“If a tree falls in the woods and no one is around… does it make a noise? The same can be said for a hat trick… if someone scores three goals and no one throws a hat… is it still a hat trick?”

-Daniil Tarasov of the Worcester Sharks thoughts of having no hats thrown on the ice in celebration after he scored a hat trick against the Springfield Falcons

How did this happen? Has 264 games been too long without a hat trick for Worcester that fans forgot how to celebrate one? Were fans not informed Tarasov scored his 3rd goal? Were fans not wearing hats? Maybe they weren’t fans considering the Worcester Sharks were playing on the road and the Springfield Falcons have been given their first regulation loss?

However, the Worcester Sharks, will have a delayed hat trick celebration this Friday.

The first 100 fans will be given hats on the way into the arena and are encouraged to throw them back on the ice at the first intermission to celebrate. Other fans will also be encouraged to toss hats and Tarasov will then donate them to the Hat and Mittens Holiday postgame skate later this season.