word is art

I wish I could take you to an open air cinema,
where we would watch the ‘Goblet of Fire’ for the thousandth time
but I don’t even know wherever you are
and if I did, you still wouldn’t be mine.

I wish we would visit this concert
you haven’t shut up about together
but we’re still stuck
just talking about the weather
instead of those things our sober tongues are holding back
until the blue has finally
shifted to black.

// wishes for shooting stars

Does Sarah J Maas not come to the UK anymore? She did a US tour for ACOWAR and now dates have just been announced for a US Tower of Dawn tour, as well. Meanwhile, those of us on the other side of the Atlantic are sitting here like:

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And on some days, it becomes too difficult to tell what’s real and not.

Wind blows as though released from the Pandora’s box.

Walls become papers.

The sky becomes a gaping black hole.

Butterflies whisper their colours to me.

Red turns to black to blue to red again.

And the voices whisper. Your name.

—  (in)sanity?


xsakuraxohanax  asked:


Send “📖” for a page from my character’s diary

“Most people love the summer day
Full of warmth and fun
I know a secret to the earth
That hides behind the sun

I sit here on the snowy land
And watch the sky turn gray
Because I know the winter night
Is warmer than any day”

Hi everyone!!

We’re continuing to release previously-exclusive content from our Patreon! This week we’re sharing a drawing of Porter, our character from Beyond Words. He’s incredibly sweet and adorable. <3

Porter Sanders and Beyond Words © Hannah Fry and Amelia Buff (A&H Comic Magic)

Art is by Hannah.