word is art

S O I heard very late that yesterday was a national holiday i.e. REYDAR DAY!!!! So here’s a quick dodole to celebrate!!! 

Roses are red

Coated in blood

A deer’s severed head

Drips from above.

Violets are blue

Filled with poison

Over the lake, a baby’s shoe

Sinks like it weighs a ton.

The scalpel is metallic

Fingerprints all over

No traces left of a sinking ship

No traces left of a murder

Somewhere deep down

Under the ultramarine

A dying ship growls

Where only light had been.

The taste of your own blood

Spilling against snow

Your cheek against cold mud

Glass pieces digging into your toes

It’s all shattered

What could’ve been

The only thing that matters

Is his eyes that gleam.

Somewhere down under

Bodies tied with stone

Above, the crackling thunder

Between, a predator on the prowl.

Tamarind Fall; An attempt at conceptual poetry.

When the sun shines through stain glass windows it does something to my soul that sends goosebumps down my spine slowly creeping through my entire body. It always reminds me of my grandfather sitting in his small shed working on all his stain glass pieces; the one that I was greeted by every morning in my mother’s kitchen as  a child, of a boy sitting on a swing surrounded by multi-colored beauty. He doesn’t create much art anymore.. Hands always trembling but still he has so much beauty in him, his mind multi-colored like the stained glasses he used to create for me.


i just hit a 1000 followers and i just want to thank all of you: thank you so, so much!!

i really don’t post much because of my depression that makes it impossible for me to create most of the time. so to see so many of you still following, liking and reblogging even though i’m not active means a lot! it means so much!

i’m especially glad about how many people my fear series has reached. i really wanted to depict my own experiences with fear and i’m so glad so many people can relate to it! it’s exactly what i hoped for, but didn’t believe i could achieve! making it, visualizing my own fear and at the same time dealing with it was very therapeutic for me. i’m so happy i was able to help others in the progress too.

i’m really hoping to start creating more again, and this spring i’m really going to try and work on it. in the meanwhile, thank you all so much, i wish you the best ❤️

I don’t have time to do a full character sheet but here’s Mitzie’s dad- Augustus (Gus) Fischer. 




It was written to be said

I tripped over the bed

Broke my leg

Fell and busted open my head



I need my mommy

I can’t fight the problems without honesty

I asked a question and I was bitten with a fee



My friends are scared running and stepping over me

I can’t accept defeat





I rode in a car with a paled woman driving a lifeless body in the truck bed

She said if I get tired, I could put a glass case over it

I could get some rest

But, a brotha was shaking in fear

I seen the eyelids open

I tried to scream, but it felt like I was choking

Bruh! I am not joking!



I had a dream I would be dead,

I was dug in debt

I was, Zombie, Zombie

Having a reflective dream of my personal dreams never coming alive in life, but in sleep they haunt me, Zombie. Zombie.



Imma go again for you one time I said,



My life is in a constant paradigm shift

I woke up one morning and just started seeing shit

I woke up and time was frozen where I physical left


written and submitted by @shakkankan