word of mouth chorus

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"I'm trying to find religion who 'dis."

The voice that answered was uttered from many mouths, the words tangling together in a low, out-of-sync chorus. “I am Anarkhos, the new Chorus and muse of the arts.” 

The bladed wheel spun around the single, unblinking, baleful eye. “I am  sometimes called the Wheel of Havoc.” The dread eldritch voices paused for a moment. “…may I ask you something? Is there anything in those titles that would suggest that I’d be delicious or something? Because I just got back from an interdimensional card game and people kept trying to put bits of me in their mouth.”

Anarkhos went on, “Is that a thing now? God-chewing? Is that something I should be getting ready to put up with?”

All I Want for Christmas is You


Summary: Vaguely based off of Dan and Phil’s radio show 07/12/15. Phil announces his Christmas song choice, “All I Want for Christmas is You,” and unknown to the audience, dedicates it to Dan.

Genre: fluff

Word count: 788

(A/N: not quoting exactly from the radio show because I just wanna write this and not faff around having to rewatch it.)

“And here is my Christmas song choice, ‘All I Want for Christmas is You’ by Mariah Carey,” Phil announced.

He pressed the play button for the song once Dan had finished making comments about his playing of the song for three hours straight on the first day of the month. Once the camera was off them, he mouthed the words of the chorus to Dan, looking him in the eye.

A shocked expression crossed his face, followed by a mischievous one.

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