word is drawn




This one’s for everyone out there who isn’t celebrating Mother’s Day (in the USA). She doesn’t have to define you. x


OK this is particularly late considering the nature of the request, I’m sorry! I remember getting this one just before I went away for a weekend, and upon returning I kept going through the requests in order. And lately I’ve been very busy with work… Better later rather than never……. right? ;A;

Ok, so I know I said the video would come out before the TAZ live show but that’s this week and I’m not gonna make it…and the Mcelroy’s KNEW I didn’t want to be a liar so they announced ANOTHER live show in July!  Thak u griff n  for making me a truther.

I’ll keep y’all in the loop while I work on the boards!  Post mah faves and wips and jazz.