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Shit, I legit can’t believe it. I made it to 1k followers? What the fuck?!!!! God, it was barely two months ago when I was basically drinking my Vodka out of the bottle in celebration that I got 250 people to follow me. And now the number’s quadrupled and I’m in awe! Thank you all so much for putting up with me and my blog-everything-that-catches-my-fancy ass. You all rock and I love each and everyone of you. I do hope I keep putting out the same content that brought you to my blog and that in some way, you will always find something you like or can reblog or just want to save for a rainy day on said blog. Really, you all are awesome! Thank you.

I just want to give compliments to some of my favourite blogs (they are a lot and I tend to wax lyrical about people I like so you’ve been warned). I wish I could give personalized compliments to all my mutuals but as you would soon read I am a geek when it comes to people I like and I will be writing compliments into the New Year if I decided to compliment everyone. So not everyone’s gotten a personal compliment, but know I love you all.

It’s a long post so the compliments begin after the cut.

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Sir Lockie of Albrand & Lady Faye: The Stars That Fell Too Soon

Lady Faye began as a squire from House Albrand in the midst of the Nohrian Civil War, a bloody conflict between the last heirs to the Nohrian throne. The noble house was split in two, one siding with the abominable Lord Oswald, and the other siding with the young brothers King Hugo and Prince Garon. Faye was still young when she escorted Lady Katerina around Nohr, but she proved her mettle in the final battle as vanguard. She was made a knight and royal retainer to the royal family alongside her colleague Sir Zhara, who went on to serve Princess Diantha.

As retainer to the crown prince, Lady Faye served as Xander’s primary swordplay instructor once he decided to follow the path of the blade. Known for her raucous laughter that echoed in the halls of Krakenburg, the knight loved to tease the young prince but dispensed good advice, even though Xander didn’t always appreciate her words. Despite her great affinity with the fellow knights of the order, Lady Faye swore to never marry and was well known for spurning the advances of many men who wished for her hand in marriage.

Sir Lockie of Albrand, the son of Violeta of Albrand and Sir Gunther, was chosen to serve his cousin, the crown prince, from the very moment he was born. Xander regarded Lockie as one of his closest confidants, third only to Princess Diantha and Prince Marius. Quiet and thoughtful in his early days, Lockie made quick friends with the crown prince, and they often spent long nights together in the family libraries to read their favorite books together.

Lockie greatly admired the many warriors and knights in his family, but he simply could not stand blood so much that he fainted at the sight of it when he was young. His struggle had not gone unnoticed by his cousins and Lady Faye, who all helped him over come his fear. He later reaffirmed his position as Xander’s right hand and retainer when he won the family tournament in a display of honor and good restraint. Many likened Lockie to his father, Sir Gunter, and expected that he would follow the same noble path, but fate made it not so.

In the second wave of the Nohr-Hoshido conflict, a strategic error left the crown prince stranded without reinforcements against Hoshidan soldiers. Lady Faye and Sir Lockie fought with their lives to protect their crown prince and help him escape the overwhelming number of enemies. Distraught by the loss, Prince Xander relented in his assault on Hoshidan lands and agreed to an armistice with the High Prince of Hoshido. He grieved for two years afterwards and could not bring himself to hire new retainers until his siblings raised concerns about his health.

Today, a new pair of retainers walk beside the crown prince. But the memory of waking up on Lockie’s abandoned horse still burns in his memory. His fallen retainers were give a hero’s funeral, and their names are enshrined in the many plaques that line the Garden of Champions.

Well, this was a long-deserved bio.

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Requested by @jiminnings || Idk it’s kinda dirty but I hope you enjoy this Viv bby <33

Jeon Jungkook x Reader. 3 723 ish words. Fluff.

n. “predestined affinity” — the binding force that eventually brings two people together as friends or lovers in the future.

