word of god speaks

Don’t continue bragging.
   Don’t speak proud words,
because the Lord God knows everything.
   He leads and judges people.
—  1 Samuel 2:3

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How can I learn to hear God's voice?

Hi friend,

This article explains the answer to this question extremely well, especially where it says:

“We hear His voice when we spend time in Bible study and quiet contemplation of His Word. The more time we spend intimately with God and His Word, the easier it is to recognize His voice and His leading in our lives. Employees at a bank are trained to recognize counterfeits by studying genuine money so closely that it is easy to spot a fake. We should be so familiar with God’s Word that when someone speaks error to us, it is clear that it is not of God.

While God could speak audibly to people today, He speaks primarily through His written Word. Sometimes God’s leading can come through the Holy Spirit, through our consciences, through circumstances, and through the exhortations of other people. By comparing what we hear to the truth of Scripture, we can learn to recognize God’s voice.”

Ready your Bible, read your Bible, read your Bible.

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Reading the Old Testament is so inspiring because when I’m feeling down or like nothing I do makes a difference I remember Jeremiah, who literally only had two converts throughout his entire prophetic ministry, but who kept preaching God’s word faithfully, and Ezekiel, who I’m learning about now, who was told by God that the house of Israel would not be willing to listen to him when he went to speak God’s words to them, but who went anyway. 

The Old Testament is filled with failure, with sin, with broken promises and covenants, but it is also filled with triumph, with endurance, with faith. It is filled with people like Jeremiah and Ezekiel who, though still flawed, kept going, kept preaching, kept ministering, kept believing in God and in His Word, no matter how many times they were not listened to, no matter how many times they were persecuted, no matter how many times their lives were not considered easy

We’re going to have tough days, y’all. It’s a part of being human, and it’s especially part of being Christian. The important thing is what we do when those days happen. Do we give up on God and stop preaching His Word to others because we no longer believe it? Or do we grow stronger in our faith and continue believing in Him and His Word, continue preaching it to the world, because even if some do not listen, maybe one or two will, and those one or two souls? They’re enough. 

But as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord. - Joshua 24:15

Thank you to the people who pointed out that Cor has a small section of the Prologue CD dedicated to him talking about what he was doing during the events of “FFXV: Kingsglaive” I’ve been wondering for a long time why he wasn’t there, now that I know, I’m starting to wonder even more about how he must’ve felt.

His last conversation with Clarus is an argument. Not aggressive, Cor doesn’t seem to be pushing it. I think it’s because Cor is probably mentally subservient to Clarus and Regis, so he probably wouldn’t talk back to them. I’m going out on the limb and assuming the fact that he’s even bringing it up is extremely rare for him. Clarus also doesn’t seem to be telling him anything. Cor even asks “so something is going to happen?” because Regis’s command was respectively ‘sit your ass outside the Citadel and wait, Cor’.

I really need to know what he thought. I really don’t know Cor’s relationship with Clarus and Regis, so I have to dip into my headcanons. When they went to war 30 years ago, Clarus was 25, Regis was 20, and Cor was 15. I don’t know how old Cid is but lets just guess he’s older, if not the oldest. Apparently, Cor’s original job was to drive the Regalia. I think someone put it as “his job was to be Ignis, he was running errands and driving the car mostly.” Nevermind going out on a limb, and lets just assume that Cor could legally drive at 15 in Lucis. (But if we are going out on a limb and asking those questions, wtf who would put their trust in a teenager to drive a car? also wth did Cor ever get a high school diploma? Did he get a GED or some sort of equivalent? wth Tabata answer me.)

Cor obviously didn’t do just that. He didn’t get the name “Cor the Immortal” just from dicking around and buying potions. He was out there killing things. He was surviving extremely dangerous situations. But Regis, Cid, and Clarus probably still saw him as a child. The “baby” of the group, because he was honestly just too young to be out there. Cor respected them, don’t get me wrong, and he trusted them, but Cor must’ve been so frustrated being treated like that again all of a sudden at the age of 45.

So I can imagine Cor just getting so frustrated with having to leave and saying something like “Thirty years, I’ve been here for thirty years by your side, and you still treat me like a child.”

And that’s the last thing Cor ever said to those two.

What sort of sentence, I asked myself, would be constructed by an absolute mind? I reflected that even in the languages of humans there is no proposition that does not imply the entire universe; to say “the jaguar” is to say all the jaguars that engendered it, the deer and turtles it has devoured, the grass that fed the deer, the earth that was mother to the grass, the sky that gave light to the earth. I reflected that in the language of a god every word would speak that infinite concatenation of events, and not implicitly but explicitly, and not linearly but instantaneously. In time, the idea of a divine utterance came to strike me as puerile, or as blasphemous. A god, I reflected, must speak but a single word, and in that word there must be absolute plenitude. No word uttered by a god could be less than the universe, or briefer than the sum of time. The ambitions and poverty of human words–all, world, universe–are but shadows or simulacra of that Word which is the equivalent of a language and all that can be comprehended within a language.
—  Jorge Luis Borges, “The Writing of the God”

Look Finns - about speaking Finnish in Estonia.

Estonia is Estonians home turf. You come here and you will get Estonian hospitality because if Estonians are anything, we are hospitable. Making our guests comfortable is of utmost importance of Estonians.

Don’t abuse it by yelling at young Estonian customer service people who most likely have never learnt Finnish even for a day, because they don’t understand you.

The days where Finnish TV was easily obtainable for Estonians and also important to watch are over.

