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a quick guide to seamlessly integrating spanish into fic dialogue

this is going to be a quick and easy to follow list of guides and examples of how real cuban americans use spanish in their day to day lives without sounding ridiculous and forced. enjoy: 

  • random words, usually objects, are referred to in spanish for some inexplicable reason often in mid sentence and perhaps the only spanish word in the sentence
    • “Hey can you hand me my bolsa from the couch other there?” 
  • interjections and direct instructions are almost always in spanish even if the rest of the sentence is entirely in english
    • “Mira, I finished the dishes so all you have to do is sweep now.” 
    • “Oye, I told you not to bother your mother when she’s working.”
    • “Digame, I have to know what the guy said.” 
  • swearing is in spanish, and cuban swearing is with the main workhorse swears (conjugate as you see fit)
    • “coño”
    • “me cago en diez” 
    • “carajo” 
    • “comemierda ” 
    • “joder” 
  • food. food food food food foooooood. if it’s cuban food you bet your ass it’s said entirely in spanish. 
    • you don’t want in and order a guava pastry, you order un pastelito de guayaba 
    • it’s always arroz blanco y frijoles negros
    • it’s tostones not banana cookies don’t even dare   
  • family members are always referred to in spanish
    • Mami/Papi, Tia/Tio, Primo/Prima, Abuela/Abuelo, Bisabuela/Bisabuelo, and so on
      • oh and it’s common for older family members to speak entirely in spanish and for everyone else to speak to them entirely in english 
      • and yes everyone understands each other.
  • and perhaps most important and close to the heart of any spanish speaker: Idiomatic expressions
    • can be sprinkled in conversation with both spanish speakers and non spanish speakers (we will say it if it fits the situation no matter if you understand it or not) 
      • Good weather: “Paya playa piscina piscina”
      • when someone is being obnoxious because they skipped a meal and they are sooo hungry: “muerte de hambre”
      • a cheapskate: “Camina con los codos” 

and that’s the list for now! if anyone has anything they’d like to add feel free

Why does the movie-musical present revolution as pointlessly utopian, rather than as a venerable, if tragic,vehicle of change, as Hugo saw it? The reason, perhaps, has to do with our own pessimistic view of revolution…Today, we tend to see revolution not through Hugo’s optimistic lenses but through those of his pessimistic contemporary, Alexis de Tocqueville.

The Missing Half of Hugo’s Les Miserables, by Charles Walton

so apparently I gotta fight Tocqueville, is what I’m getting here. 

since when is this show supposed to represent real life? 

A show where apparently everyone has a gun - I know american fans of the show might see this as normal but that in itself is fiction. People don’t HAVE guns in the UK. The show is a hyper-real fantasy where people shoot guns and deduce impossible things and fake their deaths and go to siberia for reasons. It is not a documentary review of reality.

John wasn’t ‘hallucinating’ his dead wife, mary was being used as a narrative device to illustrate that he’s fucked up over her death. Like, we aren’t watching a show about someone having a legit mental break, we’re watching a show about someone dealing with grief.

This is a show where sherlock’s deductions are routinely shown on-screen as physical words and objects. Fake Mary is the same - a storytelling device for the audience.

John had to hit sherlock to snap him out of his scalpel-holding potential murder spree, and then he kept going. This ‘breaking the dam’ happened three times in the episode - Culverton Smith started confessing and ‘couldn’t stop’, John confessed (and cried) and couldn’t stop (crying), and in this scene, John lets his anger out and can’t stop. He breaks the dam and keeps going. Of course it’s fucked up, but it’s as fantastical as the rest of the damn show! It’s not being presented as an ok thing to do.

Is beating someone up ok? No. Is shooting people ok? Also no - not the time Mary did it but nor the time Sherlock or John did it either. THEy DO THINGS THAT AREN’T OK, THAT’S THE SHOW. IT ISN’T MEANT TO BE REALISTIC OR A GUIDE TO HOW TO LIVE YOUR LIFE.

ace attorney
  • defense: your honor i have proven that my client has an alibi and literally could not have committed the murder
  • prosecution: okay, but, your hair is really fucking stupid
  • the judge: the prosecution makes a good point. your hair is pretty fucking stupid. now, unless anyone who isn’t enough of a main character to have their own objection voice clip has any last-second testimonies they want to give that they could have given an hour ago, im going to have to give my verdict. I find the defendant,
  • someone who isnt enough of a main character to have their own objection voice clip: [OBJECTION but it's just the ping noise while the objection word bubble flashes across the screen]
  • me: [rapidly and exasperatedly jamming the A button as it shows the shocked face of Every Fucking Character In The Courtroom Except The Person At The Witness Stand at the World's Slowest Pace]

“My love,” Loki murmured softly, “you’re going to be fine, you’ll get through this, I know you will.”
“How?” You struggled to ask between sobs, tears rolling down your cheeks in droves and nose plugging. You hated being what felt like an ugly crier, but it didn’t matter, you were too upset to stop..
Loki pulled you tight to his chest, holding you close, “because I have infinite faith in you, you have gone through so much and you will continue to do so, because you are so brave and so strong.”
Leaning into his chilly embrace, face against his chest and just trying to breathe deeply, you nodded. You didn’t believe him, not really, but you appreciated his faith in you. Perhaps if Loki believed it, maybe you could grow to believe it as well.