It’s a myth of sorts ─a curse to some, that at the age of 21, a tattoo of something, be it a watch, a word, anything similar to their soulmate’s will appear on their body for everyone. For you, he is the boy that you’ve always detested and tried to one up ever since the first year of college. Your rival and arch nemesis; Jeon Jungkook.

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if you’re ever upset please consider:

  • autistic zuko being really impressed w/ jet’s affinity for words and how great of a public speaker he is
  • jet helping firelord zuko write and rehearse his speeches 
  • jet being really intrigued by how expressive zuko is w/ his body language and how comforting his presence can be
  • modern au jet and zuko making a video of zuko’s hand stimming and zuko being shocked and f lustered at how popular it gets
  • zuko st i mmING WITH FIRE B ENDING
  • jet and zuko growing old together and making “ur getting old” jokes at each other every chance they get
  • and each time jet tries to prove zuko wrong by picking him up
  • both of them being sarcastic as hell
  • jet telling their friends that zuko doesn’t like unexpected physical affection and so they start asking each time they want to hug zuko
  • three words: trans boy zuko
  • honestly just remember that jetko is 100% canon  
Eros - Bar AU Chapter 4



Ch.1 Pt.1 | Ch. 1 Pt. 2 | Ch. 2 | Ch. 3 | Ch. 4 | Ch. 5 |

When you’re feeling down and like things aren’t going your way, go to the place where you will be met with open arms. Things will always work out, even if it’s not the way you expect it to.

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I am not an open book.

The hardness of my cover and the complexity of my contents were not designed for weak fingertips and feeble minds. I have been opened once or twice. My spine stroked by flimsy hands, held with a broken focus, my pages slightly skimmed through, only to be put down mid-sentence. I have yet be placed in the gentle care of a reader that doesn’t mind that my chapters are often cut short, my edges sharp and my pages loose; one with the intent to finish.

As I accept my place on the shelf, I no longer ache to be taken down, opened up and validated by the comfort of fleeting eyes. I have begun to find solace in my own story, comfort in between the lines and a curious fascination for the pages still blank. I no longer worry if my analogies are beautiful enough for Pulitzer Prizes and Nobel awards.

I only pray that one day, my sentences will leave traces of ink on the heart strong enough to comprehend them and I am no longer taken out of context.

I have always had an affinity for words but I did not know true love until I read my own.

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So hey! I found and read most of your Illya/Napoleon works on AO3, but it's really hard to find good ones. Have any recs that I could request?

I have to admit I don’t read nearly as many Napollya fics as I’d like and I’m definitely missing some fantastic stories here, but based purely on what I have read, here’s what I have to recommend.

First, anything by sospes and merle-p, manic-intent has also written some gorgeous fandom classics I recommend checking out.

A few individual recs:

1. and suddenly I was a lilac sky by thebrotherswinchester is my absolute fandom favourite out of all the Napollya fic I’ve read. Beautiful slow build with a scattering of all your favourite h/c and angsty moments.

2. loyalty unyielding by oxymoronic, gorgeously written and emotionally intense, an amazing us-against-them story where the pair, for all intents and purposes, elope after Rome.

3. all that you have wished for, i know will come your way by janine_tangerine, an incredibly sweet and heartwarming story where Napoleon spoils Illya and accidentally falls in love, there is so much thought and feeling woven into the narrative, and Napoleon sneakily treating Illya to all the wonderful things he deserves is just too cute for words.

4. future affinity by ceredin is a terrific piece of characterisation and h/c where Napoleon has to deal with a freezing Illya. It’s so incredibly down-to-earth and handles more vulnerable and interesting moments between the two absolutely wonderfully.

5. In That Sleep Of Death (What Dreams Will Come) by allthekingsmen, a heartbreaking Inception AU that is beautifully atmospheric and well-written.

