word clouds are a better alternative

@beesarenotflies prompted kara and lucy. night/early morning. on a desert highway. with a very fast car.

[you should all know that i wanted to pluck a title from ‘kiss the girl’, but that would have been inappropriate. really, really inappropriate. learn some boundaries, kara!]


Kara can barely hear Lucy’s attempt to break the silence over the roar of the engine and the deafening silence that always comes with the absence of her powers. They’re somewhere between the DEO and National City, but she doesn’t want to open her eyes to find out where exactly, and she really, really doesn’t want to talk to Lucy about what happened earlier. She’s tired. It’s easier if she just keeps her eyes closed, and pretends—

“Kara, I know you’re not sleeping.”

Dammit. “You don’t know that.”

“You’re right,” Lucy says, and even without looking Kara can see the tiny little smirk on Lucy’s face. “But now I do.”

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