[Warning, the following contains some occasional use of curse words.]

Regardless of how “objectively real” our multiple system is, regardless of what label could best explain what is really and truly going in between our body’s ears - what we experience in our day to day life is interpreted as being that we are many sharing one body. Our awareness of this framing of our reality has existed for damn roughly 20 years at least, and it’s not going away no matter what.

Every single time we have tried to “stop being multiple” : tried to shut ourselves off from each other, tried to stop acting like each of us really existed, tried to tell ourselves we were actually singlets, tried to tell ourselves we were actually just imaginary friends or something, etc - our sense of reality fell apart and we stopped being able to function. Every time we have tried to deny our multiplicity our dissociative symptoms hit the roof, nothing felt real, the difference between reality and not-reality blurred, awareness of our body was lost, our depression hit all time lows, we experienced black outs (the only time we ever have experienced them) , awareness of time warped, anxiety went through the roof, our awareness of who were was lost, etc. Every time we have ever tried to deny our multiplicity we stopped being able to function on multiple levels. We have very good reasons why we feel we can’t deny we are multiple. Because every time we have tried to tell ourselves we were actually singlet our whole sense of reality, our sense of self, our functionality, etc has epically fell apart.

Whatever objective labels and diagnostic criteria out there that could define our existence - we *need* our framework of being “many people in one body” to function. That is how our brain makes sense of not only ourselves, but the world around us. Loss of it not only shatters all sense of reality around us, but also inside us. We’ve felt this way since we were kids and trying deny or destroy this core part of our identity would deny or destroy this core part of our identity.

We don’t say we’re multiple because it’s easy (being multiple is not easy.) We don’t say we’re multiple because it fun (being multiple is not always fun.) We don’t say we’re multiple because this is some game (this is not a game.) Etc. We say we’re a multiple system because that is the only thing that makes sense. The only thing that can explain our condition, our state in being, our life.

Also, …

“Systems can only be caused by trauma” - We’re not going to go trying to force memories of our child to come to light and chance the possibility of creating false memories just so we can be seen as legitimate by some people online. Not happening. We’re also not going to claim we’re caused by trauma when we seriously fucking don’t know how we were caused at all. [It’s the same damn reason we don’t call ourselves an endogenic system - we don’t know for sure how our system as a whole was caused.] (Also, insisting to a person they must have had trauma even when they have no memories of trauma / insisting someone must try to recall traumatic memories for their experiences to be taken seriously is kind of fucked up if you ask me.)

“Systems MUST have either DID or some form of OSDD” - Every mental health professional we have seen over the years have *accepted our being multiple* while also being wary of even diagnosing us with some form of OSDD for various reasons, and each have said we don’t meet all the criteria for DID. And we are NOT going to claim to have a disorder, we’ve never been diagnosed with at the present time. (Especially, not when we’ve specifically been told we don’t have these disorders by more than one mental health professional.) Also, the lack of nicely fitting the criteria of either of these doesn’t suddenly mean people suddenly poof out of existence.

"Systems that claim to have walk-ins pr similar spiritual experiences are automatically fake” - We don’t know where the recent surge of anti-religious/anti-spiritual sentiments have come from exactly, but if a facet of our religion and spiritual practices (animist/pagan, spirit keeping and occasional spirit possession) automatically means our whole system is fake - what the hell? Fuck that. Just because people have a condition doesn’t mean that they MUST be atheists about their entire world view. (And if systems who are religious are claiming that anyone whose religious/cultural beliefs allows for spirit possession/walk-ins means their whole system is fake - fuck that because what the hell.)      

- Kardegray

I’ve been super inspired by the language moodboards I’ve seen around, and I thought I’d give it a shot with the language I learned during my two years as a Peace Corps volunteer in central Uganda - Luganda. Besides I haven’t seen too many African languages represented!