6. Pressure Points by sospes, a heavy dose of h/c and angst that is emotionally intense and perfectly told

Those who forgive out of love. Allah swt uses the word ‘affin’ not ‘ghafirin’. Ghaf is someone who forgives. ‘Aff’ is someone who forgives out of love. No exceptions - don’t say someone doesn’t deserve forgiveness because the actual meaning of ‘forgiving’ is giving it to someone who doesn’t deserve it. And always remember that you’re not doing it for their sake, you’re doing it for the sake of Allah swt.

-Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan

i find it so awesome that someone elaborated on the concept of forgiveness being associated to LOVE. why don’t we make that correlation often? that forgiveness INDEED is the best way to show love. 


In the brief time that Angel Haze has been in the rap game, she’s managed to turn heads. The rapper/singer, born in Detroit and raised in Brooklyn, has a fire in her that’s ignited admirable and stripped-down rhymes. Emotions guide Haze’s moves – whether fearless and rebellious (leaking her major label debut album without Universal’s consent) or “out of control” (beefing with Azealia Banks on Twitter). They make her real, which is especially appreciated in hip-hop.


“The way I live my life is that I like to challenge myself, to take on the things I’m not really good at. I’ve always had an affinity for words. I started writing poetry and I said ‘fuck it’ and started doing this (rapping). When I first started rapping I was terrible at it. I’m only now becoming bearable. [Laughs] It became cathartic. I would listen to Eminem and Kanye [West] and said, 'This is soul-baring music.’ You take an instrumental and you pour yourself on to it and it becomes a sigh of relief. It was really important, especially back then, because I was so angry.”

The Making And Impact Of Her “Cleaning Out My Closet” Remake

“There are a tons of things that I haven’t touched on publicly because I feel like if I can’t cope with them in private I definitely can’t cope with them in public. I can’t have someone listen to my deepest, darkest truths if I’m not ready to.”

“I told myself, 'Admit it.’ 'Cleaning Out My Closet’ was me wanting to let go. Being 19, [I was] still that angry little girl and wanting to scream all the time. Putting out 'Cleaning Out My Closet’ soothed me.  I can’t listen to that song, though. I’ve only performed it one time. I put it out, and won’t go back. I let it go and it transcended my own personal pain and helped other people.”

“It made me realize how universal music can be. It can touch thousands of people in thousands of different types of ways. I think life is philanthropy. If you’re not living life in a way that you’re helping people, I don’t know if you’re doing it the right way. That record made me realize I really wanted to do this.”

Reconnecting With Her Mother
“We’ve had a real rough two years. We went from not speaking at all to about a month ago, starting to reconnect. As a child, I’m still a child, you get real wrapped up in your anger and want to hate people forever. Listening to Eminem’s 'Headlights’ made me realize that I don’t want to be old and finally realize [that] my mom did everything she could to raise me. Even if she didn’t do it the right way, she tried. I said everything that I needed to say and if she’s interested in re-building a relationship with me, why not?”

“I can call my mom [now] and tell her that Sean Paul kissed me. [Laughs] We met in an elevator after a show we played. My friends left me on the elevator with him. He hugged me and he kissed me. It was completely accidental but I was so dead. I freaked out: 'Oh my God, Sean Paul just kissed me!’ If I can call my mom and tell her stupid shit like that then it’s fun for me.”

Women In Hip-Hop

“I think of Lauryn Hill as the woman of hip-hop. I think of her as a music figure because she’s transcended into pop, alternative and she’s all those things and hip-hop at one time. She has a massive following because she poured [out] her soul and did it in a way that was completely authentic to her. I think that’s what makes women in hip-hop so special. You have to be genre-defying.”

“Missy Elliott is beyond rap. Queen Latifah and others have been relentless in their pursuit regardless of  whatever way they were conveyed. Nicki Minaj came out of the gates baring parts of her soul and being one of the most relentless woman in hip-hop. She’s on everyone’s songs, killing everyone from Jay Z to Kanye and she’s still going. It’s admirable.”

“You don’t know how high the ceiling is until someone hits it and [Nicki Minaj] shows us how high you can go.”

