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Quick word-for-word transcript of Matt’s description of the Kima/Allura scene, because I am nothing if not predictable:

As Allura pulls back, she looks up to you all, and immediately, Grog and Vex, you feel yourselves pushed apart as Kima rushes up and just grabs her around the side and says, “Don’t do that again!” Holds her for a second.

Allura rubs her head and says, “I’m so sorry, I should’ve been careful. We needed allies, I didn’t know.”

Kima says, “You shut up,” and she reaches up and gives her a kiss.

Allura takes her and holds her to her chest. She holds her, and you hear Kima quietly sobbing for a moment.


At which point, Kima pushes away from Allura, her head still down, and she sniffles through her tears, looks up, and just kind of punches her in the shoulder. Allura hangs back and rubs her arm. “I know.”

“You know.”

Ear Biscuits Ep. 69 at 42:13

Link: We decided to get on opposite sides of your room.

Rhett: I cannot believe you’re telling this story.

Link: And then we would just throw the ball at each other’s balls…

Rhett: [laughter]

Link: And see who could take it. We would take turns. I’m gonna throw it at your balls and see if you could ta- i mean, we were fully clothed.

Rhett: Yeah, fully clothed. We’re sitting across from each other.

Link: With our legs spread… we had to devise a test of manhood.

Rhett: I haven’t thought about this in a long time.

Link: I’m sure we’re like groaning and laughing and giggling and being complete idiots.

Rhett: The first thing I hear is the sound of my father coming up the stairs. And my dad had a bit of a quick fuse.

Word for word transcript of what LJG said after the finale.

“Well, what do you think happened to Gwangjong?”

Fans: He met her!

“Did he go to Soo?”

Fans: He did!

“Well, there’s something you haven’t seen…”

Fans: (in a frenzy)

“An extra scene…”

Fans: (chaos)

“But I don’t know when it will be released.”

Fans: Awwwwwww

“At any rate, I won’t spoil you. I do believe that Gwangjong’s true feelings for Soo were delivered to her. I guess this is what you call an open ending? Anyway, thanks for watching MLSHR these two months, and I hope to see you again!”

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My series is named collared followed by the phonetic transcription of the word color as a means of word play that reflects the visible motif in my series, which are the use of vibrant colors and the creation of collars with milk. Photographers Iain Crawford and Konstantin Zavorin, both of which use paint to create a silhouette on their models combined with beautiful makeup that emphasizes the fashion and conceptual side of the composited images inspired this series. Furthermore, this was my attempt at giving structure and shape to a substance that is often flat and dull by recomposing its tenacious fluidity.
(I hope you guys like my latest series I spent a lot of time on it and I’m really proud, so I just want to share)
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Binan Koukou Chikyuu Bouei-bu LOVE! Game - Cuddle Everyone

The Defense Club mini collection translations are (un)officially complete! ^o^ Huge thanks to everyone else who’s translated bits of the mini collections as well :)

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Justin Roiland reads an actual court transcript from Georgia (word for word) in the voices of Rick and Morty.


Posting again because Adult Swim just put up a good quality version. 

This is word-for-word an actual courtroom transcript and it’s incredible.