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Requested by @jiminnings || Idk it’s kinda dirty but I hope you enjoy this Viv bby <33

Jeon Jungkook x Reader. 3 723 ish words. Fluff.

n. “predestined affinity” — the binding force that eventually brings two people together as friends or lovers in the future.

It’s a myth of sorts ─a curse to some, that at the age of 21, a tattoo of something, be it a watch, a word, anything similar to their soulmate’s will appear on their body for everyone. For you, he is the boy that you’ve always detested and tried to one up ever since the first year of college. Your rival and arch nemesis; Jeon Jungkook.

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if you’re ever upset please consider:

  • autistic zuko being really impressed w/ jet’s affinity for words and how great of a public speaker he is
  • jet helping firelord zuko write and rehearse his speeches 
  • jet being really intrigued by how expressive zuko is w/ his body language and how comforting his presence can be
  • modern au jet and zuko making a video of zuko’s hand stimming and zuko being shocked and f lustered at how popular it gets
  • zuko st i mmING WITH FIRE B ENDING
  • jet and zuko growing old together and making “ur getting old” jokes at each other every chance they get
  • and each time jet tries to prove zuko wrong by picking him up
  • both of them being sarcastic as hell
  • jet telling their friends that zuko doesn’t like unexpected physical affection and so they start asking each time they want to hug zuko
  • three words: trans boy zuko
  • honestly just remember that jetko is 100% canon  

d e f i n e ;
c l e r i t h | q u o t e ; “CLOUD WAS THE WOMAN’S FRIEND & LOVER”  

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not going to lie, I have a crush on the person who runs this blog *please be a gay guy my age*

ohhh, dear anon. swing and a miss, i’m afraid. BUT, do not lose hope! you seem like a sweet fella and i’m sure you’ll run into a nice dude that fits your criteria. have faith!!

INFJ Confession #422

I have a curious affinity with words. Words are not just definitions, to me, but meanings which transcribe deep and heartfelt interpretations. I find myself to be incredibly irritated whenever someone uses words lightly or in a thoughtless way; just like I despise the fact that some see words as meaningless tools to form damaging messages. The same way, I don’t appreciate the fact that some use insulting images to define others, even if it’s “just laughing purpose”. For instance, everytime I hear someone say something/a character/a friend of theirs is shit, even though they mean it in a humorous way, it infuriates me - sometimes to an unhealthy degree. They say I take things too seriously, which might be the case; yet I can’t help but think that they are also way too careless in what they say. I don’t know if it’s an INFJ thing, but I would feel relieved to know I’m not the only one being that way in our community…