Beefing With Azealia Banks

“To be honest, for me it wasn’t an amazing display of character. It was very emotional because it was with someone I knew outside of work. It wasn’t like it was us saying, 'I’m a better rapper than you.’ It wasn’t an actual battle but more, 'Why are you being fake?’ Then it was a lack of control of emotions. It wasn’t okay.  I apologized to her personally. I got a bit out of control. You have a problem with someone and you can’t resolve [it], then you have to take the high road. I didn’t. I was a bitch and I regret that. I don’t let people take me out of my element.”

Competition Amongst Female Rappers

“There’s no competitiveness between women rappers now, though people say there is, because we all do this differently. We’re all in different lanes. But the male ego is easily damaged by that. If they can only focus on one woman, they will.”

“My old managers would tell me, 'You need to do something better than Nicki Minaj.’ I would say, 'You need to go fall on your dick because I’m doing what I do and that’s it.’ I have a warped perception because I don’t believe in putting women against each other.”

Sexuality In Hip-Hop

“I think it’s very weird how obsessed people have become with sexuality within the past years. People used to shy away from that but over the past few years, especially now with gay marriages, it’s something that people have started focusing on more and intimately so. In the grand scheme, it’s like saying your favorite color is red. It shouldn’t be the main focus of who a person is.”

Advice To One’s Younger Self

“[I’d say,] 'Bitch, get it together.’ I can’t say I regret coming out the gates projectile-vomiting my demons everywhere but I would have been a lot more cautious as to how quickly I shared myself. Some people are afraid to approach me or think that I’m a bitch because of what I’ve shared. There’s this perception of me that I don’t live up to in person. You put your feelings out there and people think that’s who you are, not who you were.”

“I’ve been doing this for two years and I’ve been letting go. I’ve been getting lighter and I think a part of artistry is evolution. I think the ultimate goal is to be happy.”

What’s Next?

“Seeing how my release went with 'Dirty Gold,’ I feel like I should spend the rest of this year making [that] album one of the best things about me. It’s one of my first albums. It’s one I put all my work into and I want the world to hear it.”

“I’m going to take some time off at the end of the year, a month or so, and move away to write. I’ll go back in with Markus [Dravs] and do what we do.”

“I’m going to start writing the next album soon. I’ve just been cultivating a sound. I want to do all live instruments this time and move further with the singing. I’ve been taking vocal lessons. To hone in on my craft, I have to take a step forward sonically and vocally.”

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not going to lie, I have a crush on the person who runs this blog *please be a gay guy my age*

ohhh, dear anon. swing and a miss, i’m afraid. BUT, do not lose hope! you seem like a sweet fella and i’m sure you’ll run into a nice dude that fits your criteria. have faith!!


d e f i n e ;
c l e r i t h | q u o t e ; “CLOUD WAS THE WOMAN’S FRIEND & LOVER”  

Alex Dang has a new E-Book available for download! 

Alex Dang is a poet from Portland, Oregon. He has four things in common with Hamlet: words, words, word, and an affinity for stabbing curtains. You may know him from the viral video of him performing the poem What Kind Of Asian Are You

This is Alex Dang’s first chapbook, it includes the poems:
Broken Tongues
They Had Love Letters, We Have Sexting
And This Is How
Swim Lessons
Critical Hit! (It’s Super Effective!)
What Kind Of Asian Are You?
Times I’ve Been Mistaken For A Girl
Selling Myself Short

INFJ Confession #422

I have a curious affinity with words. Words are not just definitions, to me, but meanings which transcribe deep and heartfelt interpretations. I find myself to be incredibly irritated whenever someone uses words lightly or in a thoughtless way; just like I despise the fact that some see words as meaningless tools to form damaging messages. The same way, I don’t appreciate the fact that some use insulting images to define others, even if it’s “just laughing purpose”. For instance, everytime I hear someone say something/a character/a friend of theirs is shit, even though they mean it in a humorous way, it infuriates me - sometimes to an unhealthy degree. They say I take things too seriously, which might be the case; yet I can’t help but think that they are also way too careless in what they say. I don’t know if it’s an INFJ thing, but I would feel relieved to know I’m not the only one being that way in our community…

