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do you think the animators will add some extra stuff to eremika confession scene like what they did to nanaba's death scene .tbh i wish they would add a hug or something

eh nothing that extra hopefully tbh
like I love eremika to death, but I’m against the anime taking huge steps like this, it will not make me happy and it will get more backlash than anything
and before worrying about the fandom backlash, I would very much like to have that scene in the manga with the right build up

chapter 50 is literally perfect as it is and I want to enjoy it without any problems if possible

I do hope for a better closure after the chapter though, so an additional little conversation would be awesome <3
also I’m all for animating the scenes that we know for sure actually happened off panels, like Eren carrying Mikasa from the horse to the medics, we only got the scene where that scout is telling Eren to lay her down gently
I mean, DID HE CARRY HER BRIDAL STYLE ??? asqssfds

or a scene where Eren is keeping an eye an taking care of Mikasa while she was sick, because we know that too happened for a fact

see now that’s the kind of content that I want and will not feel guilty for getting because it’s very canon compliant

If I had a gun with two bullets and I was in a room with Sybil, Aimery, and Thorne… I would shoot Thorne twice.
—  Jacin Clay (at some point probably)

Is ‘splayed’ a real word outside of fanfic, or did we all collectively conjure it out of a need to label That Thing characters so with their hands and legs and bodies? Because I don’t think I’ve ever seen it used except in fandom