word hard play hard

When I find myself in times of trouble Harry Styles comes to me, speaking words of wisdom:

“Be nice to everyone and do it five minutes early”

Word hard, play hard 😎
Trying out these super tasty HCFSE crystals 🤤🤤🤤
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If you ever find me playing the victim, stop me immediately. I never want to give someone the satisfaction of destroying me. I never want to be known for blaming others or even the universe for my misfortunes. Life happens. We just have to stop being weak and live happily with the cards we have been dealt.
Magic Pun Moment

So yesterday I hung out with my mom and we stopped to grab something to eat and the table ticket number was 69 so my inner 15 year old was giggling. We sat down and we were talking about where we were going next and she made a dirty joke and I promptly choked on my hamburger. She was pleased with herself and my reaction but the best part was the look of pride and amusement when I looked at her and said,

“Oh the poetic justice, just imagine my obituary…. Local woman choked on meat at table 69”

I don’t think my mom has ever been prouder lol

I wish i could have the ability to write an essay about even after everything that happened to him, Percy is still a Hufflepuff at heart. 


endless pjo → truth or dare by empressium

feat. members of the olympian and titan army

© in captions

(p2 spoiler warning just in case, i mean i know this game is like 20 years old at this point but u never know)

i really like how p2 handles jun? i think it’s cool that he takes responsibility for all the harm he caused while he was joker…like yeah, he was being manipulated by an outside force, but he still remembers all of it and acknowledges that its partially his fault…his character is very…melancholy and regretful, but also remains optimistic about the future

if i don’t respond to texts 

it’s because i have a shitty phone and i hate using it



I Try (pt.2) [English | FanFic]

Fandom: Shingeki no Kyojin (© Isayama Hajime)
Character(s): Levi, Eren Yeager
Pairing(s): Riren/Ereri
Genre: Slice of life, emotional hurt/comfort, fluff
Rating: T
Wordcount: 1064
Notes: Modern!AU, college student!Eren, anxiety attacks, single dad!Levi, neighbors!AU, developing relationships

Summary: When exams wind him up so bad he can’t breathe, Eren plays to relax, but it doens’t always work…

Sort-of sequel to I Try.
Written for no-other-words – and please listen to Nuvole Bianche (Ludovico Einaudi) while reading~

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Seventeen’s next album - Throwback

01. A Simpler Time

02. F*ck You Guys (Solo track - Woozi)

03. Chicken Will Heal Your Heart

04. High-five Me Already (Solo track - Wonwoo)

05. Drink Water

06. Being Pretty (HipHop Unit)

07. Word Hard, Play Hard (Performance Unit)

08. Under Appreciated (Vocal Unit)