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009:"The stars look especially lovely tonight." for cs please! your fics give me life tbh STAY AMAZING

Thank you <3

Emma was standing at the edge of his ship, their ship as she is still reminded constantly. A slight breeze passed through the air, making her shiver slightly and yearn for one of the thick blankets lying on the mast of the ship. Just as Emma was about to turn she felt a warm body behind her; Killian’s front pressed to her back and his strong arms around her waist, his body giving off warmth and the feeling of home ever present in his embrace.

“The stars look especially lovely tonight” he murmured in the crook of her neck, his hot breath sending shivers down Emma’s spine. She looked up at the night sky and sighed in contentment. It was a very dark night and being a good distance away from Storybrooke, the stars illuminated even more, helping Emma easily figure out the constellations he traced on her naked back, whispering the names of them in midst of his kisses.

“They do” she agreed, clutching his hand and hook resting on her belly.

She rested her head on his shoulder and turned to the side. Henry was sitting near the wheel with Kate, her head on his shoulder and the newest member of their family in his arms. Roland was beside him with his arm around his little sister (Baby Hood as Killian still called her). Leia and Liam stood beside Henry with their black and blond hair respectively ducked down to coo at their little nephew.

Their uncle who was just a couple of years older than the twins stood beside them, taking turns with the “grownups” (still children to Emma) in taking swigs out of Killian’s old flask which Leia had asked for as a gift for her 21st birthday and Killian being unable to deny her anything, especially when she knew her father’s weakness was her “puppy eyes” expression with the emeralds matching her mothers, gave one of his most prized possessions to her without any qualms (just like he traded his ship for a chance to see her mother all those years ago).

Regina and Robin stood just beside them in the same pose, watching the stars as well and Emma saw the woman smile completely smitten and press a kiss to Robin’s jaw. Even though the three pair of them were nearing sixty now (or even more for the others considering their time in the Enchanted Forest), the mayor looked not much different, save for a couple of wrinkles, than what she did when she fought along side Emma in the Underworld. (Something to do with a monthly cleanse as Regina claimed).

Her parents were behind them, her mother’s hair longer now and her father’s a bit grey on the edges. They were also huddled together in each other’s arms; having fought gallantly for their true love, their kingdom, and their family like true leaders.

They had made it, they had all made it. These group of people had been through so much since Emma arrived in town, hell even before that in the Enchanted Forest their stories and fates had always been intertwined. But they all always made it out stronger than before, together.  

Sure once in a while a crisis still hits their town and the kids snicker as their parents and grandparents take out their beloved weapons and red leather jackets and spend time with Belle at the library, to grumpily and snarkly fight off villains. (Since the time Regina and Killian have become friends after the Underworld trip, the villains never get a chance to win a snark fest).

But they had all also heeded to Killian and David’s theory of having quiet moments - of living their lives happily, expanding their families, and basking in togetherness.

Emma would never be able to express it in words how thankful she is for each and every one of them and how much she loves them.

Of course the pirate nuzzled behind her has no qualms with love and affection and rather has an affinity with words. He turns her around gently to face him, his hair now a mixture of black and grey and little wrinkles beside his blue eyes, but the love present in them ever the same. It still sometimes surprises him when he looks in the mirror to see the changes in him after having spent centuries not aging. But as he twirls the grey in Emma’s blond hair, and watches his little children (adults Papa!) still paddling around in their white picket house (their mother stayed with her parents until she was thirty why can’t they?), he smiles and embraces the mortality of his life and importance of each moment.

With a kiss pressed to his true love’s soft lips, and his hand tracing Liam’s ring on her ring finger, he whispers, “Not as lovely as you, Swan”.