For those who aren’t familiar, from Wikipedia, The Ganda language, Luganda is one of the major languages in Uganda, spoken by five million Baganda and other people principally in Southern Uganda, including the capital Kampala. It belongs to the Bantu branch of the Niger–Congo language family. Typologically, it is a highly agglutinating language with subject–verb–object word order and nominative–accusative morphosyntactic alignment. With about four million first-language-speakers in the Buganda region and a million others who are fluent, it is the most widely spoken Ugandan language. As second language it follows English and precedes Swahili. The language is used in some primary schools in Buganda as pupils begin to learn English, the primary official language of Uganda. Until the 1960s, Luganda was also the official language of instruction in primary schools in Eastern Uganda.

Objects in Space
La Dispute
Objects in Space

Yesterday, alone, I laid everything out on the carpet.
Books, kitchen things, objects with specific purpose or none.
Arranged them sideways in a grid on the floor there unmoored,
out of context and then considered it.
First the whole picture, then everything individually,
humming along at the deadest pace imaginable.
One object then another and then the next.
And I wondered what they meant there,
if they meant anything still.

Found notes,
camping supplies,
a book you bought in the desert:
“Identifying Wildflowers.”
Pictures from vacations,
from parties,
kitschy gifts we bought from rest stops,
on that road trip out West.
Everything itself,
and then memory.

All of it laid out there.
From the dining room,
the living room,
the hallway, and the basement and the kitchen.
From that room we called the office,
but never used.
Even the bathroom.
Everything laid out there on the floor on the carpet out of context.

And I sat there for hours.

Today I moved everything from the floor to the table in the dining room,
placed each thing carefully without reason or at least without one I understood or could describe.
There on the table together and when I was done and stepped back I realized what I had made:
Keepsakes, pictures, letters, ordinary objects all collected there.

A memorial.

And I thought of ones on highways or set by gravestones,
all the things you see there but don’t understand but still bring a remembered thing back vividly,
invoke someone’s reality when there together in that place in that way out of context.
And I knew I had to take it down before anybody else saw.
Tomorrow I plan to put them all somewhere,
those things,
in boxes,
side of the road,
attic maybe.
All these things that push and pull me through history,
to places I once was, places I might have gone, places I ended up going.

ticket stubs from one thing or another,
a personalized coffee mug neither your name nor mine,
phone cards and old phones,
a page from an old calendar I bought once at a thrift store and insisted on hanging that cycles of the moon print.
Old boots of mine.

Put them in boxes.

And I sat there for hours,
in the living room first
then in the dining room.
Moving things around,
picking things up and seeing where they took me,
to what place in history.
What moment on our timeline.
Where we were, where I was, where I thought we’d end up.
In this house or on the highway,
driving somewhere near Christmas,
in the desert or anywhere else.

And I put them in boxes.

Seventeen reaction: Getting used to the culture

*You visit them in Korea for the first time, they teach you language and culture*

S.coups: *Will try to be the most helpful by taking you with him everywhere. Picks thing up in shops and tells you what they are in Korean.*

Jeonghan: *Will go with you and S.coups but will also try and get some 1 on 1 time to teach you formailities and the normal restaurant/bar etiquette.*

Joshua:*Is actually the most helpful. Gets you a bunch of workbooks at help you learn Hangul. Mostly teaches pronunciation*

Jun:*Is really nonchalant about teaching you Korean but when you ask he will teach you both the Korean and Mandarin word for an object*

Woozi:*Acts really nonchalant but is really interested in teaching you. Will teach you lyrics to the songs and what they mean. Will probably ask you for some English phrases that he might use*

Wonwoo:*Will teach you mostly about the culture 1 on 1. He will always ask how he can help you to better understand the more interesting customs*

Hoshi:*Teaches traditional dance. Always gives a lot of praise for you working so hard to learn while spending time with the group. Thinks it’s adorable when you try your best to speak to him in Korean*

Mingyu:*Messes with you by giving you wrong translations. But will make up gor it by teaching you how to cook, and if you fail he’ll just take you out to get food*

DK:*Will teach you aegyo and will smother you with hugs when you do it cause you’re so cute. Sings to you children’s songs for you to learn as well.*

The8:*Gives you advice on learning based on how he started. Reminds the rest of the group to be as patient with you as possible cause you’re still starting.*

Seungkwan:*Joins DK in singing to you but will also go into more popular songs. You guys will mutually be teaching each other. He’ll help teach you Korean and you’ll help him improve his English.*

Vernon:*Is a super prankster. Loves to mess with you with Mingyu. Will teach you some of his rap lyrics where English and Korean are in the same lines so that it’s easier for you to translate phrases based on context.*

Dino:*Doesn’t really know what to do. Will help Hoshi teach you dances. And to add a little flair to them. Will do better 1on1 teaching of the language. Will probably distract you with memes*