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Your life is meant to be your very own creation. It’s alright is it turns out differently than your neighbour’s, for no one’s will look exactly the same. That’s why it’s called your ‘creation,’ for it’s a complete original, not a copy.
—  Nicole Addison @thepowerwithin


turned months
that became years,
a bitter reality
for two souls
by the chains
of time.

We searched
to match the truth
that hummed within
a predestined tune,
born from the fibre
of our very

passed like hours
while each heart beat
echoed in poetic rhythm,
an inaudible SOS
meant only
for the other
to hear.

the expanse
of our skies
with a multitude of stars
embellished with hope,
where each one was
a wishful vibration
that tethered our hearts
across the distance.

Two souls
and bound by fate,
cradled safely
in celestial prophesy
that now spills perfectly
into the realm
of reality.

Our chorus
perfect harmonies
within the span
of infinite days
to come.

June 25th ~ 2017 @3:50am

I was going to put lyrics to words fail here, but the whole song is literal gold. Anyway, it’s not my usual style of drawing, but I drew Thomas from his snap story when he sang Words fail from deh. It was amazing! Also, this was going to be watercolored but, quick tip, never rush watercolors before swimming because it won’t turn out well. Luckily I take progress shots of my work!! Anyway, be kind to yourselves!!
I’ll tag, @thatsthat24 and wish him a restful day after Vidcon ((and no more spiders)). I’ll also tag @pattonpending @prinanalogicality @vortexart @pansexualroman @velocifoxy


Happy HP20 you guys! This project, which ended up being about 50 pieces of fan art for PoA is now, 6 months on from the end, one of my favourite things I’ve ever made. If you turned up late, you can go through it chronologically here.

And it’s just been long enough that I’m starting to itch to get back into HP fan art again. If I do though it won’t be on this blog but over on my main tumblr @sylvia-morris so come say hi over there.

Thanks for being part of this fantasy world and making it bigger. The huge sprawling Harry Potter fandom, both on and offline, has been a thing of joy since I was 10  years old and I’m so happy it’s still going strong (albeit a little calmer now, I think…).

If I tell you that I’m happy,
Will you tell me that I’m pretty?
That my sadness isn’t true,
And I promise I don’t need you.

If I tell you that I’m happy,
Will you never treat me badly?
That you’ll never turn away
Even when I make it hard to stay.

If I tell you that I’m happy,
Will you sometimes be sappy?
I’ll pretend I don’t need affection,
And I won’t need your confession.

If I tell you that I’m happy,
Will you not act so crabby?
I know I’m really hard to love.
I’m okay with, “just because.”

If I tell you that I’m happy,
Will you still feel crappy?
I’m okay with telling lies
If I’m not lying alone tonight.
—  If I Told You That I’m Happy

Perhaps, a new chapter …

Maybe I’m not wholeheartedly ready to disclose everything yet. Or maybe I just learned to pace myself. I realized that not everything is meant to be shared for the whole world to see. A little privacy won’t hurt.

This is something I’d love to remain half untold. This is something new. Or maybe not. But ….

perhaps, a new chapter.

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