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Partners in Crime

Nalu Week: Day 4: Secrets

Lucy had been minding her own business, honest. She had been walking through the school’s parking lot after a study session with Levy in the library when she accidentally noticed it, the crime. Well it wasn’t exactly what you’d call a crime but still what she saw would definitely get the individual in heaps of trouble, at least a week of detention.

Now she could have just walked by and ignore the crime being committed right in front of her but she did a double take when she saw, what she figured was a prank, who it was being committed against.

“Hey!” Lucy shouted as she made her way towards the car “What do you think you’re doing?”

The pranker in question shrinked down when he heard her screaming at him. He tugged the black beanie further down his head as if it could hide him

“I know you heard me” Lucy said as she stared down at the man crouched down by the principal’s car.

“Don’t you have eyes?” the boy mumbled, barely audible.

“I do and they’re perfect twenty-twenty vision so I know what it is I’m seeing” Lucy said as the suspect placed his spray paint can on the blacktop, not like the damage had already been done.

“Well than” the boy said as he held his hands up, still hiding his face from her “You caught me red handed. What are you going to do, snitch? See if I care, it’s just some detention plus I can have this all cleaned up before you could even get someone out here to see it.”

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