god? 

Even their grandson and granddaughter-in-law have complementary names.

Rolf and Luna - Rolf is a Germanic name from two root words, ‘renowned’ and ‘wolf’, married to the ‘moon’, ‘Luna’

I really like name meanings, and it is such a delight to discover all of these creative inspirations in JK’s wizarding world. 


I could argue this was an experiment to see how these characters might look in a comic using brush pens, but really it was just an excuse to colour James outfit. Because who doesn’t love a man in uniform?

This is somewhat nullified by the realization that “defenestration” comes from the French root défenestrer, but the rest of those words are pretty damn silly.

I saw her sitting on a ledge gazing at the sun.
Nothing about her felt bright and her worn out smile mirrored her vacant chest.
She wanted to sleep, but the nightmares never let her rest.
I sat back and watched her that day.
She wanted to be loved and it was inscribed on her eyes, but she refuses to listen to what she says she deserves inside.
She has a habit for falling in love with the people who see her as second best and says that it’s all she is.
Me, I’m a ghost to her.
I hide in her shadows and screech when she cries,
Come when she needs me and wait by the phone.
When he calls she tells me she just wants to be alone.
So I run.
Immersing my head in a forest of thoughts,
I’ve grown tired of putting you before my health.
You don’t need me.
Go find yourself.
—  “Second Best” - Tyrell Crane

Just to clarify: the word ‘‘radical’‘ in radical feminism is not meant to imply violence or anarchy or chaos. It derives from the latin word radix which means ‘’root’’. ‘‘Radical’‘ is then supposed to imply going to the root of patriarchy, finding the deeper structure of systems of oppression and dismantling them from the inside out. Apparently, for some ppl this is synonymous with ‘‘scary’‘ and ‘‘extreme’‘

I’m learning that home really is where the heart is, and it’s hard to articulate that spot when you’ve fallen in love with so many different people places and things. I fell in love with the sound of my own two feet walking next to hers, I felt home in every city I ever loved her in, but you can’t make a home out of something with wings where its roots should be and then expect it not to go anywhere, which is to say the closest thing I have to name myself a home anymore is my own condemned body.
—  excerpts from poems I never should have written #32