If you have to use Finnish, please for the love of god, slow down your speak, use easy words (not slang, because we won’t understand) and be patient if the customer service asks you to repeat what you said, asks for different wording or asks for the same thing twice - after all, if customer wants service in Finnish, they must get it in Finnish.

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People use verses like Jeremiah 1:5 and Psalm 139:13 to celebrate that we're all special to God, but can we really use those verses for that? God was talking to Jeremiah the prophet, not the entire human race. And the psalmist seems to be kinda just forming his own conclusions. So is it accurate to say that we're ALL individually and carefully formed by God? It seems to me that some people are special to him, but the rest of us are just sort of "there".

Hello Dear Anon! I’m going to split my answer into the two parts I see in your question- can we trust the Bible to apply to us even though it was written in specific contexts and is everyone specially formed by God. These are both fantastic questions that I’m so hyped to discuss with you. 

First off, the Bible is the Word of God- inspired, living and active. Even though God was speaking specifically to Jeremiah in the verse you are looking at, God knew that it would eventually be written down to be collected in a book that we would read. God is eternal and all-knowing. Time has no impact on him like it does on us. He knew exactly what he was doing when he inspired Jeremiah to write down his words. He also inspired the Psalmist who wrote the Psalm to say what he did as well. If the Psalmist was told by God that people were formed specially inside their mother’s wombs, then I am inclined to believe him. Even if he was specifically thinking about his own life in that moment, God had a bigger plan and purpose in mind for those words. I commend you for reading the Bible within a context, and being careful not to apply verses to us that we were not meant to impact our lives today, but even in passages about OT laws that no longer apply to us, we find meaning and application. Every word of the Bible was put there for a reason, and in this circumstance, I believe a direct connection can be seen between Jeremiah, the Psalmist, and ourselves. 

Secondly, every single person was carefully and individually created by God to have a specific personality, a unique calling, a special purpose, and outstanding worth. As a body of believers, we all have different tasks to accomplish the work of the Lord, yet they are all equally valuable. Some are called to leadership, even fame, while others are called to service in the background, but each individual does work that no one else alive can do but them. God created you to be you and he gave you spiritual gifts and talents that will allow you to accomplish whatever your purpose is. Whether the world judges that task to be big or small is not important as God knows all that you do, and delights in who you are as his child. Think about it- you impact every single person you come into contact with every day of your life. You may not even realize what an impact you have on people. It’s not the world leaders who truly change lives, but rather the people who have poured into and loved them that got them where they are now. Just over a couple sentences sent in anonymously, you already caused me to have a conversation with God about what my purpose is, and meditate on what is means to be valuable as a human being and child of God. I can only imagine what you have the capability to accomplish in person! You are so incredibly valuable and so deeply loved. God created you special and he rejoices in it! 

Praying for you:) 

-31Women (Beth) 

Not one of all the LORD’s good promises to Israel failed; every one was fulfilled. Joshua 21:45
God has not changed. He is still keeping His promises; they are as dependable as ever. When God speaks through His Word, you can be sure that what He says will come to pass. When He declares, “I will never leave you” (Heb. 13:5), “I will guide you” (Ps. 32:8), “My grace is sufficient for you” (2 Cor. 12:9), and I “shall supply all your need” (Phil. 4:19), He means it. He will never fail us. He will never go back on His word.
Take your stand on God’s promises. You will never be on a more solid footing. Trust Him. If God has said it, He will do it.
The promises God makes He never breaks.

You might think you are a very religious person. But if your tongue is out of control, you are fooling yourself. Your careless talk makes your offerings to God worthless.

Christians use their tongue to bring life not death, to spread the good news not gossip. The way you use your tongue determine what is inside of your heart.

A godly man will speak words of kindness that will give hope to others, will speak truth that will free those who are living a lie and will speak the Word of God for others to know the light. Those who are living in the flesh use their tongue to destroy others, they use it to spread lies and wickedness, they use it for their own foolishness without them knowing that they are being used as a tool of Satan.

Your tongue will show you who you really are and who your God is. A man who know God will always ask himself if his words will be acceptable in God’s eyes. He will not use his tongue to advocate the works of the enemy but rather he will use it to glorify God.

-January 23, 2017 / 10:15 pm

I wasn’t raised Christian. But I see my boyfriends family and how central Christianity was and is to the foundation of the family. The kids are 20, 25 and 27 and still the family does s conference call at the beginning of the week to pray and fellowship together. I hear the way his dad and mom speak the word and speak life into their kids. You can see God’s love in the way they love their kids and in the way their kids feel loved
Definitely a model for how I’d want to raise a family

so snowbarry shippers went from saying “westallen isn’t iconic, barry won’t end up with iris” to “caitlin snow is iris west in disguise, so she’ll end up with barry, cause he ends up with iris”.

hmm, interesting, but i’m sure it has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with race.

I can hear the gospel in you: breath like angel feathers, kisses that fill my chest with melancholy light. Tell me, the last time you spoke to God, what did He say? Sweet talk a sinner with the words God speaks when He’s in His parlor with His feet up. Please a pagan with descriptions of the way God folds His fingers when He talks business, what He thinks of fallen saints like me, where He puts the light when the clouds roll in.
Let your touch hold the volumes you’ve written about Heaven – breathe them into me like smoke, like all your unanswered prayers, like all your unsung hymns. Teach me holy before it’s too late.
—  sacrilegious // abby, day 170

Bro: “Sis, what does this word mean? I can’t understand it." 

Me: "Oh, let me see." 

*Bro hands over a piece of paper with ‘Stancest’ written on it* 


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