word loving

Look Inside. You carry all that you need. Just believe.
—  don’t look for yourself in external things and beings // @abillionlittlethoughts

But I won’t stop
writing about us,
even if it means
reliving all of
the memories
we’ve had.

Even if it opens
all the scars
that I thought
has already gone
in the past.

—  ma.c.a // It all started with you and me

But then sometimes
we miss the memories
not the people.

Sometimes we want
the feelings back,
but not with
the same person.

—  ma.c.a // Change of Tides


1. Think about what you love and do your best to incorporate those things into your daily life.

2. Think about who you love and who loves you and bask in the presence of each other as often as possible. This life is much too short to give energy to toxic environments and negative people.

3. Communication is key. Do your best to express your concerns or feelings whenever possible and appropriate. Listening is just as important, for it may help you process your own emotions/needs as well as understanding theirs.

4. Pour your heart into your craft, whatever it may be. And find the time to indulge in it as much as possible. You know, do what makes you happy. Often times this can be a means of helping others, in which we gain satisfaction vicariously.

5. Take care of your body, physical health is just as important. Eat all the food you love in moderation. Take walks, swim, ride bike. There are many forms of exercise you may find enjoyable.

6. Remember that tomorrow is another day, a fresh start. You can always try, again.

7. Remember that you are just as intelligent, just as beautiful, and just as deserving.

8. Allow yourself the time to heal, allow yourself whatever amount of time that may be.

9. Discover new artists, new music, individual’s with concepts you can relate to. Drown in what moves you.

10. Don’t be afraid to try something new and exciting, for new experiences may lead to a new found happiness in the most unexpected places, for the most unexpected things.

—  N.M. Sanchez writing prompt #64: 10 tidbits that may help to better your mental health.